The water mark was strong, but it didn’t die. It was just weakness due to severe trauma-Sislina could have killed him but didn’t kill him …

"Why don’t you kill me …" Water mark asked this sentence with double eyes, and his eyes looked at Sislina’s feet quietly.
"Because’ he’ said he wouldn’t kill you," Sislina’s stereo started and she turned around and left slowly at the same time. "He said that it would not be fun if you died so soon, the savior."
The water mark trembled and his body trembled slightly, like extreme anger, but he could not move because of excessive blood loss.
At this moment, the waves of air flow never stopped when a red special airship slowly lowered to the ground ten meters apart.
Moonshadow members boarded the airship one after another, and everyone walked out of the water mark, but everyone didn’t look at him until the last one, Flame, came to him.
Yan Crouching smiled at the water mark and said, "We have experienced much more than you. This is not about games, but about reality-this is our real gap, you know? Mr. Savior! " As soon as the words are finished, the flame also flies to push the airship.
As soon as the engine of the airship started, it flew directly in the direction of Chaotiantang Island, leaving a motionless water mark lying on the ground …
The seventh ghost end Chapter two hundred and five Destroyer attack
The seventh ghost end Chapter two hundred and five Destroyer attack
After finishing the train of thought, make a final sprint …
[Announce that the Destroyer Corps will launch an attack on Paradise Island, and the Destroyer will have a decisive battle!
] it is announced that the destroyer king is coming. Braves in the world take up your weapons to defend your world and people around you!
The sudden arrival of the fire king of Hellfire made the protoss demon clan killed by surprise, and the number of casualties increased rapidly-now the enemies that the demons have to face have not only attacked from abroad, but also fallen directly from the sky on the island of Paradise, and the number of Hellfire demons has made the battlefield look like a huge change in an instant.
Unexpectedly, an angel senior demon has been on standby, and immediately went to battle with those demons who bombarded the enchantment of the main temple and wanted to break the enchantment and rush into the hellrock of the main temple to fight to the death; The remaining blazing angels and demons also went to all parts of the island to direct local angels and demons to fight.
In a blink of an eye, the whole paradise island is in a bloody battlefield!
There is a night wind five kilometers away from the northern part of Paradise Island. Arouca De is sitting on the summoner Thunderhawk, and Xiaolan is quietly watching Fang’s hot battle.
They didn’t move until the fighting lasted exactly an hour.
The night wind looked at Arouca and said, "That guy will be handed over to you." As soon as it landed, the night wind got up and flew to Paradise Island.
After watching the night wind leave, Arukade turned to Xiaolan and smiled, "Let’s go, too!"
"hmm!" Small blue smiled and nodded and took out a staff-Sacramento staff!
The two men acted at the same time, and the clouds quietly approached the king of fire in the sky.
When the night wind reached a kilometer in front of Paradise Island, he finally stopped, took out the chaos and turned it pale, calling out, "Devour everything and destroy the evil dragon-Kirdi Chick will appear at once!" After all, a black and green beam of light came out at a distance of 100 meters in front of the night wind and stopped and condensed together, gradually changing its shape and finally becoming a snake-dragon-shaped monster.
This monster is 100 meters long, black and green, with a dragon-shaped skull on its head and two green flames burning in its black eyes. The mouth of the body is directly connected to the sharp fangs of the body, exposing enough words to swallow a hill directly; There are two pairs of dragon wings on the back, so that it can fly, and its body has a huge tail that seems to be able to penetrate everything.
"The Messenger should call me to destroy the evil dragon and be reborn!" The rich sound comes from the troll’s body, but its mouth has not changed-that is, its huge mouth devours all the destroyers except time, and the big stomach king destroys the evil dragon!
"To deal with the holy gods!" The night wind calmly reached the order.
"Yes!" Destroy the evil dragon should turn around and fly very fast and fly directly to the main temple.
Those peripheral angels and demons were startled when they saw the dragon, and then they rushed to attack the dragon, but it was all ineffective-the dragon’s huge mouth was like a black hole, and the angels and demons sent out long-range attacks. Whether it was magic or skill, it was the same
"Foolishly extremely cold elves, you can’t scare me anymore!" After the evil dragon of destruction whispered this sentence, there was a strong suction in his mouth immediately, and everything nearby was sucked in, including land, vegetation and angels and demons. Angels and demons could barely resist this suction, but the evil dragon of destruction would rush to them and swallow them directly.
Destroying the evil dragon’s giant mouth is like a bag. On the one hand, the wolf, the angel and the devil can escape from it, and even some hellrocks who have never let the road go are swallowed up by him. Soon the evil dragon has reached the boundary of the main temple.
Senior demons, senior angels all try to stop the pace of destroying the evil dragon, while other hellrock demons keep attacking them, making them launch large magic skills to attack the evil dragon when they have no time.
The dragon of destruction stopped outside the boundary and stared at the main temple of the enchantment. "I felt the smell of that guy-that defeated me ten thousand years ago!" Destroying the evil dragon roars with a huge mouth, a pair of claws and a yi, and even bites and grabs it and sticks it to the boundary.
Attacked by the destruction of evil dragon, the enchantment of the main temple suddenly trembled, and the main temple collapsed since God.
"Is the bastard still hiding in it?" Destroying the evil dragon has caused a crack in the enchantment-the evil dragon roared and bit (grabbed) the enchantment "Break it for me!"
"bang!" In a sharp crack, the powerful enchantment of the main temple finally collapsed like a broken glass and scattered all over the sky.
At this moment, a white light flew out of the main temple and stopped in front of the evil dragon of destruction. It turned into a figure-wearing a set of silvery white armor with 12 glittering white wings on its back and holding the god king blade master.
"Finally appeared? Ignorant and extremely cold elf! " The dragon of destruction clenched its sharp teeth and the green saliva dripped to the ground along its mouth-when its saliva touched the ground, it corroded the ground like sulfuric acid and gave off a pungent smell.
"You are still the same! Destroy the evil dragon-as ugly as it is annoying. "The holy god sarcastically said in a cold tone.
"Hum!" The evil dragon of destruction snorted and bit the holy god.
The holy god immediately evaded the attack and destroyed the evil dragon to fly, but he immediately chased two creatures far beyond human beings to turn the battle to the sky.
At the same time, the night wind sneaked into the main temple and easily killed the temple angels all the way to the main hall of the Lord God. At this time, there are two human beings here, namely Lily Rock!
Two people see the night wind is not much surprised immediately took out his weapon and stared at him coldly …
The seventh ghost end Chapter two hundred and six Destroy the king ()
The seventh ghost end Chapter two hundred and six Destroy the king ()
"Ha, ha, ha ~ ~ Ignorant and extremely cold elves are struggling in the flames! Destroy! Ha ha ha ~ ~ ~ "The Flame King flies on Paradise Island, regardless of calling and pointing out that Hellfire will destroy all things that are not the destroyer corps burning on Paradise Island.
When the Fire King was killing wildly, Arukad Xiaolan arrived behind him.
"Little Blue Summons the Holy Dragon!" Arukad took the Sacramento staff from Xiaolan and spread his wings and flew to the King of Fire.
Little Blue stopped Thunderhawk from closing her eyes and sang the beautiful melody of calling Bahamut. This song also made the Flame King find her, but it doesn’t matter because there is Arukad-when the Flame King turned his head, he looked grinning. Arouca was less than 50 meters away from him.
"Stupid ant!" Arouca, the player, waved his hand contemptuously and threw a fireball with a temperature as high as 5,000 meters and a diameter of 10 meters. I thought it would be easy to kill the latter with this degree of attack, but something unexpected happened to the flame king-Arukade suddenly got a red sickle in his left hand (with a staff in his right hand). Seeing that he waved a crescent-shaped red blood blade with his hand, he immediately shot the huge fireball in half and Arouca Germans walked through the fireball.
"boom! Boom! " Two roaring, one minute and two fireballs exploded; At the same time, a huge pentagram magic circle appeared in front of Xiaolan-this is the precursor of the appearance of the holy dragon Bahamut.
Seeing that the fireball released by himself was easily broken, the flame king was taken aback and had to re-evaluate the’ small’ biological strength in front of him, and at the same time secretly moved to prepare for serious Arukad battle.
But it’s a pity that Arukad didn’t come here today to "enjoy the battle" but to kill the Fire King, and he will kill the latter in the quickest and most direct way!
Even flashed twice, Arukad evaded the fire king and released two other big fireballs. Then he smiled with a grimace and waved his hand and threw the Sacramento palm at the fire king.

The fox offensive is all empty, and the tiger is the real threat!

