He sighed and suddenly wanted to come for nothing. "No, I’ve seen guerrilla warfare. This brother looks unfamiliar to you. Oh ~ ~ I’m white. You’re not a local strongman. Haha, we’re really destined. Brother, I’m Xuandalai. My name is Mangui. Where are you? What is it called? "

Chapter 211 Kid?
"Man Gui?"
Li Yuanqing one leng immediately not also happy.
Man Gui is the brightest star among the last generals. He is the most important front-line general in Ningyuan Victory Ningjin War.
Including later, he has changed, and he has made great contributions to the war, but for various reasons, he was besieged by the main force of the late Jin Dynasty and shot by the arrow to die heroically.
Li Yuanqing didn’t expect to meet him here, and they got together at a table.
But listening to his talk, Li Yuanqing also noticed that this fellow is in his early thirties, and he has just mixed up to see his appearance, and he has just risen to thousands soon.
I’m afraid that in ordinary peaceful years, Man Gui Qian will end, and there will be no more opportunities. But in war years, it is not the stage for those who will kiss up.
"Ha ha, my name is Li Yuanqing Dongjiang. You should be older than me. I’ll call you a big brother. Cut the crap and go first."
Li Yuanqing said, throwing the glass aside directly and bringing it from the side. The jars were filled with wine directly.
Mangui see Li Yuanqing this appearance can’t help but hey hey smile "interesting interesting spell capacity for liquor elder brother I’m afraid of you? Come on? "
There is almost no nonsense between the two, and soon one person has three bowls of white wine.
Man Guishu touched his belly, grabbed a piece of chicken breast and munched on it. At the same time, he also helped Li Yuanqing pull a piece of "Brother, I like your temper."
Listen to his vague words, Li Yuanqing couldn’t help but smile "thank you, big brother"
Said Li Yuanqing also you’re welcome to grab this piece of chicken and put it in his mouth.
See two people like this around a few hundred, thousand can’t help but frown in succession, if there is no place around them, how can they share a table with these two reckless men?
However, the two of them ignored everyone’s eating and munching. Man Gui smiled and said, "What’s your name again, brother? Why did I forget again? "
"…" Li Yuanqing not language to quote the name again.
When Mangui heard clearly, he couldn’t help but catch Li Yuanqing’s hand "Li Yuanqing? Are you Li Yuanqing? Changsheng Island Li Yuanqing? "
This fellow is as strong as a bull. He grabbed Li Yuanqing with his greasy hand and broke free. He said, "Is it true that I said that Brother Gui is still alive?" What did I lie to you about? "
Man Guisong Li Yuanqing hand drink a mouthful of wine but "poof" spit it out "GuiGui eldest brother? Hey ~ ~ I said, brother yuanqing, can you change your name? Why is it awkward for me to listen to it? I am Gui Shugui, not a tortoise. "
Li Yuanqing couldn’t help laughing. "I know, Brother Gui, you are a tortoise, not a laurel tree."
This time, I took a white look at Li Yuanqing in Manchu. "Okay, whatever you want to call it. By the way, brother Yuanqing, why are you here? Isn’t it nice to be in Dongjiang? How carefree it is to kill Tartars with Mao Shuai? Like my brother, the birds are about to fade out here. "
Li Yuanqing explained with a smile: "It was Ge Lao who asked me to come over for something and I will go back the day after tomorrow."
Mangui just smiled and nodded in vain. "That’s good, brother. You mustn’t go into this muddy water. What’s going on over there in Lushun? You are quick to talk to my brother. "
Looking at Mangui’s eagerness, Li Yuanqing gave a brief account of Mangui’s guarding battle in Lushun.
Mangui couldn’t help nodding after hearing it. "Wonderful, it’s really wonderful. This fire is so happy. Let’s go another one, brother Yuanqing."
When the two people are completely open, they just want to enjoy themselves. But the officers next to them can’t stand it any longer. They would rather not eat, and they don’t want to be mixed with two people and leave with glasses.
Man Gui hey hey smile "It’s better for these straight thieves to get out of here. These dishes are all our brothers."
Li Yuanqing was already very familiar with Gui at this moment and smiled: "Brother Gui, it seems that you are not happy here?"
Full laurel extremely uncomfortable drank a mouthful of wine "brother if happy brother? I want to go to Youtun on dog day. I have already told Ge Lao, but I can be wronged here if my surname Zhao doesn’t nod. What can I do? "
Li Yuanqing’s eyes narrowed slightly.
Man Gui doesn’t get along well with Zhao Lvjiao. It’s crazy to want to get along well in western Liaoning.
Now Zhao Lvjiao is the first red man, and even Zu Dashou is now a guerrilla. Without Zhao Lvjiao’s nod, I’m afraid it’s hard to be real.
Moreover, it is even more difficult for Zhao Lvjiao Dining to lead all the doors to the lack of Manchu.
However, Ningyuan should build a city soon, and the opportunity of Manchu is not far away.
Li Yuanqing said with a smile, "Big Brother Gui, if a man can bend and stretch, he will have a hard time with himself. If it’s a big deal, it’s not soft for you to accompany General Zhao. Let’s get a real vacancy first."
Full laurel disdain shook his head "brother don’t say brother I am not this kind of person is really soft this good thing how to get me? Or are you comfortable in Dongjiang? It’s a pity that Ge Lao has a deep affection for me … "
"Ha ha laurel eldest brother how to say the old saying? Thirty years in Hedong, thirty years in Hexi, are you still worried about not being brave? Don’t worry, the opportunity should not be far away. "
Man Gui sighed, "Brother, let’s not say this is a disappointment. Let’s go again."
The two had just finished drinking a bowl of wine together when a servant came quickly. "Li Jiangge asked you to come over."
Li Yuanqing paused for a moment. It must be that the main table has been opened and busy: "Thank you, little brother Li Mouma."

He is the second elder of the four elders in the temple.

Lin Yi knew the rules of the temple. He knelt down respectfully and said to Mei Mei, "I have seen an empress."
Mei Mei didn’t ask him to salute Mei Mei. He said to the two elders, "We’ll discuss things later. Please leave for a moment. I have something to talk to this person."
Elder Lei Er bowed down slightly to Mei Mei and then made a big deal.
Cold spirit followed out.
The remaining accounts are Meimei and Lin Yi.
Mei Mei still didn’t let Lin Yi get up. She slowly walked up to Lin Yi and looked down at Lin Yi.
Mei Mei said with a mocking tone, "I have now entered the temple and become a goddess of divine water. From then on, I can’t wear my red dress, I can’t leave the island without authorization, and I can’t cry or laugh casually. Do you know that I hate this white dress? I feel like mourning, but I have to wear it for decades. Maybe I really want to wear it in red one day, and then I can sneak to the half moon beach to stand in the sea and look at the moonlight sea. I said, can I hope to come in a canoe …"
Lin Yi listened to a burst of bitterness in his heart. From then on, Mei Mei’s youth will slowly wither in this solemn white dress …
Lin Yi didn’t answer him and said, "Can I get up?"
"Can’t" Mei Mei anger like cold way "I won’t let you up, you can’t get up! Otherwise you will be severely punished! Half moon night’ Hehe, there must be a half moon night? If it weren’t for my heart, it wouldn’t be so cold and miserable … "
But Lin Yi suddenly looked straight at Mei Mei.
He now saw Mei Mei’s eyes full of resentment and tears.
Chapter 37 A bloodbath pastoral talent teaching (2)
Looking at Mei Mei’s eyes, Lin Yi felt a pain in his heart, but now he is also trying to change something.
"I will never forget the half moon beach night …" Lin Yi paused and said, "Now I have something urgent to find you."
Now is not to say that these things when Mei Mei turned his back on Lin Yi, she tried her tears. "You changed this statue to find me again? Say it quickly. "
Lin Yi said, "Now I’m sure that the assassination of Cui Daozhu is definitely not the South Institute. Han Zhongping is definitely a pastoral religion. The people in the South Institute must be behind Yang Zhonghe Qin Dingfang and I suspect that Chen Xianyang can’t get away from it. It happened that he was stabbed just after leaving Cui Daozhu, and he just returned to capture Han Zhongping …"
Lin Yi said many doubts.
After the fact, Mei Mei was also suspicious
Su Qinghou is a wise man and has a close personal relationship with Cui Longxiang. How could he do such a stupid thing at this critical moment?
Moreover, Chen Xianyang Cui Longxiang couldn’t wait to form an alliance with Pastoral Religion just after he was buried, and then he took revenge to join the attack on the southern border instead of just targeting the southern courtyard. All this made Mei Mei suspicious.
But she also suffers from lack of evidence.
Mei Mei said, "The revenge flame of Gone with the Wind Island has been ignited by Chen Xianyang, and now it is beyond my control. Unless you have conclusive evidence to prove that Cui Island died in the South Courtyard, you can’t change the situation."
Lin Yi said, "I don’t have conclusive evidence now, but I have to do everything I can to stop you, or your temple will suffer heavy casualties, and it’s not that annoying …"
Mei Mei Naidi said, "If my temple doesn’t take part in revenge for the island owner, it will not only give people a handle, but also be difficult for many people."
Lin Yi also knew that Mei Mei was in trouble. He thought for a moment and said, "Can you tell me where Gone with the Wind Island is?"
Mei Mei told Lin Yi that an idea popped up in Lin Yi’s mind in the sea area where Piaodao is now moored.
Lin Yi said, "I have an idea to try. I’ll ask Duke Su to arrange a feint attack on Piaodao, and then let people spread rumors that Piaodao was attacked everywhere. Now the island’s strength must be weak, and then you can take the Temple Man back to protect the island."
"This method is feasible!" Mei Mei turned around. From her heart, she really didn’t want to get involved in the river’s lake vendetta, which also violated the wishes of the island owners and goddess in previous dynasties. Mo Lingji once told her more than once that when it comes to river’s lake grievances after inheriting the goddess position, she must be cautious and don’t invite trouble to ruin the island.
"The empress gave you the goddess position. Where is she now?" Lin Yi asked Mei Mei.
Mei Mei said with a sigh, "Empress Cui Island was even more heartbroken after she was stabbed. She said that she had seen through everything. She wanted to stay away from Jianghu and things. She gave me the goddess position and quietly left. I don’t know where she went now."
Lin Yi always feels ashamed of Mo Lingji when she thinks of her.

