In my sleep, I was suddenly "blown" by a strong airflow. When I opened my eyes, I found that it was already dawn. The airflow was caused by a small vertical take-off and landing passenger plane descending slowly 3 meters in front of us. With my own knowledge and the surrounding officers and men, I knew who the plane was coming. I immediately got excited and quickly woke up. I was still sleeping. Xinxia smiled and made a joke with her. "Wife! Get up and watch the emperor "(when sleeping, the boys surrounded the girls in a circle, and my place happened to be facing the plane, so others were not" blown "up like me).

Xin Xia rubbed her eyes, glanced at the plane that was landing, and vaguely said to me, "I just fell asleep, and I’m exhausted." What emperor will not come by plane? "
"Ha ha! Plane people in our country can be almost the same as the emperor, "I said to Xin Xia with a smile.
Xin Xia woke up a lot after hearing my words. She looked at the plane carefully and then at the officers and men around her. She was very surprised and asked me, "You … you mean? Who is the plane? "
"My wife is not stupid! You guessed it! The plane man is his old man’s house. "I confirmed Xinxia’s guess.
At this time, Boss Lei also excitedly walked over and woke up the rest of the people who were still sleeping. Let’s all get ready to welcome Chairman Lin. Others were excited to hear that Brother Lei said that Chairman Lin was coming, especially the respectful appearance of the three brothers and sisters in Yunjia was exactly the same as that of those devout believers when they learned that the emperor was coming.
After the plane landed, as the cabin door hit, I found that Brother Lei’s shoulders were shaking slightly, which made me wonder whether soldiers were more excited than ordinary people when they met the supreme leader.
After the cabin door was finished, the first thing that appeared was not Chairman Lin, but a gray-haired grandmother. Just when everyone was surprised, Chairman Lin appeared behind the grandmother.
Although these two people look about the same age, they may be husband and wife, but how can the "first lady" be different from this old woman? What’s more, it’s impossible for a wife to walk in front of her husband who is the chairman, right?
However, when Blue Moon cheered, everyone knew who the old woman was. When she saw Blue Moon suddenly emerged and shouted "Grandma", she quickly ran to Blue Moon like that old woman, but no matter what the situation is now, I don’t know if it would be dangerous. In her impression, grandma is impossible.
Blue Moon’s move made the plane’s security personnel nervous, and immediately took out a gun from her pocket to prevent her from continuing to move closer to this side. The atmosphere at the scene was suddenly tense, and Blue Moon also stopped, stamped her feet angrily and pursed her mouth and shouted to the grandmother, "Grandma, how can they be like this!"
Chairman Lin motioned for the security personnel to put away their weapons and walk with the grandmother to the front of the Blue Moon. The grandmother blamed the Blue Moon and said, "How dare you fool around in this situation, dead girl? Don’t you think it’s not enough for you to get into trouble with your grandmother? Don’t apologize to Grandpa Lin."
Chairman Lin stopped Blue Moon from apologizing and smiled and said to her, "Nothing, nothing, you are Ling Zhu, the daughter of Jinghai, right? Just like your mother, so beautiful and tempered, just like your father haha! "
Blue Moon spat out her tongue and asked Chairman Lin. Then she quickly changed the subject and said to her two parents, "Grandma and Grandpa Lin, I’d like you to meet a friend of mine!"
Chairman Lin hurriedly gave a hand to the blue moon and said, "My girl, you don’t want us to chat in this situation, do you? Tell your friends to go to Guiyang first and chat there. "
With the blue moon, Chairman Lin turned around and said a few words to the people behind him, then waved to our side and went back to the plane with the little moon with Grandma Blue.
After President Lin and his party left, more than a dozen of us were also arranged to fly to Guiyang, the capital of Guizhou Province, by helicopter. Huang Qi did not join us. He greeted us and left by helicopter when he came.
We were arranged to go to the most luxurious hotel in Guizhou Province, take a bath and eat something. After eating and drinking, the staff who accompanied us told Chairman Lin that they were already in the VIP meeting room on the top floor and asked if we would go at once.