This is the tiger! It is also the intention of "Smith"!
Seeing the steel nail will penetrate into the brain, it seems that Liu Chuxuan root can’t hide!
But Liu Chuxuan didn’t hide. He just stretched out his left middle finger and gently flicked it!
"Sniff!" This nail flew out obliquely at once and was inserted in a stake in the corner of the high platform!
It turns out that Liu Chuxuan has been observing Liang Weng’s subtle movements since he got Ling Feiyang’s wake-up. When he noticed Liang Weng’s body flying obliquely, his robe sleeve shook and he expected that he had already grasped a hidden weapons in his hand.
Once hidden weapons’s launch timing was seen through, hidden weapons became a weapon station. Liu Chuxuan easily solved this fatal blow by popping a finger!
Liang Weng this recruit plot against Liu Chuxuan has already grabbed the advantage of the sword momentum like a rainbow to attack Liang Weng. Liang Wengye Fox Boxing is a surprise, while Liu Chuxuan’s real swordsmanship is full of stamina. When a long Liang Weng is struggling, it is increasingly difficult to resist being pushed to the corner of the high platform. Seeing that Liang Weng’s defeat is set, Liu Chuxuan stepped forward and suddenly felt his feet fall!
It turns out that in a tournament, the sand-borne iron oars repeatedly hit the high platform table, and the bamboo ropes tied to the table have loosened several bamboos. Although they have not fallen off, they are already very loose. At this time, Liu Chuxuan happened to step on the loose ropes and immediately broke the high platform to reveal a big crack. Liu Chuxuan cried and became unstable. Several bamboos fell from this crack together!
See figure is about to fall to the ground Liu Chuxuan is quick response suddenly grabbed a piece of bamboo on the ground a brace and full play!
"whoosh!" Another afternoon nail came, and Liu Chuxuan quickly threw her head back and wiped the tip of her nose with a steel nail, but her body was out of balance and fell again! This bamboo gradually bends and brings Liu Chuxuan to the ground. Just before landing, Liu Chuxuan tiptoes on the bamboo pole, and its elastic shape flies out like a projectile and shoots at a stake supporting the high platform!
Liang Weng saw Liu Chuxuan’s left arm holding the stake tightly through the crack formed by the high platform depression, but his figure still didn’t fall to the ground, so he jumped from this crack and even swung his paws at Liu Chuxuan!
Liu Chuxuan held the stake in his left hand and stabbed Liang Weng’s chest with a sword in his right hand. It was just a trick of "oblique wind and drizzle". Liang Weng leaned over and dodged the sword and stuck his paws on his chest. His legs flew backwards at the edge of the sword and his legs were wrapped around another stake opposite Liu Chuxuan!
"Swish swish-!" More than a dozen noon nails flew out of Liang Weng’s cuffs!
"Dangdang Dangdang-!" Liu Chuxuan’s right hand sword even waved all hidden weapons to fly out!
Liang Weng hidden weapons has almost finished shooting, but he still hasn’t hurt the enemy!
Liu Chuxuan’s arm took the stake and Liang Weng’s legs took the stake. Both of them looked at each other, but they didn’t attack first!
Because it is very clear to both of them that if they don’t fall to the ground first, now both of them can rely on the stake, which is at the bottom of the platform, that is, the ground. The first attacker must fly away from the stake first, and once the offensive is not successful, it is likely to fall to the ground and lose.
A gust of mountain wind blew through the cracks in the high platform, and the creaking of bamboo seemed to be crumbling.
Suddenly a bamboo slipped out of the loose rope buckle and fell to the ground from the middle of the two people!
Liang Weng’s right hand suddenly leaned out and caught one end of this bamboo and aimed the other end at Liu Chuxuan!
This bamboo is like a pike stabbing Liu Chuxuan in the chest and stabbing Liu Chuxuan with a trick "Raining at night". The long sword is repeatedly waved to cut off the bamboo one by one for a moment, and the bamboo is left with half!
At the same time, Liang Weng threw his hand and half bamboo capacity, kicked his feet and toes, pounded his wooden stake, and threw a punch at Liu Chuxuan’s head!
Fifty moves in Liaodong Wild Fox Boxing may not have a real move, but Liang Weng’s fist is actually a real move at the moment!
This half bamboo stabbed Liu Chuxuan’s chest through the sword net with a strong breeze. Liu Chuxuan had to flash to the side. The sharp tip of this half bamboo was actually inserted into the stake! But Liang Weng’s punch has also hit Liu Chuxuan, and the sword can’t come back. In the future, he will hold the column and loosen the capacity with his left hand to push it!
"bang!" Two people fist palm intersection Liang Weng borrows money to fly away and Liu Chuxuan to fall!
Liang Weng’s body flew to the highest point just before he slowly fell down and thought that Liu Chuxuan should have landed by now, so he looked around only to find that Liu Chuxuan’s body was in a horizontal posture, his right foot was standing on the stake, and his left hand was holding the half bamboo on the ground! It turned out that Liu Chuxuan quickly pulled out the half-cut bamboo from the stake and inserted it on the ground together with his right foot to support his body!
But Liang Weng didn’t lose either!
At the last moment before landing, Liang Weng’s robe sleeve waved "sou" one by one, and a nail flew out and nailed it to the broken bamboo!
This is Liang Weng’s last hidden weapons, but it saved the day for him!
Half-cut bamboo breaks again and Liu Chuxuan finally falls to the ground! And Liang Weng’s figure also landed at the same time! The fourth tournament drew.
Chapter 46 Ling Feiyang VS Ouyang Ke
Four games, one win, one loss and two draws.
The key game of the fifth game will decide the final outcome of the contest.
Xu Jin Guo has one Ouyang Ke left. According to the previous discussion, the true religion should be played by Hao Datong.
However, Ma Yu knows very well in his heart that Hao Datong’s martial arts are far from his four senior brothers. If Ouyang Ke’s martial arts are similar to the four Xu Jin Guo masters who appeared in front, Hao Datong will never be his opponent.
Besides, although Ouyang Ke is very young, it seems to be hidden, which seems to be more elusive than the previous four people!
"Hao teacher younger brother …" Ma Yu was about to tell him a few words of ling Feiyang suddenly came up!
"Guys, I’ll fight this last battle!" Lingfeiyang avenue
This is a true six are amazing eyes looking at the ling float in the sky.
"Fly in the sky this Ouyang Ke looks very simple and you can’t handle it …" Wang Chuyi said earnestly.
"Uncle Wu, although I am not fully sure to win him, I am less sure than Uncle Hao!" Now an emergency ling float in the sky also said bluntly without modesty.
"What do you mean?" Liu Chuxuan asked.
"There are three reasons," said Ling Feiyang. "First, I may be better at martial arts than Uncle Hao now!"
"Flying, it’s not true that you said this, Martial Uncle. Even if your martial arts are slightly better than Martial Uncle’s experience in facing the enemy, you certainly don’t believe me!" Hao Datong Road
"It’s not necessarily …" Ling Feiyang said, "Although I haven’t been able to make any tricks in the Jianghu this year, my experience has improved a lot. Ouyang Ke is talented and has seen all kinds of martial arts in the first four games. I think the martial arts of herself in the Heart Sutra may be able to get miraculous results against him. This is the second thing I want to say."
"Feiyang said that there is some truth. What about the third?" Tan Chuduan asked.
"I once played this Ouyang Ke in Chang ‘an. At that time, we didn’t win, but he bit me with a snake." Ling Feiyang said, "The first four people are more familiar with this Ouyang Ke martial arts routine than I am. This is the third."
In the first four arrays, Ling Feiyang discovered the enemy’s martial arts routines and unique skills before each burst, which has already made Zhen Liu stunned by Ling Feiyang. Now everyone has no doubt about him.

Ye Ye "scared you. I guess there must be a boss in it. According to my guess, the monster in it should be a snake."

Tutu "Shut up!"
Even Tutu can’t stand the crow’s mouth on a night.
White crape myrtle "I don’t want any danger in it either, but …"
Before the white crape myrtle finished talking, Qianlong sent back some news in the team information. "You have good news. Although it is dark, there are many vampire bats at the top of the cave."
Vampire bats, this is really good news. For ordinary people, this is a very headache and bad news, but it is the best news for a vampire knight who can control bats, such as Grandet.
Another five minutes passed, but after a long time, no news was sent back.
Turtledove: "Why hasn’t Qianlong written back after all this time?"
Tutu "Will Brother Qianlong meet any danger?"
Old cat "Let’s go and save him!" "
Tutu "right? My Hundred Animals Corps will be started in more than 4 minutes. If I am in danger, I will directly start my skills to save my brother Qian Long! "
High let "I le a little ancestors! You beasts legion out in such a narrow what boss are besieged to death "
Ziwei in white "Just let’s all go in and have a look!"
Then they went deep into the cave.
After about a minute’s walk, everyone finally found Qianlong.
At this time, Qianlong was tied to a huge spider web, and his hands and feet were tied to the spider web, so he couldn’t send out a distress message.
Qianlong saw his teammates come to save himself. Instead of showing excitement, he struggled even more.
Grandet controls the two vampire bats to fly over and tear the cobweb of Qianlong’s mouth.
After Qian Long’s cobweb loosened, he immediately shouted, "Everybody run. There are two …"
Before a thousand words were finished, a spider web was shot again to seal its mouth.
At the same time, suddenly a few more eyes appeared around the wall, and several spider silk spewed out from the wall, which bound the vampire bats flying in the middle of the new alliance.
At this time, everyone can see clearly that the dark wall is covered with many small spiders, which are as big as fingernails, but there are hundreds of millions of such small spiders on these two walls.
After Gao Rang and others were bound by cobwebs, a spider with a face slowly crawled out from behind, and behind this spider with a face, there was a big red toad with three legs all the time.
Now everyone finally knows what Qianlong wants to say. Just now, he finally said "two" and these two fingers are two boss.
"Now that the boss has come out, I should do it," Gao Rang said with a blink of an eye and burst into flames in this narrow cave.
Just now, although those little spiders bound Gao Rang’s silk, it was actually an illusion. Gao Rang was infected with all the negative state attributes because of his artifact. However, because too many spiders shot silk all over the surrounding environment, it made people look like everyone was bound by silk, but in fact Gao Rang was still in a free state. Other little spiders who shot silk like Gao Rang were bound by their own silk.
As Gao let Shenhuo blink and burn the wall, those little spiders burned to ashes.
Chapter 349 Spider clam
The level of these little spiders is not very low, all of them are three turns to five, but the blood volume of these little spiders is only five points. You can kill them with a random attack, but their quantity is an advantage. It is estimated that no matter how powerful the spiders are, they can’t stand it.
But it’s a pity that these spiders met Gao Rang, a master who doesn’t eat negative state. In addition, Gao Rang’s divine fire is very destructive to spider silk. When spider silk sticks to divine fire, it will instantly turn to ashes. In this divine fire, all the people in the new alliance also broke free with the help of divine fire.
At the same time, hundreds of millions of little spiders also died in the burning of divine fire. As the little spiders turned to ashes, the experience value of the new alliance also increased rapidly.
Although these little spiders look unremarkable and have a poor blood volume of 5 points, their level is actually three to five, which is a huge amount of experience!
The experience contributed by these little spiders has helped everyone in the new alliance to rise in rank.
Among them, Gaorang has reached level 59, with 76% experience, while most of the others have risen to level 59 in their early days. There is a turtle dove level still at level 5, but her level 5 surprise has reached 93%, and she will soon enter level 59.
Breaking free from the shackles, Qianlong quickly returned to the team. When he returned to the team, he said to everyone, "Everyone be careful. That big toad is actually a malicious character!"
Gauguin et al. and the two boss are facing each other through shenhuo, and taking this opportunity, Gauguin also gave insight to the two boss.
Human Face Ghost Spider Demon Queen (Super boss) HP 2
Grade 5
Attack mode: highly toxic melee witchcraft.
Attack skill: Ghost-faced spider’s poisonous arrow foot kills and devours teeth; poisonous spider web auxiliary skill: spider web jet fantasy witchcraft.
The queen of the human face ghost spider was originally a small spider in the Wudu Cave, but later she came alive in the evil experiment of Lv Yue, the god of plague, and her strength increased greatly, so she was also appointed by Lv Yue, the god of plague.
Six-Eye Red Blood Golden Toad (Super boss) HP 2
Grade 59
Attack mode, hand-to-hand combat, poisonous witchcraft
Attack skill: Red Blood Poison Gun Struggles to Strike the Tongue and Strike the Poisonous Swamp Auxiliary Skill: Jin Chan Zhen Ming Fantasy Magic Gas Wave Skill
The six-eyed red-blooded golden toad was originally a small toad in the Wudu Cave, but later it came alive in the evil experiment of Lv Yue, the plague god. The strength of the six-eyed red-blooded golden toad was greatly increased, so it was also appointed by Lv Yue, the plague god, to make himself a plague ambassador.
It seems that after the names and attributes of these two boss, everyone is a little excited, because just from the names, we can know that these two boss must be the source of the two pieces of equipment: the hind leg armor (pants) of the spider with a human face and the six-eyed barefoot golden toad helmet (helmet).
Shenhuo gradually dispersed, and the spider and a toad slowly leaned toward Gao Rang and others.
And Gao Rang’s first attack here is Gao Rang’s crazy war ape.
Although the crazy war ape is braver than others, this ancient call has another shortcoming, that is, it is a little less subject to high command. Once it encounters a battle, the monkey is always the first to kill it.
This time is no exception, crazy war apes directly and anger collision toward the two boss together.
Crazy war apes are aggressive, but those two boss opposite are also well prepared. Ghost spiders and monsters directly rush toward this side. Crazy war apes shoot several cobwebs to bind them in place, but it’s a pity that the monkey’s impact is too strong, and those cobwebs can’t stop the impact.
Just as the crazy war apes rushed to the front of the two boss, the six-eyed red-blooded golden toad suddenly flashed to the front of the ghost spider demon with a human face, and at the same time, the body expanded rapidly.
In an instant, the six-eyed red-blooded golden toad bulged into a ball, and at this time, the crazy war ape had already hit it and swelled its body.
There was a crazy battle in the magical scene, and the ape was actually bounced out.
The six-eyed red-blooded golden toad has just inflated his body, and the skill is the gas wave skill, which is a special trick of the six-eyed red-blooded golden toad. Although this skill is not offensive, it is a very defensive skill.
In fact, there are two modes of this air wave skill. One is the storage mode, which just instantly inflates itself into a ball mode, and the other is the outward release mode. This mode is the active instantaneous mode. When the enemy is surrounded around, the skill will be activated, and a circle of air waves will be ejected from the body to bounce all the enemies around.
However, although the crazy war apes were bounced out, the offensive on this side of the new alliance was not disrupted, because the four-armed sapphire mantis king soon launched a quick kill and even chop on the two boss.
Just now, the crazy war ape bounced off the six-eyed red-blooded golden toad, and at this time, the four-armed sapphire mantis king just killed it, and successive attacks were cut in the belly of the six-eyed red-blooded golden toad.

Lu bullshit this mouth for help Qi Yufeng cried the great difficulty. He felt that even if this man’s martial arts was similar to his own, he joined forces to defeat Zhu Bajiacuo, but he really grasped it, but he didn’t know that this character who looked like he was crossing over was destined to drag himself into this muddy water.

