Mu Feng thought that he might be a monster, a monster that could not be killed. If Su Xinxin and Ji Yue were not hurt, Mu Feng was not afraid of those gangsters, but when he saw Su Xinxin being hijacked, Mu Feng felt a burst of force in his heart, which led to his coma later.

"Whoo … who am I?" Mu Feng sighed for a long time. He couldn’t remember the past and recalled the past. Now he is such a freak. He doesn’t know why or why.
Mu Feng looked out of the window and stared for a few seconds. He smashed his fist on the wall, then put his fist away and walked quickly to the room. Just after he left the door, Mu Feng bumped into a nurse, who waited for the nurse to react, and then bathed in the wind. She asked which room Ji Yue and Su Xinxin were in now. The nurse looked at the form in her hand and then shook her head and said no to Mu Feng.
Later, the nurse said that Mu Feng wanted to ask if the two girls who went to the hospital with him were sent in by a policewoman. Mu Feng hurriedly said that it was only then that she learned that Su Xinxin and Ji Yue were in the room and were about to run to see them. When the nurse suddenly stopped Mu Feng and asked softly, "I asked you what you have with them?"
Chapter 194 Pregnant Ji Yue wants you to be good.
"Uh …" It’s really hard to answer this Mu Feng when I saw the nurse asking herself, because it seems that Su Xinxin and Ji Yue are both his girlfriends at this stage, and he can’t tell the nurse that he has two girlfriends, can he? It’s a little unfair to say one to the other.
"What are you talking about?" See Mu Feng pretending to be deaf. The nurse asked again. It seems that the nurse is thirty years old. It is the impatient stage. Plus Mu Feng is a man. Why do men talk so slowly?
"Er … one is my sister, and the other is my girlfriend …" Mu Feng paused, and then he couldn’t tell the reason for lying. Mu Feng is now a little empty, for fear that the nurse will doubt himself.
"girlfriend? How long have you been with her? " The nurse’s fine eyes stared at Mu Feng as if she had seen through Mu Feng’s lies. As soon as Mu Feng opened her mouth, she said that she had been together for a year and two months.
"Have you ever lived together?" The nurse didn’t let Mu Feng continue to ask Mu Feng that strange eyes still didn’t leave Mu Feng.
"yes!" Mu Feng insists that he can play along now, and he must not let the nurse suspect that Ji Yue and her are not his girlfriend. If she continues to ask herself how long she has lived with her girlfriend, Mu Feng will definitely say it for a year.
But the nurse didn’t ask, but smiled kindly. "Hehe, do you know that your girlfriend is pregnant?"
"Ah?" Mu Feng was so big that the rhythm of the conversation was instantly disrupted, leaving Mu Feng with silly consternation. He just looked at the nurse for more than ten seconds before he woke up and asked, "Who is pregnant …?" You’re not kidding me … "
"It’s your girlfriend. When your girlfriend and sister arrived last night, the doctors in our hospital examined them. From the blood sample, it was found that your girlfriend’s HCG value was too high. After further examination, the doctor came to the conclusion that your girlfriend was pregnant for two months." The nurse said slowly, while she said Mu Feng’s facial expression changed little by little. The nurse guessed that this must be the first time he learned that his girlfriend was too happy to be pregnant.
But Mu Feng’s real feeling is not happy but shocked. If the nurse says there is nothing wrong, then the pregnant person should be Ji Yue, because Mu Feng clearly remembers that she occupied Ji Yue two months ago because she was drunk, but Mu Feng didn’t think that Ji Yue didn’t take measures afterwards, but it was developed by it. Until today, Mu Feng didn’t know that Ji Yue was pregnant from the nurse’s mouth.
Mu Feng patted his forehead. Why didn’t he expect Ji Yue to be pregnant? No wonder Ji Yue wanted it very much but refused to take it to moisten herself in the long mansion in autumn water. At this moment, Mu Feng suddenly realized a lot.
