Bai Huan was about to speak when someone suddenly snatched her hand.
She watched helplessly as Ye Chen put it in her ear and touched Ba Youyou’s mouth.
"Are you Bai Huan’s family?"
There was a sudden change of tone. Li Zhen was Fu Jingsi’s attitude immediately improved.
"Yes, I’m Bai Huan’s mother. Now her brother has some difficulties and wants to take 20 thousand yuan from her for turnover-"
"Oh, so" Ye Chen paused and said to her, "It seems that I misunderstood? I’m here to repay your daughter’s usury. "
"… what did you say about usury?" Li Zhen asked him.
"Don’t you know? Your daughter owes me more than 500,000 loan sharks, and now the interest rate has almost tripled … She told me that she is raising money and you are here to redeem her. "
Ye Chen solemnly made up the story.
I have to say that his acting is really good.
If it weren’t for her, Bai Huan would definitely believe it.
Li Zhenshen has never seen the world. As soon as Ye Chen said that there were millions of usurers, he immediately panicked and quickly cleared up with Bai Huan.
"Of course not! We have already cut her off. We don’t have a disorderly girl like her at home. How much money does she owe you? You can solve it yourself. Have you told us? "
Li Zhen said these words with a bang and then hung up.
Listening to the busy tone from the receiver, Ye Chen laughed and handed the lock screen to Bai Huan.
"It’s funny," he looked into Bai Huan’s eyes. "Now I suddenly feel that Mrs. Ye seems to be quite good to me."
"Well" Bai Huan’s mood is not very high at the moment, but also stuffy.
In her opinion, Su Yan has been very good to Ye Chen. She will feel sorry for not giving Ye Chen enough heart when she was a child, and now she is trying her best to make up for it.
Bai Huan never dared to expect Li Zhen to do this to her, even without thinking about it.
"They asked you for money before, didn’t they?" Ye Chen took white huan wrist bowed their heads and kissed her fingertips "how much? Huh? "
"Just took one hundred thousand" Bai Huan answered him truthfully.
"I can’t see it." Ye Chen blinked at Bai Huan. "Our baby was still a little rich woman."
White Huan "…"
"It seems that you are hiding deep." Ye Chen provoked her to put her lips close to her and asked her solemnly, "Does the little rich woman want to keep me a small white face?"
Seriously, I can’t imagine how sweet these two people are.
134th, call dad.
Bai Huan was stunned by Ye Chen’s ci. He should be the first man in the world who looks like a little rich woman.
"Why doesn’t my baby talk?" Seeing Bai Huan’s silence, Ye Chen continued to flirt with her. "Don’t worry, I am very easy to raise."
"It’s late. Go to bed early." Bai Huan crustily changed the subject. She pushed Ye Chen’s shoulder and kindly woke him up. "It seems that staying up all night is not good for your recovery."
"You’re so worried about me," Ye Chen said. "Well, let’s go to bed now."
Say that finish this sentence Ye Chen took Bai Huan away from the restaurant.
Go to the living room and just touch the preparation building to rest DOG.
DOG carefully observed the expressions and expressions of the two of them, and then smiled and waved at them. "Mom and Dad, I’m going to bed. You should go to bed early, too."
DOG has a good eye. He won’t stay here at this time. When the light bulb greeted them, he quickly ran back to his room.
Ye Chen looked at DOG with a satisfied smile from the direction.
Well, it’s a sensible and obedient girl. How can there be such a perfect child in the world?
Bai Huan was taken back to his bedroom by Ye Chen. After entering the door, Ye Chen directly hugged her to the bed, then put his hands around her and buried his head in her chest.
When he does this movement, he is almost exactly like a bubble. I have to say that genes are really amazing.
Bai Huan stared at Ye Chen for a while, and his brain was so hot that he raised his hand and gently covered his head.
His hair is a little stiff, which tickles her palms.
"Baby, let’s talk." Ye Chen suddenly looked up and looked at her seriously. "We have never talked."
At last, she realized what she had just done.
As soon as possible, put your hand back behind you and turn your eyes to him again.
"Well, go ahead," she responded to him.
"But I want to hear from you." Ye Chen pinched her face. "Tell me about the person who just called you, huh?"
Ye Chen didn’t even know that her family was so wonderful if she didn’t overhear Bai Huan’s words.
They have known each other for more than ten years, and Ye Chen has never learned about Bai Huan’s family.
Maybe because he himself is the kind of person who looks down on family, he doesn’t care what other people’s homes are like.
Ye Chen always thought Bai Huan was the kind of girl from an ordinary family, but she didn’t expect her family environment to be so complicated.
That old woman over there treated her so badly, you can imagine what kind of day she grew up.
After listening to Ye Chen’s question, he smiled wryly and said, "In fact, there is nothing to say. Didn’t you hear it all?"
"They always bully you like this?" Ye Chen asked her.
"It’s good to get used to it." If you get up before, your family will cry for nothing.
Now she is very calm, and her mood has not fluctuated.
"Anyway, I’m divorced from them now."
"But I’m still curious." Ye Chen took her hand. "Baby, would you like to tell me?"
Section 224
Over the years, Bai Huan has always been quite resistant to others asking her this question. Now Ye Chen asks her this question, and she has no resentment.