He looks up at this nonsense Lu, who is very handsome and handsome, but how can he act like such nonsense when he can be called a dragon and phoenix?
See Lu bullshit eyes moist with a sly kind smile but extremely malicious, he immediately thought of this Zhu Bajia measures previously said that he had no intention of killing himself, and he didn’t want to compete with this Tibetan monk, so he tried to drag himself to a difficult situation-this old monk tried to get away with it.
At this time, Qu Fei-yan said, "Don’t you always claim to be the smartest? Don’t you always get lucky when you meet any strange things?" Why do you still pull others’ water? "
Lu bullshit laughed. "Today, I want to be successful. Can I still find a second fencing helper in this restaurant? If the Huashan master helps me, I will become a dead egg. "Say it again and solemnly bow to Qi Yufeng with a smile in my eyes, but I don’t see any tension."
There are many exquisitely carved people in the restaurant. At first, Zhu Bajiacuo, an old acquaintance in his youth, turned to him for help because he wanted him to be a shield. But when Lu Bullshit came out, he couldn’t help but be surprised. Immediately, he couldn’t help thinking, "What’s the doorway to this little truth?"
Qi Yufeng thought that this man was also called Lu Bullshit and Lu Sandan, and some people called him "Chicken". What was his name?
Qu Fei said, "Even if you can’t beat him, you can escape. I don’t believe you will die, Qi Yufeng. You mustn’t help him or I’ll never talk to you again."
Lu light say with smile "originally the little brother surnamed qi? Brother Qi has a good word to tell you. I wonder if it should be said improperly? "
Qi Yufeng saw that he was courteous and a master in Wulin and quickly got up and said, "Brother Liu, please speak."
Lu scattered light squints at Qu Feiyan and said coldly, "In fact, it’s best to stay away from the real method to avoid it, so as to try our best to make a pretence …"
Qu Fei-Yan immediately raised his eyebrows at this, making eyes like charming cheeks, and snorted in his white mouth. He pressed one hand on the desktop like a hedgehog and was about to blow up at any time.
"But-a character like Qu Sister is gorgeous, brilliant, exquisite, versatile, versatile, proficient in piano, chess, painting and cooking. It takes such a character 500 years to have a Qi brother. You must grasp it and don’t miss it!"
Qu Fei smoke bursts into a smile, smiles and gives birth to spring. When she came, her skin was better than snow and beautiful. Color absolutely beautiful when they heard her smile, they all felt that this room seemed to be a lot brighter.
Listen to her chuckle and laugh. "I won’t let him help you fight, Qi Yufeng. Will you listen to me?" Speaking of which, her heart is also extremely emboldened. This Qi Yufeng usually tells him not to deal with himself and says that he won’t let help. Maybe he has to help.
Lu scattered light doesn’t answer is to go to Qi Yufeng near and stretch out a finger and turn around slowly. Qi Yufeng cried and felt as if someone had drawn a big circle on his chest. He was immediately shocked and said, "It’s not difficult to stimulate the finger to break the kung fu, but it’s really rare for him to have such a mellow and broad finger as if he were really haunted by a finger."
In his mind, he actually didn’t want to taste Zhu Bajiacuo’s World War I, but the strength was too wide, and he hoped that this idea would gradually be suppressed.
What he has learned is that if he meets the strong, he will be strong against the enemy. If his martial arts are not high, there will be no need for him to constantly encounter the master’s coup and inspire many subtle things to play incisively and vividly.
Apart from be adept at’s sword tactic and swordsmanship, this "Nine Swords of Dugu" has a great part to rely on, that is, to make the swordsmen understand when facing the enemy. Once they are free to play a more standardized realm, the wider their knowledge and understanding, the higher their swordsmanship will be. Every master competition will be like learning a strange and varied swordsmanship.
After learning this peerless swordsmanship, Qi Yufeng has never met a strong enemy. Zhu Bajiacuo’s hasty World War I also ended hastily. If Zhu Bajiacuo had a good fight, he would have enriched his experience and realized the deeper meaning of martial arts swordsmanship.
When he saw this man’s subtle finger force, he couldn’t help thinking that he might not lose by combining his own moves with this man’s vigorous strength.
But then I thought that Zhu Bajiacuo had already let him go before he announced it. This has to be realized and agreed.
So he bowed his head thoughtfully for a moment and said, "Can you compete with me, monk?"
Qu Feiyan couldn’t help sighing and pouting when he heard this. "I still want to beat my generation and ignore you!" " Then he picked up his backpack and hid in the door.
A few of them talked for a long time, and Zhu Bajiacuo kept his head down and drank. When he heard this, he immediately stopped drinking and said coldly, "Are you confident that Cai Feng’s flying wings and yet I feel the harmonious heart-beat of the Sacred Unicorn’s first-class flying skills are against the old woman?"
Lu Sandan shook his head with a wry smile. "Your skill has already been refined, and you still have a virtual glimpse of the innate situation. How can I be your opponent by myself?"
Zhu Bajiacuo slowly turned around and looked at the two men. When they saw one person dancing, the dragon and the phoenix were young, but their fingers were mysterious and unpredictable. The other person is not weak in the crown, but also fencing. If God has gradually glimpsed the realm of "winning and winning", it is even more important for people who are famous for their achievements.
Immediately, he couldn’t help but sigh, "You two can’t walk together, but you really don’t have many opponents, but it takes twenty years to beat the old woman."
Lu Sandan smiled. "That’s not necessarily why we should give it a try."
Zhu Bajiacuo said, "Well, I’ll learn the first fencing skill on this day, and the first finger skill on this day. If I can’t give a lecture on the sword before I leave, it’s the first regret of the day. I hope that you can reach out and point out the maze, and dare to forget it."
Say he long sleeves a jilt like changfeng dynamic cloud gas polymerization to detain his feet to blow a whirlwind, the whirlwind turned faster and faster, the more violent listening to banging for several miles, tables, chairs, and benches were all whirled by this sleeve wind, like being hit by water, rolling downstairs along the window.
And this Gangfeng has blown over four miles, three mountains and five mountains. Heroes have long been far away from the smoke, but they are all attracted. Everyone can’t bear to lean against the wall one by one
Qi Yufeng escaped from this Changfeng and jumped into the field. The green mountain in his hand flashed out a long white sword, which made everyone feel black and cold. At once, everyone couldn’t help feeling that the young man had a long sword. If he could protect such a baby, he would like to come to martial arts. It should also be extremely strong.
In Qi Yufeng’s Miao swordsmanship, "Teng Jiao Qi Feng Potential" obliquely points to Zhu Bajiacuo’s left chest. This move is to attack with defense in the middle and attack with defense in the middle, but it is a move with both offensive and defensive sharp swordsmanship. At this time in Qi Yufeng, it is even more powerful to integrate hundreds of parents into deep research and polishing.
When everyone saw that the young man was posing with a sword, he seemed to be ordinary, but his strength, skill, style and strength were just right. He felt that his eyes were shining and he had a broad vision. Immediately, someone couldn’t help shouting, "Good swordsmanship!"
There is no lack of swordsmanship experts among the people present. Just now, Zhu Bajiacuo said that this person has great talent and the first swordsmanship. There are still some who not only see this move at this time, but also can’t help sighing if they make it by themselves.
Lu Sandan held up two fingers and leaned forward to Qi Yufeng. "Are you good at attacking or defending, little brother?"
Qi Yufeng’s "Nine Swords of Dugu" has the best attack of advancing and retreating. He immediately blurted out "Attack!"
Lu Sandan nodded. "Just my" Linxi Finger "kung fu is the best defense from the magical power of" snapping fingers "and" one yang finger ".If you believe me, I will defend for you, for example? “
Qi Yufeng stared at Zhu Bajia Cuo, who was sitting in front of him, and looked solemn. He slowly took out a foot long bone flute from the bosom, and I didn’t know what the method was.
He immediately laughed. "Then what’s not trustworthy? Besides Ye Gucheng and Ximen Chuixue swords, are there any weapons that can’t be clamped by one finger?"
Lu scattered light surprised way "who is Ye Gucheng? Ximen Chuixue, you know him? Oh, if he saw a fencing genius like you, he would be overjoyed, but he hasn’t practiced fencing yet … "
Zhu Bajiacuo said coldly, "Why bother if you want to fight?" Immediately, with a wave of his long sleeves, he attacked the two men. His sleeve wind was sharp and Changfeng was different, and it was very soft. It seemed that there was a breeze that gently lifted his sleeve, and it was always elusive.
Qi Yufeng avoided this slow-moving sleeve and immediately stabbed a long sword, such as the dragon Teng Fengming’s nine-deep tip with a clear whistle and stabbed Zhu Bajiacuo’s eyebrows
Lu is weak, but holding out a pair of fingers, a row of air, a row of arc blaster and pointing out to the front sleeve. The erratic fixed sleeve is forced by this force to move faster than the backward shot at Zhu Bajiacuo, and when it hits him more than five feet in front, it stops moving.
Chapter 1 offensive and defensive
Zhu Bajiacuo’s right hand bone flute is drawn into an arc to block the sword in Qi Yufeng’s hand, and then his left hand pushes the long sleeve and blocks the attack of the land. He nodded his head at the landing, saying, "Lingxi refers to a well-deserved old woman who didn’t have such skill when she was your age."
In fact, the two of them have fought several times in secret, but their strength is far less profound than that of Zhu Bajia’s measures, but he should be strong in reality, so it is somewhat difficult to hurt the enemy, although he is taught to be powerful and powerful.
Zhu Bajiacuo sat in the room with only one chair left. He waved his long sleeves out of his palm and kept on recruiting. He seemed to have a good rest, but he couldn’t help secretly surprised.
Lu Sandan’s martial arts is known as "yet I feel the harmonious heart-beat of the Sacred Unicorn with wings flying in Cai Feng", and the latter sentence says that his ancestors are "a finger of the spirit". The former sentence does say that his flying skills are equally high.
Zhu Bajiacuo thought to himself, but if he attacks this person from a long distance, he will definitely be inferior to himself. But in this restaurant, he dodges and evades his posture in a square inch, but like a loach, he can often escape from himself with a stroke of three twists and two songs, which is extremely strange and unusual, which makes him feel great novelty.
Lu played a few tricks, but he was also shocked and somehow knew that if he tried his best to display his flying skills, maybe that one would be unable to resist being brushed by him.
Immediately, he inclined to the left for three steps, then slowly retreated vertically and horizontally to shake out more than a dozen figures. His fingers were scoffed at before, and Zhu Bajiacuo fought with one sleeve in one place.
Qi Yufeng turned around and the sword swung and flew out. This sword is elegant and graceful. If there is a sword, it is raining and changing like the wind. It is his unique skill to understand from the "broken arrow"
Zhu Bajiacuo glanced at his mouth and shouted, "Good swordsmanship!" Playing the right hand bone flute, a gust of wind lashed into a bone wall to block one enemy and two without fear.
Lu scattered light and looked askance and watched intently. At this time, Zhu Bajiacuo resisted Qi Yufeng’s coup. There was a slight gap in his figure. He immediately raised his hand and stabbed Zhu Bajiacuo’s left wrist with a finger like an arrow. His great momentum was magnificent, and his previous changes came and went. Subtle and small kung fu was very different.

"You ~ Hum, this is the Death Canyon Lich Corps. Members of my Lich Corps don’t need to listen to the messenger’s adult arrangement without doing anything wrong. They need to order from Sog’s adult. Without Sog’s adult command, I can meet the requirements of the messenger’s adult!"

