The horse-jockey and pike can also be used as "fire sticks" when they penetrate the opponent’s armor by algorithm.

Whether it’s according to the head, shoulders, chest and back, it’s never light.
Even if you can’t directly smash your opponent to the horse, it can make your opponent hurt for a while, delay his reaction, and make it convenient for his companions around him and behind him to mend the knife later.
Of course, at this time, in addition to the deep pockets of the Wu family, ordinary soldiers want to equip themselves for this week, which is a pipe dream.
Wu Sangui is obviously not good at strength, but his eyes are cruel and poisonous, and he is more accurate.
In a flash, the delicate stable in his hand has hit a neck with a white flag and white armor.
This white armor with a white flag can bend down in pain and want to use his skillful equestrian to quickly cross the battlefield to temporarily get a breather.
But only to find that a tall and brave dinking around Wu Sangui had already been prepared. Just as this white armor was about to pass, the huge mace in his hand was like a creation, with a strong wind coming from the top of this white armor.
Cried the "click" a flips.
This baijialian man and horse were directly smashed on the ground, and the painful steeds screamed violently, and they rolled back and forth again and again, and they tripped over several Tatar steeds behind them.
Chapter 1219 Yong Guan San Jun, Xiao Wen Jiu Bian!
The pungent and bloody taste rises and spreads violently in the air.
Screaming, fighting, shouting, and violent weapon impact are getting worse and worse, as if to tear the sky apart.
With the rapid impact of more than 1,000 people in Wu Sangui, it is gradually wrapped and dissolved by the elite and strong toughness of more than 1,000 white flags. The whole battlefield has become a fair and white-edged hand-to-hand combat, just like a violent and bloody slaughterhouse, which makes people dare not look straight.
Although these elites with white flags are braver than others, the Wu family is not weak here. The two sides are just like a needle in the mouth against the wheat.
Ning Jun Jun Yuan Du Shi’s two small fists have been tightly clenched and staring at the battlefield in front of him without blinking an eye.
In the past, although he knew that Wu Sangui this fellow was a leader among young people in some things, at this time, the battle could be washed away and worn away if not won.
Then ~ it’s still no problem for him to send a follow-up wave to drive these white-flagged Tartars away.
But at this time, Yuan Dushi’s theory is that it is unexpected that Wu Sangui this fellow can be inextricably linked with the killing of Tatars ~ ~ It seems faint and still accounts for some wind.
This …
It’s like a person walking in the depths of the desert who is exhausted and has given up hope, but suddenly finds that a small spring suddenly appears in front of him.
Besides, this little spring is constantly spewing out, and there seems to be a growing trend …
He Yuan DuShi is not stupid.
Just now, what he "dun" Wu Sangui did was to arouse Wu Sangui’s greatest fighting spirit and let him rush out first as the "cannon fodder" to kill the Tatars down a peg or two.
But at this point ~ this’ cannon fodder’ seems to be going against the customer, mainly bringing these dog tartars …
Even if the ass wants to Yuan Dushi, you can know that once Wu Sangui really becomes that … They would rather find the best excuse for all the decline before …
Aside from the ancestral home, all the people, including Zuo Fu, Man Gui, Xie Shangzheng and Liu Xingzhi, have almost been unable to breathe.
It’s not that they haven’t seen the real chapter, and it’s not that they haven’t been on the battlefield
But ~ so pure play hardball, from the front, with 8 jin j elite directly just brave Wu Sangui this time can be said to be a breakthrough.
I’m afraid even Li Yuanqing would never dare to take such an adventurous approach at this time.
This is really …
"Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers. Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers. Changbo is good. Come on. Kill these dogs down a peg or two."
As the fighting ahead becomes more and more fierce, especially the Wu family members become more and more brave, Zu Dashou has always been as deep as the sea, and there are some ways to suppress his excitement at the moment.
His fists clenched, his face flushed, and the veins stood out on his forehead applauded as if he were about to burst, and he kept mumbling.
"Long" shored up! Hold on, you are our biggest and most brave hero. "
"Long"! Come on! Come on! "
ZuZeYuan, ZuZerun people already can’t help but cheer low Wu Sangui.
The whole army war is somewhat complicated and slightly agitated.
They, Ning Jun, are in the most critical position with the heaviest salary in the sky, and they are loved by thousands of people. However, over the past few years, they have not really achieved anything, and they have been firmly overwhelmed by Li Yuanqing Liaonan and Mao Wenlong Dongjiang.
This also makes people from southern Liaoning and Dongjiang, especially those from Changsheng Camp, feel a little embarrassed and afraid of being exposed and ridiculed by them.
But at this time ~ Wu Sangui’s bravery is like flying across fireball suddenly in the dark night!
Let all the Ning brothers present see that they are by no means idle, but they have always shouldered the heaviest and heaviest burden in the world, and they have always been able to keep everything in their hearts!
At this time, with this special opportunity, everything is like a volcano spewing out!

"Cancer cells are actually less than half."

"I’m really saved."
Li Shenhai ecstatic excited way
Zhen-qiang li is also a full face of red light nodded with regrets in shock.
"This Lingtian is true!"
"Su Jiahe agreement gives them the biggest discount"
"Let Ling Tian see our sincerity."
"So that he can completely treat you."
Deep-sea Li hurriedly nodded solemnly way
"Dad, don’t worry, I know what to do."
"Master heyday Chang Yi requested" when the housekeeper came in respectful way
Zhen-qiang li a face of doubt Chang Yi li and too much contact how suddenly the door asks for?
Deep-sea Li aside is cold hum a playful color.
"Dad, Chang Yier’s good death has offended Ling Tian."
"I warned him that if he couldn’t get Ling Tian’s understanding, he would let his home go up in smoke."
"He’s here to ask for directions."
Say that finish deep-sea Li toward the housekeeper cold way
"Let him go!"
Besides, tell him today is his deadline.
"If you don’t get Mr. Ling’s understanding before dark, I, the Li family, will attack the Dingsheng Group at all costs early in the morning."
The housekeeper promised to go out.
Zhen-qiang li nodded with satisfaction and looked at hai-hai li with a big smile.
"Chang Yi is a wise man. He never dares to take this risk and will certainly beg Ling Tian for forgiveness."
"I, Li Guping, can make Ling Tianling do us one favor with a broken word."
"Deep sea, you did a beautiful job in this matter."
Chang Yi was dumbfounded at the housekeeper’s words outside the Li family villa.
Is Li Jia serious?
Don’t even give him a chance to meet and find out all the ins and outs of Ling Tian.
Leave no room!
Can let the lees do this? It seems that Ling Tian has a big position beyond his imagination.
"Bastard, what a god you have offended!"
I was so angry that Chang Yi turned around and gave Chang Ying a slap.
Chang Ying a shrink neck face injustice way
"Dad, what God? I’ve found out."
"He is really a smelly security guard of the Su regiment."
"Shut up, you!" Chang Yi was so angry that his head was almost smoking.
How did you give birth to such a stupid child?
If it’s really a security guard, can Li Shenhai be so grovelling?
Can let the lees at the risk of killing one thousand, self-destruction, at his peak?
Are you stupid to be the Li family?
"You really made a big mistake!" Chang Yi stamped his foot with anger and hate.
"What shall we do?" Chang Ying grinned with a face of injustice.
How could he have thought that a security guard could step on thunder like an ant?
"What else can I do!" m
"Go to the Su group to apologize!"
Chang Ying facial expression, an incredible way
"Really, dad really went to apologize?"
"Even if he is backed by the Li family every day, we don’t have to be afraid."
"The Li family is one of the five big families, but our regular family is not much worse than the Li family!"
"What do you know!" Chang Yi reprimand angrily to a frown way
"If it’s the Li family, I’m not afraid of it."
"But I got the news that the Li family Wanrong group reached a strategic agreement not long ago."
"If the Li family turns against Wan Rongtuan, it will never stand by and I will always be suspicious if I have one enemy and two enemies."
Chang ying suddenly surprised look a full face of panic way
"If the two families join hands, my home is really dangerous."
"Hum, it’s not because of you!" Chang Yi denounced an irate car.
"How the hell did a smelly security guard climb the Li family?"
Chang Ying muttered a word and followed the car straight to the Su regiment.

"Mother, we were wrong. We will never dare again."

