Generally speaking, there is no problem in breaking into the first stage. After all, monsters are released according to a series of data such as the number and attributes of entrants. If even the first stage can’t break through, it would be too unreasonable. In the second stage, there must be dangers, but be careful. It should also be a big problem that there is a certain chance that fairy wares will appear in the third stage, so the number of dangers will increase several times compared with the second stage, and it will be able to get through it, so it will be able to resign itself to fate.

As they spoke, the group came to the pyramid of the temple of life. Just when everyone was curious about what didn’t pass in and out of the gate, they saw that the original golden shiny wall suddenly boomed and opened a one-meter-long gate. It was dark behind the gate, and they looked at the scene from the pyramid.
"Although the first five floors are the lowest stage of the risk index in the temple of life, if you are careless, you will be in danger of being hanged at any time." Love is afraid that everyone will think that there is no danger in the first stage of the temple of life, so they will relax their vigilance and break their own efforts to seize the artifact, so they still wake up before entering.
In fact, we all know the danger of the temple of life. After all, this is the most mysterious three high temples in China region of the world. Even in the first stage, when monsters are at the same level, the risk index is much higher than that of the outer Nuwa Temple.
This was the first time to enter the temple of life after the awakening of love. Then the devil was crying, and Tyrannosaurus Zhao Linger and I followed in turn into the temple. Just after the five of us entered, the door of the original cave was slowly closed in the machine.
"Wow, why is it so hot in the first floor of the temple of life? It’s like barbecuing in a stove. "Just stepping into the first floor, a hot breath invaded and the original cold grass-blade sword seemed to be driven by heat. At the moment, it was radiant with bursts of heat flow. When I held the sword for a few seconds, I had already shed sweat. This shows that the temperature here is high.
After I entered the Tyrannosaurus Rex, I looked around and it was almost a vast desert. When I slowly said, "All the layers of the three high temples were randomly generated, it seems that we were not very lucky and randomly went to the desert area with a slightly higher danger number."
"Tyrannosaurus rex, after hearing you say this, the maps of each layer in the three high temples are randomly generated." Although I just entered, I was very uncomfortable, but soon I was already familiar with the heat here. After listening to Tyrannosaurus rex, I asked curiously, "How many zones are there in the three high temples? What are they? "
Tyrannosaurus Rex felt sorry for the words he inadvertently revealed. At this moment, the Avengers asked him to come over, and his party had to explore in the temple of life to tell some secrets they knew. "There are five zones in the three high temples, and the risk index is from low to high, namely glaciers, forests, water and desert caves."
"So if we crossed the desert once and then appeared in the desert, wouldn’t it hurt?" After all, there are 16 floors in the temple, but there are five sub-zones, so it is not easy to get familiar with the five sub-zones and cross to the last floor to get the artifact.
Tyrannosaurus Rex shook his head and said, "There are five types of maps in the temple, but it doesn’t mean that all the maps are the same. After all, all the maps at all levels are randomly generated, which is strange. The only thing we know is the shortcut channel at all levels."
Chapter two hundred and eleven A layer of desert
"What? Shortcut channels at all levels? " This round surprised me. Wouldn’t it be if there were shortcuts on all floors?
"Yes, each zone has its own shortcut. Although the map of each zone is randomly generated, the shortcut remains unchanged." In Tyrannosaurus Rex’s view, anyway, saying a secret is also about two or three secrets, which means that it is better to keep these materials than to say them out.
"As far as I know, the shortcut in the desert is the desert pyramid." Tyrannosaurus Rex thought a little and then said slowly, "We need to find the pyramid first and then enter the Golden Pagoda to find the shortcut exit. Of course, there are many machine traps on the way to the shortcut, which is more difficult than taking the ordinary map, but the only advantage of taking the shortcut is that it will remain unchanged. We should be familiar with the speed of various channels inside, but it is several times faster than the ordinary map."
"In that case, let’s hurry to find the desert pyramid." Cheng Lian came here for this purpose to travel to the sixteenth floor to get the artifact, so he took the lead in discussing it.
"I’m afraid we have to solve these sand scorpions before we go to the pyramids." I looked at the dozens of sand scorpions that have been surrounded near my eyes and wry smile. "The temple of life is worthy of the three high temples. It’s really abnormal that monsters appear on the first floor of the first stage and it’s already level 3."
Through the observation of sharingan, I easily obtained the information of the sand scorpion. For the first floor, it is a level 3 monster, which I am afraid can’t be dragged down with my Zhao Linger level. After all, among the five people in our line, my highest level has reached the peak of level 36; After this, Zhao Linger has reached level 35; The devil is crying, the same as Tyrannosaurus rex, which is level 29; The lowest level of love has just broken through to level 27.
"The devil is crying, and now you can rely on your falling angel wings to resist these sand scorpions." Looking around, I don’t want to fight them by myself. After all, these are all level 3 creatures, and their attack power will not be low. I now have a high probability of being hanged.
The devil is crying, and he knows more or less about my present situation, so he didn’t say much. The angel wing was immediately summoned from his back to get ready. When the devil was crying, he strode to meet the trapped sand scorpion.