He sighed and suddenly wanted to come for nothing. "No, I’ve seen guerrilla warfare. This brother looks unfamiliar to you. Oh ~ ~ I’m white. You’re not a local strongman. Haha, we’re really destined. Brother, I’m Xuandalai. My name is Mangui. Where are you? What is it called? "

Chapter 211 Kid?
"Man Gui?"
Li Yuanqing one leng immediately not also happy.
Man Gui is the brightest star among the last generals. He is the most important front-line general in Ningyuan Victory Ningjin War.
Including later, he has changed, and he has made great contributions to the war, but for various reasons, he was besieged by the main force of the late Jin Dynasty and shot by the arrow to die heroically.
Li Yuanqing didn’t expect to meet him here, and they got together at a table.
But listening to his talk, Li Yuanqing also noticed that this fellow is in his early thirties, and he has just mixed up to see his appearance, and he has just risen to thousands soon.
I’m afraid that in ordinary peaceful years, Man Gui Qian will end, and there will be no more opportunities. But in war years, it is not the stage for those who will kiss up.
"Ha ha, my name is Li Yuanqing Dongjiang. You should be older than me. I’ll call you a big brother. Cut the crap and go first."
Li Yuanqing said, throwing the glass aside directly and bringing it from the side. The jars were filled with wine directly.
Mangui see Li Yuanqing this appearance can’t help but hey hey smile "interesting interesting spell capacity for liquor elder brother I’m afraid of you? Come on? "
There is almost no nonsense between the two, and soon one person has three bowls of white wine.
Man Guishu touched his belly, grabbed a piece of chicken breast and munched on it. At the same time, he also helped Li Yuanqing pull a piece of "Brother, I like your temper."
Listen to his vague words, Li Yuanqing couldn’t help but smile "thank you, big brother"
Said Li Yuanqing also you’re welcome to grab this piece of chicken and put it in his mouth.
See two people like this around a few hundred, thousand can’t help but frown in succession, if there is no place around them, how can they share a table with these two reckless men?
However, the two of them ignored everyone’s eating and munching. Man Gui smiled and said, "What’s your name again, brother? Why did I forget again? "
"…" Li Yuanqing not language to quote the name again.
When Mangui heard clearly, he couldn’t help but catch Li Yuanqing’s hand "Li Yuanqing? Are you Li Yuanqing? Changsheng Island Li Yuanqing? "
This fellow is as strong as a bull. He grabbed Li Yuanqing with his greasy hand and broke free. He said, "Is it true that I said that Brother Gui is still alive?" What did I lie to you about? "
Man Guisong Li Yuanqing hand drink a mouthful of wine but "poof" spit it out "GuiGui eldest brother? Hey ~ ~ I said, brother yuanqing, can you change your name? Why is it awkward for me to listen to it? I am Gui Shugui, not a tortoise. "
Li Yuanqing couldn’t help laughing. "I know, Brother Gui, you are a tortoise, not a laurel tree."
This time, I took a white look at Li Yuanqing in Manchu. "Okay, whatever you want to call it. By the way, brother Yuanqing, why are you here? Isn’t it nice to be in Dongjiang? How carefree it is to kill Tartars with Mao Shuai? Like my brother, the birds are about to fade out here. "
Li Yuanqing explained with a smile: "It was Ge Lao who asked me to come over for something and I will go back the day after tomorrow."
Mangui just smiled and nodded in vain. "That’s good, brother. You mustn’t go into this muddy water. What’s going on over there in Lushun? You are quick to talk to my brother. "
Looking at Mangui’s eagerness, Li Yuanqing gave a brief account of Mangui’s guarding battle in Lushun.
Mangui couldn’t help nodding after hearing it. "Wonderful, it’s really wonderful. This fire is so happy. Let’s go another one, brother Yuanqing."
When the two people are completely open, they just want to enjoy themselves. But the officers next to them can’t stand it any longer. They would rather not eat, and they don’t want to be mixed with two people and leave with glasses.
Man Gui hey hey smile "It’s better for these straight thieves to get out of here. These dishes are all our brothers."
Li Yuanqing was already very familiar with Gui at this moment and smiled: "Brother Gui, it seems that you are not happy here?"
Full laurel extremely uncomfortable drank a mouthful of wine "brother if happy brother? I want to go to Youtun on dog day. I have already told Ge Lao, but I can be wronged here if my surname Zhao doesn’t nod. What can I do? "
Li Yuanqing’s eyes narrowed slightly.
Man Gui doesn’t get along well with Zhao Lvjiao. It’s crazy to want to get along well in western Liaoning.
Now Zhao Lvjiao is the first red man, and even Zu Dashou is now a guerrilla. Without Zhao Lvjiao’s nod, I’m afraid it’s hard to be real.
Moreover, it is even more difficult for Zhao Lvjiao Dining to lead all the doors to the lack of Manchu.
However, Ningyuan should build a city soon, and the opportunity of Manchu is not far away.
Li Yuanqing said with a smile, "Big Brother Gui, if a man can bend and stretch, he will have a hard time with himself. If it’s a big deal, it’s not soft for you to accompany General Zhao. Let’s get a real vacancy first."
Full laurel disdain shook his head "brother don’t say brother I am not this kind of person is really soft this good thing how to get me? Or are you comfortable in Dongjiang? It’s a pity that Ge Lao has a deep affection for me … "
"Ha ha laurel eldest brother how to say the old saying? Thirty years in Hedong, thirty years in Hexi, are you still worried about not being brave? Don’t worry, the opportunity should not be far away. "
Man Gui sighed, "Brother, let’s not say this is a disappointment. Let’s go again."
The two had just finished drinking a bowl of wine together when a servant came quickly. "Li Jiangge asked you to come over."
Li Yuanqing paused for a moment. It must be that the main table has been opened and busy: "Thank you, little brother Li Mouma."

