After refining successfully in the ape emperor, the instant copper armor leopard demon has directly returned to the corpse demon. Looking at the ape emperor standing there motionless, I am in a good mood and add a big boost! In terms of personal strength, I believe that even in two months or three months, no player can beat me!

Finally, there are three directions in this cave, and now two directions have been explored, namely, the ice crystal beast and the snow ape emperor site. I don’t know what the last fork will be, but it is estimated that it will not be bad if there are any strange words ~ these are all cattle guys!
Gotta see it! Come, let’s not look at the curiosity in our hearts and feel uncomfortable! I drove back with a group of younger brothers. After a few minutes, I went back to the fork in the road and looked at all the people behind me. Well, Serena and others really didn’t need to go here. They were all horrible guys. They didn’t go too big and they might have died.
"Sogo Salontree Sandas, you come in with me and see Nantes. You just wait for us here. If there is a snow ape, you can handle it yourself. Don’t lead it to the valley outside."
"It’s an adult!" Sog and others didn’t speak. Serena, several slaves of Sog really respectfully replied.
"All right, let’s go!"
Leading four epic boss younger brothers to the last passage, this passage seems to be more spacious and taller than the first two. Even the big ape emperor is a few meters high from the top of the face. This guy is seven meters high ~ The passage is not very long, about two kilometers, but the end of the passage is not the end of this fork, but how to shape it? Oh ~ the main hall! Palace! Crystal clear huge palace! At the end of the passage is a square, which is estimated to be hundreds of meters long and wide. At the other end of the square is an ice sculpture palace!
Not only was I shocked to see such a scene, but even several lich and Salon, the necromancer, were shocked. Several people stood at the entrance of the passage and wait for a while looked at this spectacular ice crystal world.
"Hate the necromancer breath! Who is it? How dare you break into the palace of Lasseur, the great frost dragon! Ah ~ Does Satan want to invade the mainland again? "
The huge shock made the whole mountain seem to be shaking ~ at the same time, it woke me up from the shock of seeing this ice crystal palace and square, but then it was all fear ~ damn it! Lasseur the Frost Dragon? How come this place in Nima is so b? Ice crystal beast frost dragon ~ frost dragon palace ~ I can make such a magnificent ice crystal palace, and its strength will never be worse than that ice crystal beast! Uncle ~ got into the dragon cave ~ run!
Just make up my mind to turn around and blink my eyes. I also caught a glimpse of what seems to be the so-called frost dragon Lasseur guy ~ head! The faucet alone is estimated to be six or seven meters big, and the whole body must be at least thirty or forty meters long, right? Just thinking about it, m doesn’t have the courage to face the super bully! No wonder this passage is so wide!
Come and run without feet, blink ~ The flurry of wings quickly rushed in the direction of coming, and behind Sog, a pair of black wings also flashed up, followed by me. Salon and Sandostari were able to throw their feet and run away. They couldn’t fly ~ It is estimated that Salon and Terry are in tears now, and they were caught by the ice crystal beast chasing themselves. Fortunately, they were played as toys for a while and finally got away, but this time it was different. The frost dragon’s mouth was’ hate the necromancer breath’. If you get caught, you can still run away. It’s strange that dragons hate necromancers, because many necromancers like to use dragon bones as materials, which seems to blaspheme the majesty of dragons!
Although I’m worried that Salon guys can’t run away from me, now I can’t protect myself ~ I don’t want to be eaten by the dragon. Look at that posture, even if it’s not a hundred-level guy, it’s good that I can escape myself ~ I’ll try my best to take care of these guys while rushing outside ~ If I don’t help these guys, they will definitely be killed, and I don’t want to bury them all. Of course, soul calling is the only thing I can do to help them run away quickly, which can also save some time and speed up.
The shadow behind me seems to hear a huge wind. How can there be wind in this mountain? The only explanation is that the guy is flapping his wings and coming! Shit! If it really doesn’t work, we have to abandon the car to keep handsome ~ something must stop it! Md also has just refined ape emperor and soggy resin magic dragon to resist this guy for a while, right?
"Soger summoned the corpse magic dragon to resist with the ape emperor for a while!"
Soger heard me shout no reply quickly summoned the corpse magic dragon. It is estimated that Soger ordered the corpse magic dragon to come out and didn’t follow it to the outside. Instead, he faced the direction of the palace in the original place and seemed to feel the dragon breath behind him!
After the corpse magic dragon came out, I also ordered the ape emperor to stay in place to resist the coming frost dragon himself, but he didn’t dare to stop at all and escape quickly to the outside.
