I glanced at the scattered equipment on the ground, and the blue sky was somewhat distressed because the belt was too small. Although the blue sky had changed into a black rhinoceros suit and a black rhinoceros belt, the blue sky also brought so many equipment. Finally, when it was good for nearly an hour, some equipment with poor attributes was thrown in place.

I had a stretch, and the blue sky looked at myself wearing mutant gloves, thinking that anyway, the horse master competition was coming soon. Now I don’t want to put two inlays in it. I thought I would do it with the blue sky, and took out several inlays after entering the game and carefully picked them up.
Finally, I chose to go to the blue sky and chose the colorful snake king card and the giant king mutation card I just played.
Colorful snake king card mosaic card toxicity increased by %13, attack increased by %13, defense increased by %13, and the level was 2.
Giant King Mutation Card can be inlaid with card fury. Add %1, increase the rage success rate by %5, increase the mosaic success rate by %5, and the level requires 26 levels.
But at this moment, the blue sky also hesitated, wondering if this card could be put directly into the glove card slot.
"It’s not that it’s no big deal for mom to set it old, and then hit it a few times."
The colorful snake king card is seven colors. Although the blue sky is not very interested in this colorful thing, the blue sky is too lazy to care so much because its gloves can be inlaid with more powerful attributes. When the blue sky carefully inserts the giant king variation card into the variation glove, the glove instantly emits a series of strange and dazzling blood-red rays. The blue sky is stunned and then hears the unified tone.
You successfully started the mosaic percentage. When the mosaic success rate is full, your mosaic weapon success system will reward you with 1 point of hope and 1 point of luck.
The blue sky suddenly cheered for a moment, and the blue sky looked up for a moment. The attack of its own gloves with different unnamed gloves increased by %1, and the rampage increased by %2. The success rate of rampage increased by %15, and it increased by %15. A card can also be inlaid after successful mosaic.
_ ____w_ w_ w___ __ _o_m
It’s the blue sky. I can’t figure out what’s going on with this rage. Finally, I feel a chill at the thought of the giant king’s variation. I thought this so-called rage wouldn’t be like the giant king’s variation.
After taking out the colorful snake king card, the blue sky couldn’t help thinking about Bingbing, wondering if this card would be very beautiful if it was embedded in the Bingbing tian hu suit. But in the end, the blue sky thought about Bingbing again, just like treating itself, it couldn’t help but give a sneer, and it was even more powerful to insert the card into the glove.
A flash of colorful light once again shows that you have successfully started the mosaic. When the mosaic success rate is full, your mosaic weapon success system will reward you with 1 hope value.
At this time, the glove attribute attack increased by %2, defense increased by %1, rage increased by %2, rage success rate increased by %15, and toxicity increased by %1.
Please name the weapon after it is inlaid.
"Variation gloves" freely in the blue sky, and when the blue sky casually named itself and felt a little inappropriate, a girl chuckled behind the blue sky.
The blue sky turned quickly, and suddenly her eyes turned into two big ones. At the same time, I thought that this girl was really beautiful. Looking at this girl’s blue eyes and blue sky, I couldn’t help but feel lost.
The girl smiled and said, "I have beautiful eyes. Many people think so. Why did you change your gloves to such an ugly name?"
Blue sky came to her senses and said excitedly, "Is it ugly? What kind of name should I give?"
The girl sat down beside the blue sky and curled her mouth and said, "What is not a beautiful glove?"
Blue sky one leng corners of the mouth twitched slightly, thinking that this girl wouldn’t have a problem with her head. That girl with such a name didn’t want to talk back quickly after watching the blue sky expression and said, "Call it red and colorful gloves, okay?"
The blue sky feels extremely depressed.
The girl touched the small nose and remembered that it didn’t matter, but it really killed her.
"Call rhinoceros gloves …"
"That’s called the one-eyed giant glove …"
"Stop!" The blue sky can’t help but say
The girl embarrassedly touched her blushing little face and then carefully looked at the blue sky, only to find that the blue sky was secretly watching her. The girl in the blue skirt looked down and couldn’t help but be stunned. Then her face turned red and the horse withdrew, revealing her white and tender thighs.
Blue sky looked back awkwardly and said, "I have finished naming it, but now I can’t change it, so I call it variation gloves."
"Oh!" The girl came together and said, "You are amazing. One person can kill so many monsters. Will you let me follow you?"
Blue sky turned his head and looked at the girl in front of him in astonishment, then pointed to himself and said, "Why do you want to follow me?"
The girl blushed and curled her lips and said, "Because I have decided that you are mine."
Blue sky suddenly opened her mouth and looked at the girl in front of her in disbelief. Then she stammered, "Are you sure you think so?"
The girl nodded seriously, but after seeing the blue sky looking at her eyes, she quickly stepped back and said, "But don’t you do bad things to me."
Blue sky stood up and said solemnly, "Do you think I am you and I am you? You know, a man like me is hard to find now. If you want to get my heart, it is absolutely impossible."
The girl opened her mouth wide and her eyes wide. It took a long time before she said, "How do you know I want your heart? I didn’t tell you."
Blue sky has some headaches, and I wonder if this girl really has a problem with her head, but after a closer look at this girl, Blue Sky still thinks that this girl is absolutely rare. How can a beautiful girl give up like this? Finally, Blue Sky simply fights with this girl.
"You are a little narrow-minded. I am not white. You want to get my heart and let me listen to you, aren’t you? If you are strong with me, you can get my body but not my heart." The blue sky said such shameful words, and the girl turned red after listening to the blue sky, and let out a long scream at the blue sky, then turned and ran away to blink and disappeared.
The blue sky got up and wait for a while looked at the girl and ran to the distance. The figure could not help but shake his head and sigh, "Is it because I understand it wrong or is there something wrong with the girl’s body and head?"
(End of volume)
The sixth volume Master Competition
The first chapter is such a beautiful woman
The blue sky returned to Adventure City, and according to the usual practice, it generously sold the equipment department and put some money into the Star Bank. When the blue sky once again entered the black rhinoceros territory, the scattered equipment in the territory was gone, and at the same time, a large black rhinoceros was re-painted in the territory.
As usual, the blue sky has long been hiding in the giant trees, and the snow bird has attracted hundreds of black rhinoceroses to play with these black rhinoceroses who know how to run around the ground. At the same time, because the snow bird is fast enough, when the snow bird attracts a black rhinoceros from one place, the black rhinoceros from another place has also chased the snow bird in groups. Suddenly, the two groups of rhinoceros violently collided with each other. What’s more, the blue sky made the snow bird attract the black rhinoceros from all sides and disoriented the black rhinoceros in the huge whirlwind of the snow bird, and the black rhinoceros also collided head to head.