The horse-jockey and pike can also be used as "fire sticks" when they penetrate the opponent’s armor by algorithm.

Whether it’s according to the head, shoulders, chest and back, it’s never light.
Even if you can’t directly smash your opponent to the horse, it can make your opponent hurt for a while, delay his reaction, and make it convenient for his companions around him and behind him to mend the knife later.
Of course, at this time, in addition to the deep pockets of the Wu family, ordinary soldiers want to equip themselves for this week, which is a pipe dream.
Wu Sangui is obviously not good at strength, but his eyes are cruel and poisonous, and he is more accurate.
In a flash, the delicate stable in his hand has hit a neck with a white flag and white armor.
This white armor with a white flag can bend down in pain and want to use his skillful equestrian to quickly cross the battlefield to temporarily get a breather.
But only to find that a tall and brave dinking around Wu Sangui had already been prepared. Just as this white armor was about to pass, the huge mace in his hand was like a creation, with a strong wind coming from the top of this white armor.
Cried the "click" a flips.
This baijialian man and horse were directly smashed on the ground, and the painful steeds screamed violently, and they rolled back and forth again and again, and they tripped over several Tatar steeds behind them.
Chapter 1219 Yong Guan San Jun, Xiao Wen Jiu Bian!
The pungent and bloody taste rises and spreads violently in the air.
Screaming, fighting, shouting, and violent weapon impact are getting worse and worse, as if to tear the sky apart.
With the rapid impact of more than 1,000 people in Wu Sangui, it is gradually wrapped and dissolved by the elite and strong toughness of more than 1,000 white flags. The whole battlefield has become a fair and white-edged hand-to-hand combat, just like a violent and bloody slaughterhouse, which makes people dare not look straight.
Although these elites with white flags are braver than others, the Wu family is not weak here. The two sides are just like a needle in the mouth against the wheat.
Ning Jun Jun Yuan Du Shi’s two small fists have been tightly clenched and staring at the battlefield in front of him without blinking an eye.
In the past, although he knew that Wu Sangui this fellow was a leader among young people in some things, at this time, the battle could be washed away and worn away if not won.
Then ~ it’s still no problem for him to send a follow-up wave to drive these white-flagged Tartars away.
But at this time, Yuan Dushi’s theory is that it is unexpected that Wu Sangui this fellow can be inextricably linked with the killing of Tatars ~ ~ It seems faint and still accounts for some wind.
This …
It’s like a person walking in the depths of the desert who is exhausted and has given up hope, but suddenly finds that a small spring suddenly appears in front of him.
Besides, this little spring is constantly spewing out, and there seems to be a growing trend …
He Yuan DuShi is not stupid.
Just now, what he "dun" Wu Sangui did was to arouse Wu Sangui’s greatest fighting spirit and let him rush out first as the "cannon fodder" to kill the Tatars down a peg or two.
But at this point ~ this’ cannon fodder’ seems to be going against the customer, mainly bringing these dog tartars …
Even if the ass wants to Yuan Dushi, you can know that once Wu Sangui really becomes that … They would rather find the best excuse for all the decline before …
Aside from the ancestral home, all the people, including Zuo Fu, Man Gui, Xie Shangzheng and Liu Xingzhi, have almost been unable to breathe.
It’s not that they haven’t seen the real chapter, and it’s not that they haven’t been on the battlefield
But ~ so pure play hardball, from the front, with 8 jin j elite directly just brave Wu Sangui this time can be said to be a breakthrough.
I’m afraid even Li Yuanqing would never dare to take such an adventurous approach at this time.
This is really …
"Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers. Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers. Changbo is good. Come on. Kill these dogs down a peg or two."
As the fighting ahead becomes more and more fierce, especially the Wu family members become more and more brave, Zu Dashou has always been as deep as the sea, and there are some ways to suppress his excitement at the moment.
His fists clenched, his face flushed, and the veins stood out on his forehead applauded as if he were about to burst, and he kept mumbling.
"Long" shored up! Hold on, you are our biggest and most brave hero. "
"Long"! Come on! Come on! "
ZuZeYuan, ZuZerun people already can’t help but cheer low Wu Sangui.
The whole army war is somewhat complicated and slightly agitated.
They, Ning Jun, are in the most critical position with the heaviest salary in the sky, and they are loved by thousands of people. However, over the past few years, they have not really achieved anything, and they have been firmly overwhelmed by Li Yuanqing Liaonan and Mao Wenlong Dongjiang.
This also makes people from southern Liaoning and Dongjiang, especially those from Changsheng Camp, feel a little embarrassed and afraid of being exposed and ridiculed by them.
But at this time ~ Wu Sangui’s bravery is like flying across fireball suddenly in the dark night!
Let all the Ning brothers present see that they are by no means idle, but they have always shouldered the heaviest and heaviest burden in the world, and they have always been able to keep everything in their hearts!
At this time, with this special opportunity, everything is like a volcano spewing out!