The workers were answered by nodding their heads and getting an interview with the chairman. That’s not an ordinary person who can get the honor to follow the workers to the top floor. After careful inspection, we met Chairman Lin and Grandma Lan, and the little moon was dressed up and sitting on the two old sides.
Chairman Lin and Grandma Lan’s humor made us ordinary people who met "God" for the first time relaxed, and a lot of words were restored to freedom. However, the former mantras were put away, and the manners were moving and quiet. Even Xu Qiang and his little sister, who were fidgeting at the meeting, honestly dared not act excessively, but we were not afraid of respecting the two old people. The identity of the chairman was far from us, but there was no such pressure in the chat. The kind and humorous words of Chairman Kuang Lin and Grandma Lan made us forget their identity. Now it is purely two old people.
Chairman Lin also let us introduce ourselves one by one. After learning about the Yunjia three brothers and sisters, we praised them again and again. At the same time, we also apologized to the Yunjia three brothers and sisters on behalf of the country and asked them to say what difficulties they had. Yunfei didn’t tell Chairman Lin about us and him. We met him in the game. These friends are willing to help him and his two sisters. They are satisfied with the status quo and don’t need the chairman to worry too much.
Grandma Lan praised them with a smile after Yunfei’s three brothers and sisters finished, and then told all of us not to get involved in the state affairs when chatting now. After that, Grandma Lan asked about our Blue Moon in the game.
This topic is relatively easy to expose people’s shortcomings. Little sister and Xu Qiang are their specialty. Xu Qiang let the little moon bully him a lot. Now that he has such a chance to "talk", how can he easily let go of the little moon? He threatened him to go with him to design and make other people’s things out. The two old people kept laughing. Little moon and other words were teased, and Xu Qiang secretly wondered how he would take revenge when he stayed. Although these things were also said, the situation was different now.
Xu Qiang’s novel accidentally told the story about the little moon and boss Lei. Boss Lei made a big blush on the spot, and the little moon’s eyes were almost bursting with fire. The rest of us all mourned in Comrade Xu Qiang’s silence. I really don’t want to live.
Blue grandma cast a glance with meaning at the boss and the blue moon, and then continued to smile at the set of Xu Qiang words. Xu Qiang, the little one, which is the blue grandma’s opponent, divided by two, told the blue grandma everything. After that, she made a face at the blue moon but didn’t pay attention to the other side. The boss’s face has been forwarded from red to black. It’s good to be small. The scar forgot to make those mistakes before the pain came. Now he has completely forgotten it and become the first Xu Qiang again.
Grandma Lan cleverly changed the subject after Xu Qiang said everything and asked about our things in the game. When the two parents first heard a game, they did it so well. We made so much money and reacted the same way as others when they heard these things. Xu Qiang also told us what happened with Xiaori, but this time he was clever and didn’t tell us about the kidnapping. I don’t know if he didn’t think of it, or if he knew that Zhengqing could not kill four small things privately. This made us all relieved. After he finished, Lily also secretly choked it.
The fool did a good thing after all wrong, that is, he revealed the fact that the Quandao consortium wanted to destroy China’s financial market. We wanted to say this for a long time, but grandma Lan’s words about not talking about state affairs were blocked. Now it is best for that fool Xu Qiang to say it. However, after hearing the news, Chairman Lin made no statement and did not ask our source. After a little thinking, he smiled and listened to Xu Qiang’s nonsense.
After chatting for a long time, Blue Moon suddenly said that she wanted to go to bed before interrupting the conversation. Grandma Lan and Chairman Lin told us to go to sleep first when we knew that we had not slept for a day and a night, but we also left Brother Lei to discuss with him whether it was a trivial matter or something between Boss Lei and Blue Moon. We don’t know that this kind of thing can be settled by Boss Lei. Anyway, we know that Xu Qiang is dead this time. The specific way to die is still to be studied (I will write it as an article about the conversation between Boss Lei and the two old people).
When they returned to the room arranged for us, they all felt that they were not sleepy, so they got together and chatted about yesterday and just now. At this time, Blue Moon also came running. She came to ask Xu Qiang for trouble. She was so angry with Xu Qiang that she couldn’t sleep.