"Ha, ha, ha. Are you telling me that Sog will oppose the emissary and the Lord of Death?"
"I don’t know what the emissary is talking about. There is always no Soger who ordered Trifa to follow the emissary!"
Looking at this bastard lich, I’m depressed. I don’t want to do it. I’m afraid I’ll hurt your fucking fighting capacity. But I have to face that Sog. It seems that it’s not working. Then I’ll have to order some pants for you to eat! Death kisses!
Be on guard against Terry being kissed by a god of death and directly knocking out 720,000 blood. This guy, Bones Dragon, has no fighting power on his own without calling, and there is no illusory physical strength, epidemic disease and physical attack except in the dead field. We have a lot of magic!
"What if I told you that now you have no choice but to promise to be my slave or I will kill you?"
Terry, who was seriously injured by my sudden hand, heard my voice and looked up at me angrily but didn’t speak. Next to him, Sandas quickly got up and took Terry and shouted at me, "Please don’t do it, emissary. I advise Terry!"
I cooperated very much and didn’t do it again. I didn’t have much skill if I did it again, and it wouldn’t do much harm, so the undead spear and curse inflammation could be worse
"What’s wrong with terry angel adults want you to be a slave? We have been here for so many years, and we can’t go back for the time being. Now this mainland is not a scene of jihad. Recently, the skeleton king and the golden armor corpse emperor have been killed outside. Besides the emissary, we can often communicate with the four holy mage adults. We have also joined the Lich King adults and teachers, and even the Sorge adults have joined the Lich King adults. Do we have to wait until we are like the skeleton king and the golden armor corpse emperor?
And do you think Lord soggy still cares about us? It’s really a conflict with the emissary. Lord Sog will definitely leave us alone. We are not as good as his bone demon. Now he is constantly thinking about transforming his bone dragon into a corpse dragon! Think about it! "
"how about it? Terry, have you thought it over? If you are still stubborn, don’t blame me! "
I’m ready to curse inflammation! Five seconds later, the skills are ready, and Terry is still meditating. It seems that he really needs to add another fire!
The skill was sent directly to Terry’s body, and the black inflammation kept burning in Terry’s body. This guy fell to the ground and screamed in pain. I didn’t continue to attack, but looked down at Terry and said again, "Will it?"
Immediately prepare the undead bone spear for five seconds. When preparing, the past five huge bone spears appeared in front of me. I shouted "Go!"
Five-bone spears flew at Terry’s’ poop-poop-poop’ and a series of crosstalk sounded. Five-bone spears were nailed to Terry’s body!
Chapter 229 The second slave
Sandas and Serena, next to Terry, are afraid. I think it’s a good thing I didn’t do this to them ~ ~ It’s more than ten seconds. Terry, the lich, finally can’t stand the blood. There are less than one million left and finally beg for mercy. "Adult Terry is willing to serve adults. Please don’t attack again! I am willing to be your slave! "
"oh? Would you like to? But didn’t you have to wait for soggy’s order just now? I don’t think so yet. What should I do? " I joked.
"No, I don’t need adult soggy’s adult root won’t ask us things. I can decide for myself. I want to! Adults forgive me! "
Terry rolled back and forth in pain and pleaded with Sandas next to him. He hung his eyes and didn’t seem to see that he was afraid to speak. I shared my soul with Janssen Doss and made a cautious but resolute expression, and then came out to help Terry plead.
Sandas received my order, first one leng stole a glance at me, and then two steps went to Terry’s side, which seemed to be determined. He suddenly turned to me and "burst" and knelt down to the avenue. "Angel’s adult, please forgive Terry!" If the adults can spare Terry’s life, Sandas is willing to be an adult slave with Terry! "
Damn, this guy is really good at acting! Gifted! Md has exposed everything about being my slave together, and Terry will be very grateful to this guy. After all, people have helped him plead and even they are willing to be slaves themselves!
"Do you really want to be a slave? The seat didn’t force you! "
"It’s adult Sandas who can follow adult glory!"
Holy shit, you flatter me again. I said, is the lich so interesting? These aspects are so talented! Haha, I like it!
"Good Sandas you are very good! Terry, since Sandas interceded for you and you agreed to be my slave, I will spare your life! Now you sign a soul contract with me together with Sandas! Remember that the seat is called Feiyang! "
"Thank you!" "Thank you ~ thank you ~ thank you ~ forgive me!"
Sandas and Terry thanked each other, and then Sandas took a big oath ~ Ya has already done it, so just do it ~ But Terry is not doing it.
I, Sandas, vowed to follow Feiyang when I witnessed the soul in the High God, and the Lord will never abandon it. If there is any violation of the soul, it will die! Deed!’ I, Terry, vowed to follow Feiyang when I witnessed the soul in the High God, and I will never give up if I violate the soul and die! Deed!’ I secretly rejoiced that Terry wanted to be my slave, so I directly chose to agree to come here again, and the level of the tone was raised by one level. After reading the experience, it was almost 46!
Ha ha ha ~ this level feels more experienced than killing them! It seems that the experience gained by killing monsters is a small part!
After the success of the contract, Terry’s black body went out directly. This guy has less than one million blood left, but now he’s recovering very quickly, and he won’t be injured any more. It shouldn’t be long before he’s full!
I’m in a very good mood to successfully recover Terry, an epic lich, but I won’t just let go of this guy’s things. Just after I chose to agree, the contract came into effect, and this guy’s things all appeared in my backpack. Although this guy is now our slave, who said that slave things can be better than the master? Who says a slave can’t take things from his master?
"Terry, I have all your things here. I’ll take these things first. After I clean up Suoge, I’ll go to the treasure house of the Lich Army. You can all choose a set of magic equipment that suits you. Tell me if you need anything else!"
"It’s the master!" Both of them respectfully replied, of course, can they have their objections?
I’m also looking forward to Terry’s things when I have the experience of finding benefits from Sandas! Talk to Terry directly through the soul. "Terry, do you have anything special in these things besides magic equipment? First of all, being tall is not necessarily suitable for lich ambassadors! "
"Master Hui has some advanced materials, as well as some advanced magic books and martial arts, among which two scrolls are very rare, one is the Phantom Assassin’s job transfer scroll, and the other is the necromancer’s arrangement method."
"Oh, is there an ultimate skill or a spell in that skill?"
"The ultimate skill level of Master Hui is the martial arts category. There are three ultimate martial arts, namely, Blast Chop, Sky-breaking Arrow and Purgatory Chop. The forbidden spell level has a natural disaster of the undead."
Undead natural disaster? Holy shit ~ isn’t that necromancy? This guy is really in stock! This skill is generally really afraid to count the undead. It’s really hard to pick up!
"Well, I know!"
After the communication with Terry’s soul, I put Terry’s east and west parts into two rings respectively, with epic equipment, plus a phantom assassin’s transfer scroll and necromancer arrangement method. These two scrolls, as well as some advanced materials and all skills, were put into the artifact ring, and other things were thrown into the new ring.
After reading the necromancer scroll, it is really a good thing to arrange the necromancer. Once it is launched in the coverage area, the dead units will be transformed into necromancers, and these necromancers will automatically attack hostile targets under the control of the initiator! Absolutely!
After I packed my things, I wiped the high-level spell with the skill of "Undead Natural Disaster" in my hand! Should we learn this skill? It seems a bit scary! Will we become public enemies of np in all cities when this comes out?
After thinking about it for a long time, I finally decided to learn to be afraid of nothing ~ I don’t mess around casually, but I can learn more skills as a soul mage. Is it no big deal?
I gritted my teeth and gave my skills to the skill bar to expand again. It’s really a bird ~ no ~ it’s a bird!
Undead natural disasters, high-level incantations can not be upgraded. Once the ultimate incantation skill of the undead is launched, it can awaken all the buried undead in Fiona Fang. All the corpses in this area will also be transformed by the Ministry. The undead will make differential attacks on all non-undead creatures to summon undead creatures, and unless they are completely destroyed, they will be limited to rebirth and continue fighting! When the target or body of a straight object is prepared by destroying skills for 6 seconds, it consumes mana for 5 days when it cools down.
Fiona Fang ten thousand meters area is buried deep in the earth. How much is this M? Can a main city be surrounded? It’s horrible! It’s really hard to deal with md differential attacks without a wide range of light skills. It’s really scary to fight by our own people if the undead are not targeted!
After sighing for a long time, let’s face the situation first. This skill should not be as basic as possible. Let’s not worry about its terrorist effect and put ourselves in it now!
"Wait a minute, Serena, you go to Sogery and Sandas, you summon your own bone dragons, and you are ready to command the bone dragons to attack when Soger comes out. If he summons his corpse dragons, you can let the bone dragons entangle the corpse dragons together, and the Sogdians will be dealt with by me and two poisonous dragons. Stay away from yourselves, and be careful to be caught in the battle wave. Remember that you follow me and move your bone dragons most of the time, and protect yourself!"
"It’s the master!"
"All right, Serena, you go ahead. Remember that when Sog comes out, you can go back and hide with Nantes and others. Don’t come out without Sandas or Terry looking for you!"
"It’s an adult!" Serena responded with a face of fear and slowly retreated.
Sandas and Terry both slowly retreated to the distance and summoned the Bone Dragon. I stood among the two dragon dragons and ordered Sandas again, "Wait a minute. If your Bone Dragon entangles Suoge’s corpse dragon, don’t attack all the time. Try not to get hurt. If you can entangle it and prevent Suoge from calling to your side, will it be white?"
"Please rest assured that we are all white."
One minute, two minutes and three minutes later, the so-called soggy hasn’t appeared yet. I’m a little unsure. Does that guy know we’re going to take care of him? Still don’t want to come out?
Four minutes later, I was a little impatient. I called the two dragon heads to move slowly to the depths, and Sandas and Terry also moved slowly to the depths.
In the past minute, we have gone a long way, and the ground bones and beasts in it are all huge guys. I have already seen some 70-level and over-70-level bone frames. At this time, a large area of gray fog appeared in the sea of bones. I roughly visually estimated that it was a thousand square meters. The so-called Sog must be in it, but I didn’t see it.
"Master Sog came out, and the fog is his necromancer field, which can be greatly strengthened. The attack and speed of necromancer creatures are shrouded in it, and his fighting capacity will increase a lot. His corpse dragon should also be in it. Master strength should not enter that fog."
Terry’s voice rang in my mind. I glanced at Terry and Sandas tilting my head, and both of them had opened their own fields. They were hiding in many bone beasts, and both skull dragons were floating above their heads. I saw Terry’s bone dragon, which was several levels higher than Sandas’s, and reached level 75. It was the blue dragon bone refining.
Nodded to look again at the so-called necromancer field in the fog area where Soger is located! What’s the difference between you and the boss?
Chapter 23 Suoge
The fog approached me a little bit, and I gradually saw a huge shadow in the fog. It should be the so-called corpse dragon. I don’t know where the Soger stopped. Keep moving forward and close to the impulse, waiting for the fog to slowly lean towards me.
Sog, the largest lich in the Death Canyon, has never had a mouth, and I haven’t been able to see what this guy really is. I have been scanning the fog in front of me, and finally I have seen a little information about Sog, to be precise, the information about the fog. Sog’s necromancer field can greatly enhance the properties of necromancer creatures in the field, and hostile targets will be madly attacked by necromancers in the field.
Wow, just like Terry said, it’s really a little troublesome for this guy to have such a wide field. If I keep hiding in it, I dare not rush in. If the so-called resin dragon is inside, I can’t guarantee that I can stand its attacks several times, even if the dragon doesn’t dare to get in easily. There are not only resin dragons but also several bone beasts in it.
Sog doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to take action against me, a human who is in trouble. I don’t know if it’s because this guy is also the so-called messenger of death, but I’m losing patience, so I can’t accept this guy all the time.
I’m secretly thinking that if this guy hasn’t entered the scope of god’s eye exploration in ten seconds, then I’m going to ride a dragonfly directly and fly directly to the fog area. If you don’t come out, I’ll just kick you out. Let’s just spell and see if you can hide!
We now have two powerful areas, the sky fire and the thunder storm, to directly lock your necromancer field. I don’t think you can stop the spell by relying on this field, can you?
As time went by, the fog gradually stopped approaching us. It seems that Suoge really didn’t want to make a direct shot. I directly sent an attack command to Terry and Sandas to let them directly command Bone Dragon to rush over.
The two Lichs had to act according to my orders in the face of their elders, and the two skull dragons flapped their bone wings and flew towards the fog. Before the bone dragons flew into the fog by themselves, a monster slowly rose and emerged from the fog. It was Sog’s so-called corpse dragon!
I quickly fell to the dragon’s back and rose to the height of the resin dragon, close to the eye of God, and looked at the attributes of that monster. This guy is much bigger than Sandas and Terry Bone Dragon, and his bones are covered with some rotten pieces. Although it is not particularly complete in some places, it is not a bone dragon.

Kidd is not inferior to the top point guard Marion in the Mavericks. He once again felt that when he played in the Suns, he would definitely get a basketball if he ran out.

