The blood that bared its teeth seemed to be shocked by this slight noise, and then began to emerge one by one like boiling. Soon the whole blood array stopped spreading.

Boiling is not only vaguely audible in the blood, but also some sharp cries, which seem to be unwilling to cry by ghosts who have been killed.
Zhou Yan was shocked by this movement and heard Ji Fangwei say "continue" in a calm voice.
"Good" Zhou Yan put away the blade and said to the woman in white.
His tone is calm, but he can’t help but start jumping wildly. There is not much time left.
The woman in white slowly turned her head, and her hair flashed a wisp of red light and pale skin charm, and the neck slowly faded, and a blood flap was just torn up, and it gradually healed.
[ding! Congratulations to the player Zhou Yan for adding a picture book]
[Name? ? 】
[identity? ? 】
[Introduction: She will help you]
[Other progress to be unlocked (1/3)]
Then the white woman suddenly hit Zhou Yan to one side.
She stumbled around the house looking for something, but her eyes could see that almost all the furniture had been knocked over, and the white clothes were covered with blood from the grooves.
The blood flashed past her and then disappeared into white clothes.
Zhou Yan went to the dresser and saw a small bed with a baby in its infancy. After picking it up, he said, "Are you looking for Sisi?"
The woman in white heard Zhou Yanyin groping her way forward, kicked the chair backwards and hurried to the front of Zhou Yan.
He handed the rough baby.
The woman in white suddenly remembered something. Putting her finger on her original lip position and stepping anxiously in place seemed to be considering a very important matter.
Chapter 4. Chapter 4
Village tales of mystery 11

depletion of numbers
Huang Mao’s pale lips trembled. It’s not the first time for him to come to this vice player. He knows there is no place to question an NPC like this.
He gradually loosened his hand and pushed JiSixian aside. JiSixian looked at Huang Mao and retreated aside like a psychopath and patted his chest with a sigh of relief.
Huang Mao dragged her hair regretfully, lowered her head deeply and sobbed, "It’s all my fault, I dragged her in, and I hurt her."
"Wait!" Mian got up and said, "Maybe Yali isn’t dead yet. We didn’t hear the vice sign. If it’s downsizing, the vice sign will wake up."
[ding! Attention vice player: Player Sun Yali has died, and the difficulty of vice is increased by 5%. Please continue to protect your companions! 】
Huang Mao’s eyes were so red that he was about to drop blood. He smashed a wooden table and got up and said, "I’m going to find her. I’m going to avenge her!" "
"You calm down!" Mian stopped him. "We can’t downsize any more! If you die, the difficulty will increase again-"
Before he finished, he got a punch in the face, and the whole person stepped back and fell to the bed.
Huang Mao’s angry face was almost distorted. Before he was Japanese, he grabbed Mian’s collar and tried to punch him again. When Mian’s hand flashed a faint light and threw it at Huang Mao.
Huang Mao was paralyzed by the current and recovered a little bit of reason. He still gasped with anger and said, "You are a bastard!" "
Mian, with a sullen face, said, "I’m telling the truth."
A flame appeared in Huang Mao’s eyes, and he began to emit plumes of white smoke, which was filled with a faint burning smell.
"Calm down!" Zhang Wenwen stopped the two men from pushing them away and said, "Now is not the time to fight. We have to continue!"
"Classmate" Qi Sixian turned pale with fear, and his clothes remained wrinkled after being pulled. "What are you arguing about?"
He asked Huang Mao to calm down. Now is not the time to fight. If Qi Xin doesn’t work together to pass, it is likely that one death will be himself.
Sister’s head is missing