Ouyang Zheng is not dead, which is a good thing for Mo Zihan, but it also means that he and Mo Zihan’s ellipsis will continue to be omitted in a long time …

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12 Chapter 12 Through Rebirth []
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I came to the room where Grace specially imprisoned the most important criminals. Many people successfully found the room where Ouyang Zheng was detained according to Grace’s words.
The key hit the prison door, and a burst of blood came to my nose.
Looking at the chained limbs without a piece of intact skin, Ouyang Zheng Mo Zihan’s eyes narrowed into a crack.
I felt someone come in and realized that I was going to be punished again. Ouyang Zheng consciously looked up and glanced at the bearer, and her eyes widened for a moment.
"The cloud …"
My eyes were hallucinating. Ouyang Zheng closed her eyes and dumped her head. She opened her face so desperately again and appeared in front of her.
Go to Ouyang Zheng, gently hug his body, lean his head on his chest and quietly listen to his heartbeat whispering, "Zheng, I’m sorry I’m late."
Looking at the girl leaning against her chest, Ouyang Zheng Rourou Xin jumped with a lip angle and raised a smile, but she was pale for a moment.
"The cloud, how did you come here? This is a mafia boss’s den. How did you get here? Did they find you? Will you be in danger? "
Listening to Ouyang Zheng’s rapid-fire questioning, Mo Zihan lifted her head and smiled sweetly at Ouyang Zheng. A pair of eyes suddenly turned into a curved moon.
"No, Grace has gone to hell."
Say that finish took out a pistol than accurately to the four chains tied ouyangzheng gun respectively.
The four chains were broken, and Ouyang Zheng’s body fell forward uncontrollably, but was firmly caught by Mo Zihan at the moment of falling.
Walking out of the basement with Ouyang Zheng on his back, he slowly walked into Grace Manor.
Looking at the devastated body and thinking about the precise four shots just now, Ouyang Zheng’s heart slowly sank and gently asked, "Did you kill these people? Who the hell are you? "
Mozihan’s feet suddenly stopped at the same place and then continued to move forward.
"You’re badly hurt. I’ll take you to the hospital first, and then we’ll talk about it when you’re better, okay?"
When she said this, she had no confidence at all. She never regretted her career, but she was embarrassed by Ouyang Zheng’s problem.
One of them is a cat, the other is a mouse, the other is a policeman and the other is a bandit.
Their feelings are like flowers in the moon mirror in water.
She and he are not the same person after all.
Maybe they are in love, but they are doomed to never be together.
Some naidi raised their lips and thought of their parents again.
Oh, by the way, I forgot to introduce her mother’s name is Xu Huanframe. She used to be a young woman with Interpol, but she gave up her career because her father was a killer. Since then, she has been singing with her father …
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13 Chapter 13 Cold Palace Career [1]
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Suddenly, my foot stepped on something to wake up Mo Zihan’s chaotic thoughts, but at that moment, a strong airflow threw her far away.
Raise the last smile in her life, which turned out to be bitter. She didn’t expect to be blown up by Grace’s hand still stepping on the thunder.
Actually, death is not so terrible.
But until the end, she still couldn’t meet that love for ten thousand years …
Clear and bright moon and bright profit and loss
The Chaoyang dynasty finally ushered in the first snow this winter.
The next day, the sky is covered with clouds and mountains and rivers.
The palace is covered in silver.
Outside the cold palace, a maid-in-waiting was sweeping the snow. Although it was cold, her forehead was covered with fine sweat.
The snow in the courtyard has already been cleaned by her, and a set of expensive silk underwear is drying on the long clothesline.
In a small room next to the bedroom, little white smoke raised silence.
After sweeping a walkable road outside the cold palace, the little maid-in-waiting hurried back to the yard to put a broom, pumped some water from the well, washed her hands and entered the white smoke room that rose around.
Soon after, white smoke from the chimney gradually weakened, and the maid-in-waiting took out a bowl of dark medicine from the room and entered the bedroom.
In the bedroom, there is a stunning woman with her eyes closed, and she can’t see any vitality except her chest because of breathing fluctuations.

Su Wei thought about it. If possible, she might be able to win over the future design master, so she would be even more powerful.