Shen Xuefu looked at the miserable two little guys. Over the years, she has been a father and a mother, turning them from starving babies into jumping children.
It’s hard for Shen Xuefu to get angry again at the sight of them.
These two little guys don’t know who they are with, so they can improvise.
Shen Xuefu believes that if they want to let them go for a second this time, they must jump up excitedly as if this had never happened.
In order to make them remember, they pretend to be strict.
"I don’t care what you did, you must hold you responsible for your mistakes."
The baby and Beibei shouted "No!"
It seems that this time is bound to be a punishment.
"When you go over there and think about incense."
"Ha, it’s okay, it’s okay." The two little guys may also be a fierce battle. I didn’t expect it to be so simple
Shen Xuefu looked at the two children cleverly and thought about it. She couldn’t help complaining about their biological father.
"Although I was strong at that time, there was a serious reason after all."
"Now you probably don’t even know that you have two babies yourself. What a irresponsible dog man!"
"Say what to marry me then bah! Marry a hammer! Love rat! "
Jiang Muhan, who was just lying in bed on the other side, suddenly sneezed several times at once.
"Who is this who dares to speak ill of Wang behind his back? I knew it was you, little rabbit!"
Little did they know that they were gnashing their teeth and scolding one of their own, but they were just polite to each other, Shen Xuefu.
Chapter one hundred and four It’s cool at night
Shen Xuefu looked at the two little guys with drowsiness and felt sorry at the moment.
I was just going to tell them to go back to sleep, but I didn’t wait for that unlucky moment.
I didn’t expect the baby and Beibei to have a soft leg directly at the moment when they were about to fall to the ground.
Shen Xuefu, that is, their mother hurriedly caught them. Now that’s how many bags are missing from their heads.
Shen Xuefu truly realized the responsibility and hardship of being a mother at this moment.
In fact, she has never quite understood whether to stop and punish children severely when they make mistakes or to educate them with that kind of "embellishment"
Shen Xuefu nai "ah" for a while and then do their own physical strength to sneak up the two little guys.
At least they are three or four years old, and they certainly won’t be too light.
Shen Xuefu felt as if she were walking with two heavy sandbags, but fortunately, the two children slept soundly.
Finally, Shen Xuefu gently put them on the bed and carefully covered them with quilts.
"You just know that you are looking for something for me and you don’t know if your generation owes you?"
It was late at this time, but she didn’t want to sleep yet.
After all, just being scared by two children really refreshed her.
It was insomnia.
Shen Xuefu left the house and walked toward the outside with her gentle steps.
I didn’t expect that there was a tall and stalwart man in the middle of the hospital.
Shen Xuefu knew that it was Jiang Muhan.
"What’s the matter, can’t the president sleep?"
Jiang Muhan heard Shen Xuefu calm voice and didn’t look back.
Is still carrying his head to look at the horizon.
"Miss Shen, when you look at the moon, it seems that there are many disappointments in this life."
Jiang Mu cold voice is slightly hoarse and full of melancholy.
Shen Xuefu is not white either. Does this mean that "emo will arrive"?
Or "Netease Cloud"?
"People have joys and sorrows, and the moon is full of rain and shine. It’s hard to do this. I hope people will be together for a long time."
If Shen Xuefu thinks that he hasn’t lost, it’s too much to show off his literary talent by borrowing the words of a great poet Su Shi.
Fortunately, Su Shi did not appear at that time, so Jiang Muhan’s sentence was felt by Shen Xuefu.
"Miss Shen’s good literary talent is really called Zaipei."
Jiang Muhan heard this sentence and felt that Shen Xuefu was really an ordinary girl and made him shine at the moment.
Shen Xuefu proudly dumped her hair when Jiang Muhan wasn’t looking.
It seems that reciting a few more poems is still very useful!
"I’m flattered, but how can there be so much worry about being an adult?"
Jiang Muhan turned to look at Shen Xuefu when he heard this.
Shen Xuefu was stared at by Jiang Muhan with some guilt, so she missed his eyes and looked elsewhere.
"Don’t think about it. I’m just a little curious. You don’t have to say anything."

However, listening to the fire inflammation said that the group was destroyed three times, which made Mu Feng feel ashamed. "Is it a level 5 God-level boss?" Mu Feng tried to ask, if it’s level 5, forget it. Mu Feng is definitely incapable of killing.

