I was just about to explain when I heard Qin Shuang say, "My brother died in this guard battle." I saw Qin Shuang’s sad face shed two tears.

"I know you are confused, I know you didn’t mean it, but my brother died in the hands of those skeletons, and the bodies were all chewed up. Who should I hate if I don’t hate you … Tell me who should I hate?" Qin Shuang muttered with his head down and his face in his hands.
"You tell me who I should hate"
"I’m sorry …" I whispered, facing Qin Feng at this time, I didn’t know what else to say.
After Qin Feng was silent for a long time, he looked up and looked at me with a reddish expression of eyes and said softly, "I shouldn’t have done this to you. Yesterday, the duke was not allowed to be good at rumors and shouldn’t listen to them, especially in your world. You are the hero of Breeze City and the duke is waiting for you at the palace."
"Wait for me?" I asked doubtfully.
"Equal to you" Qin Shuang said.
"What the Lord will wait for me?"
"The duke is the only one who knows. You go quickly. The duke has been waiting for a long time." Qin Shuang urged.
"That will happen …" I hesitated and asked.
"Let’s talk about it when you come back." Qin’s face is exhausted, but there is not much hatred in the fundus.
Looking at Qin Shuang, I don’t say anything about stepping towards the palace, but my heart is heavier. np is not like people. If they die, they can be resurrected. If they die, they will die. In this day, I didn’t know many np, but now one of them died for reasons.
"live! Do you know where this is? "Suddenly, a powerful voice brought me back to reality. When I looked up, I saw two spears crossing not far in front of me. Behind it was a huge palace gate, and further inward was a long passage with guards on both sides.
The passage is connected to the steps. At the top of the steps is the plaque in front of the towering hall. You can clearly see the three gold-plated characters that say "Zhenghe Hall" shining in the sunlight.
I looked back and said to the guard, "I’m the duke of Tianya. I’m here to trouble you to announce it."
"Tianya Chu?" The guard repeated it for a while and then said, "Come in with me." After that, the guard withdrew and stopped in front of me. The weapon turned and walked to the temple. I stepped and felt uneasy.
When I stepped on the steps and walked to the temple door, the guard stopped and turned to me and said, "Go in. The Lord is inside."
"Don’t inform?" I asked doubtfully.
"Since the dark forces invaded Breeze City, the duke has been worried. At present, all the city affairs are handled by the noodle people except the major events, and this day is waiting for you." The guard said without worrying in his words, but he couldn’t help turning his head and looking at the temple.
"The duke will wait for me this day?" I suddenly felt that Alexander, the duke, waited for me alone without asking about the affairs of the city. When did I have such a big face? I was still in shock, but I was pulled back by the guard’s words.
"It’s you who went in. I retired." Before I could reply, the guard turned and walked. I looked back and looked up at the huge plaque and took a long breath and took a step toward the temple.
Speaking of palaces, I have seen the Forbidden City. Although I was young and didn’t know much at that time, I was shocked by the imposing manner. Although it was not as tall as modern buildings, the solemn atmosphere permeated the whole area, and when I entered it, I would be infected and have reverence.
At this time, I am once again in such an environment. Although I am in a game, I still feel similar. After I stepped into the line of sight, I found that it seems that there is no one else in this palace except me. I can’t help wondering if the Lord is not here.
I wasn’t sure, but I wasn’t worried, so I observed the temple.
The luxurious decoration department of Dianhao is painted with red logs. The doors and windows are carved with window paper, and then the two sides of the main hall are covered with four top logs. My log carving is a dragon map, and I found that it is the breeze city, the mainland mountains and rivers.
I watched intently as I walked around the temple, but I didn’t know the surrounding situation. When I turned to the third lap, suddenly the wall lights around the palace lit up, and the whole hall was lit up. I turned around and looked in the opposite direction of the temple door to see a man coming from the side.
Who else can this man be if he is not the duke?