The bedroom bathroom is very big. After Royi moved in, Ling specially adjusted it and added some anti-skid facilities.

"I’ll wash it myself"
Royi looked at condescending to lower your price, and the man couldn’t help saying that she put the bath water.
I took the faucet and tried the water temperature. I saw that the temperature just lifted my feet and walked towards Royi.
Royi, he’s going out. He just breathed a sigh of relief. He saw a man put his arms around her from behind and put his slender fingers on her pants. He unbuttoned the buttons slightly.
"You, you, you!"
Royi nervous words can’t say clearly that the man has half knelt at her feet and retreated her pants to her feet.
"Wife lifts her feet"
Royi lifted her feet uncontrollably.
"that foot"
Royi burying his face in a feather held her foot in his hand and pulled her pants back completely.
Include her lovely socks.
The girl’s little white feet step on the ground, and her toes are powdered like shells with the best texture, and then her long white legs.
Perfect. There’s no flaw in it.
Royi looked at Ling’s eyes and his heartbeat could not help but accelerate. At this time, the bathroom was already covered with a hazy fog.
Ling slowly got up. Royi looked down and looked up. This beautiful face always made her involuntarily addicted.
Ling tasted it again, but it didn’t hurt to take a bath and burn it elsewhere.
It’s already dark for two timbres, and the tone is dumb, sexy and nice. Royi was in a trance, so he was pulled out and thrown into the bathroom.
"ah! What do you do? "
When Royi looked at the past, Ling was taking off her clothes, and looked at her evil spirits and smiled to lift her legs and stepped in.
"Well ling …"
You cheat.
There is no need for her to take a bath …
Ling has always been fond of playing, but his wife is shy and avoids taking a shower every time. He finally caught the opportunity. How could he let it go?
In the huge bathtub, Royi clung to the edge and felt as if he had become a fish, not two fish. One person slaughtered the other and wandered around without hesitation …
After a long time
It was a long time.
Royi felt his fingers ache when he was carried out.
Anger took a white look at Ling, got into the quilt and ignored him.
Ling smiled in a low voice, spoiled and gently hugged her and kissed her on her forehead.
"Honey, you smell good."
There is a feeling of tightness in the quilt.
Royi is actually not sleepy, but tired. She lay with her for a while and the bedroom door was knocked.
"Three few guests have come."

I glanced at the scattered equipment on the ground, and the blue sky was somewhat distressed because the belt was too small. Although the blue sky had changed into a black rhinoceros suit and a black rhinoceros belt, the blue sky also brought so many equipment. Finally, when it was good for nearly an hour, some equipment with poor attributes was thrown in place.

I had a stretch, and the blue sky looked at myself wearing mutant gloves, thinking that anyway, the horse master competition was coming soon. Now I don’t want to put two inlays in it. I thought I would do it with the blue sky, and took out several inlays after entering the game and carefully picked them up.
Finally, I chose to go to the blue sky and chose the colorful snake king card and the giant king mutation card I just played.
Colorful snake king card mosaic card toxicity increased by %13, attack increased by %13, defense increased by %13, and the level was 2.
Giant King Mutation Card can be inlaid with card fury. Add %1, increase the rage success rate by %5, increase the mosaic success rate by %5, and the level requires 26 levels.
But at this moment, the blue sky also hesitated, wondering if this card could be put directly into the glove card slot.
"It’s not that it’s no big deal for mom to set it old, and then hit it a few times."
The colorful snake king card is seven colors. Although the blue sky is not very interested in this colorful thing, the blue sky is too lazy to care so much because its gloves can be inlaid with more powerful attributes. When the blue sky carefully inserts the giant king variation card into the variation glove, the glove instantly emits a series of strange and dazzling blood-red rays. The blue sky is stunned and then hears the unified tone.
You successfully started the mosaic percentage. When the mosaic success rate is full, your mosaic weapon success system will reward you with 1 point of hope and 1 point of luck.
The blue sky suddenly cheered for a moment, and the blue sky looked up for a moment. The attack of its own gloves with different unnamed gloves increased by %1, and the rampage increased by %2. The success rate of rampage increased by %15, and it increased by %15. A card can also be inlaid after successful mosaic.
_ ____w_ w_ w___ __ _o_m
It’s the blue sky. I can’t figure out what’s going on with this rage. Finally, I feel a chill at the thought of the giant king’s variation. I thought this so-called rage wouldn’t be like the giant king’s variation.
After taking out the colorful snake king card, the blue sky couldn’t help thinking about Bingbing, wondering if this card would be very beautiful if it was embedded in the Bingbing tian hu suit. But in the end, the blue sky thought about Bingbing again, just like treating itself, it couldn’t help but give a sneer, and it was even more powerful to insert the card into the glove.
A flash of colorful light once again shows that you have successfully started the mosaic. When the mosaic success rate is full, your mosaic weapon success system will reward you with 1 hope value.
At this time, the glove attribute attack increased by %2, defense increased by %1, rage increased by %2, rage success rate increased by %15, and toxicity increased by %1.
Please name the weapon after it is inlaid.
"Variation gloves" freely in the blue sky, and when the blue sky casually named itself and felt a little inappropriate, a girl chuckled behind the blue sky.
The blue sky turned quickly, and suddenly her eyes turned into two big ones. At the same time, I thought that this girl was really beautiful. Looking at this girl’s blue eyes and blue sky, I couldn’t help but feel lost.
The girl smiled and said, "I have beautiful eyes. Many people think so. Why did you change your gloves to such an ugly name?"
Blue sky came to her senses and said excitedly, "Is it ugly? What kind of name should I give?"
The girl sat down beside the blue sky and curled her mouth and said, "What is not a beautiful glove?"
Blue sky one leng corners of the mouth twitched slightly, thinking that this girl wouldn’t have a problem with her head. That girl with such a name didn’t want to talk back quickly after watching the blue sky expression and said, "Call it red and colorful gloves, okay?"
The blue sky feels extremely depressed.
The girl touched the small nose and remembered that it didn’t matter, but it really killed her.
"Call rhinoceros gloves …"
"That’s called the one-eyed giant glove …"
"Stop!" The blue sky can’t help but say
The girl embarrassedly touched her blushing little face and then carefully looked at the blue sky, only to find that the blue sky was secretly watching her. The girl in the blue skirt looked down and couldn’t help but be stunned. Then her face turned red and the horse withdrew, revealing her white and tender thighs.
Blue sky looked back awkwardly and said, "I have finished naming it, but now I can’t change it, so I call it variation gloves."
"Oh!" The girl came together and said, "You are amazing. One person can kill so many monsters. Will you let me follow you?"
Blue sky turned his head and looked at the girl in front of him in astonishment, then pointed to himself and said, "Why do you want to follow me?"
The girl blushed and curled her lips and said, "Because I have decided that you are mine."
Blue sky suddenly opened her mouth and looked at the girl in front of her in disbelief. Then she stammered, "Are you sure you think so?"
The girl nodded seriously, but after seeing the blue sky looking at her eyes, she quickly stepped back and said, "But don’t you do bad things to me."
Blue sky stood up and said solemnly, "Do you think I am you and I am you? You know, a man like me is hard to find now. If you want to get my heart, it is absolutely impossible."
The girl opened her mouth wide and her eyes wide. It took a long time before she said, "How do you know I want your heart? I didn’t tell you."
Blue sky has some headaches, and I wonder if this girl really has a problem with her head, but after a closer look at this girl, Blue Sky still thinks that this girl is absolutely rare. How can a beautiful girl give up like this? Finally, Blue Sky simply fights with this girl.
"You are a little narrow-minded. I am not white. You want to get my heart and let me listen to you, aren’t you? If you are strong with me, you can get my body but not my heart." The blue sky said such shameful words, and the girl turned red after listening to the blue sky, and let out a long scream at the blue sky, then turned and ran away to blink and disappeared.
The blue sky got up and wait for a while looked at the girl and ran to the distance. The figure could not help but shake his head and sigh, "Is it because I understand it wrong or is there something wrong with the girl’s body and head?"
(End of volume)
The sixth volume Master Competition
The first chapter is such a beautiful woman
The blue sky returned to Adventure City, and according to the usual practice, it generously sold the equipment department and put some money into the Star Bank. When the blue sky once again entered the black rhinoceros territory, the scattered equipment in the territory was gone, and at the same time, a large black rhinoceros was re-painted in the territory.
As usual, the blue sky has long been hiding in the giant trees, and the snow bird has attracted hundreds of black rhinoceroses to play with these black rhinoceroses who know how to run around the ground. At the same time, because the snow bird is fast enough, when the snow bird attracts a black rhinoceros from one place, the black rhinoceros from another place has also chased the snow bird in groups. Suddenly, the two groups of rhinoceros violently collided with each other. What’s more, the blue sky made the snow bird attract the black rhinoceros from all sides and disoriented the black rhinoceros in the huge whirlwind of the snow bird, and the black rhinoceros also collided head to head.