"It’s level 4, but this boss skill is a bit special. You’ll know it when you see it. I’m not afraid to give this boss to you. If you kill the swordsmen and equip me with other equipment, you’ll be unified." Fire inflammation said frankly that fire inflammation had given up the boss because he knew that Mu Feng might not be killed, but it wouldn’t hurt to get to know each other and give up the boss after a fire inflammation.
"I’ll be interesting to see what the boss is when I divide the equipment. Now wait for the snow and the purple maple line." Mu Feng nodded and said that he was looking forward to the fire inflammation and said boss.
But now the most urgent thing is to divide yesterday’s equipment, and then Mu Feng hits the friend bar at ten o’clock. At this time, the snow is fluttering and the purple maple head lights up. Mu Feng can’t help but laugh. Are these two people pinching the stopwatch line?
Without saying much, ten people went out of the east gate of Ghost Town. If Mu Feng remembered correctly, there was a very tall tree not far from the east gate. This tree was huge and ancient and grew here.
It seems that Zifeng doesn’t really reject sitting cross-legged and letting the snow drift and snuggle up beside him today, which makes people feel like a couple coming out for a picnic.
Mu Feng, look around, right? Everyone is a face of relaxed and happy expression, or sitting or lying down. It’s easy to relax. Among them, the rain glass is the coolest, lying sideways on the blood wing magic tiger, holding the blood wing magic tiger’s hairy head, and the blood wing magic tiger’s eyes are blinking. He seems to be asking Mu Feng what do you think I am doing?
"Ha ha" Mu Feng couldn’t help but chuckle and added, "Well, divide the equipment. Today is the most time we divide the equipment. I have to have a good look at what equipment has entered the eyes of our elders …" Mu Feng said and lay back. Behind him, the white python was hovering and lying on it. Suddenly, there was an unspeakable coldness, and the whole person became a lot of spirit.
At the same time, Mu Feng also found that the ancient emperor, Kana, was no longer suspended in the water at this time, but like a gentle little wolf, he lay on his back like smoke and his shadow tail shook gently
"So … I’ll distribute the equipment now. Who did you three see first?" Speaking, Ji Yue turned her attention to the mad cow, an arrow through the heart and the rain glass.
"I … show me first," said Ji Yue as soon as the voice just fell mad.
At the same time, everyone’s eyes are also looking at Ji Yue, and they all want to know what kind of equipment Ji Yue chose.
It’s really a little uncomfortable to be looked at by so many eyes, and then I smiled awkwardly and said, "There are two pieces of mad cow equipment that I think are good, both of which are anti-installation."
As soon as Ji Yuegang finished speaking, a thick brown belt appeared in front of everyone, and at the same time, it showed its name and information, tenacious defense belt.
Purple demigod level 42, heavy armor level 3 players can add the professional attributes of the Ministry of War to their professional needs. Physical fitness 12, defense 2, movement speed% additional skills. After the skill is released, the damage suffered by the players will be reduced by 1-5% for the duration of 1 second, and the damage will be reduced by 1% for every 2 seconds. When the skill is restored, the equipment will be introduced to the soldiers, especially the defensive soldiers, for 15 minutes, so that these sad people can suffer silently in a team. The Emperor of the Imperial City specially ordered the palace craftsmen to make this set of tenacious defenders to reduce these injuries.
Chapter 614 Equipment hodgepodge
"Well, this equipment is a good skill. It lasts for 1 second. It’s very considerate of the soldiers, but it’s a pity that his son HuangFuKe rebelled against the emperor. Now I don’t know where to hide it." Mu Feng sighed with emotion and said that first HuangFuYi rebelled and now HuangFuKe rebelled. The royal is Niu B.
"Ha ha wind, you don’t know this. I’ve seen a similar introduction, but I’ll give her an arrow dexterous hand armor first, which was also made by craftsmen ordered by the emperor. I guess this may be a kind of softening measure for the emperor. All professions may have it." Ji Yue whispered at this moment, saying that an arrow pierced her heart and her ears could not help but stand up and shouted, "Now that I have arrived at my equipment, send it to see. Don’t make me worry."
"Well, well, your equipment is the same as that of mad cow. Since you are in such a hurry, I will show it to you." Ji Yue knew that an arrow was an acute one, and it was strange to hear the name of her equipment. So after trading her tenacious defense belt to mad cow, the horse sent an arrow through her heart and dexterous hand armor. Compared with the brown equipment of mad cow, this equipment can’t help but give people a bright feeling that it is a pair of white gloves with green stripes, which looks very beautiful.
Purple demigod level 43 level hand guard level 39 players can add agility to the professional attributes of archers’ department 6 strength 7 physique 2 additional skills dexterous rapid fire initiative skill high archer bow archery speed increase effect 5%. When each archer shoots, there is a 1% chance to trigger the three-shot skill. The magic lasts for 1 second, and the skill consumes 2 points. When the skill is restored for 15 minutes, the equipment is introduced. The archers’ dexterity in the battlefield has flexible battlefield mobility. A team silently plays the role of remote output, which enables these battlefield elves to fight nimbly and flexibly. The Emperor of the Imperial City specially ordered the palace craftsmen to make it.
"Wow, I like to hurry now. It’s time to change my armguard. Hey, hey, I love you so much. I’m going to give you a baby." After reading the information of dexterous hand armor, I immediately rushed to Ji Yueshen and said happily, but the last sentence almost didn’t kill everyone. Mu Feng also silently wanted to ask Yi Dajie, do you have that function?
Seeing the mad cow and an arrow through the heart, two people are flattered to wear new equipment. Rain glass is a bit restless. Holding the tail of the blood wing magic tiger in a straight circle, the word "king" on the forehead of the blood wing magic tiger is almost wrinkled into a "three", but they dare not call it all. Mu Feng is laughing in the eye and gently moving his body to the rain glass and whispering, "Okay, rain glass and so on. It’s not without."
"But … you see, their equipment is so good, I’m afraid I’m not good." Yuli pouted and said sadly.
"Ha ha, you see that you are better than them, and I believe that since she left you a certain mistake, maybe you are better than them? Wait a minute, "said Mu Feng, as she also lay down. The blood-winged magic tiger has lost its hair, and its poor tail took it from the rain glass hand and gently held the rain glass hand to wait for Ji Yuefa’s equipment together.
Rain glass came to break free from Mu Feng’s hand, but Mu Feng grasped it very firmly, and she couldn’t do too much. Rain glass secretly looked at Ji Yue, and the latter was also looking at them, smiling and nodding, and Rain glass was relieved.
"Then continue to show the mad cow the second piece of equipment. This equipment has no skills, but its attributes are good. I also left it for the mad cow." Ji Yue looked away from Mu Feng and Yuli and said with a smile that the equipment had been sent out. It was a black glove.
Purple demigod level 4, hand guard level 37 players can increase the professional attributes of the Ministry of War by 5 physical points, physical attack by 15%, physical defense by 2%, 1% chance to reflect 5% damage when attacked. Introduce an attacker’s equipment with a very common appearance. Don’t underestimate its black appearance. It is an anti-injury attribute equipment plated by an alchemist. If you are a smart soldier, you will find him shining …
"Anti-injury …" Fire inflammation muttered to himself, this equipment is the first anti-injury equipment he saw. He will hand it over to destroy the gang. He must be a rookie and let him find such a treasure. He didn’t know that the treasure was returned. It is estimated that the body warrior will destroy the king and know that he must vomit blood with anger.
"Good, good, good, double attack, double prevention and 5% anti-injury. This equipment is just right for mad cows. If there is an opportunity for mad cows to save enough anti-injury equipment, who dares to move mad cows? Mad cow needs to eat blood and then move a little bit to estimate that the other party will die. Hahahaha "Mu Feng said with a laugh that one or two pieces of anti-injury equipment are rubbish, but when you get together a set of anti-injury equipment and then you happen to be a" blood cow "level M, then you can say to your opponent with a smile, come on and fight hard!
"Ha ha Mu Feng, you really talk big and are not afraid to flash your tongue to make mad cows save a set? Then you have to let the mad cow go to the seller as a pawn. Now this iron blade guard is all luck equipment. The anti-injury equipment is not good. This is the first anti-injury equipment I have ever seen. "Fire Yan couldn’t help laughing when he heard Mu Feng’s words. Mu Feng just thought of this problem. It seems that it is the first time he has seen anti-injury equipment.
After the mad cow equipment was sent out, Ji Yue turned her attention to an arrow through the heart and the rain glass, and then said, "One arrow through the heart and one piece left is the rain glass. The rain glass equipment is one piece …" Ji Yue paused here and then looked at her own column for a while before continuing, "But the rain glass equipment is probably the best of five pieces of equipment. I really don’t know why someone would hand it over or destroy the king’s special water? But it’s impossible. Is it staggered? Or is it a novice rookie who doesn’t understand equipment? "
Looking at Ji Yue talking to himself alone there, Mu Feng and others are scared to feel what equipment it is. Let Ji Yue, who has always been calm, have this expression and words. Gradually, Mu Feng, Yuli, Huoyan and others look forward to it, expecting Ji Yue to leave this equipment for Yuli.
"Well … your expression is not so exaggerated, right? You see you scared the rain glass and shook your hands …" Mu Feng suddenly laughed and said that Mu Feng’s words were attacked by the rain glass powder fist just after falling off the horse. "Who … who shook his hands? Dead Mu Feng, you are looking for a fight … Hum! " Rain glass at this time the gas yo, she just shook hands, that is, nervous Mu Feng actually said that scared her hands.
"Ha, okay, okay, rain glass, I’m wrong. Not yet. We’re in a hurry today. We have work to do. You don’t want pet eggs?" Mu Feng was beaten and scratched by the rain glass and quickly used the killer. So the rain glass really stopped, but he didn’t let Mu Feng hold Mu Feng’s hand and could resist the wry smile.
After Mu Feng and Yuli’s slapstick, Jiyue’s distracted thoughts also flew back. I’m sorry. After smiling, I listened to Jiyue and said, "Hehe, I’m a little distracted just now. I’m sorry. So it’s an arrow through the heart. The second piece of equipment, the tracker belt, I feel good." After that, I sent out the equipment. Although several people in Mu Feng are now preoccupied with Yuli’s equipment, I still carefully looked at it. It’s also a good equipment to look closely.
Purple demigod level 42 belt level 39 players can make professional demands archer’s professional attributes add strength 5 physique 6 physical defense 5 movement speed 15% additional skills fatal tracking active skills archers need to aim at 1% to hit the target after 6 seconds of skill training and have a% chance to cause 15% attack damage 3% chance to cause 2% attack damage. Additional attack damage can be superimposed. Magic costs 5 points. When skills are restored, it takes 5 minutes to introduce the equipment. The tracker column says that it is from the depths of the dark forest in Ghost Town. The Elves are equipped with these dark elves. It is said that all of them are archers, and a leaf can accurately hit the best archer in the world. However, they were attacked by the Skull King from the underworld, and the clan was almost wiped out. Now some of the remaining elves live in their king’s land.
After reading it, Mu Feng walked over and expressed his evaluation of this equipment. "Well, this equipment has two good points. First, the attack damage can be superimposed. This is better, but the explosive attack power is very strong. Second, it is a good skill to aim at this to fly a kite. I want to thank Ji Yue for finding the treasure this time."
For Mu Feng, she praised Ji Yue for shaking her head slightly, and Mu Feng said that the credit was due to herself. But what about him? You know, this time, it was all because of Mu Feng. If he didn’t have a brainwave, these equipments could be carefully read by himself and then got? When you have a bad temper, it is estimated that the word "kill" will be solved earlier. By that time, you don’t know who is wearing these equipment.
"Ah, Ji Yue, both of our equipment are glowing. It’s time to watch the rain glass. You know, I’m looking forward to this equipment now, but it’s greater than the first four pieces of equipment …" Mad cow urged Ji Yue at the sight of the equipment, saying that an arrow goes through the heart, the snow is fluttering and several people have echoed it, showing strong curiosity.
"Ha ha, ok, I can’t send it, but I’ll send the image and name of this thing first, and then I’ll send the equipment information." Ji Yue said with a smile and then sent out the doubts and expected equipment …
Chapter 615 Curse evil eyes
A blue ring appeared in front of people in a second. It looks like a piece of blue metal. If you look closely, there are some strange patterns engraved on the blue ring. At the top of the ring, it is a black gem. But strangely, there is a raised gap in this gem, which gives people the feeling that it is like two and a half gems together, which makes people look uncomfortable. Moreover, the name of this ring is even more strange-curse evil eyes.
Just as several people in Mu Feng stared at the ring carefully, the crack in the ring suddenly hit like a person suddenly opened his eyes, revealing a green eyeball …
"Wow …" A little timid, Yuli was scared back immediately and issued a slight scream. The hand unconsciously caught Mu Feng. Almost everyone was scared to take a step back for this sudden change. The expressions are different.
But there are only two people in this group, namely Snow Fluttering and Zifeng Zifeng, who are startled to see the people around them. Instead, he looked around strangely and expressed doubts about Mu Feng and others’ movements. Snow Fluttering was even more excessive, and he even laughed and exclaimed with surprise, "Ah, this ring is really interesting. Is it alive to blink?" When the snow was fluttering and making his lovely remarks, his eyes were still turning left and right, which made Mu Feng’s heart tremble.
"Ha ha, the equipment attribute is coming …" Ji Yue’s stratagem is like a smile, and Mu Feng and others’ reaction made her very satisfied. Say Ji Yue will curse the evil eye attribute and send it out again. This Mu Feng suddenly gasped. Now he finally feels this equipment is really unusual … "Good"!
The purple god level 44 belt level 4 player can make the professional demand hunter’s exclusive bonus attribute 2% higher life, 5 points higher magic and 3 points higher additional skills. The evil eye array, also known as the evil eye trap, starts the trap hunter to place a triangular evil eye magic array on the ground. When the target enters the evil eye magic array, he can choose to start the trap trap. Depending on the target unit type, the evil erosion of the trap effect reduces the target in the trap range by 5%, the defense reduces the attack speed by 5%, and the physical attack power reduces the attack target. 5% movement speed, number of evil eye placements, five evil eye placements consume magic, one point placement counts for three seconds, and the evil eye placement takes one minute to start the skill, and the magic consumes five points. When the skill cools down, it takes one hour to introduce the equipment. Curse the evil eye, and the equipment remains after the inferno jointly enters the soul world. This is a cursed dark hunter equipment. Whenever someone makes a skill, his team will also suffer the evil eye curse …
Silent curse evil eye equipment attribute a Mu Feng and others are silent in the analysis of this terrorist equipment, this equipment has too many different.
"It’s no wonder that Ji Yue can say such a thing. The additional skills of this equipment are simply too arrogant. I’m now wondering how this equipment can flow out. Is it really a vegetable chicken? Or is the king of destruction interested in Mu Feng and deliberately releasing water to give this equipment to Mu Feng? " Fire inflammation first said that in his opinion, this equipment is listed as a god-class equipment, and it is too much for this equipment. It should be a super-god-class equipment.

The streamer dared not approach the snake, and the sea water was sucked into a huge whirlpool. She was far away, and the sea water was sucked away as if it were guided.