"Nurse, can you … take me to meet my girlfriend?" Mu Feng was so excited that he grabbed the nurse’s hand and asked him. He was very surprised just now, but Mu Feng is excited now because he and Ji Yue have a love crystallization, but whether it is true or not, Mu Feng has to ask Ji Yue to know.
The nurse was so excited that Mu Feng didn’t refuse him. He took Mu Feng with him and laughed. "Come with me. By the way, you have to pay a medicine after you register your girlfriend and sister."
"Ok!" Mu Feng repeatedly agreed.
Mu Feng lives in the male patient area, while Ji Yue and Su Xinxin live in the female patient area. The distance between the two places is a little far, and the nurse walks slowly. This distance is almost anxious for Mu Feng, but when Mu Feng was in a hurry, the nurse finally took him to the front of Ji Yue’s ward and let him in.
Su Xinxin and Ji Yue live in the same ward. Su Xinxin is still sleeping, Ji Yue is also sleeping, and Ji Yue is sitting dozing off by the bed. After an arrow goes through her heart, the nurse handed Mu Feng a form. Mu Feng wrote the names of the two beautiful women. The nurse told Mu Feng that Su Xinxin’s injury is no longer important. She can be discharged at any time. Ji Yue, that is, the nurse said that Ji Yue had a slight concussion. She said that she should pay more attention to rest and be fine. Don’t wake her.
The nurse also said that after Ji Yue woke up for an examination last night, nothing happened and it didn’t affect the fetus. At the same time, she also urged Mu Fengneng not to wake Ji Yue, so don’t wake up because of the concussion. It’s not good to talk big and leave sequelae.
Mu Feng is also white. When he desperately hopes that Ji Yue will get better, of course, he will not disturb Ji Yue and hurt those gangsters Mu Feng, especially Pang Huamu Feng, who can’t stand this person.
After Mu Feng also learned that an arrow pierced the heart and spent the night here with Ji Yue and Su Xinxin, it is estimated that she must have been busy last night, otherwise she wouldn’t have slept so heavily now, but whether it was an arrow pierced the heart and Ji Yue and Su Xinxin or the rain glass sleeping last night, it was very nice.
After the nurse took Mu Feng and filled out the form, she took the Mu Feng to the bank card and went out to pay for the medicine. When she left, she called a nurse to watch Mu Feng outside the door. She was afraid that Mu Feng would do that indecent thing to the beautiful woman in the ward.
Mu Feng walked gently to Su Xinxin’s side and held her warm little hand tightly. Mu Feng’s hand was shaking and his body was shaking. His heart was even more angry. He didn’t protect Su Xinxin, Ji Yue and the girl he liked.
Mu Feng held Su Xinxin’s little hand for a long time. His sadness even made him feel a little lost when he looked at the nurse at the door. He was also very sympathetic to Mu Feng. After talking in front of Su Xinxin, Mu Feng went to Ji Yue’s side again. He also grabbed Ji Yue’s little hand when Mu Feng thought of Ji Yue and tried to save himself. When he blocked a brain blow in front of himself, Mu Feng bit his teeth, and his heart was full of murder. However, he endured that he would not lose his temper at this time. When this happened, he might as well kill Pang Hua directly.
"I want you to be … good!" Mu Feng leaned over to Ji Yue’s ear and said in a very small voice, and then kissed her face and eyebrows. Then Mu Feng took the paper and pencil from the hospital and wrote some messages that she left the hospital first and let them rest assured to recuperate here. Then Mu Feng received the nurse’s return bank card and left the hospital for an old place.
Chapter 195 stunner sad enemy killed.
Stop a taxi outside the hospital, and then Mu Feng asked the driver to go to Bauhinia Garden, where Mu Feng lived. But on the way, Mu Feng asked the driver to stop a car, and then Mu Feng went into the clothing store and bought an expensive suit. Mu Feng used to wear the pure white clothes and pants in the hospital, but the quality was very poor. He didn’t dare to wear them back to his relatives and neighbors to see them. Anyway, Mu Feng is rich now and can buy whatever he wants.