Mavericks, an old demon, doesn’t make a difference in the rotation, but he averages 11 assists per game and makes it harder for Lupus to break through the ball on the defensive end. His team has contributed as much as others, but it can be seen that he has not contributed much.
Ji Guo was ashamed, but he could feel Kidd’s role. Although the Mavericks didn’t double-team easily, Kidd still helped him find the ball, which made it difficult for him to find the opportunity. This old monster was extremely accurate in timing the help, which not only made him feel uncomfortable, but also ensured that he didn’t miss his defensive skill. The whole nba could not find a few.
Marion can’t defend like this. He has always lacked the timing of cooperation, but he can do it with Kidd in Marion. This is the emergence of a real superstar, just like most of them have become better defensively with Duncan.
Real team stars can really drive their teammates to play, and some players need such stars to drive, such as Marion and Terry, and players like Nash and Kidd can fully play their abilities.
In the second quarter, Ji’s humiliation strengthened his personal attack. First, he fouled Gottat online, and then he scored four points outside the three-point line and scored six points to help the team overtake the score.
If Kidd and Marion have forged a solid perimeter defense against the Mavericks, then Terry’s unreasonable three-pointer this year is the Mavericks’ offensive end. His shooting belongs to the unreasonable attack against the defense, just like Crawford in previous seasons.
In those seasons, once Crawford felt hot, one person could let the Clippers win the game. Although he didn’t break out in every game, it was considered that the Clippers bought insurance themselves. Once the two brothers didn’t feel good when attacking, he could also be a backup for Indiana Jones.
Terry is like this now, but he doesn’t explode occasionally, but almost every game. The three-pointer shooting rate is close to 5%. The team has such an offensive output point, and I am afraid that the head coach and fans will laugh even in their dreams.
At half-time, Ji Guo scored 22 points, 9 rebounds, 4 assists, 2 blocked shots and 2 steals. He had a good chance to win three doubles again, but the Clippers were still 5 points behind the Mavericks at 535.
For the Mavericks, Yao scored 1 point and 5 rebounds, Nowitzki scored 1 point and 5 assists, Kidd scored 6 points and 6 assists, Terry scored 12 points and Marion scored 5 rebounds.
The Mavericks’ scores are still so average. Nowitzki interviewed on behalf of the team at halftime. He said, "We don’t regard ourselves as the leading party. We all know the fact that whoever loses this game will be eliminated!" Nowitzki’s words won the support of fans. Today, the stadium has never stopped cheering.
Carlisle still didn’t dare to be careless at halftime. He said, "We are five points ahead at halftime, but this advantage has not yet reached the heart and celebration. I noticed that fo had a 3+1 at halftime, which means that the guy needs two attacks to overtake the score. We must wait until the final whistle to relax, and we must be the leader at that time."
"What are these three guys so stable?" Ji Guo’s humiliation is good enough, but he still can’t kill the Mavericks
Every time he scores Yao, Nowitzki and Terry on the other side, someone will come out. Even Kidd hit two three-pointers at half-time. Is it true that God will not give me?
In the third quarter, the Clippers strengthened their defense, which was rare in the season and was sacrificed by Old Deng Liwei.
The Mavericks’ response is simple. Give the basketball to Yao or Nowitzki immediately. Both singles can attract outside defense, and the Clippers’ joint defense will inevitably be ignored.
Kidd’s three-point shooting has always been bad, but the three-point shooting percentage in the season has just risen to the grid line and has been very stable. The shooting grasp is very great, which makes many teams release Kidd’s practice no longer suitable, because this release of Kidd’s old monster really went in.
Shooting is something that can be practiced, even if it can’t reach the level of national humiliation, it can still be done at the level.
The Clippers played defense in the third quarter, and Kidd hit two three-pointers in the arc top single quarter, which made the Clippers defense show a big hole from the beginning.
Yao then scored two goals in a row in the low post, and the Mavericks played a 1-3 attack wave in the Clippers defense.
Ji was ashamed in the third quarter, but he didn’t succeed. He missed three shots in a row. Although he assisted Ray Allen to make a three-pointer, the Clippers were still pulled to double digits by the Mavericks.
Chapter seven hundred and sixty This is going far.
"Brothers, we have arrived in last stand. What are we considering now? Of course, we will vote if we have the opportunity!" Ji Guoshi couldn’t help but ask his teammates to give him some strength by pausing kung fu. He feels bad these days. If his teammates can’t come out yet, he really wants to go fishing with the dead panda.
Anyway, that guy ran to Los Angeles with two fishing rods yesterday and put that shit in his house, which is also full of malice.
"I was nursing you." Ji Guoqiu was there talking and laughing with Emma Roberts. Every time they stayed together, people couldn’t help but have many evil thoughts. Recently, there were some pornographic photos in Hollywood. As a result, people were not interested in them. What people want to see most now is actually these two pornographic photos. Unfortunately, pandas and little radishes are not Apple phones, and they don’t like to take selfies. There has been no leakage of passenger information.
The game resumed. Ray Allen hit a strong three-pointer, which is the fifth three-pointer he hit today. He finished himself in this game.
Nowitzki turned around and made a rare fake shot, shaking Ji’s humiliation and getting two points to the basket.
Ji was ashamed to think that Nowitzki dared to break through himself with the ball. Suddenly, there were cheers from Mavericks fans and jeers and insults at Fox’s brother.
Iguodala then broke through the basket and missed Yao’s rebound. As a result, his hand was too small, and Ji Guo was humiliated by the side. Fox’s younger brother took off and dunked in place, causing Nowitzki to foul and get two free throws to get revenge.
"This is small!" Yao couldn’t help but scold the tomato Ji Guo shame and smiled at it. It was still one of our own.
In the third quarter, Iguodala broke through and Ray Allen made three-pointers, but Nowitzki and Yao were equally tough on the offensive end. Ji Guo was ashamed to rely on three frontcourt rebounds in a single quarter to get points, but fortunately, his teammates finally rallied and the Clippers were 9 points behind after the third quarter.
The clippers still have a fight in the last quarter.
There are not many Clippers fans to blame for this game. Ray Allen made six three-pointers today. Igor Daladier also scored points in the third quarter, and scored 29 points, 13 rebounds, 6 assists, 3 blocked shots and 3 steals.
It seems that Billups has been playing a relatively average role among several major players in the Clippers for several years.
Billups’ personal data has not dropped much this season, but it has been much less since he played a strong role in the key game this season.

Extreme ice rain

Cold current vortex
Ice cones, ice spines, ice hockey and ice guns were carved, and the storm roared and the ice filled the sky. Deborah stood in a blue world.
Even those pieces of red Se injury figures can’t be seen clearly.
Ye Feng was in tears. Deborah was swept by the ice storm like a kite. At present, the ice crystals burst and the difficulty of hitting in the blurred vision soared.
"Tyrannosaurus Rex classmate please" really depends on the dragon language beast pile hatred.
Ye Feng output while comprehensive dragon beast damage calculation hate value busy.
Thunder and thunder, thunder and lightning, earth dragons …
Fifteen seconds passed in a flash. I didn’t expect that the tough Tang girl had more combat experience than Ye Feng. She could think of the problem of hatred O, and she wouldn’t think that the last skill was frozen in the polar regions
Deborah was in the refrigerator and became an ice sculpture again.
Tang Weiwei put away her staff smartly and smiled. "Sister, I’ll give you this hundred catties. If I can’t get my hatred back, I’m going to run the corpse."
Ye Feng glanced back in his busy schedule at your sister’s weight of 100 kilograms. Except for the fleshy chest and buttocks, everything else is very skinny. Of course, it’s not as skinny as a whole, but it’s still full. If you have more fat, you will be thinner if you have less fat.
Ye Feng secretly praised the perfect arms, and a shadow of a dragon’s dragon’s sharp shadow penetrated the ice and plunged into Deborah’s body.
Shenwei chop, dark swing, Xuan Bing stab …
This time, Tang Weiwei’s polar ice was weakened from seven seconds to six seconds.
When the ice finally melted, Ye Feng Xuan Bing stabbed her, but the hatred was still with Tang Weiwei.
"Go back to the fourth prison on the left" Ye Feng shouted without looking back.
Tang Weiwei’s execution of Ye Feng’s command has not yet formed conditions like DOG beauty’s blind implementation of anti-SH.
"the door hits the dog"
Ye Feng grabbed Deborah with a bully’s fist, and hit that enchanting face with three punches without mercy.
Being attacked by the curse of death is not very powerful, but the stun effect of overlord’s boxing with five seconds is not affected much. Deborah was stunned for four seconds.
Ye Feng war spear picked at Deborah’s ankle and broke a tendon.
The blood volume has already been full, and the dragon beast summoned the tornado to twist Deborah’s dome. The hate value here in Ye Feng finally exceeded that of Tang Weiwei.
Glancing at Deborah’s blood volume, 925% of everything is OK. Ye Feng started to run to the fourth prison on the left and bowed his head and went in. Compared with other prisons, this prison is spacious and square, about 300 square meters. Tang Weiwei and Dragon Beast then ran ahead and stopped at about 30 yards away from the prison.
Then Deborah flew after her like a ghost, and her hatred was firmly locked. Ye Feng stared at Ye Feng’s face without any anger, and Yin was still smiling.
"Did you run away?"
Deborah giggled with her left hand, and a ridiculous black fireball appeared in her palm. The black flame reflected her snow-white face quite strangely.
The magic flame of death
Deborah smashed the black fireball with a low drink, and the result was a bang in the prison. The black fireball was blocked from castration and delayed by anti-shock. The volume of black fire rustling and falling suddenly decreased by one third, and then it fluttered to Ye Feng, and both speed and power were greatly weakened.
How can this level of magic hit Ye Feng, which has long been guarded against?
Ye Feng slipped lightly to the left, and all the black fireballs flew slowly from his side, hitting the wall and then falling apart.
Ye Feng conveniently threw a taunt to consolidate hatred and pulled out a handful of Aceh short crossbows, which were full of crossbows, according to Deborah’s speed.
It’s better to talk about it with low damage than to suppress Deborah with blood-eating venom.
Deborah’s face was teased by this, and there was a trace of anger. The staff pointed to an instant dim light and she came out.
The result is another bang. The iron fence spans 20 yards. The iron fence is slightly shaking. The intensity of the dark light bomb is not as good as that of the death magic flame. This time, the volume is reduced by more than half. When flying to Ye Feng, the power is not as good as that of the flame mage’s instant fireball.
Ye Feng war spear shook and twisted directly to break the ball-sized dark light bullet and was scattered by a spear.
In the distance, Tang Weiwei suddenly realized that Deborah had known all kinds of magic except the gaseous curse, the need for death, and the charm of J and NG controlling magic. The size of the other magic forms exceeded the radius of 5 yards, while the two metal bars in the row of iron bars were less than 15 centimeters apart.
That is to say, unless Deborah’s death and charm, other magic attacks will be blocked by iron fences, and then the power of her speed will weaken and shrink. Ye Feng can easily MISS it even if she doesn’t * *.
Neither death nor charm directly hurt magic. Deborah can’t kill Ye Feng even if she can release it continuously.
Theoretically, Deborah BOSS’s strength is just a grating root that can’t stop her. In normal times, she can melt it with a magic flame of death, but Queen Deborah prevents her from imprisoning these mercenaries to escape. I don’t know where to find strange metals. They are all micro-reinforced magic circles. It is estimated that there are not twenty or thirty magic roots that can’t be broken. This is Deborah’s cocoon. If it weren’t for these iron fences, Ye Feng would be ready to run away at this time.
Deborah seems to have gained insight into Ye Feng’s Y and N plan and flew into a rage, and her body went in from the open iron gate.
Ye Feng was so happy that he just wanted to bring Deborah into the prison, saying it was big or small, which was enough to avoid and make him easy to get close.
Deborah just entered the door, and Ye Feng quickly cut into the overlapping quartet again and swept past Deborah. When Deborah turned around and locked him, Ye Feng had reached the door and slammed the fence door and was killed by him …
Chapter DiLiuJiuLiu Door dozen dog
"Listen to my command and do it later//"Ye Feng’s secret language Tang Weiwei Tang girl avoided being "magic sound" and made it ripple like Ye Shaoshao, shielding the sound and hearing nothing but the secret language.
"Be careful when you know it."
Tang Weiwei promised while the dragon beast ran back, and the hatred was held steady by Ye Feng. Deborah would never abandon Ye Feng to attack her unless Deborah could clear her hatred, but even if she wanted to attack Tang Weiwei, she had to demolish the fence first, otherwise she would shrink and black magic would not pose a threat to Tang Weiwei.
Ye Feng returned a violent blow with a spear, stunned Deborah, and then decisively broke armor and lowered defense.
as powerful as a thunderbolt
Xuan Bing thorn
Kill by stealth
Critical strike 1443
Heavy chop
"Damn noble, you are as mean as a dirty mercenary. I want to suck your blood dry …"

Watching the black knight lead the pain, clutching his neck and making a sound like a worn bellows, everyone felt that they were too cruel, but then this idea was replaced by the joy of the rest of their lives. Xu Fei, they were not thinking about the origin of the crossbow machine, but celebrating that they were not lost.