Dark clouds covered the sky, and the downpour suddenly started. Suddenly, there was a silver snake in the cloud and it split straight into the whirlpool. The silver snake appeared in an instant, and the ferocious shape of the snake was reflected in the morning.
Snake level 5? ? ? /? ? ?
It’s reading a bar to fix this progress bar, and it’s moving very slowly, bit by bit
Can’t let it read this article!
Time flies to turn the snake into a demon, but she is told to make it "how to fight this? I will go!" " It’s a problem that everyone knows how to get close to each other by reading an interruption.
The small wooden basin where she was sitting drifted into the whirlpool, and she rowed out hard and looked back at the whirlpool to figure out which position to take off and fall on the snake body more easily.
A series of days of lightning will shine the sea and sky in front of the huge body of the snake, and the time is so small.
When the egrets came out of the clouds to chat with each other, their lovesickness turned to ashes. One, two, three groups all went to Longxing Cliff to find Xunxun-how could it be that the only luminous body in Longxing Cliff could not be seen?
"My mom’s boss has no place to stay!"
"Look, there seems to be a man there!"
Looking down one of the members’ hands, there was another lightning strike, and the huge body of the Haihua snake occupied the eye. However, if you look closely at the edge of the whirlpool, there was a small wooden basin floating with the waves, and there was a person struggling to row it out.
"It’s easy to fight, but he can’t attack the snake at all. It’s too far away to attack."
"The roots can’t do it!" The lightning frequency is dense, the waves in the sea are turbulent and the acacia turns to ash. The members shouted in shock. The waves rushed head-on and the waves were higher than the man in the tub. This will definitely overturn people into the sea. The vortex attraction is so terrible that it will definitely appear at the resurrection point before long.
Sure enough, after the waves beat, the small tub was quickly sucked into the whirlpool, and the man disappeared.
"It’s not a good idea to find a way to pull the snake over there and make it motionless." After observing the peach blossom for a long time, the members said that he listened and saw the snake now. It was born and suspended in half like absorbing the essence of the sun and the moon
Longxing cliff sent a white light to the array, and several teams bought maps. Players came running to see the Haihua snake and rowed to the sea without saying a leaf boat. I don’t know if the newborn calf is not afraid of tigers or confident and prepared.
"Sihai, can you pull it over?" The unknown asked, but his eyes were fixed on the players who had just entered the sea. After they approached the whirlpool, the whole boat was slaughtered like a duckweed by the waves. It didn’t take long for the boat to fall apart. After a minute, the players appeared at the resurrection point of Longxing Cliff.
"It’s strange that the first person in the sea hasn’t appeared at the resurrection point yet. Is he scared and forced to drop the line?"
"Ant, I want you to taste the taste of offending my anger!" The snake’s painful long roar almost pierced the eardrum of Longxing Cliff players.
"How can someone really close to the snake! ?” to be continued
Ps cup is not feeling well today, and it’s a better day today.
96 risk challenge
"Hey, I finally interrupted you to read the article." The snake’s tail with a pike streamer grabbed the pike and smiled proudly.
She swung like a swing, grabbed the pike, rolled over to the snake, and then pulled it away.
Repairing the reading bar interrupted the snake’s roar and quickly went into a state of madness. She saw the square vortex. Previously, she was able to paddle a small wooden basin to make waves. Now the speed of the vortex is accelerating, as if it were natural that the meat grinder swept away and swallowed everything. She accidentally slipped and fell for a second, and she was sent back to the resurrection point.
That attack will not cause fatal damage to the snake. Streamer interrupts the reading skill, repairs the reading, stops it, and the blood volume is generously presented to Streamer.
10 thousand blood!
Breathe in time.
The snake got angry and finally moved as everyone wanted.
"Move it moved fighters to rob hatred! Quick! " The song is full of peach blossoms and great joy
"It’s so difficult to grow up …" Guild fighters said it was difficult that they had to attack in close quarters to get hatred, but the snake was far from them.
The snake churned and circled in the middle, and hit the tide. The sea water hit the streamer, causing her a lot of harm. While swallowing the blood pill, she went around the blind spot of the snake’s visual angle to help it scale up.
The snake-man-faced leopard has two wings and a snake-like sound, such as yelling for water.
It should be considered that snakes attacking three inches should be more effective than attacking other places
She greeted the snake every step of the way. Although she hasn’t been able to kill 1% of the snake’s health, the snake was interrupted by the streamer to absorb the aura of heaven and earth, and she was repeatedly provoked and violated its majesty. debuff—— appeared-the attack increased by 3% and the damage defense decreased by 1%.

Poisonous claws give powerful physical damage to the enemy and make it poisoned.

Although this monster is a little scary, it is a pediatrician for Chu Yun!
Phantom ayane!
A little elite blamed Chu Yun for solving it without blowing off dust, and a push of equipment broke out at the moment when the poisonous corpse died, not to mention a lot of things
Lin Weiwei sparkled at the sight of her eyes, and she was no longer afraid. She ran to pick up the things and gave them to the other two women.
The two women have got good equipment, and that heart is a very good asset for them.
Just when the three girls were happy to chat, there was another shock and a poisonous corpse was drilled from the ground, not five.
Five poisonous corpses surrounded three people in a row, and three women were scared. If you look good, the monster will not be afraid, but this poisonous corpse … is not too disgusting?
For these five poisonous corpses, Chu Yun showed an attack as soon as his eyes were closed and a sigh was made.
Attacking five poisonous corpses in Jueqiang is too dead to die.
One or five poisonous corpses can explode a lot more things than the previous poisonous corpse.
Lin Weiwei was excited to catch Chu Yun jumping and jumping, and even the girl was not reserved at all.
The five elite monsters didn’t explode silver equipment, but there were many broken things, even several gems.
There were monsters here in the original Chu Yun, but when four people went to Shimen, they didn’t see monsters coming out of the ground before they knew there should be no monsters here.
Lashimen four people entered another environment, where there were no weeds and the land was as hard as a rock. It was frightening that there were five dilapidated coffins in front.
Although the environment has changed, the atmosphere has not changed, but it is even more grim than before.
Surprisingly, there is a stone gate behind the coffin, which means there is still one face after passing here
"Monsters here don’t hide in coffins, do they?" Lin Weiwei pointed to the coffin and said with fear.
"I think so." Faced with such a place, Chu Yun is a little nervous.
"You have to protect us …" Said Lin Weiwei, pulling two other women behind Chu Yun and using him as a shield.
Chu Yun didn’t say anything. Since I chose to take you, I naturally have to protect you. This is a man who should be a gentleman.
Click, click, click, click, click …
At this time, five coffins moved together, like rotten wood breaking, and the illusion around them was terrible.
Five coffins vibrate violently and the top coffin lid is being pushed bit by bit. Although Chu Yun is nervous, he is not afraid of the monsters inside, but he is worried that the monsters are too ugly to scare himself.
Quack, quack, quack …
Chu Yun’s ears move. He’s too familiar with this sound. This is a death cemetery skeleton twist
Is there a skeleton in the coffin?
Suddenly a skeleton hand grabbed the coffin lid and slowly got up.
"It was a skeleton …" I was not afraid of what Chu Yun had seen for the skeleton.
When the five skeletons climbed up from the coffin, Chu Yuncai looked up. The five skeletons were dressed in tattered gray clothes as if they had been baptized for a long time but had not been corroded.
These five skeletons are quite individual, and each hand holds a different weapon, namely the sword, axe, Zhan Ji spear and pike.
Curious Chu Yun opened his mouth when he saw it.
Jin Jian Level 2 Gold boss Life 15 Introduction Wang’s Most Loyal Five Warriors were superb in swordsmanship before their lives, even if they died, they should guard the king’s side.
Skill, heavy chop, horizontal chop, three-stage chop, broken chop.
Heavy chop deals powerful physical damage to the enemy and has a high chance of dizziness.
Cross-cutting attacks all enemies around to give powerful physical damage.
Attacking the enemy three times in a row in three sections will cause terror and continuous damage.
Break cut release a terrorist firm but gentle attack in front of the enemy.
Golden axe level 2 gold boss life 15 introduction Wang’s most loyal five soldiers’ strength can shake caves before their lives, and even if they die now, they can still crack rocks.
Skills, high winds, chopping, chopping, whirlwind chopping.
Blast chop this recruit attack speed is extremely fast and give powerful physical damage.
Break and chop a rock, crack and hit the enemy, then stun and cause terrorist damage.
Cyclone Chopper holds a tomahawk, which will give the enemy multiple segments of terrorist damage when it hits the target, so that it has a certain chance to make nature go into a dizzy state.
Golden halberd level 2 gold boss life 15 introduction Wang’s most loyal five warriors, a halberd with superb skills, had great strength before his death.
The mountain of skill breaks ten thousand people.

Mu Feng thought that he might be a monster, a monster that could not be killed. If Su Xinxin and Ji Yue were not hurt, Mu Feng was not afraid of those gangsters, but when he saw Su Xinxin being hijacked, Mu Feng felt a burst of force in his heart, which led to his coma later.