Chapter three hundred and twenty-one Fate
People who have always been in Taiwan have eunuchs except the emperor, but this day the duke doesn’t know if this intimate person is also such a person.
People came up to me and looked at me not far away and said, "You wait a little longer at the end of the world, and the Lord will come out."
I nodded and said it was at this time that I noticed that this man was a personal servant named Fang Jue, and his gestures were full of masculinity. He should be a serious man, so it seems that the weather is still different in this respect
But I didn’t come here to see if there was any eunuch Fang Jue’s words. It didn’t take long for me to see the duke coming around behind the house. When he saw me, he said, "You are finally here at the end of the world." There was a kind of relaxation in the words.
What does it mean for the duke to see me so excited as a player … At that time, I turned to look at it at a loss, and I felt that he smiled slightly and motioned for me to answer the duke’s words.
"It’s the Lord. What can I do for you?" I respectfully replied
"Yes," said the duke, and turned to the main hall platform and motioned for me to sit down with him. After that, Fang Jue and I went on to say, "I think you are sincere to me in Breeze City?"
"The duke so ask refers to …?" I asked.
"You tube said," the duke said with a smile, but the look in his eyes was severe.
"I want to say, will the Lord of Jue Er Xin believe it?" I looked the breeze at the duke’s eyes and asked without giving in
"I believe you," said the duke.
Of course, I know what he means, so it’s not a good idea to play charades with him, so I said directly, "I know the duke asked me if I meant to betray Breeze City one day and help me release the dark forces from my hands the day before yesterday to occupy this place."
I said in one breath that Lord Breeze didn’t talk, and after a pause I said, "Even if I guarantee here that I won’t do that, you won’t necessarily believe me, will you?"
"You’re right," said Lord Breeze flatly.
"Then it’s no use saying that you asked. What’s the matter?" I said very simply, as far as my attitude is concerned, I dare say that if we let go of ancient times, it would definitely be a crime of killing Jiuzu with a door, but now it’s not that serious, but the duke just smiled and passed.
He said, "Less represents your attitude."
I nodded and said that I thought I had a good attitude. I was saddened by the fact that I worked so hard for so long without giving me a reward and almost deleted the number.
Bah, I hate the dark ones!
"So what conclusion have you reached now?" I see the breeze duke doesn’t speak simply asked.
"Do you feel guilty that many soldiers have died and many of them have not even recovered their bones?" The breeze Lord asked me to nod.
The duke of Breeze was suddenly silent for a long time. After listening to him, he suddenly said, "That’s all … I still believe that if you talk about it, you will go to Breeze City and risk your life like this time."
Then he put his hand on his forehead. Without waiting for my answer, he suddenly saw him put his hand down, looked up at me and asked, "Will you do this?"
"Of course," I said without hesitation, but at the same time I thought of what the Skull King said, adding that "even if I fall to the point where I need to be attached to the dark forces, I will definitely guard this place."
"This time it’s no wonder that even if you don’t destroy the holy land, you will be afraid sooner or later. Then it won’t be as simple as this time. Maybe it’s a good thing for us to come early. After all, the holy land will not last long," said the breeze Lord.
"How do you know all this?" I was curious and asked directly.
"Don’t forget that I am the duke of Breeze City. This forbidden holy land is to protect Breeze City, and there have been many abnormal situations near Breeze City in recent years. How can I not know these things? Now the solution saved me the fear every day. "At some point, the duke laughed.
"What should I do in the future?" I asked
"I don’t know the way, or do you want to go by yourself? Even the strong in heaven can’t decide the fate of others, can you?" Breeze castellan shook his head and said that he was tired again in his look.
"That’s not necessarily true. If it’s the strongest, then other people’s lives are in his hands. Isn’t the fate controlled by him?" I looked at him and said that although the other person was an np, I couldn’t help arguing.
"Who escaped death? Even if he was killed, it was just an early end. Where has the fate changed? "Breeze Lord smiled flatly." In fact, everything is fate, and the world has no ability to change its fate. "
I stared at him and didn’t know what to say.