"You ~ Hum, this is the Death Canyon Lich Corps. Members of my Lich Corps don’t need to listen to the messenger’s adult arrangement without doing anything wrong. They need to order from Sog’s adult. Without Sog’s adult command, I can meet the requirements of the messenger’s adult!"

"Ha, ha, ha. Are you telling me that Sog will oppose the emissary and the Lord of Death?"
"I don’t know what the emissary is talking about. There is always no Soger who ordered Trifa to follow the emissary!"
Looking at this bastard lich, I’m depressed. I don’t want to do it. I’m afraid I’ll hurt your fucking fighting capacity. But I have to face that Sog. It seems that it’s not working. Then I’ll have to order some pants for you to eat! Death kisses!
Be on guard against Terry being kissed by a god of death and directly knocking out 720,000 blood. This guy, Bones Dragon, has no fighting power on his own without calling, and there is no illusory physical strength, epidemic disease and physical attack except in the dead field. We have a lot of magic!
"What if I told you that now you have no choice but to promise to be my slave or I will kill you?"
Terry, who was seriously injured by my sudden hand, heard my voice and looked up at me angrily but didn’t speak. Next to him, Sandas quickly got up and took Terry and shouted at me, "Please don’t do it, emissary. I advise Terry!"
I cooperated very much and didn’t do it again. I didn’t have much skill if I did it again, and it wouldn’t do much harm, so the undead spear and curse inflammation could be worse
"What’s wrong with terry angel adults want you to be a slave? We have been here for so many years, and we can’t go back for the time being. Now this mainland is not a scene of jihad. Recently, the skeleton king and the golden armor corpse emperor have been killed outside. Besides the emissary, we can often communicate with the four holy mage adults. We have also joined the Lich King adults and teachers, and even the Sorge adults have joined the Lich King adults. Do we have to wait until we are like the skeleton king and the golden armor corpse emperor?
And do you think Lord soggy still cares about us? It’s really a conflict with the emissary. Lord Sog will definitely leave us alone. We are not as good as his bone demon. Now he is constantly thinking about transforming his bone dragon into a corpse dragon! Think about it! "
"how about it? Terry, have you thought it over? If you are still stubborn, don’t blame me! "
I’m ready to curse inflammation! Five seconds later, the skills are ready, and Terry is still meditating. It seems that he really needs to add another fire!
The skill was sent directly to Terry’s body, and the black inflammation kept burning in Terry’s body. This guy fell to the ground and screamed in pain. I didn’t continue to attack, but looked down at Terry and said again, "Will it?"
Immediately prepare the undead bone spear for five seconds. When preparing, the past five huge bone spears appeared in front of me. I shouted "Go!"
Five-bone spears flew at Terry’s’ poop-poop-poop’ and a series of crosstalk sounded. Five-bone spears were nailed to Terry’s body!
Chapter 229 The second slave
Sandas and Serena, next to Terry, are afraid. I think it’s a good thing I didn’t do this to them ~ ~ It’s more than ten seconds. Terry, the lich, finally can’t stand the blood. There are less than one million left and finally beg for mercy. "Adult Terry is willing to serve adults. Please don’t attack again! I am willing to be your slave! "
"oh? Would you like to? But didn’t you have to wait for soggy’s order just now? I don’t think so yet. What should I do? " I joked.
"No, I don’t need adult soggy’s adult root won’t ask us things. I can decide for myself. I want to! Adults forgive me! "
Terry rolled back and forth in pain and pleaded with Sandas next to him. He hung his eyes and didn’t seem to see that he was afraid to speak. I shared my soul with Janssen Doss and made a cautious but resolute expression, and then came out to help Terry plead.
Sandas received my order, first one leng stole a glance at me, and then two steps went to Terry’s side, which seemed to be determined. He suddenly turned to me and "burst" and knelt down to the avenue. "Angel’s adult, please forgive Terry!" If the adults can spare Terry’s life, Sandas is willing to be an adult slave with Terry! "
Damn, this guy is really good at acting! Gifted! Md has exposed everything about being my slave together, and Terry will be very grateful to this guy. After all, people have helped him plead and even they are willing to be slaves themselves!
"Do you really want to be a slave? The seat didn’t force you! "
"It’s adult Sandas who can follow adult glory!"
Holy shit, you flatter me again. I said, is the lich so interesting? These aspects are so talented! Haha, I like it!
