For this to enter the top 16, Xie Guohua, who has a smaller star than popularity, dare not put on airs.

Chu Yun doesn’t talk. If he doesn’t allow the Japanese to fight, then it’s better to say that the Chinese people have no backbone and are fine. Maybe it’s better to lose if they retreat in the eyes of others.
"Do you choose the same way?" At the same time, Xie Guohua Nai wondered why a game star had to take part in the competition in that village.
"budo" Chu Yun said, "arrange it for me."
Xie Guohua is not surprised. If the other party chooses Qindao Chess, he is really surprised. He knows that chopsticks have penetrated a student’s palm this semester.
"It’s not important to win or lose, just try your best." To be honest, Xie Guohua has no confidence
"Has anyone chosen the other two?" Chu Yun asked this, after all, to ask the Chinese people or to ask one.
"Not yet," said Xie Guohua, shaking his head.
"Still coming?" Chu Yun knows that there will be a game tomorrow.
"The school that should come is looking for students who are outstanding in chess and chess," Xie Guohua said
"Let me ask, can people outside the school participate?" Chu Yun asked if Song Ning Frost would go to absolutely crush everything.
Xie Guohua shook his head. "Although Wu Teng didn’t say it, if we let outsiders participate, even if we win, the other party will have a story. The school decided that the contestants must be students."
ChuYun nodded. It’s a pity that Song Ning Frost couldn’t attend the school. Who did you send?
In late Chu Yun, although the idol of the people, the golden goddess of war, shared a bed, he was not in the mood for that kind of thing.
"Think about the game." Lin Weiwei didn’t see it at a glance.
"Yes," Chu Yun nodded. Although he had confidence in himself, he was afraid that others would lose. After all, it was a national honor to say that it was a bigger honor for the school.
"Don’t think so much. I’m sure we Chinese people will win those Japanese people." Lin Weiwei waved his little fist under the covers and said with confidence.
"Are you so confident?" Chu Yun said some funny.
"Of course, don’t you have confidence in the Japanese instead of your own people?" Lin Weiwei asked.
At that time, Chu Yun was said to be speechless. Yes, did he have no confidence in the Chinese people?
At that time, one or two people both entered the game
Today is the second day of the top 16 ranking. Compared with yesterday, I believe it will be more exciting.
About ten minutes later, Chu Yun heard a sign in her ear. Yesterday, the first scene was her own. What is her today? Is it the same as when the martial arts meeting was held, and the first game every day was taken over by yourself?
Just as Chu Yun was about to play, a red shadow appeared in the ring. Seeing this red shadow, Chu Yun was surprised and pleased. This cargo was actually Emperor Yan!
This also means that his opponent turned out to be Yan Huang!
"Ha, ha, ha ….." Chu Yun laughed in his heart, and God was destined to let himself end this four kings.
Emperor Yan stood proudly in the ring and lost a game yesterday, which has broken his unbeaten record. Today must be a victory. It is an oath and a determination to win whatever you say!
The opponent didn’t play for a long time, which made the players confused. Is Yan Di’s opponent a god-killer?
No, everyone’s expression looks good.
God vs Yan Huang? Is killing the gods awesome or the Emperor Yan awesome?
Kill god with one sword and kill god with ten thousand swords.
Emperor Yan burned the sky with fire and flames.
Neither of these guys is a joke. In the eyes of the audience, they are right.
Seeing that his opponent has been slow to appear, Emperor Yan’s mouth is twitching, and he is thinking that he should not really kill that guy, because that guy likes to pretend to be forced.
Emperor Yan is going to fly to avoid killing God, but the problem is that he is afraid of avoiding it.
"Kill God that bastard!" Can you not be angry that the Emperor of Yan cursed and forced himself to put it on his own head?
"Yan Huang is estimated to be miserable!"
"Yes, whoever kills God will definitely be killed."
"Alas, you mourn for Emperor Yan!"