I tightened my grip with a blade of grass, protected by Zhao Linger and Cheng Lian, and looked around warily. Now, although I lack health, my attack and defense have not changed, and I am still as strong as before. For example, if I have to deal with a group of sand scorpions now, I may not be able to deal with being alone or sneak attack, but I will be fine.
"Xuan Bing curse! 」
Because there are twelve scorpions, Zhao Linger did not cast the middle-level group attack magic, but released the middle-level single attack magic Xuan Bing curse
567 damage floated from the top of the scorpion’s head. The Zhao Linger magic attack was a very high move. The Xuan Bing curse immediately lost the scorpion’s health by more than half.
Hmm? No, what kind of 3-level sand scorpion has 1 health point? This ….. This is too inconsistent with the monster attribute. After all, the life value of monsters of the same level in the outside world is already 7,000. The strength of monsters in the temple of life in the sand scorpion body should be stronger than the outside world, so even if it is ten thousand, it can be said in the past.
But it is strange that the health of these sand scorpions is poor. Is it possible that the monsters in the temple of life are all weaker than the outside world? Is it possible that the danger anomalies of the three high temples announced on the official website are all illusions? Otherwise, how can this strange feature be explained if the scorpion has 1 health point?
Zhao Linger’s five-monomer attack magic was cast once and again, and we assisted in the first cycle of attack. Twelve sand scorpions were already killed, and three sand scorpions were left. Naturally, they saw the danger of Zhao Linger and even dispatched a third of the troops, that is, Sansha Scorpions attacked Zhao Linger.
Although the health of these sand scorpions is low, the speed is surprisingly fast, but it accelerates in a flash. Just like a flash, the three sand scorpions have bypassed my protective circle and directly swayed the tail of the sand scorpion and stabbed Zhao Linger. Three injuries, 345, 321 and 33, floated up from Zhao Linger almost at the same time, and the current health immediately slipped by 3%.
"Purgatory is really hot! 」
After being attacked by the sand scorpion, Zhao Linger was angry and immediately released the fire. The high-level magic purgatory was really on fire. The three injuries, 123, 1123 and 17, rose from around Zhao Linger. Just now, a scorpion in Sansha attacked her and died externally.
If it’s a pure purgatory, the attack power is good, but it’s only 900 damage at most, and it can’t burn the sand scorpion. But it’s a pity that the place where we are now is a desert area, where the power of fire skills will be increased, so Zhao Linger released the purgatory, and the power of real fire was increased, which directly killed the sand scorpion.
Sneaking on Sansha Scorpion was burned to death. Zhao Linger’s anger subsided. Look at the distance, he has planned to scatter and escape. Sands Scorpion waved the wind magic in the middle order. "Intermediate earth magic" crack day collapse! "It has already released the past.
The two skills merged in the middle of the road, and none of the sand scorpions escaped from the attack. Because of the pitiful low health value of these sand scorpions and the amazing power of Zhao Linger’s two-in-one magic, they all hung in Zhao Linger and violently used some silver equipment and potions of gold coins.
It solves the problem that all the sand scorpions are confused, because they have just contacted the sand scorpions in the temple of life, which is the speed of attack and defense. They are all first-class creatures, which are much stronger than the outside world, but the only thing that is strange is the health value of these sand scorpions.
Level 3 sand scorpion, and it still appears in the three high temples. The health of sand scorpion is just 1 o’clock, which is a bit rare.
In fact, people’s confusion is very easy to understand. You know, a list of information departments such as monster attributes of the Temple of Life are modified according to the information of the entrants. If the Avengers Dragon Soul enters the attribute state, then these sand scorpions can have thousands of health values without 10 thousand.
But it happened to be the Avenger, and now the health value has been sealed, leaving one tenth of the original, and the most important point is that the Avenger is the highest ranked player.
You should know that most of the attribute data of monsters in the three high temples are modified according to the data of the player with the highest level. This time, the player with the highest level in the Temple of Life, then the monster data of the Temple Department is modified according to the existing attribute data of Avengers.
The Avengers’ health is sealed at nine, so these sand scorpions’ health will naturally be sealed. Although there are not so many Avengers, it is still possible to seal seventeen. Therefore, there should have been more than a thousand health, and the sand scorpion was reduced to 1 point before the Avengers’ life was sealed.
It can be said that the Avengers’ health value is sealed. Although it is unlucky in the outside world, it has almost reached the point where drinking water can plug the teeth. Fortunately, for players who are wandering in the three high temples, the Avengers’ health value seal is just the best seal.
An old frontiersman loses his horse—a blessing in disguise
Of course, the reason why the health of the sand scorpion is so low is because the Avengers’ health is sealed. Four players and an NPC naturally don’t understand. After all, these two things seem to have nothing to do with each other, even if someone wants to connect them, they are rooted.
Chapter two hundred and twelve Desert Pyramid ()
Because monsters in the desert are all like a sand scorpion, although the attack and defense speed are relatively strong, they are all equal in the same level, but the life value is too fragile. In Zhao Linger, the danger index of powerful magic attacking us has reached a certain level