"Whoo … who am I?" Mu Feng sighed for a long time. He couldn’t remember the past and recalled the past. Now he is such a freak. He doesn’t know why or why.
Mu Feng looked out of the window and stared for a few seconds. He smashed his fist on the wall, then put his fist away and walked quickly to the room. Just after he left the door, Mu Feng bumped into a nurse, who waited for the nurse to react, and then bathed in the wind. She asked which room Ji Yue and Su Xinxin were in now. The nurse looked at the form in her hand and then shook her head and said no to Mu Feng.
Later, the nurse said that Mu Feng wanted to ask if the two girls who went to the hospital with him were sent in by a policewoman. Mu Feng hurriedly said that it was only then that she learned that Su Xinxin and Ji Yue were in the room and were about to run to see them. When the nurse suddenly stopped Mu Feng and asked softly, "I asked you what you have with them?"
Chapter 194 Pregnant Ji Yue wants you to be good.
"Uh …" It’s really hard to answer this Mu Feng when I saw the nurse asking herself, because it seems that Su Xinxin and Ji Yue are both his girlfriends at this stage, and he can’t tell the nurse that he has two girlfriends, can he? It’s a little unfair to say one to the other.
"What are you talking about?" See Mu Feng pretending to be deaf. The nurse asked again. It seems that the nurse is thirty years old. It is the impatient stage. Plus Mu Feng is a man. Why do men talk so slowly?
"Er … one is my sister, and the other is my girlfriend …" Mu Feng paused, and then he couldn’t tell the reason for lying. Mu Feng is now a little empty, for fear that the nurse will doubt himself.
"girlfriend? How long have you been with her? " The nurse’s fine eyes stared at Mu Feng as if she had seen through Mu Feng’s lies. As soon as Mu Feng opened her mouth, she said that she had been together for a year and two months.
"Have you ever lived together?" The nurse didn’t let Mu Feng continue to ask Mu Feng that strange eyes still didn’t leave Mu Feng.
"yes!" Mu Feng insists that he can play along now, and he must not let the nurse suspect that Ji Yue and her are not his girlfriend. If she continues to ask herself how long she has lived with her girlfriend, Mu Feng will definitely say it for a year.
But the nurse didn’t ask, but smiled kindly. "Hehe, do you know that your girlfriend is pregnant?"
"Ah?" Mu Feng was so big that the rhythm of the conversation was instantly disrupted, leaving Mu Feng with silly consternation. He just looked at the nurse for more than ten seconds before he woke up and asked, "Who is pregnant …?" You’re not kidding me … "
"It’s your girlfriend. When your girlfriend and sister arrived last night, the doctors in our hospital examined them. From the blood sample, it was found that your girlfriend’s HCG value was too high. After further examination, the doctor came to the conclusion that your girlfriend was pregnant for two months." The nurse said slowly, while she said Mu Feng’s facial expression changed little by little. The nurse guessed that this must be the first time he learned that his girlfriend was too happy to be pregnant.
But Mu Feng’s real feeling is not happy but shocked. If the nurse says there is nothing wrong, then the pregnant person should be Ji Yue, because Mu Feng clearly remembers that she occupied Ji Yue two months ago because she was drunk, but Mu Feng didn’t think that Ji Yue didn’t take measures afterwards, but it was developed by it. Until today, Mu Feng didn’t know that Ji Yue was pregnant from the nurse’s mouth.
Mu Feng patted his forehead. Why didn’t he expect Ji Yue to be pregnant? No wonder Ji Yue wanted it very much but refused to take it to moisten herself in the long mansion in autumn water. At this moment, Mu Feng suddenly realized a lot.
"Nurse, can you … take me to meet my girlfriend?" Mu Feng was so excited that he grabbed the nurse’s hand and asked him. He was very surprised just now, but Mu Feng is excited now because he and Ji Yue have a love crystallization, but whether it is true or not, Mu Feng has to ask Ji Yue to know.
The nurse was so excited that Mu Feng didn’t refuse him. He took Mu Feng with him and laughed. "Come with me. By the way, you have to pay a medicine after you register your girlfriend and sister."
"Ok!" Mu Feng repeatedly agreed.
Mu Feng lives in the male patient area, while Ji Yue and Su Xinxin live in the female patient area. The distance between the two places is a little far, and the nurse walks slowly. This distance is almost anxious for Mu Feng, but when Mu Feng was in a hurry, the nurse finally took him to the front of Ji Yue’s ward and let him in.
Su Xinxin and Ji Yue live in the same ward. Su Xinxin is still sleeping, Ji Yue is also sleeping, and Ji Yue is sitting dozing off by the bed. After an arrow goes through her heart, the nurse handed Mu Feng a form. Mu Feng wrote the names of the two beautiful women. The nurse told Mu Feng that Su Xinxin’s injury is no longer important. She can be discharged at any time. Ji Yue, that is, the nurse said that Ji Yue had a slight concussion. She said that she should pay more attention to rest and be fine. Don’t wake her.
The nurse also said that after Ji Yue woke up for an examination last night, nothing happened and it didn’t affect the fetus. At the same time, she also urged Mu Fengneng not to wake Ji Yue, so don’t wake up because of the concussion. It’s not good to talk big and leave sequelae.
Mu Feng is also white. When he desperately hopes that Ji Yue will get better, of course, he will not disturb Ji Yue and hurt those gangsters Mu Feng, especially Pang Huamu Feng, who can’t stand this person.
After Mu Feng also learned that an arrow pierced the heart and spent the night here with Ji Yue and Su Xinxin, it is estimated that she must have been busy last night, otherwise she wouldn’t have slept so heavily now, but whether it was an arrow pierced the heart and Ji Yue and Su Xinxin or the rain glass sleeping last night, it was very nice.
After the nurse took Mu Feng and filled out the form, she took the Mu Feng to the bank card and went out to pay for the medicine. When she left, she called a nurse to watch Mu Feng outside the door. She was afraid that Mu Feng would do that indecent thing to the beautiful woman in the ward.
Mu Feng walked gently to Su Xinxin’s side and held her warm little hand tightly. Mu Feng’s hand was shaking and his body was shaking. His heart was even more angry. He didn’t protect Su Xinxin, Ji Yue and the girl he liked.
Mu Feng held Su Xinxin’s little hand for a long time. His sadness even made him feel a little lost when he looked at the nurse at the door. He was also very sympathetic to Mu Feng. After talking in front of Su Xinxin, Mu Feng went to Ji Yue’s side again. He also grabbed Ji Yue’s little hand when Mu Feng thought of Ji Yue and tried to save himself. When he blocked a brain blow in front of himself, Mu Feng bit his teeth, and his heart was full of murder. However, he endured that he would not lose his temper at this time. When this happened, he might as well kill Pang Hua directly.
"I want you to be … good!" Mu Feng leaned over to Ji Yue’s ear and said in a very small voice, and then kissed her face and eyebrows. Then Mu Feng took the paper and pencil from the hospital and wrote some messages that she left the hospital first and let them rest assured to recuperate here. Then Mu Feng received the nurse’s return bank card and left the hospital for an old place.
Chapter 195 stunner sad enemy killed.
Stop a taxi outside the hospital, and then Mu Feng asked the driver to go to Bauhinia Garden, where Mu Feng lived. But on the way, Mu Feng asked the driver to stop a car, and then Mu Feng went into the clothing store and bought an expensive suit. Mu Feng used to wear the pure white clothes and pants in the hospital, but the quality was very poor. He didn’t dare to wear them back to his relatives and neighbors to see them. Anyway, Mu Feng is rich now and can buy whatever he wants.
Dressed as a handsome young man, Mu Feng continued to take a taxi and went back to Bauhinia Garden. When Mu Feng did not go home to visit his mother immediately, he bypassed Bauhinia Garden Community and walked to the back of the garden.
The distance between the back hill and the garden community is relatively far. The wind energy in the taxi can walk in, and even if the taxi can come in, no one dares to make several unfortunate incidents here in the back hill. After everyone who lived there a few years ago was ruined, no one dared to come to the back hill of Bauhinia Garden. Only Mu Feng is looking for someone to live here.
The person he is looking for is Liu Tinglan, who has lived here for three or four years in a safe place. Mu Feng doesn’t believe that there are ghosts and gods in the back hill, but when Mu Feng stepped into the back hill area, Mu Feng still made a move. This place is extremely gloomy and full of ghosts and gods. Even if he has been here for dozens of times, Mu Feng is a little uncomfortable.
Hard to walk every step after seeing a protruding place, Mu Feng immediately went to where to take the door of the room that covered Liu Tinglan, and Mu Feng climbed down the iron ladder to the outside of the back hill, which was even more gloomy than Liu Tinglan’s room.
Mu Feng breathed a long sigh of relief when his feet fell to the ground of the basement. He didn’t know if he had chosen Liutinglan correctly, but Mu Feng needed Liutinglan’s help.
"Sister Liu?" In the dark room, Mu Feng shouted, although it was not big, the echo surrounded the whole room, and if someone inside could generally hear it.
Mu Feng shouted a no response, he shouted a result is still the same, wondering whether this LiuTingLan is not here when Mu Feng heard the sound of "ping-bang", took out his mobile phone and turned on the lights to go to Mu Feng where the sound was made, and suddenly felt that the whole person was messy.
Liu Tinglan is lying naked in front of her in a chair with a pair of clothes on both sides of the chair handle. If it weren’t for Liu Tinglan, there would be a table in front of her. Mu Feng would surely see her in a wonderful place now. Liu Tinglan’s body was naked, and two shrugs fell slightly on her chest because she was too big. Looking at Liu Tinglan, her face was ruddy and she was short of breath, but she was excited. What just fell to the ground was something that would shake. There was also something on the desktop.
Mu Feng is the first time in my life to see a naked woman or a beautiful woman like Liu Tinglan, and her excited face and something that fell to the ground. Mu Feng instantly associated it with impure pictures, and suddenly his face became flushed, and the mobile phone lights were always calm. Mu Feng also became a little restless.
"Well … the breeze is coming … I’m sorry, my sister is really upset. Can you give my sister two minutes?" Liu Tinglan swallowed a mouthful of hand liquid and said to Mu Feng very contentedly. Mu Feng in the dark room didn’t know what Liu Tinglan was doing, but it must be a man’s favorite picture from the soft sound.
But Mu Feng didn’t want to fantasize about that scene. He remained numb for three minutes before Liu Tinglan picked up those refreshing tools of another woman, then put on a thin white trench coat, adjusted her hair and applied a layer of lipstick to her lips. After that, Liu Tinglan returned to the chair and played a gloomy light in the gloomy basement.
"Liujie, you …" Mu Feng looked at Liu Tinglan, who was suddenly dressed beautifully, and suddenly he was speechless. Does every beautiful woman do that kind of extreme shame in private?
LiuTingLan is not afraid of Mu Feng see yourself doing those things eyebrows picked pick some bitterness asked, "Xiao Feng say it’s ok to come to my sister."
Just that kind of enjoyment moment was seen by Mu Feng and interrupted LiuTingLan, of course, and she also knew that Mu Feng would take the initiative to come to herself, which must be bad.