"Good Sandas you are very good! Terry, since Sandas interceded for you and you agreed to be my slave, I will spare your life! Now you sign a soul contract with me together with Sandas! Remember that the seat is called Feiyang! "
"Thank you!" "Thank you ~ thank you ~ thank you ~ forgive me!"
Sandas and Terry thanked each other, and then Sandas took a big oath ~ Ya has already done it, so just do it ~ But Terry is not doing it.
I, Sandas, vowed to follow Feiyang when I witnessed the soul in the High God, and the Lord will never abandon it. If there is any violation of the soul, it will die! Deed!’ I, Terry, vowed to follow Feiyang when I witnessed the soul in the High God, and I will never give up if I violate the soul and die! Deed!’ I secretly rejoiced that Terry wanted to be my slave, so I directly chose to agree to come here again, and the level of the tone was raised by one level. After reading the experience, it was almost 46!
Ha ha ha ~ this level feels more experienced than killing them! It seems that the experience gained by killing monsters is a small part!
After the success of the contract, Terry’s black body went out directly. This guy has less than one million blood left, but now he’s recovering very quickly, and he won’t be injured any more. It shouldn’t be long before he’s full!
I’m in a very good mood to successfully recover Terry, an epic lich, but I won’t just let go of this guy’s things. Just after I chose to agree, the contract came into effect, and this guy’s things all appeared in my backpack. Although this guy is now our slave, who said that slave things can be better than the master? Who says a slave can’t take things from his master?
"Terry, I have all your things here. I’ll take these things first. After I clean up Suoge, I’ll go to the treasure house of the Lich Army. You can all choose a set of magic equipment that suits you. Tell me if you need anything else!"
"It’s the master!" Both of them respectfully replied, of course, can they have their objections?
I’m also looking forward to Terry’s things when I have the experience of finding benefits from Sandas! Talk to Terry directly through the soul. "Terry, do you have anything special in these things besides magic equipment? First of all, being tall is not necessarily suitable for lich ambassadors! "
"Master Hui has some advanced materials, as well as some advanced magic books and martial arts, among which two scrolls are very rare, one is the Phantom Assassin’s job transfer scroll, and the other is the necromancer’s arrangement method."
"Oh, is there an ultimate skill or a spell in that skill?"
"The ultimate skill level of Master Hui is the martial arts category. There are three ultimate martial arts, namely, Blast Chop, Sky-breaking Arrow and Purgatory Chop. The forbidden spell level has a natural disaster of the undead."
Undead natural disaster? Holy shit ~ isn’t that necromancy? This guy is really in stock! This skill is generally really afraid to count the undead. It’s really hard to pick up!
"Well, I know!"
After the communication with Terry’s soul, I put Terry’s east and west parts into two rings respectively, with epic equipment, plus a phantom assassin’s transfer scroll and necromancer arrangement method. These two scrolls, as well as some advanced materials and all skills, were put into the artifact ring, and other things were thrown into the new ring.
After reading the necromancer scroll, it is really a good thing to arrange the necromancer. Once it is launched in the coverage area, the dead units will be transformed into necromancers, and these necromancers will automatically attack hostile targets under the control of the initiator! Absolutely!
After I packed my things, I wiped the high-level spell with the skill of "Undead Natural Disaster" in my hand! Should we learn this skill? It seems a bit scary! Will we become public enemies of np in all cities when this comes out?
After thinking about it for a long time, I finally decided to learn to be afraid of nothing ~ I don’t mess around casually, but I can learn more skills as a soul mage. Is it no big deal?
I gritted my teeth and gave my skills to the skill bar to expand again. It’s really a bird ~ no ~ it’s a bird!
Undead natural disasters, high-level incantations can not be upgraded. Once the ultimate incantation skill of the undead is launched, it can awaken all the buried undead in Fiona Fang. All the corpses in this area will also be transformed by the Ministry. The undead will make differential attacks on all non-undead creatures to summon undead creatures, and unless they are completely destroyed, they will be limited to rebirth and continue fighting! When the target or body of a straight object is prepared by destroying skills for 6 seconds, it consumes mana for 5 days when it cools down.
Fiona Fang ten thousand meters area is buried deep in the earth. How much is this M? Can a main city be surrounded? It’s horrible! It’s really hard to deal with md differential attacks without a wide range of light skills. It’s really scary to fight by our own people if the undead are not targeted!
After sighing for a long time, let’s face the situation first. This skill should not be as basic as possible. Let’s not worry about its terrorist effect and put ourselves in it now!