The body of the Chapter 60 Break the enemy’s plan

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All over the sky, flowers and rain flew in, and the food was surprised.
He clasped the sword with both hands, and with a wave of his hand, a strange cold Yin Xuan Qi and a domineering Yang Xuan Qi were poured into the sword from the left and right hands respectively.
Yin and Yang alternate rapidly, and the sword emits a hot red light and a cold white light, and the flowers and rain are gorgeous all over the sky, as if bees were diligent to pounce on it when they saw nectar.
A stunning Changhong crossed from the front, and all the flying needles were stuck to the sword.
"Ha ha ha ha is really wonderful."
A Cai looked up with a sword and laughed. His heart was so cool that the sword alternately produced strong magnetism at high temperature and low temperature, attracting all the flying needles.
The broken star and the four leaders around him came with confidence that the 100 pear blossom needles in the rainstorm would definitely hit the vegetable, but this sudden change surprised them and somehow they watched the flying needles sticking to the sword.
Broken stars pointed at him and shouted, "What is your black magic? So weird, "he was about to scold a person around him and quickly pulled his clothes." Wang, his sword is a magnet and can attract iron needles. "
Broken stars stay "ah-? Oh "
A Cai looked at the long sword and suddenly found some needles with strange colors. He carefully picked up a cow hair needle on the body of the sword to look at it carefully. As expected, the needle has a blue color. A Cai Qi asked, "Are you poisoned?"
"No, no, absolutely not! Tangmen stipulates that poisoning is not allowed in hidden weapons. How can we do such a thing? " Several leaders denied that there was a broken star for a while and didn’t speak.
A Cai said to the broken star, "So you are poisoned, aren’t you?" Broken star quickly denied, "I have never been poisoned. I have always hated poison."
"Oh, really? Then let me see who is poisoned. "
A dish laughed coldly, and the sword slammed at them. The ox hair needle stuck to the blade was stimulated by the force and dumped out, and a dozen of them.
"ah! Oh! "
The five of them hurriedly dodged, but they didn’t get stung by cattle hair. A strange itching sensation quickly spread to the body and handed it to the place where they were hit. The skin was black.
"Hey, hey, if any of you has an antidote, I won’t stop him, so if you don’t have an antidote, you can enjoy the taste of poisoning!"
Broken stars fell to the ground and looked at the vegetable and hated this person in my heart. It’s really disgusting. If you take out the antidote yourself, wouldn’t you admit that you are poisoned in hidden weapons? And even if you get rid of the poison, you still can’t escape death, but if you don’t get rid of it, it will greatly weaken the practice after the resurrection. What should we do now?
Broken stars saw a dart in front of them and grabbed it in their hands, saying, "Magic food is hard enough for you today, and I’ll fight you another day."
He gave his heart a hard stab "snow", and a blood flowed out, and the broken stars fell to the ground and died. This kind of death was killed by the net, and the loss after the resurrection was much smaller.
Cai Zheng didn’t expect him to die, but several other leaders didn’t hesitate to take out their weapons and touch the neck, and didn’t stop them from dying.
A Cai picked up a few things and exploded. There were no drawings of the heavy giant crossbow machine, but there was a small medicine bag that exploded from broken stars.
A vegetable twisted a little bit and spilled some black water on the wound where the corpse was poisoned, which immediately relieved some symptoms of poisoning. A vegetable sneered at me and said why you didn’t stay in Sichuan because you were afraid that your classmates would find you poisoned in hidden weapons! Tang Clan always thinks that hidden weapons is the best in the world and disdains poison. You openly violate the rules of the clan. Poisoning in hidden weapons naturally dares not stay near the sect for a long time.
When it’s white, A Cai folds the medicine bag and puts it in his backpack. He turns his head and looks at the hall idol. This is a sect symbol. The idol is destroyed, which means that the headquarters has fallen. Everything here will not be under unified protection, including the headquarters warehouse.
A Cai is holding a sword and drinking at the idol. One by one, the sword splits out a dazzling shock wave and rushes forward.
"Click" a neat crack extends from the head of the idol to the bottom, and then the whole idol collapses.
At this time, all the members of the Broken Star Gang received a unified voice indicating that the headquarters of the Broken Star Gang fell, and people were still in chaos outside, and the death rate was even faster.
Choi hurried to the side of the hall, where the headquarters warehouse was located. He hit the warehouse, where rows of hidden weapons and some sundries were rummaging around looking for the drawings of the heavy giant crossbow machine.
However, all kinds of drawings are more like making longbows and small launchers, but there is no heavy giant crossbow machine. I can’t find the drawings. I can’t give up the food. I also found five hundred and twenty pieces of silver in it. I’m afraid that his headquarters will not fall. After putting more than five hundred pieces of silver in the warehouse into my pocket, the east and the west will be confiscated.
I didn’t find anything special in the warehouse. A Cai brought the warehouse to the door of the hall, and the battle base had stopped outside.
Except for a small number of broken stars who helped players surrender, they were all killed. Excalibur League and Xiaoxiang military brothers are cleaning up the battlefield and recycling them, which can make weapons and enemies explode to win.
It snowed in the east and took the sword back to the sheath and went to Alai Hang. There were some scratches on his armor and several cracks in his cloak. Obviously, he was hit by a weapon once, but he was lucky and didn’t hurt his flesh.
Oriental snow came to the front of the dish and said, "Boss is really not interesting enough to let me fight myself outside and go inside to play."
A Cai came up the steps and said with a smile, "I’m not making conditions for you, are I?" You can’t let your hand say that you just play cool and don’t work! But this harvest is really not small and I found an interesting thing. "
Oriental snow looked up at the roof "you mean the big guy? Power is really good to scare people is absolutely enough. "
A Cai nodded. "Move it back to the camp to study and see if it can be made. If it can, we will earn enough today. If we occupy the whole city, this thing will have a good effect in guarding the city."
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The body of the Chapter sixty-one End of the first wave of attacks
Good news, good news, great news, good news, look at the most recent announcement.
Oriental snow listened to the dishes and said, "Do you want this thing to guard the city? But the problem is that our city can be defended. Is the boss already planning to capture the town? In that case, I’ll be the pioneer. "
A Cai shook his head and smiled. "Come on, we two estimates are not enough to guard. It is estimated that there are less than 10,000 soldiers in the small town, and it is impossible for many people to go to attack the big city."
It’s snowing in the east. "Then we can attack a small town. It’s good to have a place, so that we don’t have to let strangers look at Liu Biao’s face now."
When did the snow in the east become as interested in siege as the little bird? A Cai directly denied, "Absolutely not. Now, as soon as we attack the town, we will become the enemy of the Han Dynasty. A vassal force can attack us under the banner of eradicating rebellion. We will be cleaned up like the second Yellow Scarf Army. We must wait patiently."
The snow in the east asked, "When will it wait?"
A Cai is full of confidence, saying, "When the tiger prison fights against the 10-way warlord to invade Luoyang and attack Dong Zhuo, the forces in various places are empty. That is the most vulnerable time for the system and the best time for us players to start work. Even if we rebel, I am afraid no one will take care of it."
The snow in the east sighed, "but I’m afraid we have no chance at all!" "
A Cai wondered, "Why is there no chance?"
Dongfang Piaoxue explained, "These ten-way governors are all Eastern military leaders. Even if Sun Jian started from Dongwu, Liu Biaogan didn’t attend this conference and his army didn’t move. Where did we get the opportunity? Are we going to shift our main force to the Yellow River in the future? In that case, we don’t have to be busy in Jingzhou. Wouldn’t it be better to go directly to Yuan Shao’s territory to develop our power as early as possible? "
"Ha ha, the East also knows that analyzing the situation has made great progress! But the mountain man has his own trick that you can’t understand. "
"Fuck me like an idiot? I somehow also graduated from the National University of China. "Oriental Snow kicked me in the past but was easily flashed by Alai."
O food jumped around and blinked and smiled. "Ah, you are also a national university graduate! So you should be my junior. Which session did you graduate from? "
Oriental snow was surprised to look at the dish. "I graduated from the ninth session. Are you also a national university graduate?" No way. How can I not remember you after four years there? "
"I’m always a comprehensive graduate of the class of 97, but I’ve never been to school to study directly through distance learning, and it’s another name. It’s normal for you not to know me."
To put it simply, all disciplines should be integrated. If there is no need, there will be academic specialists in this world, and people who can’t be integrated are also needed. In addition to the National University of China, there are two famous schools that have set up this, one in America and one in Europe, to recruit a kind of students comprehensively-to be a genius after eating enough.
The comprehensive slogan is-you can’t be a freak unless you are delusional; The reason why non-rich people don’t accept it is very simple. This kind of graduates never work for them to do alternative things.
Oriental snow startled "are you a comprehensive freak graduate? Boss, I really admire you. Even this pervert can graduate. Boss is really incapable! "
A Cai hurriedly said, "Don’t be a freak. It’s too ugly. There are many comprehensive graduates, but there are only two in our league."
The snow in the east almost fell to the ground in surprise. "There are two more? Are we in a perverted camp here? Who are they? Tell me quickly. "