"I’ll send you the girl’s positioning online later." An Qiqi wanted to think and sent both positioning to Su Wei.
The second positioning was too short, and she was not sure whether there would be any discrepancy.
"Sister, there is a kiosk." Su Jin went out to check a circle while Su Wei was talking, and soon got the result. "There is a Qin Chu in Fiona Fang that should be talking there."
Su Wei nodded at the same time, Anqiqi’s two-time positioning was also sent.
After receiving the detailed positioning, Su Wei couldn’t help but pick his eyebrows. "When did you locate this on July 7th?"
"Oh, it was written next to the positioning yesterday afternoon." An Qiqi said.
Su Wei moved her eyes and looked a little weird. "Did Xiaojin, the wife of shop-owner, tell you when she saw Qin Chu?"
"There was about two o’clock in the afternoon," Su Jin replied. "At that time, no one had three Qin Chu and a proprietress."
over 2 o’clock
Su Wei once again focused on positioning.
It’s also after two o’clock
She suddenly had a strange feeling.
"What’s your apprentice’s name in July 7th?" Su Wei quickly asked while An July 7th didn’t hang up.
The wrist watch is not equipped with a non-function station, and the voice can be heard by several people present.
"My apprentice didn’t tell me my name. I usually call her directly." An Qiqi paused and said, "I usually call her Yan Yan directly."
Yan Yan Yan Yan
It’s not what she wants, is it?
"What’s the matter? Is there a problem?" An Qiqi asked strangely.
When did she become so curious about her apprentice?
"No" Su Wei’s eyes flashed. "Your second position is recently, right?"
An Qiqi rolled his eyes across the screen. "Don’t you write everything?"
How did Vivian’s IQ get worse and worse?
"Okay, I know. I’ll let you know if there’s any news." Su Wei said a word and hung up urgently to make a second positioning.
Su Jin saw that Su Wei’s face was a little wrong, and he followed his head and looked a little different. "Isn’t this the Irish branch of counter-terrorism?"
Chapter 36 You will regret it
She contacted Guan Shuo only this afternoon, and he happened to have something to do in Ireland.
Maybe it’s true that he was having an affair with Qin Chu.
Impossible, impossible, it can’t be such a coincidence, can it
"Xiaojin, are you sure there are three people in Qin Chu at two o’clock?" Su Wei gasped and even her voice trembled.
"The boss’s wife was sure that it should be right if there were fewer people and three people with good looks," Su Jin said.
Su Wei suddenly felt that the world was a bit mysterious.
According to the present situation, her five-year-old baby girl is actually an Qiqi’s younger brother.
"Can yan baby is not five years old?" Su Jin corners of the mouth twitched a few times.
How many proud elites in the design department of Orierno once took the initiative to show their faces and beg for help from the July 7th Division?
Even if you are an outsider, you can learn so little talent.
She also knew when An Qiqi announced that she had received a cousin.
At that time, she was still thinking that she could be picky by a lazy woman like An Qiqi. That talent and experience certainly didn’t say that if you want to have experience, you must first have years to settle down.
So she told Su Chenran that An Qiqi’s younger brother is definitely a mature man with a sense of vicissitudes.
But I never imagined that my brother had somehow become his own niece.
Is it really good to be so talented?
At this moment, Su Jin still doesn’t know her niece’s another identity in Origno.
I wonder how she would feel if she knew that the famous "Yan Qingcheng" girl who had been "fighting" with herself on the Internet for many years was her own niece.
"di di di"
Just then the watch suddenly rang.

"Cancer cells are actually less than half."

"I’m really saved."
Li Shenhai ecstatic excited way
Zhen-qiang li is also a full face of red light nodded with regrets in shock.
"This Lingtian is true!"
"Su Jiahe agreement gives them the biggest discount"
"Let Ling Tian see our sincerity."
"So that he can completely treat you."
Deep-sea Li hurriedly nodded solemnly way
"Dad, don’t worry, I know what to do."
"Master heyday Chang Yi requested" when the housekeeper came in respectful way
Zhen-qiang li a face of doubt Chang Yi li and too much contact how suddenly the door asks for?
Deep-sea Li aside is cold hum a playful color.
"Dad, Chang Yier’s good death has offended Ling Tian."
"I warned him that if he couldn’t get Ling Tian’s understanding, he would let his home go up in smoke."
"He’s here to ask for directions."
Say that finish deep-sea Li toward the housekeeper cold way
"Let him go!"
Besides, tell him today is his deadline.
"If you don’t get Mr. Ling’s understanding before dark, I, the Li family, will attack the Dingsheng Group at all costs early in the morning."
The housekeeper promised to go out.
Zhen-qiang li nodded with satisfaction and looked at hai-hai li with a big smile.
"Chang Yi is a wise man. He never dares to take this risk and will certainly beg Ling Tian for forgiveness."
"I, Li Guping, can make Ling Tianling do us one favor with a broken word."
"Deep sea, you did a beautiful job in this matter."
Chang Yi was dumbfounded at the housekeeper’s words outside the Li family villa.
Is Li Jia serious?
Don’t even give him a chance to meet and find out all the ins and outs of Ling Tian.
Leave no room!
Can let the lees do this? It seems that Ling Tian has a big position beyond his imagination.
"Bastard, what a god you have offended!"
I was so angry that Chang Yi turned around and gave Chang Ying a slap.
Chang Ying a shrink neck face injustice way
"Dad, what God? I’ve found out."
"He is really a smelly security guard of the Su regiment."
"Shut up, you!" Chang Yi was so angry that his head was almost smoking.
How did you give birth to such a stupid child?
If it’s really a security guard, can Li Shenhai be so grovelling?
Can let the lees at the risk of killing one thousand, self-destruction, at his peak?
Are you stupid to be the Li family?
"You really made a big mistake!" Chang Yi stamped his foot with anger and hate.
"What shall we do?" Chang Ying grinned with a face of injustice.
How could he have thought that a security guard could step on thunder like an ant?
"What else can I do!" m
"Go to the Su group to apologize!"
Chang Ying facial expression, an incredible way
"Really, dad really went to apologize?"
"Even if he is backed by the Li family every day, we don’t have to be afraid."
"The Li family is one of the five big families, but our regular family is not much worse than the Li family!"
"What do you know!" Chang Yi reprimand angrily to a frown way
"If it’s the Li family, I’m not afraid of it."
"But I got the news that the Li family Wanrong group reached a strategic agreement not long ago."
"If the Li family turns against Wan Rongtuan, it will never stand by and I will always be suspicious if I have one enemy and two enemies."
Chang ying suddenly surprised look a full face of panic way
"If the two families join hands, my home is really dangerous."
"Hum, it’s not because of you!" Chang Yi denounced an irate car.
"How the hell did a smelly security guard climb the Li family?"
Chang Ying muttered a word and followed the car straight to the Su regiment.

Only in this relaxed atmosphere can Nan Sheng reveal a trace of sex.