The fox offensive is all empty, and the tiger is the real threat!

This is the tiger! It is also the intention of "Smith"!
Seeing the steel nail will penetrate into the brain, it seems that Liu Chuxuan root can’t hide!
But Liu Chuxuan didn’t hide. He just stretched out his left middle finger and gently flicked it!
"Sniff!" This nail flew out obliquely at once and was inserted in a stake in the corner of the high platform!
It turns out that Liu Chuxuan has been observing Liang Weng’s subtle movements since he got Ling Feiyang’s wake-up. When he noticed Liang Weng’s body flying obliquely, his robe sleeve shook and he expected that he had already grasped a hidden weapons in his hand.
Once hidden weapons’s launch timing was seen through, hidden weapons became a weapon station. Liu Chuxuan easily solved this fatal blow by popping a finger!
Liang Weng this recruit plot against Liu Chuxuan has already grabbed the advantage of the sword momentum like a rainbow to attack Liang Weng. Liang Wengye Fox Boxing is a surprise, while Liu Chuxuan’s real swordsmanship is full of stamina. When a long Liang Weng is struggling, it is increasingly difficult to resist being pushed to the corner of the high platform. Seeing that Liang Weng’s defeat is set, Liu Chuxuan stepped forward and suddenly felt his feet fall!
It turns out that in a tournament, the sand-borne iron oars repeatedly hit the high platform table, and the bamboo ropes tied to the table have loosened several bamboos. Although they have not fallen off, they are already very loose. At this time, Liu Chuxuan happened to step on the loose ropes and immediately broke the high platform to reveal a big crack. Liu Chuxuan cried and became unstable. Several bamboos fell from this crack together!
See figure is about to fall to the ground Liu Chuxuan is quick response suddenly grabbed a piece of bamboo on the ground a brace and full play!
"whoosh!" Another afternoon nail came, and Liu Chuxuan quickly threw her head back and wiped the tip of her nose with a steel nail, but her body was out of balance and fell again! This bamboo gradually bends and brings Liu Chuxuan to the ground. Just before landing, Liu Chuxuan tiptoes on the bamboo pole, and its elastic shape flies out like a projectile and shoots at a stake supporting the high platform!
Liang Weng saw Liu Chuxuan’s left arm holding the stake tightly through the crack formed by the high platform depression, but his figure still didn’t fall to the ground, so he jumped from this crack and even swung his paws at Liu Chuxuan!
Liu Chuxuan held the stake in his left hand and stabbed Liang Weng’s chest with a sword in his right hand. It was just a trick of "oblique wind and drizzle". Liang Weng leaned over and dodged the sword and stuck his paws on his chest. His legs flew backwards at the edge of the sword and his legs were wrapped around another stake opposite Liu Chuxuan!
"Swish swish-!" More than a dozen noon nails flew out of Liang Weng’s cuffs!
"Dangdang Dangdang-!" Liu Chuxuan’s right hand sword even waved all hidden weapons to fly out!
Liang Weng hidden weapons has almost finished shooting, but he still hasn’t hurt the enemy!
Liu Chuxuan’s arm took the stake and Liang Weng’s legs took the stake. Both of them looked at each other, but they didn’t attack first!
Because it is very clear to both of them that if they don’t fall to the ground first, now both of them can rely on the stake, which is at the bottom of the platform, that is, the ground. The first attacker must fly away from the stake first, and once the offensive is not successful, it is likely to fall to the ground and lose.
A gust of mountain wind blew through the cracks in the high platform, and the creaking of bamboo seemed to be crumbling.
Suddenly a bamboo slipped out of the loose rope buckle and fell to the ground from the middle of the two people!
Liang Weng’s right hand suddenly leaned out and caught one end of this bamboo and aimed the other end at Liu Chuxuan!
This bamboo is like a pike stabbing Liu Chuxuan in the chest and stabbing Liu Chuxuan with a trick "Raining at night". The long sword is repeatedly waved to cut off the bamboo one by one for a moment, and the bamboo is left with half!
At the same time, Liang Weng threw his hand and half bamboo capacity, kicked his feet and toes, pounded his wooden stake, and threw a punch at Liu Chuxuan’s head!
Fifty moves in Liaodong Wild Fox Boxing may not have a real move, but Liang Weng’s fist is actually a real move at the moment!
This half bamboo stabbed Liu Chuxuan’s chest through the sword net with a strong breeze. Liu Chuxuan had to flash to the side. The sharp tip of this half bamboo was actually inserted into the stake! But Liang Weng’s punch has also hit Liu Chuxuan, and the sword can’t come back. In the future, he will hold the column and loosen the capacity with his left hand to push it!
"bang!" Two people fist palm intersection Liang Weng borrows money to fly away and Liu Chuxuan to fall!
Liang Weng’s body flew to the highest point just before he slowly fell down and thought that Liu Chuxuan should have landed by now, so he looked around only to find that Liu Chuxuan’s body was in a horizontal posture, his right foot was standing on the stake, and his left hand was holding the half bamboo on the ground! It turned out that Liu Chuxuan quickly pulled out the half-cut bamboo from the stake and inserted it on the ground together with his right foot to support his body!
But Liang Weng didn’t lose either!
At the last moment before landing, Liang Weng’s robe sleeve waved "sou" one by one, and a nail flew out and nailed it to the broken bamboo!
This is Liang Weng’s last hidden weapons, but it saved the day for him!
Half-cut bamboo breaks again and Liu Chuxuan finally falls to the ground! And Liang Weng’s figure also landed at the same time! The fourth tournament drew.
Chapter 46 Ling Feiyang VS Ouyang Ke
Four games, one win, one loss and two draws.
The key game of the fifth game will decide the final outcome of the contest.
Xu Jin Guo has one Ouyang Ke left. According to the previous discussion, the true religion should be played by Hao Datong.
However, Ma Yu knows very well in his heart that Hao Datong’s martial arts are far from his four senior brothers. If Ouyang Ke’s martial arts are similar to the four Xu Jin Guo masters who appeared in front, Hao Datong will never be his opponent.
Besides, although Ouyang Ke is very young, it seems to be hidden, which seems to be more elusive than the previous four people!
"Hao teacher younger brother …" Ma Yu was about to tell him a few words of ling Feiyang suddenly came up!
"Guys, I’ll fight this last battle!" Lingfeiyang avenue
This is a true six are amazing eyes looking at the ling float in the sky.
"Fly in the sky this Ouyang Ke looks very simple and you can’t handle it …" Wang Chuyi said earnestly.
"Uncle Wu, although I am not fully sure to win him, I am less sure than Uncle Hao!" Now an emergency ling float in the sky also said bluntly without modesty.
"What do you mean?" Liu Chuxuan asked.
"There are three reasons," said Ling Feiyang. "First, I may be better at martial arts than Uncle Hao now!"
"Flying, it’s not true that you said this, Martial Uncle. Even if your martial arts are slightly better than Martial Uncle’s experience in facing the enemy, you certainly don’t believe me!" Hao Datong Road
"It’s not necessarily …" Ling Feiyang said, "Although I haven’t been able to make any tricks in the Jianghu this year, my experience has improved a lot. Ouyang Ke is talented and has seen all kinds of martial arts in the first four games. I think the martial arts of herself in the Heart Sutra may be able to get miraculous results against him. This is the second thing I want to say."
"Feiyang said that there is some truth. What about the third?" Tan Chuduan asked.
"I once played this Ouyang Ke in Chang ‘an. At that time, we didn’t win, but he bit me with a snake." Ling Feiyang said, "The first four people are more familiar with this Ouyang Ke martial arts routine than I am. This is the third."
In the first four arrays, Ling Feiyang discovered the enemy’s martial arts routines and unique skills before each burst, which has already made Zhen Liu stunned by Ling Feiyang. Now everyone has no doubt about him.

"You ~ Hum, this is the Death Canyon Lich Corps. Members of my Lich Corps don’t need to listen to the messenger’s adult arrangement without doing anything wrong. They need to order from Sog’s adult. Without Sog’s adult command, I can meet the requirements of the messenger’s adult!"

