Extreme ice rain

Cold current vortex
Ice cones, ice spines, ice hockey and ice guns were carved, and the storm roared and the ice filled the sky. Deborah stood in a blue world.
Even those pieces of red Se injury figures can’t be seen clearly.
Ye Feng was in tears. Deborah was swept by the ice storm like a kite. At present, the ice crystals burst and the difficulty of hitting in the blurred vision soared.
"Tyrannosaurus Rex classmate please" really depends on the dragon language beast pile hatred.
Ye Feng output while comprehensive dragon beast damage calculation hate value busy.
Thunder and thunder, thunder and lightning, earth dragons …
Fifteen seconds passed in a flash. I didn’t expect that the tough Tang girl had more combat experience than Ye Feng. She could think of the problem of hatred O, and she wouldn’t think that the last skill was frozen in the polar regions
Deborah was in the refrigerator and became an ice sculpture again.
Tang Weiwei put away her staff smartly and smiled. "Sister, I’ll give you this hundred catties. If I can’t get my hatred back, I’m going to run the corpse."
Ye Feng glanced back in his busy schedule at your sister’s weight of 100 kilograms. Except for the fleshy chest and buttocks, everything else is very skinny. Of course, it’s not as skinny as a whole, but it’s still full. If you have more fat, you will be thinner if you have less fat.
Ye Feng secretly praised the perfect arms, and a shadow of a dragon’s dragon’s sharp shadow penetrated the ice and plunged into Deborah’s body.
Shenwei chop, dark swing, Xuan Bing stab …
This time, Tang Weiwei’s polar ice was weakened from seven seconds to six seconds.
When the ice finally melted, Ye Feng Xuan Bing stabbed her, but the hatred was still with Tang Weiwei.
"Go back to the fourth prison on the left" Ye Feng shouted without looking back.
Tang Weiwei’s execution of Ye Feng’s command has not yet formed conditions like DOG beauty’s blind implementation of anti-SH.
"the door hits the dog"
Ye Feng grabbed Deborah with a bully’s fist, and hit that enchanting face with three punches without mercy.
Being attacked by the curse of death is not very powerful, but the stun effect of overlord’s boxing with five seconds is not affected much. Deborah was stunned for four seconds.
Ye Feng war spear picked at Deborah’s ankle and broke a tendon.
The blood volume has already been full, and the dragon beast summoned the tornado to twist Deborah’s dome. The hate value here in Ye Feng finally exceeded that of Tang Weiwei.
Glancing at Deborah’s blood volume, 925% of everything is OK. Ye Feng started to run to the fourth prison on the left and bowed his head and went in. Compared with other prisons, this prison is spacious and square, about 300 square meters. Tang Weiwei and Dragon Beast then ran ahead and stopped at about 30 yards away from the prison.
Then Deborah flew after her like a ghost, and her hatred was firmly locked. Ye Feng stared at Ye Feng’s face without any anger, and Yin was still smiling.
"Did you run away?"
Deborah giggled with her left hand, and a ridiculous black fireball appeared in her palm. The black flame reflected her snow-white face quite strangely.
The magic flame of death
Deborah smashed the black fireball with a low drink, and the result was a bang in the prison. The black fireball was blocked from castration and delayed by anti-shock. The volume of black fire rustling and falling suddenly decreased by one third, and then it fluttered to Ye Feng, and both speed and power were greatly weakened.
How can this level of magic hit Ye Feng, which has long been guarded against?
Ye Feng slipped lightly to the left, and all the black fireballs flew slowly from his side, hitting the wall and then falling apart.
Ye Feng conveniently threw a taunt to consolidate hatred and pulled out a handful of Aceh short crossbows, which were full of crossbows, according to Deborah’s speed.
It’s better to talk about it with low damage than to suppress Deborah with blood-eating venom.
Deborah’s face was teased by this, and there was a trace of anger. The staff pointed to an instant dim light and she came out.
The result is another bang. The iron fence spans 20 yards. The iron fence is slightly shaking. The intensity of the dark light bomb is not as good as that of the death magic flame. This time, the volume is reduced by more than half. When flying to Ye Feng, the power is not as good as that of the flame mage’s instant fireball.
Ye Feng war spear shook and twisted directly to break the ball-sized dark light bullet and was scattered by a spear.
In the distance, Tang Weiwei suddenly realized that Deborah had known all kinds of magic except the gaseous curse, the need for death, and the charm of J and NG controlling magic. The size of the other magic forms exceeded the radius of 5 yards, while the two metal bars in the row of iron bars were less than 15 centimeters apart.
That is to say, unless Deborah’s death and charm, other magic attacks will be blocked by iron fences, and then the power of her speed will weaken and shrink. Ye Feng can easily MISS it even if she doesn’t * *.
Neither death nor charm directly hurt magic. Deborah can’t kill Ye Feng even if she can release it continuously.
Theoretically, Deborah BOSS’s strength is just a grating root that can’t stop her. In normal times, she can melt it with a magic flame of death, but Queen Deborah prevents her from imprisoning these mercenaries to escape. I don’t know where to find strange metals. They are all micro-reinforced magic circles. It is estimated that there are not twenty or thirty magic roots that can’t be broken. This is Deborah’s cocoon. If it weren’t for these iron fences, Ye Feng would be ready to run away at this time.
Deborah seems to have gained insight into Ye Feng’s Y and N plan and flew into a rage, and her body went in from the open iron gate.
Ye Feng was so happy that he just wanted to bring Deborah into the prison, saying it was big or small, which was enough to avoid and make him easy to get close.
Deborah just entered the door, and Ye Feng quickly cut into the overlapping quartet again and swept past Deborah. When Deborah turned around and locked him, Ye Feng had reached the door and slammed the fence door and was killed by him …
Chapter DiLiuJiuLiu Door dozen dog
"Listen to my command and do it later//"Ye Feng’s secret language Tang Weiwei Tang girl avoided being "magic sound" and made it ripple like Ye Shaoshao, shielding the sound and hearing nothing but the secret language.
"Be careful when you know it."
Tang Weiwei promised while the dragon beast ran back, and the hatred was held steady by Ye Feng. Deborah would never abandon Ye Feng to attack her unless Deborah could clear her hatred, but even if she wanted to attack Tang Weiwei, she had to demolish the fence first, otherwise she would shrink and black magic would not pose a threat to Tang Weiwei.
Ye Feng returned a violent blow with a spear, stunned Deborah, and then decisively broke armor and lowered defense.
as powerful as a thunderbolt
Xuan Bing thorn
Kill by stealth
Critical strike 1443
Heavy chop
"Damn noble, you are as mean as a dirty mercenary. I want to suck your blood dry …"