Feather who pushed the door and walked towards the water pipe didn’t take two steps to see two dog and big black blunt come over. The two goods screamed when there were dozens of meters away from Feather.

"Are you Brother Yu?"
"I wipe! Black, you got kicked by a donkey? Don’t even know the old? "
"Lie trough! What a feather brother! This is the feather elder brother sound, yes! Two dog, what you said is actually true. "
When he rushed to Yufan’s side, Dahei knelt directly at Yufan. This move scared Yufan, but when he heard the words in Dahei’s mouth, he was covered with black lines.
"Brother Xin Chun has eternal life! Brother Xinyu can become handsome! Brother Xinyu can become handsome! Brother Yu, please give me strength! I don’t need to be handsome to your level, just to make me white. "
This is kneeling in front of Yu Fan and chanting words in a big black mouth.
"Lie trough! No fever! Big black two dog, what are you doing? "
Feather who went to the front of the big black and put his hand back on the big black forehead and found that the temperature was normal, he questioned the two goods.
"Not what we make out! Brother Yu, you have to honestly explain how you became handsome. You can’t become handsome by yourself and forget your brothers! "
Big Black took off Feather Fan and put his dirty hand on his forehead to ask the reason why Feather Fan became handsome. Just now, two dog hurriedly ran over and said that Feather Brother had been thoroughly remoulded. He still didn’t believe it, but when he heard that the guy who was not handsome like a human was indeed Feather Brother’s voice, he immediately worshipped and wanted to turn white. It was always Big Black’s wish.
"Lie trough! It turns out that the black spots on your face are dead skin and mud! I knew that my buddies didn’t wash their faces! "
"Lie trough! Brother Yu, why don’t you take me when you don’t usually wash your face? If I had known that I could become handsome without washing my face, I would have washed my hairy face in two dog! "
Ten minutes later, two dog and Dahei watched Yufan tear off the dead skin last night and marveled at the fact that the reason why Yufan became handsome was that they lost the secret of becoming handsome after the scene didn’t wash their faces, and they were sad. I knew they didn’t wash their faces since childhood.
Yu Fan looked at the front and decided to wash his face all the year round. Two goods looked down on their unhygienic behavior and walked towards the water pipe area with a towel and a happy wash. He decided to wash his face every day from today.
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16 Guan Keer [Chapter Words 3194 Latest Update 21426 1:12:25]
"hey! Big black, this is 92 yuan. You can think of some ways to add some money to buy a game helmet. "Yaoshi" is definitely more promising than picking up garbage. If you mix your uncles and aunts, it will not be a problem. "
Yu Fan threw his hard-earned money for a year directly to Dahei, and now he plays the helmet. With this money, he needs it where he needs it more, so it is impossible for him to buy a helmet.
"Feather elder brother this money I can’t …"
"Long-winded fart! Here you are. You’re holding a big man and acting like a bitch. "
Seeing that Big Black wanted to refuse Yu Fan’s direct speech stopped him, he believed that Big Black’s skill in Yao Shi was definitely much better than picking up garbage.
"all right! Brother Kuroha gives it to you, just take it. When you get mixed up in Yaoshi in the future and earn money, you can also pay it back. By the way, Brother Yu, what’s your name in the game? What level is it now? "
Understand the character of Yu Fan and Da Hei, two dog came out at the right time and made a rounder. At the same time, he finally asked the question of fighting Yu Fan.
"oh! I call me a handsome boy. I owe it to you. Now it seems that level 12 is almost level 13! "
I heard two dog ask Yu Fan freely and told him.
"Lie trough! Lie in the trough! Lie in the trough! Brother Yu, what did you say your name was? "
"I am a handsome boy and I owe it!"
"Lie trough! You are the one who killed the sacred beast with my goddess tea Kerr, upgraded the system and drove more than 4 billion people out of the game in our world. I am a handsome guy and I owe it? "
Two dog stared at Yu Fan with an excited expression. Knowing the name of Yu Fan’s game brought him more impact than Yu Fan becoming handsome.
"You said that guy should be me!"
"Lie trough! Brother Yu, you are famous, do you know? "
"Yes! Are there many people who worship me now, especially beautiful girls who regard me as their idol? "
"Worship a fart idol a hair! Now everyone suspects that you are the boyfriend of Tea Keer or the one who kidnapped our goddess. Everyone is asking who you are. I am going to kill you! "
"Lie trough! No way! I have never seen what that woman’s face looks like! Still a goddess! She has many fans? "
"Not much!"
"oh! That’s good! "
"There are tens of millions! There are millions of hardcore fans and tens of thousands of powerful pursuers. "