"Ha, ha, ha. Are you telling me that Sog will oppose the emissary and the Lord of Death?"
"I don’t know what the emissary is talking about. There is always no Soger who ordered Trifa to follow the emissary!"
Looking at this bastard lich, I’m depressed. I don’t want to do it. I’m afraid I’ll hurt your fucking fighting capacity. But I have to face that Sog. It seems that it’s not working. Then I’ll have to order some pants for you to eat! Death kisses!
Be on guard against Terry being kissed by a god of death and directly knocking out 720,000 blood. This guy, Bones Dragon, has no fighting power on his own without calling, and there is no illusory physical strength, epidemic disease and physical attack except in the dead field. We have a lot of magic!
"What if I told you that now you have no choice but to promise to be my slave or I will kill you?"
Terry, who was seriously injured by my sudden hand, heard my voice and looked up at me angrily but didn’t speak. Next to him, Sandas quickly got up and took Terry and shouted at me, "Please don’t do it, emissary. I advise Terry!"
I cooperated very much and didn’t do it again. I didn’t have much skill if I did it again, and it wouldn’t do much harm, so the undead spear and curse inflammation could be worse
"What’s wrong with terry angel adults want you to be a slave? We have been here for so many years, and we can’t go back for the time being. Now this mainland is not a scene of jihad. Recently, the skeleton king and the golden armor corpse emperor have been killed outside. Besides the emissary, we can often communicate with the four holy mage adults. We have also joined the Lich King adults and teachers, and even the Sorge adults have joined the Lich King adults. Do we have to wait until we are like the skeleton king and the golden armor corpse emperor?
And do you think Lord soggy still cares about us? It’s really a conflict with the emissary. Lord Sog will definitely leave us alone. We are not as good as his bone demon. Now he is constantly thinking about transforming his bone dragon into a corpse dragon! Think about it! "
"how about it? Terry, have you thought it over? If you are still stubborn, don’t blame me! "
I’m ready to curse inflammation! Five seconds later, the skills are ready, and Terry is still meditating. It seems that he really needs to add another fire!
The skill was sent directly to Terry’s body, and the black inflammation kept burning in Terry’s body. This guy fell to the ground and screamed in pain. I didn’t continue to attack, but looked down at Terry and said again, "Will it?"
Immediately prepare the undead bone spear for five seconds. When preparing, the past five huge bone spears appeared in front of me. I shouted "Go!"
Five-bone spears flew at Terry’s’ poop-poop-poop’ and a series of crosstalk sounded. Five-bone spears were nailed to Terry’s body!
Chapter 229 The second slave
Sandas and Serena, next to Terry, are afraid. I think it’s a good thing I didn’t do this to them ~ ~ It’s more than ten seconds. Terry, the lich, finally can’t stand the blood. There are less than one million left and finally beg for mercy. "Adult Terry is willing to serve adults. Please don’t attack again! I am willing to be your slave! "
"oh? Would you like to? But didn’t you have to wait for soggy’s order just now? I don’t think so yet. What should I do? " I joked.
"No, I don’t need adult soggy’s adult root won’t ask us things. I can decide for myself. I want to! Adults forgive me! "
Terry rolled back and forth in pain and pleaded with Sandas next to him. He hung his eyes and didn’t seem to see that he was afraid to speak. I shared my soul with Janssen Doss and made a cautious but resolute expression, and then came out to help Terry plead.
Sandas received my order, first one leng stole a glance at me, and then two steps went to Terry’s side, which seemed to be determined. He suddenly turned to me and "burst" and knelt down to the avenue. "Angel’s adult, please forgive Terry!" If the adults can spare Terry’s life, Sandas is willing to be an adult slave with Terry! "
Damn, this guy is really good at acting! Gifted! Md has exposed everything about being my slave together, and Terry will be very grateful to this guy. After all, people have helped him plead and even they are willing to be slaves themselves!
"Do you really want to be a slave? The seat didn’t force you! "
"It’s adult Sandas who can follow adult glory!"
Holy shit, you flatter me again. I said, is the lich so interesting? These aspects are so talented! Haha, I like it!
"Good Sandas you are very good! Terry, since Sandas interceded for you and you agreed to be my slave, I will spare your life! Now you sign a soul contract with me together with Sandas! Remember that the seat is called Feiyang! "
"Thank you!" "Thank you ~ thank you ~ thank you ~ forgive me!"
Sandas and Terry thanked each other, and then Sandas took a big oath ~ Ya has already done it, so just do it ~ But Terry is not doing it.
I, Sandas, vowed to follow Feiyang when I witnessed the soul in the High God, and the Lord will never abandon it. If there is any violation of the soul, it will die! Deed!’ I, Terry, vowed to follow Feiyang when I witnessed the soul in the High God, and I will never give up if I violate the soul and die! Deed!’ I secretly rejoiced that Terry wanted to be my slave, so I directly chose to agree to come here again, and the level of the tone was raised by one level. After reading the experience, it was almost 46!
Ha ha ha ~ this level feels more experienced than killing them! It seems that the experience gained by killing monsters is a small part!
After the success of the contract, Terry’s black body went out directly. This guy has less than one million blood left, but now he’s recovering very quickly, and he won’t be injured any more. It shouldn’t be long before he’s full!
I’m in a very good mood to successfully recover Terry, an epic lich, but I won’t just let go of this guy’s things. Just after I chose to agree, the contract came into effect, and this guy’s things all appeared in my backpack. Although this guy is now our slave, who said that slave things can be better than the master? Who says a slave can’t take things from his master?
"Terry, I have all your things here. I’ll take these things first. After I clean up Suoge, I’ll go to the treasure house of the Lich Army. You can all choose a set of magic equipment that suits you. Tell me if you need anything else!"
"It’s the master!" Both of them respectfully replied, of course, can they have their objections?
I’m also looking forward to Terry’s things when I have the experience of finding benefits from Sandas! Talk to Terry directly through the soul. "Terry, do you have anything special in these things besides magic equipment? First of all, being tall is not necessarily suitable for lich ambassadors! "
"Master Hui has some advanced materials, as well as some advanced magic books and martial arts, among which two scrolls are very rare, one is the Phantom Assassin’s job transfer scroll, and the other is the necromancer’s arrangement method."
"Oh, is there an ultimate skill or a spell in that skill?"
"The ultimate skill level of Master Hui is the martial arts category. There are three ultimate martial arts, namely, Blast Chop, Sky-breaking Arrow and Purgatory Chop. The forbidden spell level has a natural disaster of the undead."
Undead natural disaster? Holy shit ~ isn’t that necromancy? This guy is really in stock! This skill is generally really afraid to count the undead. It’s really hard to pick up!
"Well, I know!"
After the communication with Terry’s soul, I put Terry’s east and west parts into two rings respectively, with epic equipment, plus a phantom assassin’s transfer scroll and necromancer arrangement method. These two scrolls, as well as some advanced materials and all skills, were put into the artifact ring, and other things were thrown into the new ring.
After reading the necromancer scroll, it is really a good thing to arrange the necromancer. Once it is launched in the coverage area, the dead units will be transformed into necromancers, and these necromancers will automatically attack hostile targets under the control of the initiator! Absolutely!
After I packed my things, I wiped the high-level spell with the skill of "Undead Natural Disaster" in my hand! Should we learn this skill? It seems a bit scary! Will we become public enemies of np in all cities when this comes out?
After thinking about it for a long time, I finally decided to learn to be afraid of nothing ~ I don’t mess around casually, but I can learn more skills as a soul mage. Is it no big deal?
I gritted my teeth and gave my skills to the skill bar to expand again. It’s really a bird ~ no ~ it’s a bird!
Undead natural disasters, high-level incantations can not be upgraded. Once the ultimate incantation skill of the undead is launched, it can awaken all the buried undead in Fiona Fang. All the corpses in this area will also be transformed by the Ministry. The undead will make differential attacks on all non-undead creatures to summon undead creatures, and unless they are completely destroyed, they will be limited to rebirth and continue fighting! When the target or body of a straight object is prepared by destroying skills for 6 seconds, it consumes mana for 5 days when it cools down.
Fiona Fang ten thousand meters area is buried deep in the earth. How much is this M? Can a main city be surrounded? It’s horrible! It’s really hard to deal with md differential attacks without a wide range of light skills. It’s really scary to fight by our own people if the undead are not targeted!
After sighing for a long time, let’s face the situation first. This skill should not be as basic as possible. Let’s not worry about its terrorist effect and put ourselves in it now!
"Wait a minute, Serena, you go to Sogery and Sandas, you summon your own bone dragons, and you are ready to command the bone dragons to attack when Soger comes out. If he summons his corpse dragons, you can let the bone dragons entangle the corpse dragons together, and the Sogdians will be dealt with by me and two poisonous dragons. Stay away from yourselves, and be careful to be caught in the battle wave. Remember that you follow me and move your bone dragons most of the time, and protect yourself!"
"It’s the master!"
"All right, Serena, you go ahead. Remember that when Sog comes out, you can go back and hide with Nantes and others. Don’t come out without Sandas or Terry looking for you!"
"It’s an adult!" Serena responded with a face of fear and slowly retreated.
Sandas and Terry both slowly retreated to the distance and summoned the Bone Dragon. I stood among the two dragon dragons and ordered Sandas again, "Wait a minute. If your Bone Dragon entangles Suoge’s corpse dragon, don’t attack all the time. Try not to get hurt. If you can entangle it and prevent Suoge from calling to your side, will it be white?"
"Please rest assured that we are all white."
One minute, two minutes and three minutes later, the so-called soggy hasn’t appeared yet. I’m a little unsure. Does that guy know we’re going to take care of him? Still don’t want to come out?
Four minutes later, I was a little impatient. I called the two dragon heads to move slowly to the depths, and Sandas and Terry also moved slowly to the depths.
In the past minute, we have gone a long way, and the ground bones and beasts in it are all huge guys. I have already seen some 70-level and over-70-level bone frames. At this time, a large area of gray fog appeared in the sea of bones. I roughly visually estimated that it was a thousand square meters. The so-called Sog must be in it, but I didn’t see it.
"Master Sog came out, and the fog is his necromancer field, which can be greatly strengthened. The attack and speed of necromancer creatures are shrouded in it, and his fighting capacity will increase a lot. His corpse dragon should also be in it. Master strength should not enter that fog."
Terry’s voice rang in my mind. I glanced at Terry and Sandas tilting my head, and both of them had opened their own fields. They were hiding in many bone beasts, and both skull dragons were floating above their heads. I saw Terry’s bone dragon, which was several levels higher than Sandas’s, and reached level 75. It was the blue dragon bone refining.
Nodded to look again at the so-called necromancer field in the fog area where Soger is located! What’s the difference between you and the boss?
Chapter 23 Suoge
The fog approached me a little bit, and I gradually saw a huge shadow in the fog. It should be the so-called corpse dragon. I don’t know where the Soger stopped. Keep moving forward and close to the impulse, waiting for the fog to slowly lean towards me.
Sog, the largest lich in the Death Canyon, has never had a mouth, and I haven’t been able to see what this guy really is. I have been scanning the fog in front of me, and finally I have seen a little information about Sog, to be precise, the information about the fog. Sog’s necromancer field can greatly enhance the properties of necromancer creatures in the field, and hostile targets will be madly attacked by necromancers in the field.
Wow, just like Terry said, it’s really a little troublesome for this guy to have such a wide field. If I keep hiding in it, I dare not rush in. If the so-called resin dragon is inside, I can’t guarantee that I can stand its attacks several times, even if the dragon doesn’t dare to get in easily. There are not only resin dragons but also several bone beasts in it.
Sog doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to take action against me, a human who is in trouble. I don’t know if it’s because this guy is also the so-called messenger of death, but I’m losing patience, so I can’t accept this guy all the time.
I’m secretly thinking that if this guy hasn’t entered the scope of god’s eye exploration in ten seconds, then I’m going to ride a dragonfly directly and fly directly to the fog area. If you don’t come out, I’ll just kick you out. Let’s just spell and see if you can hide!
We now have two powerful areas, the sky fire and the thunder storm, to directly lock your necromancer field. I don’t think you can stop the spell by relying on this field, can you?
As time went by, the fog gradually stopped approaching us. It seems that Suoge really didn’t want to make a direct shot. I directly sent an attack command to Terry and Sandas to let them directly command Bone Dragon to rush over.
The two Lichs had to act according to my orders in the face of their elders, and the two skull dragons flapped their bone wings and flew towards the fog. Before the bone dragons flew into the fog by themselves, a monster slowly rose and emerged from the fog. It was Sog’s so-called corpse dragon!
I quickly fell to the dragon’s back and rose to the height of the resin dragon, close to the eye of God, and looked at the attributes of that monster. This guy is much bigger than Sandas and Terry Bone Dragon, and his bones are covered with some rotten pieces. Although it is not particularly complete in some places, it is not a bone dragon.