"But then again, I’m going to invite you to dinner today, but Shinohara is not here."
Cheng Tingting turned over.
Royi took notes, his hand trembled and he felt his heart skip a beat!
Did she dream that that sentence was true? ?
"She wasn’t there yesterday." Royi held her white knuckles and pretended to be casual.
"She heard that her brother has improved, as if you know her brother Mo Shaoting."
The last three words, Cheng Tingting, gather together in Royi’s ear to avoid others’ eyes and ears.
Royi face instantaneous some abnormal she, she is shocked to beicheng which girl heard mo less whether these three words are not afraid.
"You didn’t expect it. I didn’t know that Mo Xiaoxue was actually Mo Shaoting’s own sister."
Cheng Tingting propped up what seems to be thinking.
There are three big families and several giants in Beicheng, but there are two people who can’t be provoked, one is Mo Shaoting and the other is Ling.
Ling likes gambling. Mo Shaoting is lewd. It is said that no woman who wants to be seen by him will have a good chance if he sees her.
Cheng Tingting shook her head with wide eyes. God, what is she thinking!
The Nan family is not a vegetarian either.
What should we do?
What should we do?
Royi put his hand on his forehead, and there was no idea anymore. The brain was full of the ferocious and horrible face of that man on that rainy night.
Mo Shaoting!
Royi’s painful thoughts gradually crowded into an enchanting face and gradually became clear.
She is going to find Ling.
What will Mo Shaoting do first if he wakes up?
Guess, hahaha
Will he wake up with a puzzled face?
☆ Chapter 23 Try your best to meet.
Section 15
Finally, I suffered a lesson. Royi flipped through the phone address book to find a number and dialed it.
Nobody answered?
Call again and no one answers!
"It suddenly occurred to me that I still have something to invite you to dinner another day." Royi turned to Cheng Tingting and said sorry and took the lead.
"Hey, what’s the matter!" Cheng Tingting holding the bag behind pouting shouted.
But that beautiful image has already disappeared.

He is the second elder of the four elders in the temple.

Lin Yi knew the rules of the temple. He knelt down respectfully and said to Mei Mei, "I have seen an empress."
Mei Mei didn’t ask him to salute Mei Mei. He said to the two elders, "We’ll discuss things later. Please leave for a moment. I have something to talk to this person."
Elder Lei Er bowed down slightly to Mei Mei and then made a big deal.
Cold spirit followed out.
The remaining accounts are Meimei and Lin Yi.
Mei Mei still didn’t let Lin Yi get up. She slowly walked up to Lin Yi and looked down at Lin Yi.
Mei Mei said with a mocking tone, "I have now entered the temple and become a goddess of divine water. From then on, I can’t wear my red dress, I can’t leave the island without authorization, and I can’t cry or laugh casually. Do you know that I hate this white dress? I feel like mourning, but I have to wear it for decades. Maybe I really want to wear it in red one day, and then I can sneak to the half moon beach to stand in the sea and look at the moonlight sea. I said, can I hope to come in a canoe …"
Lin Yi listened to a burst of bitterness in his heart. From then on, Mei Mei’s youth will slowly wither in this solemn white dress …
Lin Yi didn’t answer him and said, "Can I get up?"
"Can’t" Mei Mei anger like cold way "I won’t let you up, you can’t get up! Otherwise you will be severely punished! Half moon night’ Hehe, there must be a half moon night? If it weren’t for my heart, it wouldn’t be so cold and miserable … "
But Lin Yi suddenly looked straight at Mei Mei.
He now saw Mei Mei’s eyes full of resentment and tears.
Chapter 37 A bloodbath pastoral talent teaching (2)
Looking at Mei Mei’s eyes, Lin Yi felt a pain in his heart, but now he is also trying to change something.
"I will never forget the half moon beach night …" Lin Yi paused and said, "Now I have something urgent to find you."
Now is not to say that these things when Mei Mei turned his back on Lin Yi, she tried her tears. "You changed this statue to find me again? Say it quickly. "
Lin Yi said, "Now I’m sure that the assassination of Cui Daozhu is definitely not the South Institute. Han Zhongping is definitely a pastoral religion. The people in the South Institute must be behind Yang Zhonghe Qin Dingfang and I suspect that Chen Xianyang can’t get away from it. It happened that he was stabbed just after leaving Cui Daozhu, and he just returned to capture Han Zhongping …"
Lin Yi said many doubts.
After the fact, Mei Mei was also suspicious
Su Qinghou is a wise man and has a close personal relationship with Cui Longxiang. How could he do such a stupid thing at this critical moment?
Moreover, Chen Xianyang Cui Longxiang couldn’t wait to form an alliance with Pastoral Religion just after he was buried, and then he took revenge to join the attack on the southern border instead of just targeting the southern courtyard. All this made Mei Mei suspicious.
But she also suffers from lack of evidence.
Mei Mei said, "The revenge flame of Gone with the Wind Island has been ignited by Chen Xianyang, and now it is beyond my control. Unless you have conclusive evidence to prove that Cui Island died in the South Courtyard, you can’t change the situation."
Lin Yi said, "I don’t have conclusive evidence now, but I have to do everything I can to stop you, or your temple will suffer heavy casualties, and it’s not that annoying …"
Mei Mei Naidi said, "If my temple doesn’t take part in revenge for the island owner, it will not only give people a handle, but also be difficult for many people."
Lin Yi also knew that Mei Mei was in trouble. He thought for a moment and said, "Can you tell me where Gone with the Wind Island is?"
Mei Mei told Lin Yi that an idea popped up in Lin Yi’s mind in the sea area where Piaodao is now moored.
Lin Yi said, "I have an idea to try. I’ll ask Duke Su to arrange a feint attack on Piaodao, and then let people spread rumors that Piaodao was attacked everywhere. Now the island’s strength must be weak, and then you can take the Temple Man back to protect the island."
"This method is feasible!" Mei Mei turned around. From her heart, she really didn’t want to get involved in the river’s lake vendetta, which also violated the wishes of the island owners and goddess in previous dynasties. Mo Lingji once told her more than once that when it comes to river’s lake grievances after inheriting the goddess position, she must be cautious and don’t invite trouble to ruin the island.
"The empress gave you the goddess position. Where is she now?" Lin Yi asked Mei Mei.
Mei Mei said with a sigh, "Empress Cui Island was even more heartbroken after she was stabbed. She said that she had seen through everything. She wanted to stay away from Jianghu and things. She gave me the goddess position and quietly left. I don’t know where she went now."
Lin Yi always feels ashamed of Mo Lingji when she thinks of her.