The last battle of Lien Chan is thriving. In reality, there is not much contact between Zhang Kexin and Wang Tianping. After all, they are not the same troops. Although they are in the same base, the armored forces and the communications forces are not together in training and life. They will meet when they have exercises and zipper.

Wang Tianping, who is thriving, is a little surprised to choose the patrolman. According to his understanding, Zhang Kexin should be a somewhat competitive female soldier. He is thriving and may choose the guardian.
There is nothing bright and opportunistic in the battle of the battle patrol. The place is thriving and Wang Tianping has chosen the way of shield and alloy combat knives, and the same weapon is used to deal with it. After several rounds, Wang Tianping will have a bottom in his heart
Prosperous strength is the lowest among the three military pilots, which is probably equivalent to breaking through ordinary pilots. She has no shortcomings but no special skills.
Better patrol technology solved the problem after the battle. Wang Tianping commented, "This is an advantage technically, especially when driving a patrol, but there is nothing outstanding in all aspects. This is the disadvantage. If you want to be an excellent patrol pilot, you must work harder than other pilots."
Chapter 91 Special Training Strength Confirmation (4)
Finally, the thunder broke out soon after joining the team. Although he is a junior in architecture, he has a very good future even if he graduates without games. According to him, he believes that life is only a few decades in the world, and it is a life to live according to his own lifestyle.
He liked playing online games when he was very young. It was his dream from high school to become a professional player. But on the one hand, there was nothing suitable to make money online. On the other hand, he had to take care of his family’s feelings. He still took the college entrance examination according to his parents’ wishes.
This time, "Iron Mania" made him see the hope that it is possible for him to realize his dream of becoming a professional player here, and this game has been recognized by most people after publicity, and his family also said that it is not necessary to support himself as a professional player.
Wang Tianping and the thunderbolt in the competition field have set the posture, which means that the two mecha will start at the same time and rush to the center of the venue.
The thunderbolt fire naturally makes katar attack with both hands. His attack mode and speed and intensity are different. He pays more attention to accuracy, observes the enemy’s movements carefully and then determines his attack according to the enemy’s reaction
In this way, although he didn’t make an offensive like a raging sea, the gold content of each blow was much higher. Plus, he was still paying attention to defense while attacking. Although Wang Tianping didn’t attack at this time, it can still be seen that the stalker was ready to block katar or start the propeller to dodge.
Almost, the level of thunderbolt fire is probably equivalent to being stronger than all ordinary pilots, but weaker than all senior pilots. At this stage, you can become a real senior pilot by adding oil efforts.
What’s the quickest way to deal with thunderbolt fire at this stage? Wang Tianping gave the answer. The patrolman popped up his hands. katar attacked the body faster than the pursuer. Although the thunderbolt was already paying attention to defense, it still did not resist Wang Tianping’s offensive
After the war, Wang Tianping said, "The discipline is good, the observation is good, and the defense and walking awareness are good, but the biggest problem is that the pace is too slow. We must speed up our own pace and learn to deal with the enemy’s fast pace."
In this way, except for the sad straight line, everyone has fought with Wang Tianping once, and Wang Tianping has a basic judgment about their strength and playing characteristics, and he also has a basic idea about the special training he will receive.
Of course, the most powerful person is Hu said, it’s really bright and dreamy. The three of them are already senior pilots, followed by two ordinary pilots, Xiaohe and Lingyun, who are not suitable for single combat. The ranking here is of little significance to them.
At this time, there are not many minutes away from the line. Wang Tianping said to the crowd, "I will be absent day by day. Anyway, it is a free activity during the day. There is nothing for you to play casually. Of course, I will take part in the game later. You should brush the sergeant’s deputy. If you don’t take part in me, you should be careful and lead the team by the real light. The day after tomorrow, we will continue the second step of special training."
Wang Tianping actually wants to miss the team sports activities? This surprised everyone. He has always been the most active and punctual, so far, let alone absent, not even late. Wang Tianping actually said that he would be absent, and the lack was that when he was connected to the third line, they asked him what he wanted, but Wang Tianping sold it to show that they would know the day after tomorrow.
Everyone was very naive when they didn’t get the answer, but when the time came, everyone disappeared from the arena one after another so that Wang Tianping could announce it himself the day after tomorrow.
Tens of millions of players were eliminated in the second round of the preliminary round of the individual championship on March 4th, including ordinary players who were purely playing with tickets and those who were unlucky. In the first round, they met strong elite players and advanced to tens of millions of players. This is also the same, both powerful elite players and lucky players beat players at the same level to advance to ordinary players.
At noon on March 4 th, there were not many informants in the frenzied squad. College students were going to attend classes. Because it was Monday, Dream Liuli and Xiaohei also had classes. Everyone had not met yet. There were sad lines and topics to be done. Wang Tianping was rare. There were no lines, the military needed to train three people and Lingyun was idle.
On the evening of that day, everyone was here, because there was a competition, and the second round of qualifiers brushed off more than 20 million frenzied teams, and everyone did not encounter any special circumstances. The Ministry was successfully promoted against ordinary players, while Wang Tianping charged everyone with a few lines after the game.
At noon on March 5, Wang Tianping was still not online, which made several people online guess through the independent forces channel that Wang Tianping would go to the final few people in the past two days. Perhaps it was that Wang Tianping had found a girlfriend to date these two days, but Wang Tianping’s friend Lin Yun had never heard of the wind.
On the evening of March 5, the third round of the preliminary round of the individual competition of the online competition eliminated tens of millions of people, and the frenzied team was still a member of the promotion team. Their current level was not too big if they met other top players, even ordinary military pilots and professional players.
After the game, Wang Tianping didn’t have a line this time, but let Dream Coloured Glass build an encrypted room in the arena and then entered the arena with everyone.
Arena Wang Tianping let Dream Coloured Glass Field wait until Dream Coloured Glass has driven the arbitrator to the venue. Wang Tianping smiled and said that after a while, I was actually online. When everyone was puzzled, Wang Tianping returned to the arena and then entered the lounge to prepare for the game.
What’s going on here? What’s he doing? Whether it is the audience or the people who have been dreaming about colored glaze in the arbitrator’s cockpit is somewhat puzzling. At this time, Wang Tianping drove the mecha and also came to the venue, but everyone wondered that he was driving an arbitrator’s mecha.
The fastest dream glass immediately looked at the friend list and found that Wang Tianping’s name was gray and there was no line. So who is this? Information check "training vest No.1/taxi/federal" and then everyone heard the familiar sound from the arbitrator’s loudspeaker "Hehe, this is what I have achieved in the past two days. There are three vests, one for each mecha. I will give you these vests for special training."
Chapter 92 Specially trained single guide (1)
In "Iron Mania", because each account is bound to the player, it is directly recognized whether the player is not stealing the number through the virtual helmet, and one account will always correspond to one player, but one player can apply for multiple accounts to own his vest.
Players can apply for multiple vests, but when all vests are to be shared online, that is to say, you spent ten hours in an account, so today, it will be over when you log in to which account.
The actual situation is that there are not many players who apply for vest account. Most players have an account, and they have to devote their energy and time to this account. Some people feel that they have chosen the wrong type of mecha and will not re-register their accounts until they are promoted to the sergeant.
Naturally, the new account login game still needs to pass the introductory test, enter the boot camp, choose the mecha, and then complete three novice ranks before you can get a letter of introduction and take a transport ship to the deep blue planet.
In the past two days, Wang Tianping has applied for three vest accounts three times except for the game and waiting for the game for more than ten hours, and has completed all the four kinds of mecha departments in boot camp, including one arbitrator, guardian and stalker.
Others immediately understood Wang Tianping’s meaning. Although he is very strong, although the patrolman is a kind of energy mecha, he can imitate other mecha’s movements and skills in many cases, but after all, there is a gap in performance parameters, so it is not convenient to train others.
The two arbitrators stand side by side in the competition field. The second step of special training is not to fight, but to give hands-on guidance. Wang Tianping intends to teach his teammates some basic skills and some advanced skills that are not difficult. How much they can understand depends on themselves.
For the dream coloured glaze Wang Tianping thinks that her talent foundation is no longer a problem. Most things have passed imitation in the process of following her own battle. The next step is to summarize and let her improve herself.
The most important part of the special training for Dream Glass this time is to teach her some advanced skills. The first trick, Wang Tianping, has been through several "Constantine Sword Storm" before he was selected, including this one. Of course, all the advanced skills with the creator’s name prefix need to be renamed. The future arbiter ace pilot Constantine has not yet been born.
Hang your name? "Wang Tianping’s blade storm"? "Wang Tianping changed direction"? Forget it. I’ve been ashamed to take off the creator’s name. If I add this honor to my name, Wang Tianping is really sorry for his conscience, and he will blush.
Wang Tianping said to the dream glass, "I won’t say much about the basics. Then I will teach you an advanced skill. I have also said this trick before, that is, I will call it the sword storm with both hands. This is the most powerful trick when the arbitrator mecha makes it."
After that, he controlled the arbitrator to pull out the two alloy combat knives behind him, and the thrusters of both arms and feet were turned on. At the same time, the multi-tube laser guns in both arms were also turned on, and the dream glass also learned to fight all the equipment.
Wang Tianping, the arbitrator, starts the left and right auxiliary thrusters to adjust the direction in tandem, and then the mecha rotates with this force. At the same time, the first difficulty of this skill comes with it, that is, the feet must follow the rotation rhythm.
Sure enough, at this time, the first time I had this dream, the coloured glaze was a bit miserable. In an instant, her arbitrator’s legs were twisted together, and the arbitrator sat cross-legged on the ground, like a mecha practicing kung fu, which made the audience laugh with a few people left.
However, in the second dream, she learned something. First of all, she lowered the power of the auxiliary propeller, so that the thrust drop and rotation speed of the auxiliary propeller were not so fast. Then, instead of focusing on her hands, she focused on her feet, so that she really didn’t fall.
Wang Tianping looked at it and nodded his head. It’s good to learn advanced skills flexibly for the first time. No one can succeed at one time, even Wang Tianping. Just use your brain to reduce the difficulty of skills, and you can slow down or decompose them. First, make the basic movements and exercises, and then increase them step by step.