"Old four, what poison are you? How so fierce a sixth order was directly poisoned by you? "Xu Fei squatted on the ground and looked at Havadillo’s convulsive body. He said dully that there was no such thing as a unified poison in his cognition. If this poison is rampant, it is estimated that the monster in the game will suffer.
"In fact, I don’t know what poison it is, but I just fiddled with it myself." Yun handed Xu Fei the record list when he took himself to poison the crossbow. After Xu Fei took a look, he threw the list back because he found that this poison root was not mass-produced. There may be hundreds of poisonous weeds and poisonous insects to configure the poison, and it is still different at the same time. Even if Yun takes the same material and reproduces it, it is estimated that he can’t make the same poison.
"Ya really when wave material those rotten bones grass even if sold out, you can change a thousand hundred gold coins as an auxiliary medicine." Xu Fei sighed with his head down and was glad that Yun had this powerful crossbow machine, but he was depressed about his debauchery.
A day later, when Chen Kai woke up from his coma, they had left the beautiful and dangerous earth vein and entered a cave passage to Huguodi. They were worried about meeting the rebel army of Huguodi again. After checking the map, Xu Fei found a fork and temporarily hid. While hiding in the fork, he checked the surrounding environment and treated the injuries, so that several main fighters could recover.
When Chen Kai woke up from his lethargy, Xu Fei was checking to find the battle benefits, including a half-written letter from Havadillo’s body. The badge of the other noble was missing a corner, which seemed to have been damaged in the battle.
At the same time, the sword that had been cut like a sawtooth was put away by Xu Fei. Other than these, Xu Fei didn’t move anything, including the broken armor, which seemed to have magical power. The bracelet was accompanied by the Havadillo who was sleeping in the earth forever to prevent his body from being dismembered by evil breath. Xu Fei, they built a simple magical magic circle next to his body, which is very simple and sacred. There are enough magic crystals to keep this magic circle running for less than a hundred years, and they also poured a lot of low-level holy water into each other’s mouth.
This holy water can be used to clean polluted wounds, but it can’t be eaten directly. Because the sacred power in the holy water is very unstable, it is easy to damage life, but it is very effective for dead bodies, and it is an extremely good preservative for dead bodies.
It seems that I have missed something good. This is the first sentence that Chen Kai said to Xu Fei after waking up. During the game, he fell into a coma. During this period, Chen Kai took the opportunity to buy some nutrient solution online, and also handled a variety of income and expenditure documents, including water bills for several months. Property management of the property management company, of course, went to Lin Lei’s house to have a lunch, a nutritious seafood minced pork porridge and a side dish that was easy to absorb.
Therefore, Chen Kai didn’t know what happened after his coma. When he was behind the line, his body was still in a coma, and he couldn’t even perceive the surrounding environment, let alone ask questions. He didn’t know the real situation of the battle until his body recovered. Of course, he also knew the origin of the crossbow machine and the risks he had to take to keep it.
However, the great power of crossbow machine may be in danger after this, which makes Chen Kai have to consider retaining the benefits of crossbow machine, and they have to go to Hugo Di to rescue the knight of Havadillo, which is not so easy. After seeing the situation of Havadillo, Chen Kai, they will know that the Lord of Hugo Di may have turned to the evil force Chen Kai. Once they enter Hugo Di City, they may be beaten with meat and dogs, and maybe they will be arrested directly and killed as a rebel or a terrorist.
Chen Kai carefully examined the purse that the knight commander threw at himself. There were dozens of purple gold coins worth tens of thousands of gold coins in it. Of course, these gold coins were not a lot of money for a deputy head of the Knights Order, especially for the deputy head of the Knights Order with a noble title. The monthly salary alone was thousands of gold coins, not including the gold coins exchanged for his own manor output. However, Chen Kai felt that he was a little hot with these gold coins because they represented one that had to be completed.
"Damn noble regulations" Chen Kai severely closed the book he held in his hand and then threw it out heavily, because he had to try his best to finish Havadillo according to the face-to-face, which was not only a last request for respect for the deceased, but also a help for the fallen aristocrat as a nobleman.
This is also the place where Chen Kai is most angry. He originally wanted to find several regulations in the aristocratic regulations to delay his entry into Hugo’s rescue, or better not to save people. However, as far as he was concerned, he couldn’t find one that could say that he had his own regulations, and there was no one that could make him cancel them.
Looking at the manager’s method to delete Chen Kai, he was depressed and lay down on the carpet again. Chen Kai knew that he was actually not unwilling to delete and didn’t want to deduct the name that was hard to accumulate because of this. This was the first time that Chen Kai wanted to delete it. He saw a hidden item. The name system hidden in the panel represented Chen Kai’s official hope in the Hans Court Empire. If he didn’t want to go too far, even if he ran horses in the street at will not be arrested by guards. Of course, it is more important that he can mobilize no more than 12 indigenous high knights or no more than 24 high swords in some towns with these names.
Looking at what he has finally accumulated, Chen Kaizhen doesn’t want to lose them because of one name, especially because it is very difficult to accumulate these names. Only one point can be given to complete a certain large scale, and Chen Kai has accumulated less than two points in total. But once he deletes the rescue of Havadillo, he will lose 15 points. This kind of loss Chen Kai doesn’t want to bear or can’t bear.
"We can take it one step at a time. I hope that Hawadiro’s son lives in the manor outside Hugo instead of in the city." Llewellyn shook his head and sighed, and then slowly struggled to get up from the ground to check his wound. Now there is a red scar left in the cross-cut wound in his belly, but some bloodshot still seeps out from the wound and takes Llewellyn’s health for 1 to 2 points.
"Fortunately, this is a game, otherwise my life will definitely be lost in reality." Llewellyn looked at his 30-cm-long wound and said slowly. Before he fell into a coma, he saw that his intestine had flowed out and broken into several pieces, but after releasing God, these broken parts grew back, which took a little longer to recover.
Chapter 226 The earth staff Hugo first dark shadow (-sneak into Hugo first (2))
The second dark shadow (-sneak into Hugo (2))
After nearly three days’ rest, Chen Kai and others continued to advance rapidly along the tunnel. In the remaining tunnel, the black armor soldiers left enough marks, so Chen Kai and others hardly took any detours, but it was not just smooth sailing. When Chen Kai was less than two days away from the exit, they met a group of black armor soldiers again. When they saw Chen Kai, they almost rushed in waving weapons.
Chen Kai doesn’t know what these black armor soldiers will know about him, because he has never been in Huguodi, and he hasn’t found a wanted order or a picture with him in these black armor soldiers. More importantly, Chen Kai almost always wears armor and a helmet, and his whole face is hidden in the helmet mask, so he can’t see Chen Kai clearly from the outside.
However, after seeing Chen Kai, those black armor soldiers still put their first target on him, almost without thinking about raising their weapons, and rushed towards him. It was these black armor soldiers who were shot by the heavy crossbow in the cloud’s hand in the middle of the rush and directly strung into a gourd.
Although the heavy crossbow is powerful and scary, it makes Chen Kai and them depressed, that is, the enemy killed by the heavy crossbow will not give experience or growth experience, but after being seriously injured, it will also give one percent of the original experience. A fifth-order black armor soldier had less experience and had about 3 points, but now he has less than 4 points left.
However, Chen Kai won’t regret those experiences. After becoming a senior knight, Chen Kai found that his ranking was almost stable on the first and third pages of the rankings. Of course, this is mainly because the player’s leveling has encountered a bottleneck at this stage. In the absence of a large-scale combat leveling scene, the player’s level promotion has been suppressed in a unified and disguised way. Of course, it is more important that players have acquired attributes after becoming familiar with themselves as a senior profession, and they have made various new strengths and tried to learn more unified knowledge.
Therefore, the player’s level growth has fallen into a state of temporary stagnation. Similarly, Chen Kai has been unable to accumulate experience because of too many hanging times. Up to now, he has accumulated less than 2% of experience. The gap between the level 41 and the level 41 is almost impossible to calculate the experience demand of nearly 30,000, so that Chen Kai can almost look at the experience slot in a daze.
Chen Kai estimates that the speed of experience accumulation now will take at least half a year when he becomes a junior knight, and he still finds a situation where he can constantly brush the strange experience and brush the level. Of course, if Chen Kai can finish this now, it is estimated that just gaining experience will be enough for him to rise to one or two levels, and there are other even better benefits.
Of course, before all this, Chen Kai was able to reach the Imperial City through Huguodi, and Chen Kai found that he had always ignored the information of the political city-state lords of mainland countries in the temple. In the past, he had always played the game that city-state lords should be loyal to the empire, but now the city-state lords actually intercepted an imperial nobleman and threw himself into the evil forces. These circumstances made Chen Kai somewhat unprepared because it might mean that he would face a city-state army to hunt down.
"City-state Legion has to have 3,000 people, no matter how bad it is. If it is a military city like Adolik, there must not be a regular army of 5,000 people." Llewellyn looked at the bodies of more than 20 black armor soldiers opposite, quietly thinking about his brain spinning at high speed, constantly thinking about the information about Hugo, and also collecting all the information about Hugo through the Internet. At the same time, he also offered a reward on the Internet for all the recent situations of Hugo, and grasped all the situations of Hugo in the shortest time.
In Chen Kai’s RmB offensive, the whole Hugo player quickly mobilized if he needed money. In less than half an hour, Chen Kai received nearly 100,000 words of information and 100 MB pictures. At the same time, he also spent almost 20 purple gold coins equivalent to RMB.
However, it is amazing that the results of the big money-throwing business have been received. Now, Chen Kai has mastered almost all the situations of Hugo. He knows all the shit except what pants the duke of Hugo wears. Even the duke has several mistresses and illegitimate children, which are all found out by players.
At the same time, Chen Kai also got a route map of Huguodi’s entry and exit, including 12 gates and 100 private entrances and exits. On the map, the first one of Huguodi is a seemingly iron tube with many practical loopholes and broken barrels. Before getting the map, Chen Kai was worried about how to enter Huguodi after finding no one in the manor, but after getting the map, Chen Kai could choose a road to enter the city under the nose of the Lord’s mansion of Huguodi without being found by the guards.
Of course, Chen Kai won’t foolishly choose a road that is so dangerous, but chose a path that is not strictly guarded at ordinary times and can enter and exit at any time. At the same time, he also marked three escape roads on the ground. Chen Kai and Xu Fei have been groping for these roads according to the map for nearly a night. Several people’s eyes are red and rabbit’s eyes are the same.
"how about it? Is that small in the manor? " Wearing a hood, Chen Kai hid in a rented carriage and asked to go to Havadillo Manor to inquire about the situation. At this time, it has been three days since they entered Huguodi from the ground passage. For three days, Chen Kai and his family have been hiding in Tibet and constantly asking for information, and they finally confirmed the location of Havadillo domaine de chevalier and came here to look for his son, including the noble lady who is said to be having an affair with the duke.
However, it is strange to Chen Kai that the name of the noble lady is not the same as that written by Havadillo, because the name of the lady who is said to be Havadillo is Helef? Kelam and Havadillo wrote Hera? Hawayilan and Chen Kai also found out that the knight who is now Hawaydilol’s attendant is actually said to be an illegitimate son of several castellans.
"Boss, you said that the knight commander will not now we are looking for this guy but Hera? Havylang, the mistress, "said Yun, taking off his cloak and pointing it at Ll. Then he heard a bang. It turned out that Ll slapped his thigh heavily.
"Why didn’t I think of that?" Chen Kai’s thoughts flashed, but then he was depressed because he didn’t know it was called Hera? There is no way to find out where Hawailan lives.
In the end, there is really no way for Chen Kai to sprinkle gold coins on the Internet again to inquire about the situation. This is the simplest, most effective and also the fastest way. But Chen Kai is not short of money now. His only shortage is that the longer he stays in Huguodi, the more dangerous it will be for some of them. The players who patrol the guards constantly confirm that the whole Huguodi is searching for a group of tourists carrying precious things, and the information released by the Lord of Huguodi is that these people robbed a caravan and robbed it from it, and he is going to pay tribute to the emperor.
Of course, players don’t believe the duke’s story when they are mixed up in Huguodi for a while, even the aborigines living in Huguodi don’t believe the duke’s story. According to a player’s narration of a bartender, it is "If I want to believe that a fat pig can talk, I might as well believe that a donkey will become a horse": most of the Huguodi aborigines call the duke a fat pig or a breeding pig in private, which is also called a stallion.
Most players think that it is the castellan who peeps at the treasures that the travelers are carrying that releases such deceptive words. Therefore, many players have joined the search for strange travelers, but most of the time they focus on the aborigines and seldom pay attention to the players, so Chen Kai and them have a little breathing space.
On the forum web page, Chen Kai quickly typed the Hugo City page, entered the information he wanted to find aborigines in the search option, and paid nearly 1000 gold coins in advance. In less than ten minutes, Chen Kai received more than 30 replies. After automatic screening, ten addresses that met the standard were recorded by Chen Kai, and at the same time, the system also sent out the accurate information. The whole process took only twenty minutes.
"All right, pack up and get ready to go to town. Let’s go to the first target, um … Yilan Hotel. It seems that this is a hotel proprietress." Chen Kai shared the information he received with everyone in the team, including the appearance and address of the proprietress. Of course, there is no such thing.
"It’s just that I haven’t bathed for a long time. I hope there is hot water in that hotel." Several girls said with great heart that it is far more important for them not to bathe for a few days than to find a goal.
"It’s better to be careful. According to the map, this hotel is close to the street. It is estimated that there will be soldiers checking. Remember those black armor soldiers? We didn’t show our faces, so they waved their weapons and killed us. I guess they mastered some exploratory spells. "Su Xinghe carefully looked through a map and said that after he finished, everyone fell into a short silence, while Zhao Tiezhu walked slowly towards the city of Huguodi with a carriage.

