The water mark was strong, but it didn’t die. It was just weakness due to severe trauma-Sislina could have killed him but didn’t kill him …

"Why don’t you kill me …" Water mark asked this sentence with double eyes, and his eyes looked at Sislina’s feet quietly.
"Because’ he’ said he wouldn’t kill you," Sislina’s stereo started and she turned around and left slowly at the same time. "He said that it would not be fun if you died so soon, the savior."
The water mark trembled and his body trembled slightly, like extreme anger, but he could not move because of excessive blood loss.
At this moment, the waves of air flow never stopped when a red special airship slowly lowered to the ground ten meters apart.
Moonshadow members boarded the airship one after another, and everyone walked out of the water mark, but everyone didn’t look at him until the last one, Flame, came to him.
Yan Crouching smiled at the water mark and said, "We have experienced much more than you. This is not about games, but about reality-this is our real gap, you know? Mr. Savior! " As soon as the words are finished, the flame also flies to push the airship.
As soon as the engine of the airship started, it flew directly in the direction of Chaotiantang Island, leaving a motionless water mark lying on the ground …
The seventh ghost end Chapter two hundred and five Destroyer attack
The seventh ghost end Chapter two hundred and five Destroyer attack
After finishing the train of thought, make a final sprint …
[Announce that the Destroyer Corps will launch an attack on Paradise Island, and the Destroyer will have a decisive battle!
] it is announced that the destroyer king is coming. Braves in the world take up your weapons to defend your world and people around you!
The sudden arrival of the fire king of Hellfire made the protoss demon clan killed by surprise, and the number of casualties increased rapidly-now the enemies that the demons have to face have not only attacked from abroad, but also fallen directly from the sky on the island of Paradise, and the number of Hellfire demons has made the battlefield look like a huge change in an instant.
Unexpectedly, an angel senior demon has been on standby, and immediately went to battle with those demons who bombarded the enchantment of the main temple and wanted to break the enchantment and rush into the hellrock of the main temple to fight to the death; The remaining blazing angels and demons also went to all parts of the island to direct local angels and demons to fight.
In a blink of an eye, the whole paradise island is in a bloody battlefield!
There is a night wind five kilometers away from the northern part of Paradise Island. Arouca De is sitting on the summoner Thunderhawk, and Xiaolan is quietly watching Fang’s hot battle.
They didn’t move until the fighting lasted exactly an hour.
The night wind looked at Arouca and said, "That guy will be handed over to you." As soon as it landed, the night wind got up and flew to Paradise Island.
After watching the night wind leave, Arukade turned to Xiaolan and smiled, "Let’s go, too!"
"hmm!" Small blue smiled and nodded and took out a staff-Sacramento staff!
The two men acted at the same time, and the clouds quietly approached the king of fire in the sky.
When the night wind reached a kilometer in front of Paradise Island, he finally stopped, took out the chaos and turned it pale, calling out, "Devour everything and destroy the evil dragon-Kirdi Chick will appear at once!" After all, a black and green beam of light came out at a distance of 100 meters in front of the night wind and stopped and condensed together, gradually changing its shape and finally becoming a snake-dragon-shaped monster.
This monster is 100 meters long, black and green, with a dragon-shaped skull on its head and two green flames burning in its black eyes. The mouth of the body is directly connected to the sharp fangs of the body, exposing enough words to swallow a hill directly; There are two pairs of dragon wings on the back, so that it can fly, and its body has a huge tail that seems to be able to penetrate everything.
"The Messenger should call me to destroy the evil dragon and be reborn!" The rich sound comes from the troll’s body, but its mouth has not changed-that is, its huge mouth devours all the destroyers except time, and the big stomach king destroys the evil dragon!
"To deal with the holy gods!" The night wind calmly reached the order.
"Yes!" Destroy the evil dragon should turn around and fly very fast and fly directly to the main temple.
Those peripheral angels and demons were startled when they saw the dragon, and then they rushed to attack the dragon, but it was all ineffective-the dragon’s huge mouth was like a black hole, and the angels and demons sent out long-range attacks. Whether it was magic or skill, it was the same
"Foolishly extremely cold elves, you can’t scare me anymore!" After the evil dragon of destruction whispered this sentence, there was a strong suction in his mouth immediately, and everything nearby was sucked in, including land, vegetation and angels and demons. Angels and demons could barely resist this suction, but the evil dragon of destruction would rush to them and swallow them directly.
