The last battle of Lien Chan is thriving. In reality, there is not much contact between Zhang Kexin and Wang Tianping. After all, they are not the same troops. Although they are in the same base, the armored forces and the communications forces are not together in training and life. They will meet when they have exercises and zipper.

Wang Tianping, who is thriving, is a little surprised to choose the patrolman. According to his understanding, Zhang Kexin should be a somewhat competitive female soldier. He is thriving and may choose the guardian.
There is nothing bright and opportunistic in the battle of the battle patrol. The place is thriving and Wang Tianping has chosen the way of shield and alloy combat knives, and the same weapon is used to deal with it. After several rounds, Wang Tianping will have a bottom in his heart
Prosperous strength is the lowest among the three military pilots, which is probably equivalent to breaking through ordinary pilots. She has no shortcomings but no special skills.
Better patrol technology solved the problem after the battle. Wang Tianping commented, "This is an advantage technically, especially when driving a patrol, but there is nothing outstanding in all aspects. This is the disadvantage. If you want to be an excellent patrol pilot, you must work harder than other pilots."
Chapter 91 Special Training Strength Confirmation (4)
Finally, the thunder broke out soon after joining the team. Although he is a junior in architecture, he has a very good future even if he graduates without games. According to him, he believes that life is only a few decades in the world, and it is a life to live according to his own lifestyle.
He liked playing online games when he was very young. It was his dream from high school to become a professional player. But on the one hand, there was nothing suitable to make money online. On the other hand, he had to take care of his family’s feelings. He still took the college entrance examination according to his parents’ wishes.
This time, "Iron Mania" made him see the hope that it is possible for him to realize his dream of becoming a professional player here, and this game has been recognized by most people after publicity, and his family also said that it is not necessary to support himself as a professional player.
Wang Tianping and the thunderbolt in the competition field have set the posture, which means that the two mecha will start at the same time and rush to the center of the venue.
The thunderbolt fire naturally makes katar attack with both hands. His attack mode and speed and intensity are different. He pays more attention to accuracy, observes the enemy’s movements carefully and then determines his attack according to the enemy’s reaction
In this way, although he didn’t make an offensive like a raging sea, the gold content of each blow was much higher. Plus, he was still paying attention to defense while attacking. Although Wang Tianping didn’t attack at this time, it can still be seen that the stalker was ready to block katar or start the propeller to dodge.
Almost, the level of thunderbolt fire is probably equivalent to being stronger than all ordinary pilots, but weaker than all senior pilots. At this stage, you can become a real senior pilot by adding oil efforts.
What’s the quickest way to deal with thunderbolt fire at this stage? Wang Tianping gave the answer. The patrolman popped up his hands. katar attacked the body faster than the pursuer. Although the thunderbolt was already paying attention to defense, it still did not resist Wang Tianping’s offensive
After the war, Wang Tianping said, "The discipline is good, the observation is good, and the defense and walking awareness are good, but the biggest problem is that the pace is too slow. We must speed up our own pace and learn to deal with the enemy’s fast pace."
In this way, except for the sad straight line, everyone has fought with Wang Tianping once, and Wang Tianping has a basic judgment about their strength and playing characteristics, and he also has a basic idea about the special training he will receive.
Of course, the most powerful person is Hu said, it’s really bright and dreamy. The three of them are already senior pilots, followed by two ordinary pilots, Xiaohe and Lingyun, who are not suitable for single combat. The ranking here is of little significance to them.
At this time, there are not many minutes away from the line. Wang Tianping said to the crowd, "I will be absent day by day. Anyway, it is a free activity during the day. There is nothing for you to play casually. Of course, I will take part in the game later. You should brush the sergeant’s deputy. If you don’t take part in me, you should be careful and lead the team by the real light. The day after tomorrow, we will continue the second step of special training."
Wang Tianping actually wants to miss the team sports activities? This surprised everyone. He has always been the most active and punctual, so far, let alone absent, not even late. Wang Tianping actually said that he would be absent, and the lack was that when he was connected to the third line, they asked him what he wanted, but Wang Tianping sold it to show that they would know the day after tomorrow.
Everyone was very naive when they didn’t get the answer, but when the time came, everyone disappeared from the arena one after another so that Wang Tianping could announce it himself the day after tomorrow.
Tens of millions of players were eliminated in the second round of the preliminary round of the individual championship on March 4th, including ordinary players who were purely playing with tickets and those who were unlucky. In the first round, they met strong elite players and advanced to tens of millions of players. This is also the same, both powerful elite players and lucky players beat players at the same level to advance to ordinary players.
At noon on March 4 th, there were not many informants in the frenzied squad. College students were going to attend classes. Because it was Monday, Dream Liuli and Xiaohei also had classes. Everyone had not met yet. There were sad lines and topics to be done. Wang Tianping was rare. There were no lines, the military needed to train three people and Lingyun was idle.
On the evening of that day, everyone was here, because there was a competition, and the second round of qualifiers brushed off more than 20 million frenzied teams, and everyone did not encounter any special circumstances. The Ministry was successfully promoted against ordinary players, while Wang Tianping charged everyone with a few lines after the game.