You don’t have any best friends. You are a loner. No one wants to play with you. Your former classmates are not too impressed with you from kindergarten to university. You were dropped out of Beijing Conservatory of Music and wandered around, and no one took care of you. "

Suluo said that after the experience, does it correspond to him in this time?
But it’s true. It’s all suluo’s own experience. Maybe she will have nightmares for several nights, but it’s better to understand something early than to regret it later.
Tell her that these bloody and violent things may be too cruel for her age
Why tell Tang Yike this because suluo’s best friend had already run away.
Segmented reading 366
But his father is the boss. He has been bullied since he was a child. How can he help children’s ideological realm? He went to an Internet cafe and shouted a few people, so he wanted to find a game by himself. As a result, the other party took out his knife.
I don’t care what you do, boss. Let’s talk about it.
On the other hand, another level of the famous Li Moumou incident, why did he dare to do so and take turns?
I’m used to the smooth sailing, and my family can help him out. I don’t know where the bottom line is, and something will happen when my brain is hot.
Suluo is also afraid that Tang Yike is enjoying so much love. What’s the matter? Pulling Master’s sleeve and sprinkling a charming master will definitely help her settle everything. In the long run, more harm than good.
"Shh, it’s a secret."
Tang Yike nodded his head and promised not to tell people that he was still serious and would not change for one hundred years.
Suluo smiled and rubbed her little head.
"Come on, let’s go out to play"
As soon as Tang Yike’s eyes "ding" lit up, "Where are you going?"
"Ha, go to the big shorts."
"Ah, go there again."
"If you don’t want to go, I’ll leave you alone at home, and I don’t have peanuts with you."
"I’ll go too."
After listening to so many scary stories told by suluo, it’s only a ghost for my little girl to dare to stay at home alone.
Go to the underpants, of course. The program problem is over, but the tail of the hand is not cleaned up yet
Suluo left it to Hong Bin, but that guy is now in the new district. There is no way, but suluo has to deal with it himself
And others also pretend to be a director of a certain station, so forget it, the more straightforward the better.
"Poké mon has won the same kind of program ratings again. It can be compared with zj children’s elite animation station."
"Ha ha ha ha ha"
Compared with what? Everyone plays the same animation. Obviously, a certain channel is a little more awesome. They just laugh at each other.
"I really don’t want to continue to close."
"Still ask, you are not white."
"Don’t say it in vain. What can I do without you?"
"You’re going back."
"Why are you so clever?"
"Live for a long time."
"How old are you? You’ve lived a long time. I’m really old."
"It’s better for me if you go back to the general administration. If you don’t move my poké mon Go, I’m amazed and counting on it to make a lot of money."
"Then what’s wrong with you leaving the tip of your tongue China? Everything else has been sold. This one just won’t let go."
"I’ll give you two different things, but at least I’ll put them on a TV. I won’t do it."
"I don’t want anything to happen in the second quarter and the third quarter, such a touching thing as committing a great love and giving up my career to sell mala Tang, which will ruin the reputation of my brother. I want to export Japanese food to the outside world. I can’t just look at Japanese food to force it."
"Uh, what do you mean? You’re so confident."
"It’s nothing. You can eat when I eat."
"Go for a walk. It’s just time for class. Come to Keke and see if uncle can still carry you back."
"Hey, Keke, don’t be rude. When will the tongue be broadcast?"
"When the trailer is released tonight, you are going to make a splash in the sea, and we will be miserable. The fans have been making trouble for a long time. Why haven’t there been any new programs? It’s only been a long time since you got used to it. Poké mon is still on the air. Fans are bombing us in Weibo. You have to show it well."
"I’ll pay the bill later."
"Does this mean that you are a big local tyrant and I will pay the bill if you don’t pay the bill? I said don’t. The last time I attended a press conference, I was afraid of the deep alley. You helped me to shout and give it another fire."
"okay, okay"
It was in the past year that suluo and a certain TV station combined to raise the taste of the audience
Just a month ago, a new program came out, and the audience was dumbfounded. He meowed so fast that it was awesome.
Now it has become "the national treasure is over for so long, and I haven’t seen any new programs except Poké mon."
This not only refers to the previous Chinese poetry conferences, seeing words like a face, but also the second season after the end of the classic chanting. Please give me a reasonable explanation. "
It’s strange that fans don’t blow up a Weibo.
Be reasonable, there are many programs on a certain TV station, but it is not good for the audience to get along with DreamWorks, which makes me recognize these three words.
Be patient. You’ll have to wait until this happens.
Just when the fans were addicted to Poké mon go, it was an exciting time, and a certain TV station finally issued a new program preview announcement.
The fans cried as soon as they "wow", and finally waited for you.
"Look, the new program of Weibo Dream Home has finally arrived. China said that the pit owner didn’t attend the Spring Festival Evening to shoot this one."
"What are you talking about?"
"Look at the name and you will know the food."
"Is it that the pit owner personally teaches cooking and cooking? Hahahahaha"
"Poof, if so, I’ll definitely go to see the picture where my father went to pit the main roast sheep. It’s called a major."
"No, it’s a documentary."
"Then I’ll watch it, too."
"Ha ha"
In the previous documentary, everyone yawned. Now it’s different. If the national treasure can speak, and I have a common understanding after studying the cultural relics in the Forbidden City, it’s definitely different to produce a documentary.
Fans are excited and talking about it.

Of course, the line is the player Van Cleef, and they need to stay in the tent. After all, they are not players but real aborigines. However, if the tent is equipped with an attribute tent, they can rest quietly in it. Therefore, it is very important to choose the location of the line, but before that, we must complete an experiment, that is, whether the black mud can disguise.