Xu Qiang wanted to leave as soon as he saw the blue moon coming, but how could we he is my brother let him slip away like this? Together, we "captured" this little smile and sent it to the little moon to let it be punished casually.
The little moon let us hold up penny ur (Qiang) and follow her to her presidential suite. Before the door closed, Qiang screamed.
Chapter 15 Training Plan
After the whole Xu Qiang, we were all too tired to lie on the carpet and fell asleep. Everyone was really tired for a day and a night without a good sleep. So the whole presidential suite was full of people. Fortunately, Yunfei’s three brothers and sisters, Mr. Chen, didn’t follow us. Otherwise, I don’t know if I would suspect that we have a hobby of "fornication" (the rectification of Xu Qiang will also stay in the external article to describe it). I put my arms around Xinxia palm on her chest, one foot on Xu Qiang’s ass and the other on the blue moon. The son and the blue moon are holding a pillow with one foot on Xu Qiang’s body and the other foot on my nose. I also fell asleep and hugged Li Li’s foot, but Zhang Xiaolin’s body and beard were poor. Both hands and feet were treated as pillows by girls. It is estimated that it is a problem whether Xu Qiang can walk and take things after waking up later. Xu Qiang is the worst, with few feet on him, but he still sleeps like a log.
Because I was the first one to fall asleep yesterday, I got up much earlier than everyone else. I found the surrounding situation when I got up. I secretly snickered. I woke up Xinxia carefully, pulled her aside and whispered a few words to her. Xinxia heard me and looked at it carefully. Everyone’s sleeping position, face and drowsiness were gradually replaced by excitement, nodding and agreeing with my plan.
We both took out our mobile phones from our bodies and grinned. We planned that in ten minutes, both of our mobile phones were full of photos, and everyone took n close-ups for us at least. After the photos were taken, I sent all these photos to my mailbox, and my mobile phone manipulated this mailbox to forward them to my other vice mailboxes. This is to ensure that if I get a mobile phone and a mailbox, I won’t be destroyed by these troublemakers one day. However, it is reasonable and beneficial to live with Xin Xia and these troublemakers without being harassed by weapons, but I am good at it!
After doing this, Xin Xia and I pretended to be serious and woke everyone up. The troublemakers were reluctant. Later, when they found out that they were in a situation, they immediately shouted and then quickly fled the scene. Even Hu limped to one side, leaving Xu Qiang still asleep there. I was too lazy to wake him up. I took Xin Xia and ran into the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth. Anyway, the rest of us will find a special way to get him up later.
Once again, I went back to the living room and found that those guys had woken up Xu Qiang. When they saw me and Xinxia coming, they all pretended to be as if nothing had happened. Just now, they didn’t. I was also happy to have a leisure time and have all the photos developed. None of them could escape. Who dares to make trouble with me after seeing them?
When I looked at it, it was after 9 o’clock in the evening. Ten people ran to the restaurant and had a big meal. Boss Lei also came over with Yunfei when we were eating. Let’s finish eating quickly so that we can go back to the city.
Xu Qiang saw boss Lei shrink his head and didn’t dare to show up. Now he is completely aware of how serious a mistake he made in the afternoon for fear that boss Lei would punish him. But boss Lei seems to have forgotten that it was when he was eating. Grandma Lin left in the afternoon and entrusted boss Lei to tell the blue moon to be obedient and stop messing around. But brother Lei didn’t say that he talked with the two old people, and we were all very sensible. If there was a small day, it would definitely be asked, but when boss Lei and the little moon were inserted, everyone’s mouth was sealed, and no one wanted to be the first to touch the tiger’s ass.
After dinner, Mr. Chen said goodbye to us. Let’s take good care of Yunfei and his three brothers and sisters and send him away. We followed Mr. Lei to the heliport on the top floor of the hotel and Huang Qi took us back to the city.
Outside the city airport, I have already received news that Ye Erge and the businessman are waiting for us there. On the way back, the little guys are chirping and Ye Erge’s businessman is talking about what we felt during our trip to Guizhou. The most natural question is the identity of the little moon, but when asked about abortion, she said that she didn’t even know herself, otherwise she wouldn’t have released the flare so carelessly.