At noon on March 5, Wang Tianping was still not online, which made several people online guess through the independent forces channel that Wang Tianping would go to the final few people in the past two days. Perhaps it was that Wang Tianping had found a girlfriend to date these two days, but Wang Tianping’s friend Lin Yun had never heard of the wind.
On the evening of March 5, the third round of the preliminary round of the individual competition of the online competition eliminated tens of millions of people, and the frenzied team was still a member of the promotion team. Their current level was not too big if they met other top players, even ordinary military pilots and professional players.
After the game, Wang Tianping didn’t have a line this time, but let Dream Coloured Glass build an encrypted room in the arena and then entered the arena with everyone.
Arena Wang Tianping let Dream Coloured Glass Field wait until Dream Coloured Glass has driven the arbitrator to the venue. Wang Tianping smiled and said that after a while, I was actually online. When everyone was puzzled, Wang Tianping returned to the arena and then entered the lounge to prepare for the game.
What’s going on here? What’s he doing? Whether it is the audience or the people who have been dreaming about colored glaze in the arbitrator’s cockpit is somewhat puzzling. At this time, Wang Tianping drove the mecha and also came to the venue, but everyone wondered that he was driving an arbitrator’s mecha.
The fastest dream glass immediately looked at the friend list and found that Wang Tianping’s name was gray and there was no line. So who is this? Information check "training vest No.1/taxi/federal" and then everyone heard the familiar sound from the arbitrator’s loudspeaker "Hehe, this is what I have achieved in the past two days. There are three vests, one for each mecha. I will give you these vests for special training."
Chapter 92 Specially trained single guide (1)
In "Iron Mania", because each account is bound to the player, it is directly recognized whether the player is not stealing the number through the virtual helmet, and one account will always correspond to one player, but one player can apply for multiple accounts to own his vest.
Players can apply for multiple vests, but when all vests are to be shared online, that is to say, you spent ten hours in an account, so today, it will be over when you log in to which account.
The actual situation is that there are not many players who apply for vest account. Most players have an account, and they have to devote their energy and time to this account. Some people feel that they have chosen the wrong type of mecha and will not re-register their accounts until they are promoted to the sergeant.
Naturally, the new account login game still needs to pass the introductory test, enter the boot camp, choose the mecha, and then complete three novice ranks before you can get a letter of introduction and take a transport ship to the deep blue planet.
In the past two days, Wang Tianping has applied for three vest accounts three times except for the game and waiting for the game for more than ten hours, and has completed all the four kinds of mecha departments in boot camp, including one arbitrator, guardian and stalker.
Others immediately understood Wang Tianping’s meaning. Although he is very strong, although the patrolman is a kind of energy mecha, he can imitate other mecha’s movements and skills in many cases, but after all, there is a gap in performance parameters, so it is not convenient to train others.
The two arbitrators stand side by side in the competition field. The second step of special training is not to fight, but to give hands-on guidance. Wang Tianping intends to teach his teammates some basic skills and some advanced skills that are not difficult. How much they can understand depends on themselves.
For the dream coloured glaze Wang Tianping thinks that her talent foundation is no longer a problem. Most things have passed imitation in the process of following her own battle. The next step is to summarize and let her improve herself.
The most important part of the special training for Dream Glass this time is to teach her some advanced skills. The first trick, Wang Tianping, has been through several "Constantine Sword Storm" before he was selected, including this one. Of course, all the advanced skills with the creator’s name prefix need to be renamed. The future arbiter ace pilot Constantine has not yet been born.
Hang your name? "Wang Tianping’s blade storm"? "Wang Tianping changed direction"? Forget it. I’ve been ashamed to take off the creator’s name. If I add this honor to my name, Wang Tianping is really sorry for his conscience, and he will blush.
Wang Tianping said to the dream glass, "I won’t say much about the basics. Then I will teach you an advanced skill. I have also said this trick before, that is, I will call it the sword storm with both hands. This is the most powerful trick when the arbitrator mecha makes it."
After that, he controlled the arbitrator to pull out the two alloy combat knives behind him, and the thrusters of both arms and feet were turned on. At the same time, the multi-tube laser guns in both arms were also turned on, and the dream glass also learned to fight all the equipment.
Wang Tianping, the arbitrator, starts the left and right auxiliary thrusters to adjust the direction in tandem, and then the mecha rotates with this force. At the same time, the first difficulty of this skill comes with it, that is, the feet must follow the rotation rhythm.
Sure enough, at this time, the first time I had this dream, the coloured glaze was a bit miserable. In an instant, her arbitrator’s legs were twisted together, and the arbitrator sat cross-legged on the ground, like a mecha practicing kung fu, which made the audience laugh with a few people left.
However, in the second dream, she learned something. First of all, she lowered the power of the auxiliary propeller, so that the thrust drop and rotation speed of the auxiliary propeller were not so fast. Then, instead of focusing on her hands, she focused on her feet, so that she really didn’t fall.
Wang Tianping looked at it and nodded his head. It’s good to learn advanced skills flexibly for the first time. No one can succeed at one time, even Wang Tianping. Just use your brain to reduce the difficulty of skills, and you can slow down or decompose them. First, make the basic movements and exercises, and then increase them step by step.