Destroying the evil dragon’s giant mouth is like a bag. On the one hand, the wolf, the angel and the devil can escape from it, and even some hellrocks who have never let the road go are swallowed up by him. Soon the evil dragon has reached the boundary of the main temple.
Senior demons, senior angels all try to stop the pace of destroying the evil dragon, while other hellrock demons keep attacking them, making them launch large magic skills to attack the evil dragon when they have no time.
The dragon of destruction stopped outside the boundary and stared at the main temple of the enchantment. "I felt the smell of that guy-that defeated me ten thousand years ago!" Destroying the evil dragon roars with a huge mouth, a pair of claws and a yi, and even bites and grabs it and sticks it to the boundary.
Attacked by the destruction of evil dragon, the enchantment of the main temple suddenly trembled, and the main temple collapsed since God.
"Is the bastard still hiding in it?" Destroying the evil dragon has caused a crack in the enchantment-the evil dragon roared and bit (grabbed) the enchantment "Break it for me!"
"bang!" In a sharp crack, the powerful enchantment of the main temple finally collapsed like a broken glass and scattered all over the sky.
At this moment, a white light flew out of the main temple and stopped in front of the evil dragon of destruction. It turned into a figure-wearing a set of silvery white armor with 12 glittering white wings on its back and holding the god king blade master.
"Finally appeared? Ignorant and extremely cold elf! " The dragon of destruction clenched its sharp teeth and the green saliva dripped to the ground along its mouth-when its saliva touched the ground, it corroded the ground like sulfuric acid and gave off a pungent smell.
"You are still the same! Destroy the evil dragon-as ugly as it is annoying. "The holy god sarcastically said in a cold tone.
"Hum!" The evil dragon of destruction snorted and bit the holy god.
The holy god immediately evaded the attack and destroyed the evil dragon to fly, but he immediately chased two creatures far beyond human beings to turn the battle to the sky.
At the same time, the night wind sneaked into the main temple and easily killed the temple angels all the way to the main hall of the Lord God. At this time, there are two human beings here, namely Lily Rock!
Two people see the night wind is not much surprised immediately took out his weapon and stared at him coldly …
The seventh ghost end Chapter two hundred and six Destroy the king ()
The seventh ghost end Chapter two hundred and six Destroy the king ()
"Ha, ha, ha ~ ~ Ignorant and extremely cold elves are struggling in the flames! Destroy! Ha ha ha ~ ~ ~ "The Flame King flies on Paradise Island, regardless of calling and pointing out that Hellfire will destroy all things that are not the destroyer corps burning on Paradise Island.
When the Fire King was killing wildly, Arukad Xiaolan arrived behind him.
"Little Blue Summons the Holy Dragon!" Arukad took the Sacramento staff from Xiaolan and spread his wings and flew to the King of Fire.
Little Blue stopped Thunderhawk from closing her eyes and sang the beautiful melody of calling Bahamut. This song also made the Flame King find her, but it doesn’t matter because there is Arukad-when the Flame King turned his head, he looked grinning. Arouca was less than 50 meters away from him.
"Stupid ant!" Arouca, the player, waved his hand contemptuously and threw a fireball with a temperature as high as 5,000 meters and a diameter of 10 meters. I thought it would be easy to kill the latter with this degree of attack, but something unexpected happened to the flame king-Arukade suddenly got a red sickle in his left hand (with a staff in his right hand). Seeing that he waved a crescent-shaped red blood blade with his hand, he immediately shot the huge fireball in half and Arouca Germans walked through the fireball.
"boom! Boom! " Two roaring, one minute and two fireballs exploded; At the same time, a huge pentagram magic circle appeared in front of Xiaolan-this is the precursor of the appearance of the holy dragon Bahamut.
Seeing that the fireball released by himself was easily broken, the flame king was taken aback and had to re-evaluate the’ small’ biological strength in front of him, and at the same time secretly moved to prepare for serious Arukad battle.
But it’s a pity that Arukad didn’t come here today to "enjoy the battle" but to kill the Fire King, and he will kill the latter in the quickest and most direct way!
Even flashed twice, Arukad evaded the fire king and released two other big fireballs. Then he smiled with a grimace and waved his hand and threw the Sacramento palm at the fire king.