However, in that hell, efreet Si ‘er turned his sun’s power to the extreme, shaking several Shaolin monks who besieged him around him and immediately shouting, "Dare you rebel? Have you taken the holy Lu everywhere?"

At this moment, the exterminator suddenly appeared at the entrance hole with his sword leaning against Yuan Shundi’s neck and said, "Make a way or I’ll kill him now."
Seeing this, the hell efreet Sill did not hesitate to drink: "Assistant!" Later, he said to extinction: "If there is any mistake in the Holy Wanjin body, there will be someone in your place, and no one in your sect will live."
At this time, the remaining people of the five schools are slowly passing through the palace guards who are scattered into two rows from the hand-held lance under the leadership of the extinct teacher.
At this time, the bell and drum tower is not too far away from the imperial city gate, but the soldiers around it have surrounded a narrow road and added hell. efreet Searle and the mysterious parents peeped so that the extinction teacher and others dared not walk too fast. Therefore, when the five factions came to the gate, it was already a full column of incense and more effort.
Just as the five factions were holding Yuan Shundi hostage and leaving the city, the towers suddenly flew out of the sky. These copper coins were mixed with strong gas and shot at the masters such as the mysterious parents.
At this time, I don’t know how Zhao Min suddenly felt an ominous premonition in his heart. When the people were involuntarily stunned by the copper coins all over the sky, a Shaolin brother somehow suddenly rushed to extinction and hit it with a palm.
At this time of extinction, I never imagined that Shaolin brother would suddenly attack Yuan Shundi at this time, but he didn’t react and watched Yuan Shundi being beaten until he vomited blood and flew out.
And that hell, efreet Sill, saw this and drank a lot: "How dare you!" You have to rush over at all costs.
Just then, a Kunlun brother suddenly shot a sword, and then an Emei brother also shot a sword. At this time, Yuan Shundi was beaten drowsily by the Shaolin brother, and he didn’t escape the idea.
See the two long swords filigree obstacles run through Yuan Shundi’s chest, and at this time it’s already crazy. efreet Searle’s hands are flying wildly. One by one, the five major factions are swept by his amazing strength, and then all the filigree resistance flies out.
It doesn’t take a moment for that hell efreet Si Er to instantly take back Yuan Shundi’s body that is about to die.
However, at this time, the extermination teacher suddenly felt an uncontrollable murder coming in her heart, and then a subtle murder in her abdomen poured out at the same time. At this time, the extermination teacher was caught off guard and her mind was filled with murder and a sharp sword against the sword was blasted towards Yuan Shundi.
At this time, the hell, efreet Sill, was just about to use his posture to avoid it, but suddenly his mind seemed to be plunged into a general absence of kung fu, and the firm but gentle sword leaning on the heavenly sword roared away
At this time, the fighters can make him put Yuan Shundi himself aside at the key moment.
Then, watching the five factions quickly evacuate and everyone became two halves, Yuan Shundi’s hell, efreet Searle roared: "I will kill you one by one if you people run to the ends of the earth!" to be continued
Chapter four hundred and one All scheming will come true
At this time, the death of Yuan Shundi in the imperial palace of the Yuan Dynasty instantly turned into a chaotic battle.
Just as the five schools were getting tired, I didn’t know when it was chaotic, and suddenly there was a messy piano sound.
At this time, many ordinary soldiers of the five major factions were besieged on the scene. When they contacted this strange sound, they cried and felt a thrill from the bone marrow. Then the whole person cried and fell to the ground.
And Fiona Fang Sanli can be supported by one person except powerful people.
Just in the instant when the five schools felt the pressure was greatly reduced, a burst of powder suddenly fell like drizzle in the burst of whistling blasting.
When the Yuan Dynasty masters saw this, they kept their breath in order to prevent poison from being mixed with it, while the five factions were desperate to take the opportunity to run at this time.
And as the five factions involuntarily inhaled the falling powder in the sky, the speed was a little faster unconsciously.
At this time, the people didn’t react. It turned out that the powder was ten fragrant soft tendons powder antidote.
At this time, the hell, efreet Sill and the mysterious parents led the master Fang to get rid of Zhang Ping’s flowery words and spend money to continue to pursue the five factions. However, at this time, a strange carriage appeared outside the tower.
At this time, the mysterious parents first returned to Zhao Min and King Ruyang to protect them, and then Zhao Min asked, "Who on earth is the pavilion that keeps waiting for us?"
At this time, efreet, the hell, did not give his hands a roaring, so he cried Qiqi and called Zhang Ping’s carriage. At this time, Zhao Min and others also wanted to take a look at Zhang Ping’s actual situation and did not speak to stop it
However, the infernal efreet Searle’s fire clutches were not close to Zhangping’s carriage, and suddenly a wave of strength flew out of the carriage to detain Searle.
It was only after Sill flew over a dozen masters and spat out a big mouthful of blood that Zhang Pingyin came out of the carriage: "It doesn’t matter who I am. What matters is that if you keep moving forward, you will have a dead end!"
At this time, the silk finally slowed down and stayed until it came to Zhao Min and others, but it was staring at Zhang Ping’s carriage and did not dare to continue to move.
At this time, Zhao Min suddenly made a few gestures at the bitter Buddhist monk and saw that the bitter Buddhist monk cried and pulled up the big, big, two, three and three people, and then quickly left with some masters.
At this time, Zhao Min shouted: "I know that what you are doing today is shielding Qin from committing the whole Dayuan Dynasty, and waiting for the pavilion will be marginal pursuit."
At this time, Zhang Ping’s carriage was punctuated by bursts of sounds from small to large, but then there was no answer. Because of Zhang Pingbai, the five major factions in the Yuan Dynasty were already immortal because of Yuan Shundi’s death.
These five sects do not look terrible, but they have been operating affiliated sects and registered brothers in various places for many years. Killing the emperor is a big crime against the nine families. Once they are involved in the five sects, these affiliated sects and registered brothers will be lucky.
In this world of rivers and lakes, the imperial court can control the buildings on the Jiangshan floor, while those buildings on all floors are controlled by the major sects respectively.