"All right ~ Let’s paint the mud ourselves!" When a group of people rushed breathlessly to the black soil boundary of the devil’s land, the sky had just fallen into darkness. After their feet dried up and the vegetation was trampled, the horses turned into pieces of grass ash and attached to their boots, but they were quickly bounced off because of the cloud.
"shout! It’s really cold! " When Mo Yan took off his underpants, he felt not embarrassed but cold. At this moment, they suddenly found that there was not a very high temperature in this place except the demon threat. Perhaps it was because the ground temperature was higher during the day. It seems that the temperature near this demon gate will drop rapidly at night, and frost will appear in some places.
"Stop talking nonsense and get to work! An hour has passed when we have to hurry. We must finish two things before dawn! " Dark Bi took out a tube full of black mud and smeared it on the team channel. From now on, everyone knows that they can’t make a sound or make a sound. The only thing that can communicate is body language and the team channel. Therefore, after hearing the words of dark Bi, everyone quickly took out bad black mud and smeared it on the body.
Black mud made of adhesive mixed with oil has strong adhesion and will not dry quickly, even if it is rubbed on the ground, it will not be ground off, because all the soil is ground very finely before boiling, but it took Chen Kai and them a long time to grind the soil than when boiling the black mud.
The delicate black mud makes people feel uncomfortable when applied, but the mask can wash off the black mud, which is difficult to wash off unless it rains cats and dogs. However, it has been tested in the camp, and even after soaking in water for half an hour, the black mud can still adhere to the skin, but the color will become lighter.
A few people wear leather hats and wrap them tightly around their heads, so that the cap base is not very defensive, and its purpose is to ensure that their hair is not exposed. Of course, you can try shaving your head so that you don’t worry about hair, but not everyone in the whole team is happy to shave their heads, but few girls don’t like it.
Covered in dark mud, they led them carefully into the black soil area in Kashgar. Their body color and soil are almost the same, especially in this dark night. Unless there is moonlight shining, I really can’t see whether walking on the land is a person or a monster. When in danger, everyone’s first reaction is to get down on the ground and stick together with the soil. Unless they get close, it looks like a mound on the ground. Therefore, in their view, this camouflage is relatively successful, and now the only question is whether they will be discovered by the devil.
Chapter 369 into (3) for recommendation
The cold north wind blows slowly from the north to the south. Chen Kai knows that it is caused by the melting of the horrible ice sheet, which covers tens of kilometers of blue and white ice. It will take a long time to finish melting, especially when these ice sheets are still made of spells. Although Chen Kai doesn’t know what impact these cold winds will bring to the swamp, he knows that they may be frozen at night, especially at the moment when they are naked.
In fact, Chen Kai’s worry is not unreasonable. Although the player’s body has become very strong in the system, he still feels cold and abnormal in the cold wind at night, especially Yun Mo Yan, a group of unfortunate people lying naked on the cold ground with their bellies, which makes people feel uncomfortable and dare not move because a team of twenty magic patrols are slowly walking with heavy steps not far from them, making the ground tremble.
"Mom, don’t look over, don’t look over!" Mo Yan is whispering in the team channel, and his eyes are staring at the front force magic. Because he is very unlucky, he is in the closest position to the other party. The force magic is less than 100 meters away from him. Mo Yan can smell the stench from the north wind.
"Shut up! Keep your head down and they’ve seen it! " Dark Bi scolded 1 in the team channel, and then pressed his head into the soil desperately, at the same time, let his breathing slow down and try not to let his body fluctuate as much as possible. At such a close distance, the devil’s vision can definitely see the unusual fluctuation of the ground, so they must pretend to be raised mounds, so they can’t fluctuate naturally, and they can hold their breath desperately to prevent their bodies from fluctuating due to breathing.
Listening to the terrible footsteps shaking slowly, everyone’s heart is shaking there, because those magic powers are coming slowly and almost approaching them. Recently, Mo Yan almost couldn’t help raising his head to confirm their position, but another voice told him to be calm and calm again. Never raise his head. Once he raises his head, it will not only kill himself but also kill others.
Therefore, even if the devil’s recent footsteps sounded less than ten meters away from him, Mo Yan didn’t dare to move even once. Although he slowly turned pale due to holding his breath and his health value was falling due to lack of oxygen, he didn’t dare not want to move until his footsteps slowly went away, and the stone that weighed on his heart really disappeared.
"Whoo! !” A burst of heavy breathing comes slowly from everyone’s mouth. Even if the lungs are squeezed too hard and lead to bleeding, they don’t want to let go of a little breath. This feeling of regaining fresh air after suffocation makes everyone happy because they are still alive and have escaped a group of magic patrols.
"Hey! Mo Yan, are you all right? " The cloud pushed Mo Yan hard, only to find that the latter didn’t respond at all. When he turned Mo Yan over, he found that the other party had rolled his eyes. Because of the lack of samples and lung damage, Mo Yan was suffocated. If he didn’t receive treatment, he would suffocate himself.
"Depend! This loser has suffocated! " Looking at Mo Yan’s protruding eyes and dilated pupils, I knew that Mo Yan was in a very dangerous state. If he was treated from time to time, Mo Yan might be sent back to the fortress again, and he was still extremely humbled and sent back after he died.
"Ahem!" After a flurry of first aid, Mo Yan coughed in his throat, and then slowly opened his eyes and closed them. But at the moment, he looks miserable. A small piece of lung is sticking to his mouth, and some blood foam is constantly flowing out of his mouth. But the only good news is that his health has stopped and his health trend has gradually returned to a stable level.
"Depend! Mo Yan, why did you almost suffocate yourself? " One kilometer away from the original latent area, when Mo Yan kept pouring drugs into his mouth to treat injuries, the clouds around him asked him
"Don’t! I was unlucky enough to choke on saliva while holding my breath, and I almost coughed up, and then the magic was right next to me. Do you think I can cough up? As a result, you know everything later, NND. It’s really bad luck that my lungs are damaged! " Mo Yan can talk through the team channel at the moment, and every time he takes a breath, his lungs will keep aching, and every time he coughs, he will spit out a trace of blood to prevent the blood smell from being caught by the devil. Every time he coughs, Mo Yan has to cover his mouth with a piece of silk and stuff what he coughs into his backpack, so that he looks like a ghost with tuberculosis.
"… people problem!" Everyone has marked Mo Yan with this sentence, and others can’t think of any words except people’s problems, because this kind of bad luck is similar to drinking cold water.
"all right! Let’s go on after a good rest! We have been delayed for nearly ten minutes, and God knows that a wave of patrols will not appear in the distance without horses, and it will take us an hour less to search for a hiding place and dig a place for the people behind us! " The dark dagger slowly got up from the ground, but the horse squatted down again. After all, the goal in this land is too obvious. Most of the time, they run with their heads bent and try their best to keep their height down.
"Wait! We have to wait for you to look there! " Just when all the people wanted to get up and continue to run, Kashi, an aboriginal thief, suddenly pulled a preparation cloud, and then pointed to the northern sky, where several black spots hidden in the dark clouds were slowly flying towards this side. Even without the eagle-eye telescope cloud, they could all know what those things were attached to the demon gate and could fly. Except for the little devil, it was the winged demon, and there would never be any birds, so they wanted to get away from everyone and immediately fell to the ground again.
"Depend! How can these damn bugs appear again? It’s only been a few minutes, not even half an hour! " Mo Yan is depressed and lying on the ground, but now he can breathe freely, but his breathing needs to be lighter. After all, the little devil is flying at a high altitude and it is impossible to see things lying on the ground. Of course, if the clouds get up and move, they will definitely be found.
These little demons are much easier to hide than those who wander around, because they will not land and fly in a straight line in the sky unless the clouds expose them to their vision, such as running wildly on the ground, so even if they are covered with black mud, they will be found and covered with dozens of fireballs.
After recording their flying directions and marking the clouds, the little devils carefully stood up and carefully observed the surrounding environment, then slowly got up from the ground and then quickly ran in one direction. They have been looking for raised mounds or rocks in the black wasteland, although there are fewer rocks in the swamp, more are undulating hills and depressions. Whether it is a quagmire or a hill, their way forward is carefully recorded. Everyone draws a map and records it, especially those places that seem to hide several people at night. After all, the team behind them is not more than a dozen people, but more than 200.
If we only rely on their hiding place now, let alone a hundred people, it is estimated that more than 50 people will hide, but we must also hide from the patrol’s vision and patrol range. At this point, the old thief Kashgar fully taught them a good scout ability. He needed to look at the footprints to roughly judge the patrol direction of the demons and at the same time, he could calculate their patrol path. According to his calculation, they found many demon footprints, which confirmed the calculation accuracy and saved them a lot of detours and risks.
However, it doesn’t mean that there is no risk in spending the road in Kashgar. No one knows whether those demons will suddenly turn around. Although most demons are stupid and like to patrol along the established road, there is no shortage of cleverness among demons. According to Mo Yan, cleverness demons are all genetic mutants, which is even more disgusting. Garbage reptiles are the most annoying thing because they will change their patrol route at any time and will soon pass by, but they will suddenly turn back in an area. This kind of patrol from cleverness makes everyone in the team nervous all the time because they don’t know whether there will be that kind of abnormality in a wave of patrol.
In this state of high mental tension, everyone’s physical energy consumption is very fast, so the original plan to spend one night exploring fifteen kilometers less was completely declared bankrupt. After finding an abrupt rock and digging a cloud in which one person can enter and exit the cave, they tried to dig a cave for habitation and rest. A tent cave with a diameter of five meters was dug up in this huge rock stratum. When they climbed into the tent in a hurry to rest, the sky was already bright in the plains around the demon gate. When the demon was out on a daily patrol, Chen Kai also received the news that they had come.
The two good news is that the camouflage effect of black mud is rare. So far, no camouflage thieves have been found. At the same time, they have dug up the first foothold and are going to rest for a day before exploring. The bad news is that even at night, the patrol strength of demons is very terrible, and there are not only small demons flying in the sky but also walking demons patrolling around the demon gate, especially those disgusting garbage that make people collapse. They will suddenly change the patrol direction, which makes people feel depressed and scared.
It can be said that the greatest danger to players is not the fixed patrol demons or the small demons flying in the sky, but the demons who don’t know when they will suddenly change their patrol direction. Because there are so many players, they may spread to a large area. The probability of encountering demons in this large area is far greater than that of a dozen of them. Therefore, Chen Kai and them need to think hard, just like avoiding the demons who will change their patrol direction
Chen Kai, they didn’t think about fighting to solve such demons, but that would inevitably expose their position, so this one was directly rejected at the moment of coming out, because Chen Kai, they didn’t want to be surrounded by thousands of demons before they entered the central territory of the Demon Gate, and then they were killed, and the smell of fighting blood would alert the demons and bring disaster to all of them.
Considering the risk, Chen Kai has now got the range of hiding places. They have to choose a method of dispersing troops to divide everyone into several small units and sneak into the territory of Demon Gate in batches. This reduces the number of people, which makes it possible to find hiding places fully but not excessively, and also reduces the unlucky situation of a team after being discovered. In addition, Chen Kai also asked Yun to mark the range of activities when encountering Cong Demon, and try to bypass those areas when the troops behind him move forward. Although this may be in danger of losing their way, it is convenient to unify the map and generate a location mark on the map if the direct distance between the two teams is not more than 10 kilometers.
In this way, the logo will not appear until the player reaches level 40, and the distance will slowly increase with the increase of the level. However, this location logo is a vague and approximate area, and the direction is not completely accurate. It must be constantly adjusted during the movement. The closer it is to the target logo, the clearer the position will be. When it reaches a kilometer range, the direction will be roughly fixed at a certain position. Therefore, it is necessary to leave a person in the rock camp so that later people will not be in danger of getting lost. When starting again, join him in the team and then in his own place. Just mark the direction on the map. Although the map is powerful, it gives players many restrictions, but it also has many conveniences, such as map sharing in the same team.
So ll they don’t worry about getting lost in the dark night, but they worry about whether the patrol demons will change the patrol direction and route. After all, all the patrol clouds met once, and they still met on the ground with their heads down. They didn’t know anything about the next night’s action, but everyone still didn’t know much about it.
Chen Kai is the second group of people who set out at the same time, as well as Van Krysa Vaz Loki and Zhao Tiezhu Su Xinghe and Xue Haifeng. They drew the third group, that is, they set out in Su Wanze one hour later, and were assigned to the fourth group together with other girls. Of course, they are also the largest group of protection personnel. There are five soldiers left in their team, which is the team with the highest security.
Ll and his party of 40 people are almost equivalent to four small groups of people walking in the dark forest. Although it seems that after a day, this vegetation area on the edge of the devil’s territory seems to have passed for several years. Generally, trees are aging and withering at an alarming rate, and the degree of vegetation withering is terrible. It used to be a little bright green last night, but today it has completely turned into yellow, black and rotten leaves.
Those rotten leaves remained fresh and tender last night, leaving a trace of green grass juice on their feet, but they turned into pieces of fly ash tonight. All the water was absorbed by unknown forces and disappeared into the air with their lives. This fear of unknown forces made Chen Kai and others sneak into the territory of Demon Gate for nothing, and thieves would feel collapsed every time they came back. It was the mental fear that caused you to see that the trees that were still fresh and green suddenly turned into black dead branches when you came here not long ago. This change was unacceptable and frightening.
They walked in the forest in a hurry, trying not to make a sound in their footsteps. In this terrible forest, there were almost no other creatures. When a group of people were running in the forest, they were very sad and unlucky. They met a group of demon patrolmen holding demon weapons and wielding long knives in their hands. All the things that stood in front of them were destroyed. Of course, those demons didn’t find Chen Kai in the distance. Therefore, Chen Kai and his party were hiding in a swamp that was about to dry up. They were submerged in the mire, and everything was closely combined with the mire except their heads exposed and breathing outside.
Of course, more than forty people are crowded in a quagmire, which is naturally a bit crowded. Although the quagmire is very large, almost 100 square meters, there are not many places where they can really drown, but more are cracked soil. But this quagmire is enough for all people, because they mainly rely on the breath of the quagmire to cover up their human flavor instead of completely hiding themselves. In this dark environment, unless they are confronted with the magic, it is almost impossible to recognize everyone now. They all lie prone in the mire covered with thick mud, except their heads, and they are all in the mud or mud. At the same time, they are nearly 700 meters away from the patrol team of Li Mo. At this distance, the vision of Li Mo is limited by shrubs and becomes very narrow. Those who want Li Mo are not in Chen Kai. It is impossible to see Chen Kai and his party when they pull urine on their heads.
However, sometimes accidents will happen suddenly when you are not paying attention, and it seems that this kind of accident is not so good for Chen Kai and others, because this pair of demon patrol officers are enlightened by the clouds. The only difference between these demons and other demons is that they are willing to use their brains, so that demons can go further in the evolutionary path, because they will try their best to master their own strength and control the energy in their bodies to accumulate into a more advanced life.
The evolution path of demons is always one-way. When they evolve into a certain kind of demons, the door of evolution will be closed. Only when a few demons have the will to evolve can they continue to evolve into higher-level demons. When other demons can rely on it, they will grow up and enter the ranks of higher-level demons through energy accumulation. This takes a long time, although the most important thing for demons is that the proportion of a wise demon in the whole demon race is not low, because wisdom is the devil’s evolution, but they are willing to go. Most demons are evolving. After being immersed in the powerful power, they gradually forgot their own wisdom power, and thus fell on the road of evolution. A small number of demons who are willing to use their brains slowly mastered this power, but only mastered and transported it.
Just like the demon that is not far away from Chen Kai and others at the moment, it is not much different from other demons, and it is in a bullied position. Those tall and powerful demons will have no scruples about bullying it when they walk, either to kick it or to touch its ass in a wretched way, but this seemingly weak bullied demon almost found Chen Kai’s hiding place. When it walked past the place where Chen Kai and his party had been, it suddenly stopped and lowered its head. In the distance, Chen Kai’s eyes were surprised and frightened, and they picked up a group of trampled grass and put it on their nose to smell it.
Then the magic head instantly got up, picked up the weapon and looked around. The eyes seemed to be looking for something, and its eyes quickly locked on Chen Kai, who was hiding in the quagmire not far away, and then slowly and carefully walked over. If there was no situation, it is estimated that Chen Kai would be discovered by this team of demons and had to jump out of the quagmire to try to kill this team of nearly 20 demons.
When Chen Kai and them almost suffocated, a strong demon suddenly rushed out of the team, then kicked it in the ass, and then dragged it back to the team in handfuls. As the demon roared in the abyss, everyone’s front heart was slowly released because they knew that they had escaped a piece of Li Tong translation. They could roughly hear each other’s shouting. The demon regarded the demon who came out as a deserter and threatened to kill it if he left the team again. Obviously, this clever demon was dominated in the team. Status and for the devil, the dominated one didn’t speak, and the only thing he could do was to learn from it. Therefore, even if the devil found a strange place to lead the devil and didn’t think it was a threat, he would continue to ignore it and then continue to follow the established patrol route. Therefore, after a few minutes, this team of demons slowly disappeared into Chen Kai’s vision and became a hazy black spot in the distant forest.
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