"Lai Xiao" Dugu looked at Feiyang with disdain and covered the curtain back to the coachman and said softly, "Let’s go. When we see this little heart, we will be angry."

"You are always walking slowly." Dugu Ji’s carriage slowly started flying behind the carriage and smiled and waved. When the carriage turned to fly, he quickly took Han Jin’s carriage and roared off. It was too dangerous to get along with this master. It was better to stay away from him.
"Are you really afraid of elder dugu?" The carriage was in a good mood. Korea looked at a face of cold sweat flying and teased.
"That’s not the somebody else but the Chinese first master crush me with crush ants almost, of course, I’m afraid of" flying without guilt admitted wiped his forehead cold sweat a dying appearance.
"I think elder dugu is quite approachable and not as high as outsiders say." Han Jin Huan said with a smile.
"Come on, that look in my eyes looks like it’s going to eat me alive, and it’s also approachable." Flying lightly cut a disdainful way
"Who told you to run away from his favorite little granddaughter?" Han Jin laughed lightly.
"That’s" flying nodded for dugu avoid doing this to yourself reason is also very clear, is it not turn away your granddaughter? Not turn away your wife?
Looking at Feiyang, it’s a sullen look. Korea’s heart is funny. It’s about to make fun of Feiyang again. Suddenly, I feel dizzy in my mind. The whole person is upside down towards Feiyang.
"Han Jie, what’s the matter with you?" asked Feiyang, who was holding Korea’s load and worried.
"Nothing is suddenly a little dizzy" Han Jin Huan rubbed his forehead and gently replied.
"Is it dizzy that the body reacts again?" asked Feiyang, worried. Suddenly, Hua Yichen charged him to hug Korea’s best friend gently in his arms and put his right hand in the back of Korea’s best friend’s heart. He lost a ray of true qi into Korea’s best friend’s body and looked at Korea’s best friend, frowning slightly and slowly, to gently cut "Is Han Jie better?"
"Well, I feel much more comfortable flying. Thank you." Han Jin Huan smiled and nodded and said.
"Thank what should" float in the sky light replied with a smile.
"What should I do?" Han Jin Huan was in a good mood and made a joke with Fei Yang.
"Well, aren’t you my friend? Of course, helping a friend should be." Feiyang hesitated a little and then replied lightly
"Friend?" Han Jin Huan murmured, leaning gently in Feiyang’s arms and leaning his head against Feiyang’s chest, and said softly, "I still feel a little uncomfortable in Feiyang."
"Well, then I’ll give you some true qi." Said Feiyang, worried that her right hand had once again sent a few rays of true qi behind Han Jin Huan’s body, which controlled the Sunday operation in Korea Jin Huan’s body and slowly recuperated her body.
While Han Jin Huan smiled and moved in the flying arms, found a comfortable posture and slowly fell asleep in his arms.
Chapter 37 When loneliness becomes a habit
"Han Jie, how do you feel?" Flying didn’t stop until almost the true qi dried up. The true qi was lost. The forehead was slightly sweaty and the breathing was slightly short. But the first thing to stop was whether the heart of Han Jin Huan’s body was getting better, but there was no way to respond. A closer look found that Han Jin Huan was sleeping soundly with a smile.
"Brother-in-law has arrived." At this moment, when the horse neighing outside stopped, he heard the groom sitting outside the carriage respectfully float in the sky and said.
"Oh, thank you." Feiyang smiled and thanked Han for not waking her up, but holding her carriage gently.
Just as soon as the curtain was lifted, it was slightly dazzling, and the sun stimulated Korea to wake up and let out a slight groan. Slowly, I opened my eyes and found that Feiyang was holding his carriage and his face was slightly red and asked, "Are you here?"
"Well, you go back to sleep. I’ll hug your car." Feiyang said softly and then hugged Han Jin Huan, who borrowed a Land Rover from Xiaohe. The co-pilot position gently buckled her seat belt and then drove the Land Rover out of Dugu Villa.
"Han Jie, are you better?" Before crossing the Dugu Villa, the river car was flying on the city road again and asked Han Jin Huan, who was sitting in the co-pilot position.
"Well, it’s much better," Han Jin Huan replied with a faint smile. Now she feels surprisingly well. She hasn’t felt so relaxed for a long time. Being in the sunshine feels warm as if she were a patient recovering from a long illness, and she exudes a taste like a new life.
"Oh, that’s good. Grandpa Hua’s medical skill is really amazing. We try our best to solve the problem in his place. It’s really amazing that it is solved instantly." Flying at Korea’s smiling face is already full of blood, and the stone is hanging in my heart and I admire it with a smile.
"Yes, I also estimate that it will be very difficult these days." Han Jin Huan also sighed for a long time, and the rejection made her a little tired to cope with it. She hardly had time to think about other things. It’s really hard to spend this kind of life every day. Now it’s finally good. Everything is developing towards a good place.
"Han Jie, let me ask you a question. Don’t be angry." Flying at Han Jin Huan asked with a smile and some hesitation.
"Ask first and see what the problem is, and then I’ll decide whether to be angry or not." Han Jin Huan said with a light smile.
"Then I asked Han Jie, have you ever regretted being a genetic warrior?" Asked Feiyang, somewhat uneasy, with his eyes looking at Han Jin’s face through the rearview mirror from time to time.
"I haven’t thought about this" Han Jin Huan slightly one leng and then gently smiled and shook his head.
"What if I let you consider it now?" Flying to see Han Jin Huan is not taboo about these topics and then continue to ask.
"Well, I think I won’t regret it." Han Jin Huan replied with a light smile.
"What Han Jie you probably won’t have children? Being a mother is not the biggest dream for a woman?" asked Feiyang with some surprise.
"It’s too far away for me to be a mother." Han Jin Huan didn’t expect Feiyang to say this, paused a little, then smiled and shook his head. He seemed to have never considered the issue of having children and getting married. He always felt that these things were too far away from him. Now Feiyang suddenly asked himself that he was really at a loss.
"Han Jie, haven’t you ever thought about these problems? You should always find a boyfriend. Don’t you feel lonely alone?" Flying to see Han Jin Huan looked puzzled and knew that this woman had never thought about these problems. Some languages asked.
"Boyfriends sometimes think about it, but have not seriously considered loneliness? I have many friends. How can I feel lonely?" Han Jin Huan said with a light smile.
"Han Jie, you are wrong. Friends will eventually have their own families. It is impossible to be with you all the time. When you are alone, there is no one to talk to you. No one to share your happiness when you are happy and comfort you when you are sad. Don’t you feel lonely?" Feiyang asked softly. Suddenly, it seems that it is really possible for Han Jin Huan to live like this. If you don’t really say that you have a good friend, I’m afraid there is Hu Mei. My parents don’t seem to be very good either. I’m afraid most of them are alone. I think about the sacred lake
"No, I said that I am used to living like this. When I am in a good mood or a bad mood, I will go back to Mei Jie’s house and talk to her. Even if she is out busy, I can call her. I think this is enough." Han Jin Huan said with a smile.
"What if Mei Jie got married?" asked Feiyang lightly.
"She married well, I think I should bless her and then be her maid of honor." Han Jin Huan hesitated for a moment, rolling her eyes around and thinking about Hu Mei’s wedding scene with a smile, and then suddenly she smiled and covered her mouth with a light smile. "I didn’t expect Mei Jie to marry. What kind of man will she marry?"
Well, Feiyang never imagined what kind of man Hu Mei would marry, or that he would unconsciously be sour when he thought that Hu Mei was held in his arms by other men.