Two people glances quietly left Dan drugstore.

The situation of Yu Kun ‘an forest in the city has been raging. Yun Mingyuan and Han Xiumo are walking on the road. They are surprised to hear Yu Kun ‘an forest talking about Han Xiumo. "What is this?"
"It should not be a secret land," Yunmingyuan guessed.
"Ask someone."
Two people met a team on the side of the road. Many of them were injured. They helped a comatose monk to the direction of Dan’s drugstore. Han Xiumo thought about it and walked over. They talked and heard the situation of Kun ‘an forest from their mouths.
"A monster beast in the foundation period?" He frowned. There shouldn’t be such a thing?
However, if you think about it carefully, others don’t know anything about Pingyuncheng. Most of them just listen to it as a joke. I know that in this time, the four families didn’t get any benefits when they were cut off by foreign monks, but more memories were gone.
Now think about the thing that was cut off in the secret land … It’s not his cheap master, is it?
Yeah, it seems that Brother Pingyuncheng is really unlucky, so he didn’t get the things in the secret realm, even in this generation.
But there should be no such thing as the monster beast in the construction period … generation.
"Have we ever met a powerful monster in the secret world?" Yunmingyuan suddenly said
Han Xiumo was stunned. "You mean?"
Where they were born, they met the cloud-wearing beast, and when they barbecued, they met the powerful monster.
"No way?" Han xiumo murmured
I haven’t heard of the saying that the monster beast in the secret land can come out of it before.
But if you think about it carefully, it happened that the place where the monster beast appeared was Kun’ an Forest, which made people have to care.
"When we go back, let’s hide the cloud-piercing beast for a while." They were stared at by the powerful creature because of the smell of the cloud-piercing beast.
Yun Mingyuan didn’t object, except to study with him. Most things at home are Han Xiumo’s decision, and he also listens to Han Xiumo most of the time.
After all, outsiders may not be able to give their opinions.
"Have you heard? There is a secret treasure outside Kun’ an forest. During the foundation period, the ancestors all went to Kun’ an forest! "
"Secret treasure?"
"Yes, the predecessors in the foundation period arrived at Kun ‘an Forest at the first time, which is the secret treasure!"
The news that the two gods are very powerful and the secret treasure was born naturally came to their ears, and Yun Mingyuan and Han Xiumo were quite shocked.
If their guess is correct, it’s really the former secret realm that appears in Kun ‘an forest … Then they should be regarded as the biggest treasure in the secret realm.
Thought of here, they suddenly felt a chill.
Chapter 7 Mixer Materials
Every time Lv Yunting makes a fool of himself, he will be seen by his own father. He is used to it, and he is not surprised that his father shows up unnoticed.
My father spoke and my mother stopped, still worried.
Lv Zhijie looked at his son and confirmed that he had no problem. He asked directly, "What’s the situation over there in Kun ‘an Forest?"
Brother Lu Jia didn’t build the foundation period, but he was skeptical about the news of the birth of the secret treasure outside. This intact sample made him doubt whether the story of the birth of the secret treasure was true.
"A monster beast suddenly appeared in the forest during the construction period. In Kun ‘an forest, the monster beasts fled like crazy, and several monks were injured on the road." Lv Yunting knew that he would take out Dan medicine and could not get away with it. He could honestly tell his own experience again. "A new Dan pharmacy has been opened in the city, in which reborn Dan can treat trauma."
Lv Zhijie Wu Hongying knew at a glance that the son must have been injured and cured before he came back. They didn’t say much, but they nodded faintly.
Lv Yunting didn’t hear the familiar reprimand, and she was still puzzled. She quietly looked up at her parents and found that they didn’t seem to be angry.
Lv Zhijie looked at his son this stupid sample some spirit not dozen 1 come out.
The child is good at dealing with others and doesn’t know what it’s like at home.
"Since there is such Dan medicine, buy more for this. Redjade can still afford it at home." Lv Zhijie said directly.
Lv Yunting took out Dan medicine in her arms and sent it to her mother. "Mom, this is the Dan drugstore. When the appearance of Yan Dan and Yan Dan can be restored to the peak, Yan Dan is able to stay in Yan for 20 years."
Lv Zhijie Zheng looked at the temples and had a white-haired wife with a sore heart.
He is now refining gas, and he can feel the opportunity of the foundation period within a short distance. This is also the reason why the Lv family can have a big family business in the city. He is taller than his wife and looks younger than her. In recent years, he has a vague feeling that his wife seems to be alienating himself without moving, but he doesn’t know why.
Wu Hongying didn’t think that she would suddenly give herself a gift or such a pill at home.
Over the years, she has really become less and less confident in herself. She is not good at repairing, and she has worked hard to practice. She is also stuck in this position, and she is getting old and worried about her old age more than once …
I didn’t expect my worry to be seen by my son.
The corners of her eyes were slightly moist.
Lv Yunting knew that this gift was right when she saw her parents’ expressions. She immediately put Dan medicine in her mother’s hand with a smile. "The effect of Dan medicine in Niang’s shop is very good. Are you going soon?"
Wu Hongying didn’t refuse to open the medicine bottle directly. According to the son’s statement, she went to Yan Dan first and suddenly felt her physical changes.
The feeling of exhaustion caused by old age gradually disappeared, and she was stagnant for a long time. The spiritual force seemed to move weakly and fell into a calm, and the feeling was loose.
She didn’t feel Lu’s father and mother, but she saw in her eyes that the fine lines on her face disappeared rapidly, and her white hair turned black in the blink of an eye. The whole person looked much better. She opened her eyes and blinked at her father and mother.
Lv Zhijie felt his heart beating heavily.
Lv Yunting has already gathered in front of Wu Hongying. "God, this is not my mother. We go out together and are regarded as sisters!"
Wu Hongying was coaxed to be elated and greeted a Lv Yunting’s hair, "You are sweet."
Her eyes are full of smiles. Lv Yunting thinks that mother must be the most beautiful mother in the world.
After watching Lu Zhijie kick his son away, "What’s the matter with finding a daughter-in-law to occupy my daughter-in-law every day?"
Lv Yunting "…" He muttered, "I’d like to have a daughter-in-law, but my cousin doesn’t like me."
He is also very wronged!
Lv Yunting originally had an engagement with Chu Chuling, but that girl is an idea. She likes to practice knives and guns with all her heart, and her strength is stronger than Lv Yunting’s. Every time Lv Yunting wants to set up a nearly neglected one, she will occasionally be dragged by Chuling to learn from each other-oh, he was beaten unilaterally.
Lv Zhijie sneered at his worthless sample. "When you were your age, you had a daughter-in-law. It’s really embarrassing for us to be rejected by people."
Lv Yunting was hit hard.
Wu Hongying smiled and twisted her husband’s arm gently to comfort her son. "Son, are there any more in Yan Dan?" She made a move without blinking. "It may be a good choice to coax her daughter-in-law."
Lv Yunting blushed a little. "Mom, you’re right. I’m going to find Linger!"
Lv Zhijie Wu Hongying watched the son run out and smiled.
Chapter 71 Being followed
Yunmingyuan and Han Xiumo were surprised.
This man is better than them!