Dressed as a handsome young man, Mu Feng continued to take a taxi and went back to Bauhinia Garden. When Mu Feng did not go home to visit his mother immediately, he bypassed Bauhinia Garden Community and walked to the back of the garden.
The distance between the back hill and the garden community is relatively far. The wind energy in the taxi can walk in, and even if the taxi can come in, no one dares to make several unfortunate incidents here in the back hill. After everyone who lived there a few years ago was ruined, no one dared to come to the back hill of Bauhinia Garden. Only Mu Feng is looking for someone to live here.
The person he is looking for is Liu Tinglan, who has lived here for three or four years in a safe place. Mu Feng doesn’t believe that there are ghosts and gods in the back hill, but when Mu Feng stepped into the back hill area, Mu Feng still made a move. This place is extremely gloomy and full of ghosts and gods. Even if he has been here for dozens of times, Mu Feng is a little uncomfortable.
Hard to walk every step after seeing a protruding place, Mu Feng immediately went to where to take the door of the room that covered Liu Tinglan, and Mu Feng climbed down the iron ladder to the outside of the back hill, which was even more gloomy than Liu Tinglan’s room.
Mu Feng breathed a long sigh of relief when his feet fell to the ground of the basement. He didn’t know if he had chosen Liutinglan correctly, but Mu Feng needed Liutinglan’s help.
"Sister Liu?" In the dark room, Mu Feng shouted, although it was not big, the echo surrounded the whole room, and if someone inside could generally hear it.
Mu Feng shouted a no response, he shouted a result is still the same, wondering whether this LiuTingLan is not here when Mu Feng heard the sound of "ping-bang", took out his mobile phone and turned on the lights to go to Mu Feng where the sound was made, and suddenly felt that the whole person was messy.
Liu Tinglan is lying naked in front of her in a chair with a pair of clothes on both sides of the chair handle. If it weren’t for Liu Tinglan, there would be a table in front of her. Mu Feng would surely see her in a wonderful place now. Liu Tinglan’s body was naked, and two shrugs fell slightly on her chest because she was too big. Looking at Liu Tinglan, her face was ruddy and she was short of breath, but she was excited. What just fell to the ground was something that would shake. There was also something on the desktop.
Mu Feng is the first time in my life to see a naked woman or a beautiful woman like Liu Tinglan, and her excited face and something that fell to the ground. Mu Feng instantly associated it with impure pictures, and suddenly his face became flushed, and the mobile phone lights were always calm. Mu Feng also became a little restless.
"Well … the breeze is coming … I’m sorry, my sister is really upset. Can you give my sister two minutes?" Liu Tinglan swallowed a mouthful of hand liquid and said to Mu Feng very contentedly. Mu Feng in the dark room didn’t know what Liu Tinglan was doing, but it must be a man’s favorite picture from the soft sound.
But Mu Feng didn’t want to fantasize about that scene. He remained numb for three minutes before Liu Tinglan picked up those refreshing tools of another woman, then put on a thin white trench coat, adjusted her hair and applied a layer of lipstick to her lips. After that, Liu Tinglan returned to the chair and played a gloomy light in the gloomy basement.
"Liujie, you …" Mu Feng looked at Liu Tinglan, who was suddenly dressed beautifully, and suddenly he was speechless. Does every beautiful woman do that kind of extreme shame in private?
LiuTingLan is not afraid of Mu Feng see yourself doing those things eyebrows picked pick some bitterness asked, "Xiao Feng say it’s ok to come to my sister."
Just that kind of enjoyment moment was seen by Mu Feng and interrupted LiuTingLan, of course, and she also knew that Mu Feng would take the initiative to come to herself, which must be bad.