After more than ten seconds, I was pulled once by Salon, and several guys were left behind. I summoned my skills again, and I remembered an angry dragon roar and several screams in the instantaneous channel. Then Salon’s several people were flustered and appeared on the ground of my body. I glanced at them in a hurry. It seemed that these guys’ blood volume had dropped by half, and they were still carrying ice slag ~ Several people were called to fly after coming, regardless of their injuries, and quickly ran outside behind me and Sog. In the back channel, there was a dragon roar and a huge roar. The whole channel was there. I don’t know if the frost dragon was blocked by the corpse magic dragon in the battle ~ of course, whether it was’ two-sided fighting’ or’ sadism’ and’ abuse’ ~ But at least the corpse magic dragon and the ape emperor behind him should be able to block that guy for a little while. md, whether it can block us or not, I can rush out desperately ~ In less than a minute, I finally returned to the fork and quickly shouted to Serena and several lich, "Run out and quit the valley!"
After shouting, no matter what some guys think, I quickly summoned my soul again. Two seconds later, Salon was summoned, and two seconds later, Sog came out.
Seeing that everyone was in a state of panic and a pair of abnormal fears, Serena finally reacted. It seems that adults are telling us to run! After several people glances, they started to rush toward the outside of the cave.
"Run, Salon, you also soak up and run out of the valley and find a place to bury yourself in the snow! Sog, you too, hurry up! "
"It’s an adult!" Several people started to rush to the outside of the cave, and Suoge rushed out of the cave at last. Suoge suddenly stopped. "Master, why don’t you go while the frost dragon is resisted for a while and you haven’t chased it!"
"Never mind, run quickly. I’m not like you. I can’t die ~ Hurry up!"
Sog was one leng, but there was no more nonsense. Behind him, a pair of wings waved like shadows and rushed out of the cave. Looking at all the younger brothers running away, I quickly ran to the entrance of the fork where the ice crystal beast was, trying to summon the ape emperor. The ape emperor appeared at my side for a moment, huh? Full of blood! Haven’t you been abused? So, Sog’s corpse, magic dragon, is quite resistant, right? Alone resisted the frost dragon for a while.
I didn’t run out. First, I don’t want to be chased by a dragon all the time. I don’t believe that we can fly faster than the frost dragon outside ~ If we are stared at by him, we can’t hide ~ Moreover, we should stay in the channel of the ice crystal beast, which should be relatively safe. There are three forks in this cave, namely the snow ape emperor, the ice crystal beast and the frost dragon, which are neighbors. Although I don’t know if I have dealt with each other, I definitely know that they haven’t done it. So this time, the frost dragon should not directly rush to the ice Maybe everyone is ice. Nice?
The most important thing is ~ well, haven’t we always wanted to get a dragon as a pet? Our God-level scroll God contract has always been kept by the dragon! Seeing a real dragon for the first time, we don’t want to try to see if there is a chance. That’s absolutely false!
If that guy rushes out of that tunnel and chases directly outside, we can see if we can make the scroll behind it! If it succeeds … Wow, Kaka ~ I dare not think about it!
It seems that it has been a long time, but in fact, otherwise, so many thoughts will come out in my mind. Actually, after Sog flew out, I called the ape emperor back, and now it is only a few seconds. At this time, the frost dragon has not rushed out, and the opening is still ringing with bursts of impact and frost dragon roar.
"Soger resin magic dragon isn’t dead? You call it away quickly, don’t get in the way of the frost dragon, don’t be killed ~ "through the soul phase Sog instructed.
"The master is not dead yet. I’ll call him back, but are you all right?" Not bad, I know my heart.
"It’s okay you hurriedly call back! By the way, when they all get to the Woods, find a place to hide. Don’t keep running. If that guy chases out, he won’t be able to soak it on the ground. "
"It’s the master!" Two seconds later, Sogeyin came to my mind again. "Master, I summoned the corpse magic dragon back and was almost torn down by the frost dragon ~ Master, be careful that the frost dragon will rush out of the passage soon!"
"Well, I know!" I’m also nervous after receiving sog’s news. It’s not fun. It’s not easy to think about the frost dragon. Maybe we’ll leave a virgin hanging if we’re not careful ~
Chapter 254 Getting out of one’s jaws
A few seconds later, a gust of wind blew out at the entrance where the frost dragon was located, and my heart tightened. That guy was coming out! Trying to hold my breath and shrink my body to the mouth of the ice crystal beast channel, I secretly stared at the open area outside the fork in the road, hoping to see the frost dragon for the first time.
Whoosh! With a gust of wind, the huge ferocious dragon head rushed out of the passage, and then the long dragon neck spread with nearly 20 meters of wings, huge dragon body, huge dragon legs and claws, and a thick long tail … The whole dragon department came out of the passage.
Dozens of meters long dragon was covered in dark blue and huge Long Lin was glowing with bursts of cold light. It was awesome! There is a big difference between the ferocious dragon’s head and the dragon’s horn of our Chinese dragon. The frost dragon didn’t fly out of the cave and chase it outside directly, but put away its wings and "boom" and stepped on the ground with a pair of giant paws, shaking the whole cave constantly.
Trying not to fall to the ground and attract its attention, I am secretly glad that this guy didn’t fly out immediately but stopped here, so we have a chance to scroll it directly.