Ye Ye "scared you. I guess there must be a boss in it. According to my guess, the monster in it should be a snake."

Tutu "Shut up!"
Even Tutu can’t stand the crow’s mouth on a night.
White crape myrtle "I don’t want any danger in it either, but …"
Before the white crape myrtle finished talking, Qianlong sent back some news in the team information. "You have good news. Although it is dark, there are many vampire bats at the top of the cave."
Vampire bats, this is really good news. For ordinary people, this is a very headache and bad news, but it is the best news for a vampire knight who can control bats, such as Grandet.
Another five minutes passed, but after a long time, no news was sent back.
Turtledove: "Why hasn’t Qianlong written back after all this time?"
Tutu "Will Brother Qianlong meet any danger?"
Old cat "Let’s go and save him!" "
Tutu "right? My Hundred Animals Corps will be started in more than 4 minutes. If I am in danger, I will directly start my skills to save my brother Qian Long! "
High let "I le a little ancestors! You beasts legion out in such a narrow what boss are besieged to death "
Ziwei in white "Just let’s all go in and have a look!"
Then they went deep into the cave.
After about a minute’s walk, everyone finally found Qianlong.
At this time, Qianlong was tied to a huge spider web, and his hands and feet were tied to the spider web, so he couldn’t send out a distress message.
Qianlong saw his teammates come to save himself. Instead of showing excitement, he struggled even more.
Grandet controls the two vampire bats to fly over and tear the cobweb of Qianlong’s mouth.
After Qian Long’s cobweb loosened, he immediately shouted, "Everybody run. There are two …"
Before a thousand words were finished, a spider web was shot again to seal its mouth.
At the same time, suddenly a few more eyes appeared around the wall, and several spider silk spewed out from the wall, which bound the vampire bats flying in the middle of the new alliance.
At this time, everyone can see clearly that the dark wall is covered with many small spiders, which are as big as fingernails, but there are hundreds of millions of such small spiders on these two walls.
After Gao Rang and others were bound by cobwebs, a spider with a face slowly crawled out from behind, and behind this spider with a face, there was a big red toad with three legs all the time.
Now everyone finally knows what Qianlong wants to say. Just now, he finally said "two" and these two fingers are two boss.
"Now that the boss has come out, I should do it," Gao Rang said with a blink of an eye and burst into flames in this narrow cave.
Just now, although those little spiders bound Gao Rang’s silk, it was actually an illusion. Gao Rang was infected with all the negative state attributes because of his artifact. However, because too many spiders shot silk all over the surrounding environment, it made people look like everyone was bound by silk, but in fact Gao Rang was still in a free state. Other little spiders who shot silk like Gao Rang were bound by their own silk.
As Gao let Shenhuo blink and burn the wall, those little spiders burned to ashes.
Chapter 349 Spider clam
The level of these little spiders is not very low, all of them are three turns to five, but the blood volume of these little spiders is only five points. You can kill them with a random attack, but their quantity is an advantage. It is estimated that no matter how powerful the spiders are, they can’t stand it.
But it’s a pity that these spiders met Gao Rang, a master who doesn’t eat negative state. In addition, Gao Rang’s divine fire is very destructive to spider silk. When spider silk sticks to divine fire, it will instantly turn to ashes. In this divine fire, all the people in the new alliance also broke free with the help of divine fire.
At the same time, hundreds of millions of little spiders also died in the burning of divine fire. As the little spiders turned to ashes, the experience value of the new alliance also increased rapidly.
Although these little spiders look unremarkable and have a poor blood volume of 5 points, their level is actually three to five, which is a huge amount of experience!
The experience contributed by these little spiders has helped everyone in the new alliance to rise in rank.
Among them, Gaorang has reached level 59, with 76% experience, while most of the others have risen to level 59 in their early days. There is a turtle dove level still at level 5, but her level 5 surprise has reached 93%, and she will soon enter level 59.
Breaking free from the shackles, Qianlong quickly returned to the team. When he returned to the team, he said to everyone, "Everyone be careful. That big toad is actually a malicious character!"
Gauguin et al. and the two boss are facing each other through shenhuo, and taking this opportunity, Gauguin also gave insight to the two boss.
Human Face Ghost Spider Demon Queen (Super boss) HP 2
Grade 5
Attack mode: highly toxic melee witchcraft.
Attack skill: Ghost-faced spider’s poisonous arrow foot kills and devours teeth; poisonous spider web auxiliary skill: spider web jet fantasy witchcraft.
The queen of the human face ghost spider was originally a small spider in the Wudu Cave, but later she came alive in the evil experiment of Lv Yue, the god of plague, and her strength increased greatly, so she was also appointed by Lv Yue, the god of plague.
Six-Eye Red Blood Golden Toad (Super boss) HP 2
Grade 59
Attack mode, hand-to-hand combat, poisonous witchcraft
Attack skill: Red Blood Poison Gun Struggles to Strike the Tongue and Strike the Poisonous Swamp Auxiliary Skill: Jin Chan Zhen Ming Fantasy Magic Gas Wave Skill
The six-eyed red-blooded golden toad was originally a small toad in the Wudu Cave, but later it came alive in the evil experiment of Lv Yue, the plague god. The strength of the six-eyed red-blooded golden toad was greatly increased, so it was also appointed by Lv Yue, the plague god, to make himself a plague ambassador.
It seems that after the names and attributes of these two boss, everyone is a little excited, because just from the names, we can know that these two boss must be the source of the two pieces of equipment: the hind leg armor (pants) of the spider with a human face and the six-eyed barefoot golden toad helmet (helmet).
Shenhuo gradually dispersed, and the spider and a toad slowly leaned toward Gao Rang and others.
And Gao Rang’s first attack here is Gao Rang’s crazy war ape.
Although the crazy war ape is braver than others, this ancient call has another shortcoming, that is, it is a little less subject to high command. Once it encounters a battle, the monkey is always the first to kill it.
This time is no exception, crazy war apes directly and anger collision toward the two boss together.
Crazy war apes are aggressive, but those two boss opposite are also well prepared. Ghost spiders and monsters directly rush toward this side. Crazy war apes shoot several cobwebs to bind them in place, but it’s a pity that the monkey’s impact is too strong, and those cobwebs can’t stop the impact.
Just as the crazy war apes rushed to the front of the two boss, the six-eyed red-blooded golden toad suddenly flashed to the front of the ghost spider demon with a human face, and at the same time, the body expanded rapidly.
In an instant, the six-eyed red-blooded golden toad bulged into a ball, and at this time, the crazy war ape had already hit it and swelled its body.
There was a crazy battle in the magical scene, and the ape was actually bounced out.
The six-eyed red-blooded golden toad has just inflated his body, and the skill is the gas wave skill, which is a special trick of the six-eyed red-blooded golden toad. Although this skill is not offensive, it is a very defensive skill.
In fact, there are two modes of this air wave skill. One is the storage mode, which just instantly inflates itself into a ball mode, and the other is the outward release mode. This mode is the active instantaneous mode. When the enemy is surrounded around, the skill will be activated, and a circle of air waves will be ejected from the body to bounce all the enemies around.
However, although the crazy war apes were bounced out, the offensive on this side of the new alliance was not disrupted, because the four-armed sapphire mantis king soon launched a quick kill and even chop on the two boss.
Just now, the crazy war ape bounced off the six-eyed red-blooded golden toad, and at this time, the four-armed sapphire mantis king just killed it, and successive attacks were cut in the belly of the six-eyed red-blooded golden toad.