Wen Lao rode a small tricycle and got familiar with it. Wen Nian couldn’t help thinking that the younger brother was so big.

W w w collect and organize, return or leave the club.
Chapter 246 Go home to work
Wen Nian couldn’t help thinking that my younger brother is so old, and when he left, he was still a little child who would spoil and make people hug his back.
Now that he has grown into a child, Wen Laosan is already half the labor force of the Wen family. He can do whatever Wen’s mother asks him to do, which is better than Wen Nian.
"Look at how ashamed you are before you move," said Wen’s mother, looking at the sweaty children and gloves, who were not dirty.
This time, the original gate and front yard were completely stripped and redesigned. Bricks, tiles, lime blocks and some garbage were cleaned by our own people, and the workers were measuring lines to dig the foundation.
Some of them can still get better after scraping, but most of them are stuck with lime blocks and need to be cleaned with a tile knife.
This is a work of strength and skill.
Mother Wen cleaned up the bricks by herself. Wen Nianshou, the third primary school in Wen’s family, was responsible for pulling out the stones that needed to be cleaned, handing them to Mother Wen, and then cleaning up the construction waste that could no longer be used ―― throwing them into the third wheel and pulling them away to empty the garbage dump.
Wen Nian is the oldest, the height is also the highest at present, but the output is the lowest.
"Is the elder sister, you hurry to do it. I’m almost exhausted." Wen Lao looked at Wen Lao Da and said that I can do less than you.
"I’m exhausted." Wen Nian raised his hand to wipe the sweat.
Wen second don’t want to "read you not bashful? You see, your gloves are still clean. God, why are your gloves so white? Have you done it or not? " Wen Laoer is not so easy to fool.
Wen Nian is said to be naive, but I really have no strength to do it, but I feel good.
"Oh, it’s time to cook, mom. I’ll cook." Wen Nian pretended to be very surprised, as if she found the most important and tiring job to do now.
The other two didn’t agree, and finally Wen’s mother went.
Wen Nian can do something with his head down, but he doesn’t answer Wen Ying’s words at all, listening to her talking about things in school or analyzing her grades.
Wen Laosan is still sweating like rain.
"Do you know how my mother coaxed him to work?" Wen Ying is lazy and close to Wen Nian’s novel "My mother said that this room was built for him and let him choose a house to live in first". Wen Ying smiled and seemed to feel very funny.
"This room is for him. How long can you stay?" Wen Nian said at the corner of her mouth, "How many days can you stay at home after three years of high school? More than a hundred days? Top half a year ~ "
Wen Ying really let me calculate the sample and drew two "Hum, I quit, you can move it yourself" in the place.
Wen Laosan didn’t think that the elder sister had done less and the second sister quit her job, so she chased Wen Ying and went home.
Wennian continued to clean up the garbage until Wen’s mother coaxed two people out again, snickered for a while and coaxed them to continue their work.
At noon, Zhajiang Noodles first asked the workers to eat Wen Nian and cleaned up the kitchen to find a medicine pot to decoct medicine.
Three bowls of water will take about half an hour to warm up. In this gap, Wen Ying said something, mostly a message.
For example, there is an aunt who just got married after the New Year. For example, the uncle who is far away in the south sent a special product to her family. For example, her neighbor’s grandmother died of cerebral infarction … One of her junior high school classmates was engaged.
W w w collect and organize, return or leave the club.
Chapter 247 A brother-in-law is also an elder brother.
"When are you getting married? My mother also asked me if I knew how your boyfriend was? " Wenying casually asked while playing with her new mobile phone, is this what she was sent to?
Looking at the busy mother outside, Wen Nian didn’t speak.
When I came back this time, I felt that something had changed. Neighbors were not familiar with it, and few people knew it, while grandparents almost left.
Mother still seldom tells herself that there are more things at home than herself, but Wen Ying doesn’t know much, but she tells herself about everything.
"She doesn’t tell me anything, and I won’t tell her," Wen Nian said lazily.
"Hum said to you can wear? You’re racing and you can run back? What’s in running back? Anyway, people were buried "WenYing know WenNian say it.
Two of the relatives died in tandem, and no one told Wen Nian that when she came back at eleven, she was also busy stringing relatives and sick people. When she left, Wen Ying told her in a phone call.
Wen Nian also knew that she couldn’t go back then, and it was right for her mother to do it, but she always felt that she should know.
I don’t know if it’s an illusion, but I always feel that I’m older now, and my parents care less about me. When I talk, I always discuss the tone … I’m really grown up.
Wenying will also argue with my younger brother to occupy the new house and sleep in the new bed, but for Wennian, she has a little white parents marrying her daughter.
She herself was prepared by her parents’ itinerary to marry her daughter.
If it weren’t for laughing and reminding Wen Nian over and over again to be a student, then after retiring, he really reached the age of marriage in the eyes of his parents.
⑧ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ 931
Wen nian once again officially needs to face up to this problem. I feel that I am still young. Don’t worry.
I immediately jumped out of my head and married Long Xiao’s quarrel.
Then it’s time to choose freely in Longxiao.
Is it greedy to want to have both?
"Wen Ying, do you think I will get married soon?" Wen Nian hits the lid of the medicine jar and turns over the medicinal materials to continue boiling.
"Yes, what won’t? You said before that you would get married when you retired ~ "
I didn’t expect to retire so early at that time.
"What do you think I’ll find?"
"… how should I know it’s not that fat guy on your team?" Wenying said without looking up.
Wen Nian’s first thought was Song Nan, but Wen Ying had never seen him. After careful consideration, he turned out to be a former teammate at the L City Stadium.
"Poof, do you remember? I forgot his name. "

