Ye Ye "scared you. I guess there must be a boss in it. According to my guess, the monster in it should be a snake."

Tutu "Shut up!"
Even Tutu can’t stand the crow’s mouth on a night.
White crape myrtle "I don’t want any danger in it either, but …"
Before the white crape myrtle finished talking, Qianlong sent back some news in the team information. "You have good news. Although it is dark, there are many vampire bats at the top of the cave."
Vampire bats, this is really good news. For ordinary people, this is a very headache and bad news, but it is the best news for a vampire knight who can control bats, such as Grandet.
Another five minutes passed, but after a long time, no news was sent back.
Turtledove: "Why hasn’t Qianlong written back after all this time?"
Tutu "Will Brother Qianlong meet any danger?"
Old cat "Let’s go and save him!" "
Tutu "right? My Hundred Animals Corps will be started in more than 4 minutes. If I am in danger, I will directly start my skills to save my brother Qian Long! "
High let "I le a little ancestors! You beasts legion out in such a narrow what boss are besieged to death "
Ziwei in white "Just let’s all go in and have a look!"
Then they went deep into the cave.
After about a minute’s walk, everyone finally found Qianlong.
At this time, Qianlong was tied to a huge spider web, and his hands and feet were tied to the spider web, so he couldn’t send out a distress message.
Qianlong saw his teammates come to save himself. Instead of showing excitement, he struggled even more.
Grandet controls the two vampire bats to fly over and tear the cobweb of Qianlong’s mouth.
After Qian Long’s cobweb loosened, he immediately shouted, "Everybody run. There are two …"
Before a thousand words were finished, a spider web was shot again to seal its mouth.
At the same time, suddenly a few more eyes appeared around the wall, and several spider silk spewed out from the wall, which bound the vampire bats flying in the middle of the new alliance.
At this time, everyone can see clearly that the dark wall is covered with many small spiders, which are as big as fingernails, but there are hundreds of millions of such small spiders on these two walls.
After Gao Rang and others were bound by cobwebs, a spider with a face slowly crawled out from behind, and behind this spider with a face, there was a big red toad with three legs all the time.
Now everyone finally knows what Qianlong wants to say. Just now, he finally said "two" and these two fingers are two boss.
"Now that the boss has come out, I should do it," Gao Rang said with a blink of an eye and burst into flames in this narrow cave.
Just now, although those little spiders bound Gao Rang’s silk, it was actually an illusion. Gao Rang was infected with all the negative state attributes because of his artifact. However, because too many spiders shot silk all over the surrounding environment, it made people look like everyone was bound by silk, but in fact Gao Rang was still in a free state. Other little spiders who shot silk like Gao Rang were bound by their own silk.
As Gao let Shenhuo blink and burn the wall, those little spiders burned to ashes.
Chapter 349 Spider clam
The level of these little spiders is not very low, all of them are three turns to five, but the blood volume of these little spiders is only five points. You can kill them with a random attack, but their quantity is an advantage. It is estimated that no matter how powerful the spiders are, they can’t stand it.
But it’s a pity that these spiders met Gao Rang, a master who doesn’t eat negative state. In addition, Gao Rang’s divine fire is very destructive to spider silk. When spider silk sticks to divine fire, it will instantly turn to ashes. In this divine fire, all the people in the new alliance also broke free with the help of divine fire.
At the same time, hundreds of millions of little spiders also died in the burning of divine fire. As the little spiders turned to ashes, the experience value of the new alliance also increased rapidly.
Although these little spiders look unremarkable and have a poor blood volume of 5 points, their level is actually three to five, which is a huge amount of experience!
The experience contributed by these little spiders has helped everyone in the new alliance to rise in rank.
Among them, Gaorang has reached level 59, with 76% experience, while most of the others have risen to level 59 in their early days. There is a turtle dove level still at level 5, but her level 5 surprise has reached 93%, and she will soon enter level 59.
Breaking free from the shackles, Qianlong quickly returned to the team. When he returned to the team, he said to everyone, "Everyone be careful. That big toad is actually a malicious character!"
Gauguin et al. and the two boss are facing each other through shenhuo, and taking this opportunity, Gauguin also gave insight to the two boss.
Human Face Ghost Spider Demon Queen (Super boss) HP 2
Grade 5
Attack mode: highly toxic melee witchcraft.
Attack skill: Ghost-faced spider’s poisonous arrow foot kills and devours teeth; poisonous spider web auxiliary skill: spider web jet fantasy witchcraft.
The queen of the human face ghost spider was originally a small spider in the Wudu Cave, but later she came alive in the evil experiment of Lv Yue, the god of plague, and her strength increased greatly, so she was also appointed by Lv Yue, the god of plague.
Six-Eye Red Blood Golden Toad (Super boss) HP 2
Grade 59
Attack mode, hand-to-hand combat, poisonous witchcraft
Attack skill: Red Blood Poison Gun Struggles to Strike the Tongue and Strike the Poisonous Swamp Auxiliary Skill: Jin Chan Zhen Ming Fantasy Magic Gas Wave Skill
The six-eyed red-blooded golden toad was originally a small toad in the Wudu Cave, but later it came alive in the evil experiment of Lv Yue, the plague god. The strength of the six-eyed red-blooded golden toad was greatly increased, so it was also appointed by Lv Yue, the plague god, to make himself a plague ambassador.
It seems that after the names and attributes of these two boss, everyone is a little excited, because just from the names, we can know that these two boss must be the source of the two pieces of equipment: the hind leg armor (pants) of the spider with a human face and the six-eyed barefoot golden toad helmet (helmet).
Shenhuo gradually dispersed, and the spider and a toad slowly leaned toward Gao Rang and others.
And Gao Rang’s first attack here is Gao Rang’s crazy war ape.
Although the crazy war ape is braver than others, this ancient call has another shortcoming, that is, it is a little less subject to high command. Once it encounters a battle, the monkey is always the first to kill it.
This time is no exception, crazy war apes directly and anger collision toward the two boss together.
Crazy war apes are aggressive, but those two boss opposite are also well prepared. Ghost spiders and monsters directly rush toward this side. Crazy war apes shoot several cobwebs to bind them in place, but it’s a pity that the monkey’s impact is too strong, and those cobwebs can’t stop the impact.
Just as the crazy war apes rushed to the front of the two boss, the six-eyed red-blooded golden toad suddenly flashed to the front of the ghost spider demon with a human face, and at the same time, the body expanded rapidly.
In an instant, the six-eyed red-blooded golden toad bulged into a ball, and at this time, the crazy war ape had already hit it and swelled its body.
There was a crazy battle in the magical scene, and the ape was actually bounced out.
The six-eyed red-blooded golden toad has just inflated his body, and the skill is the gas wave skill, which is a special trick of the six-eyed red-blooded golden toad. Although this skill is not offensive, it is a very defensive skill.
In fact, there are two modes of this air wave skill. One is the storage mode, which just instantly inflates itself into a ball mode, and the other is the outward release mode. This mode is the active instantaneous mode. When the enemy is surrounded around, the skill will be activated, and a circle of air waves will be ejected from the body to bounce all the enemies around.
However, although the crazy war apes were bounced out, the offensive on this side of the new alliance was not disrupted, because the four-armed sapphire mantis king soon launched a quick kill and even chop on the two boss.
Just now, the crazy war ape bounced off the six-eyed red-blooded golden toad, and at this time, the four-armed sapphire mantis king just killed it, and successive attacks were cut in the belly of the six-eyed red-blooded golden toad.