"It sounds very good." Longye is very interested in this title. Because of his identity, it is very difficult for Longye to get the title officially recognized by the league. Now, with this honorary title, he can claim to be the champion after going out.

Where did I go later, and then people introduced me that "this is Mr. Longye, the champion of Fengyuan Alliance". I think it’s enjoyable.
"In fact, if you want the real title, I’m going to give it to Mi Keli recently. You are much stronger than Mi Keli. I’m more at ease to give it to you." Dawu said his plan.
The title of champion bears too much responsibility. This time, the meteorite crisis almost overwhelmed me. Later, the high-level wrangling of the Twiwater Town Residents Transfer Alliance also made him haggard. This was the idea of handing over the title.
After this incident, Longye is also grateful for the title. An honorary champion who enjoys welfare benefits regardless of his affairs is very suitable for Longye.
"Remember to wear something formal when the official conferring ceremony is held in Twiwater Town in two days." Dawu hung up after explaining the most important thing.
Put it bluntly, Longye hugged Nazi around him and kissed him fiercely. He proudly said, "Your husband and I will soon be the honorary champion of Fengyuan Alliance. How is it handsome?"
"Virtue ~" Nazi left him a beautiful supercilious look. "Why didn’t you agree to Alder’s request when you wanted to be a champion so badly?"
"It’s not the same. Alder, the old man, is obviously looking for a successor. If I really become a champion of the United States, all kinds of things will have to be busy to death. I don’t want to be in the United States for several years." Longye grabbed Nazi in his arms. "The day after tomorrow, the awarding ceremony can take my family with me. Dear, you can go with me."
"Well," Nazi leaned against Long Ye and gently nodded his head.
After Nazi agreed, Longye immediately took her to choose what to wear the day after tomorrow. Now urgent customization is impossible. Fortunately, there are always some well-known brands that have not released the latest clothes. Nazi’s figure is very standard, and a slight change will make it fit.
Longye chose a black suit, while Nazi took a fancy to a red evening gift.
There is white in front of Longye, which is the most suitable for Nazi. I didn’t expect the enchanting red to match her so well that Longye could see her eyes straight.
On the night before the ceremony, Ryuno and Nazi arrived in Sunshui Town. At this time, Sunshui Town has returned to its quiet state before the appearance of meteorites, and it seems that it has not been affected by the meteorite incident.
This time, Ryuno and Nazi didn’t stay in the hotel or the elf center, so they spent the night in Super Archean 3.
Longye saw some remarks that made him very unhappy when he was online at night.
"Is a savior or a disaster maker? Thinking about giant elves. "
"I personally experienced the death of a huge carnivore to destroy the city."
"Thinking deeply about the destructive power of giant and small elves"
"What if one day the giant elves of human beings are hostile!"
No matter what is going to be famous, there will always be people who will jump out and smear it to gain attention. These people deliberately make such extreme assumptions to arouse people’s worries about giant and small elves and achieve their ulterior motives.
In fact, if you think about it calmly, you will find that things like that will not happen on the Internet. Wailord’s size is no different from that of giant and small elves. After hundreds of years, isn’t human beings as happy as they are?
The brain no longer looks at those deliberately smeared remarks. Longye lies in bed and soon falls asleep. But he wants to appear in public with the most mental outlook.
At ten o’clock the next afternoon, Longye and Nazi came to the venue where the awarding ceremony was held. At this time, the venue was full of spectators. Of course, they didn’t all come specially to see Longye win the honorary title.
In order to celebrate Sunshui Town’s safe passage through the meteorite crisis, there will be a grand and gorgeous contest here later. Longye seems to have seen Xiao Zhi and May, and they also appeared in Sunshui Town!
The host of the awarding ceremony was the current Fengyuan champion Dawu. He first told the story of Longye’s contribution in this meteorite crisis, and then said, "In view of the outstanding contribution made by Mr. Longye in Fengyuan area, I decided to award Mr. Longye the honorary title."
Dawu took out a glittering trophy, and a giant held a sharp sword in his hand. What do you think, Ryono, this is an Oscar trophy …
Chapter 59 Awards
Although it was an award ceremony, the atmosphere at the scene was not particularly serious, especially when Dawu and Longye were old friends Dawu, and it was even easier for him to preside over the ceremony.
Dawu picked up the honorary championship trophy in his right hand and joked with the audience, "I have known Longye for a long time, and we are all old friends. To be honest, I am jealous of him. Although he is not as handsome as me, he has a good career and love."
President of Shenyuan Manufacturing Co., Ltd. This is definitely a model of career success. The physical trainer is also stronger than me. Presumably, he beat the Olympic champion Herona. Everyone has seen the video of the competition. Fortunately, he intends to compete for the title, otherwise I might have given way long ago. "
"In love, let’s invite Longye’s fiancee, Miss Nazi, to personally present the award to him. I think Longye definitely doesn’t want to see my handsome face anymore."
Dressed in red and graceful, she appeared from the side of the stage and walked to Dawu’s side. She smiled and accepted the honorary championship trophy from Dawu.
"Seeing Miss Nazi’s beauty, you should know why I’m so jealous of Longye. Now let’s invite the real protagonist Longye to come out and let me give the stage to them. I’m going to take refuge in single dog."
Dawu left the stage humorously, while Ryuno strutted off the stage in a suit.
Step by step to Nazi’s side, Longye took the honorary championship trophy with one hand.
"Thanks to Fengyuan Alliance for awarding me the honorary title, and I will continue to work hard to make more contributions to Fengyuan." Longye first said a scene, and then his left hand gently hugged Nazi’s waist. "In fact, I am most grateful to my fiancee Nazi, who has accompanied me to travel around the country since I was a newcomer trainer. I have been accompanied by her every step of my growth.
Thank you, dear. "
Nazi’s eyes were full of fog when she heard Longye tell about the things that they had been together for so many years.
The two men embraced each other deeply, and the great show of love also caused 10,000 points of damage to single dog who watched the conferring ceremony.
"A winner-shaped blow from life!"
"I don’t eat this dog food …"
This is the truest idea in the hearts of many viewers.
No matter what the audience thinks, Ryuno and Nazixin have left the stage, and the awarding ceremony is officially over. It will be a gorgeous competition.
Change their costumes into the original leisure Ryuno and Nazi, and watch the upcoming Sunshui Town Gorgeous Competition through video broadcast in the backstage of the theater.
Longye, in addition to the awarding ceremony, he also served as the awarding guest of this gorgeous competition.
The first round of elf show was going on quickly, and the things displayed by different elves were really different.
Among those performers, Ryuno really saw the figure of May. It seems that Xiao Zhi has completed the challenge of Liulidao Pavilion and received a badge. When calculating, it seems that the Fengyuan Alliance Conference will come soon.
This time, the gorgeous contest was sent by May, a cute pink elf with a round face, which made people feel an impulse to pinch.
In the first round of the gorgeous contest, May directly helped Xiangwei Miao. The effect of this help was to borrow a move from his peers at random by the strength of his peers.
It can be said that this is a skill with very serious uncertainty. There are so many skills that no one can accurately estimate the assistance skills. For a competition like the gorgeous competition, many contestants will try their best to assist steadily. This kind of uncertain move is almost ignored.
His unique skill is really a test of the contestants’ ability to improvise on the spot
According to Longye, this twilight convention should be the last gorgeous contest before the grand celebration of the Elf Gorgeous Competition. If May fails here, she will go to the grand celebration with five ribbon badges, and the importance of this convention to her can be imagined.
This time still dare to let the elf help this recruit it seems that May is very confident about his strength.
The trick to help the tail meow is to fly the blade fast knife, which is a better coordination move.
"Blizzard and then slap in the face" May decisively reached the order
Make a snowstorm to the tail meow and freeze the flying blade sharp knife into an ice sculpture, and then jump into it and gracefully display a serial slap. The fleshy and round tail is far from being as gentle and quick as it is. The serial slap will smash all the ice sculptures into crumbs.
Ice crystals are falling slowly all over the sky, and May and Xiangwei meow together just like the Snow Princess.
Shortly after May’s performance, the first round of audit ended, and the horse judges will announce the list of people who entered the second round.
Because the number of participants in the Twilight Convention is not large, there are four players who can enter the second round.
It was a cruel decision. Many trainers who received four ribbon badges hoped to win the Twilight Ribbon Badge for the final big celebration, but then four contestants were able to enter the second round with their dreams.