"Mother, we were wrong. We will never dare again."

Shen Xuefu looked at the miserable two little guys. Over the years, she has been a father and a mother, turning them from starving babies into jumping children.
It’s hard for Shen Xuefu to get angry again at the sight of them.
These two little guys don’t know who they are with, so they can improvise.
Shen Xuefu believes that if they want to let them go for a second this time, they must jump up excitedly as if this had never happened.
In order to make them remember, they pretend to be strict.
"I don’t care what you did, you must hold you responsible for your mistakes."
The baby and Beibei shouted "No!"
It seems that this time is bound to be a punishment.
"When you go over there and think about incense."
"Ha, it’s okay, it’s okay." The two little guys may also be a fierce battle. I didn’t expect it to be so simple
Shen Xuefu looked at the two children cleverly and thought about it. She couldn’t help complaining about their biological father.
"Although I was strong at that time, there was a serious reason after all."
"Now you probably don’t even know that you have two babies yourself. What a irresponsible dog man!"
"Say what to marry me then bah! Marry a hammer! Love rat! "
Jiang Muhan, who was just lying in bed on the other side, suddenly sneezed several times at once.
"Who is this who dares to speak ill of Wang behind his back? I knew it was you, little rabbit!"
Little did they know that they were gnashing their teeth and scolding one of their own, but they were just polite to each other, Shen Xuefu.
Chapter one hundred and four It’s cool at night
Shen Xuefu looked at the two little guys with drowsiness and felt sorry at the moment.
I was just going to tell them to go back to sleep, but I didn’t wait for that unlucky moment.
I didn’t expect the baby and Beibei to have a soft leg directly at the moment when they were about to fall to the ground.
Shen Xuefu, that is, their mother hurriedly caught them. Now that’s how many bags are missing from their heads.
Shen Xuefu truly realized the responsibility and hardship of being a mother at this moment.
In fact, she has never quite understood whether to stop and punish children severely when they make mistakes or to educate them with that kind of "embellishment"
Shen Xuefu nai "ah" for a while and then do their own physical strength to sneak up the two little guys.
At least they are three or four years old, and they certainly won’t be too light.
Shen Xuefu felt as if she were walking with two heavy sandbags, but fortunately, the two children slept soundly.
Finally, Shen Xuefu gently put them on the bed and carefully covered them with quilts.
"You just know that you are looking for something for me and you don’t know if your generation owes you?"
It was late at this time, but she didn’t want to sleep yet.
After all, just being scared by two children really refreshed her.
It was insomnia.
Shen Xuefu left the house and walked toward the outside with her gentle steps.
I didn’t expect that there was a tall and stalwart man in the middle of the hospital.
Shen Xuefu knew that it was Jiang Muhan.
"What’s the matter, can’t the president sleep?"
Jiang Muhan heard Shen Xuefu calm voice and didn’t look back.
Is still carrying his head to look at the horizon.
"Miss Shen, when you look at the moon, it seems that there are many disappointments in this life."
Jiang Mu cold voice is slightly hoarse and full of melancholy.
Shen Xuefu is not white either. Does this mean that "emo will arrive"?
Or "Netease Cloud"?
"People have joys and sorrows, and the moon is full of rain and shine. It’s hard to do this. I hope people will be together for a long time."
If Shen Xuefu thinks that he hasn’t lost, it’s too much to show off his literary talent by borrowing the words of a great poet Su Shi.
Fortunately, Su Shi did not appear at that time, so Jiang Muhan’s sentence was felt by Shen Xuefu.
"Miss Shen’s good literary talent is really called Zaipei."
Jiang Muhan heard this sentence and felt that Shen Xuefu was really an ordinary girl and made him shine at the moment.
Shen Xuefu proudly dumped her hair when Jiang Muhan wasn’t looking.
It seems that reciting a few more poems is still very useful!
"I’m flattered, but how can there be so much worry about being an adult?"
Jiang Muhan turned to look at Shen Xuefu when he heard this.
Shen Xuefu was stared at by Jiang Muhan with some guilt, so she missed his eyes and looked elsewhere.
"Don’t think about it. I’m just a little curious. You don’t have to say anything."