"Wait a minute, Serena, you go to Sogery and Sandas, you summon your own bone dragons, and you are ready to command the bone dragons to attack when Soger comes out. If he summons his corpse dragons, you can let the bone dragons entangle the corpse dragons together, and the Sogdians will be dealt with by me and two poisonous dragons. Stay away from yourselves, and be careful to be caught in the battle wave. Remember that you follow me and move your bone dragons most of the time, and protect yourself!"
"It’s the master!"
"All right, Serena, you go ahead. Remember that when Sog comes out, you can go back and hide with Nantes and others. Don’t come out without Sandas or Terry looking for you!"
"It’s an adult!" Serena responded with a face of fear and slowly retreated.
Sandas and Terry both slowly retreated to the distance and summoned the Bone Dragon. I stood among the two dragon dragons and ordered Sandas again, "Wait a minute. If your Bone Dragon entangles Suoge’s corpse dragon, don’t attack all the time. Try not to get hurt. If you can entangle it and prevent Suoge from calling to your side, will it be white?"
"Please rest assured that we are all white."
One minute, two minutes and three minutes later, the so-called soggy hasn’t appeared yet. I’m a little unsure. Does that guy know we’re going to take care of him? Still don’t want to come out?
Four minutes later, I was a little impatient. I called the two dragon heads to move slowly to the depths, and Sandas and Terry also moved slowly to the depths.
In the past minute, we have gone a long way, and the ground bones and beasts in it are all huge guys. I have already seen some 70-level and over-70-level bone frames. At this time, a large area of gray fog appeared in the sea of bones. I roughly visually estimated that it was a thousand square meters. The so-called Sog must be in it, but I didn’t see it.
"Master Sog came out, and the fog is his necromancer field, which can be greatly strengthened. The attack and speed of necromancer creatures are shrouded in it, and his fighting capacity will increase a lot. His corpse dragon should also be in it. Master strength should not enter that fog."
Terry’s voice rang in my mind. I glanced at Terry and Sandas tilting my head, and both of them had opened their own fields. They were hiding in many bone beasts, and both skull dragons were floating above their heads. I saw Terry’s bone dragon, which was several levels higher than Sandas’s, and reached level 75. It was the blue dragon bone refining.
Nodded to look again at the so-called necromancer field in the fog area where Soger is located! What’s the difference between you and the boss?
Chapter 23 Suoge
The fog approached me a little bit, and I gradually saw a huge shadow in the fog. It should be the so-called corpse dragon. I don’t know where the Soger stopped. Keep moving forward and close to the impulse, waiting for the fog to slowly lean towards me.
Sog, the largest lich in the Death Canyon, has never had a mouth, and I haven’t been able to see what this guy really is. I have been scanning the fog in front of me, and finally I have seen a little information about Sog, to be precise, the information about the fog. Sog’s necromancer field can greatly enhance the properties of necromancer creatures in the field, and hostile targets will be madly attacked by necromancers in the field.
Wow, just like Terry said, it’s really a little troublesome for this guy to have such a wide field. If I keep hiding in it, I dare not rush in. If the so-called resin dragon is inside, I can’t guarantee that I can stand its attacks several times, even if the dragon doesn’t dare to get in easily. There are not only resin dragons but also several bone beasts in it.
Sog doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to take action against me, a human who is in trouble. I don’t know if it’s because this guy is also the so-called messenger of death, but I’m losing patience, so I can’t accept this guy all the time.
I’m secretly thinking that if this guy hasn’t entered the scope of god’s eye exploration in ten seconds, then I’m going to ride a dragonfly directly and fly directly to the fog area. If you don’t come out, I’ll just kick you out. Let’s just spell and see if you can hide!
We now have two powerful areas, the sky fire and the thunder storm, to directly lock your necromancer field. I don’t think you can stop the spell by relying on this field, can you?
As time went by, the fog gradually stopped approaching us. It seems that Suoge really didn’t want to make a direct shot. I directly sent an attack command to Terry and Sandas to let them directly command Bone Dragon to rush over.
The two Lichs had to act according to my orders in the face of their elders, and the two skull dragons flapped their bone wings and flew towards the fog. Before the bone dragons flew into the fog by themselves, a monster slowly rose and emerged from the fog. It was Sog’s so-called corpse dragon!
I quickly fell to the dragon’s back and rose to the height of the resin dragon, close to the eye of God, and looked at the attributes of that monster. This guy is much bigger than Sandas and Terry Bone Dragon, and his bones are covered with some rotten pieces. Although it is not particularly complete in some places, it is not a bone dragon.