The bedroom bathroom is very big. After Royi moved in, Ling specially adjusted it and added some anti-skid facilities.

"I’ll wash it myself"
Royi looked at condescending to lower your price, and the man couldn’t help saying that she put the bath water.
I took the faucet and tried the water temperature. I saw that the temperature just lifted my feet and walked towards Royi.
Royi, he’s going out. He just breathed a sigh of relief. He saw a man put his arms around her from behind and put his slender fingers on her pants. He unbuttoned the buttons slightly.
"You, you, you!"
Royi nervous words can’t say clearly that the man has half knelt at her feet and retreated her pants to her feet.
"Wife lifts her feet"
Royi lifted her feet uncontrollably.
"that foot"
Royi burying his face in a feather held her foot in his hand and pulled her pants back completely.
Include her lovely socks.
The girl’s little white feet step on the ground, and her toes are powdered like shells with the best texture, and then her long white legs.
Perfect. There’s no flaw in it.
Royi looked at Ling’s eyes and his heartbeat could not help but accelerate. At this time, the bathroom was already covered with a hazy fog.
Ling slowly got up. Royi looked down and looked up. This beautiful face always made her involuntarily addicted.
Ling tasted it again, but it didn’t hurt to take a bath and burn it elsewhere.
It’s already dark for two timbres, and the tone is dumb, sexy and nice. Royi was in a trance, so he was pulled out and thrown into the bathroom.
"ah! What do you do? "
When Royi looked at the past, Ling was taking off her clothes, and looked at her evil spirits and smiled to lift her legs and stepped in.
"Well ling …"
You cheat.
There is no need for her to take a bath …
Ling has always been fond of playing, but his wife is shy and avoids taking a shower every time. He finally caught the opportunity. How could he let it go?
In the huge bathtub, Royi clung to the edge and felt as if he had become a fish, not two fish. One person slaughtered the other and wandered around without hesitation …
After a long time
It was a long time.
Royi felt his fingers ache when he was carried out.
Anger took a white look at Ling, got into the quilt and ignored him.
Ling smiled in a low voice, spoiled and gently hugged her and kissed her on her forehead.
"Honey, you smell good."
There is a feeling of tightness in the quilt.
Royi is actually not sleepy, but tired. She lay with her for a while and the bedroom door was knocked.
"Three few guests have come."