When the manager was defeated, the two men, Kabi Marmot, handled the refund formalities and then criticized the ticket inspector in front of them. Marmot saw this picture in his eyes but said with relish, "All right! Then you can really rest! "

From the overall situation, it is unfortunate and fortunate that the cinema escaped from the blacklist of the Consumer Elimination Committee in Machen.
Stay low and apologize again. The manager and ticket inspector are already behind Kabi Marmot at the cinema gate. The last appearance of the hospital staff makes Marmot shout loudly.
"mom! If I had known this, I wouldn’t have come! "
Kabi Marmot went back to the parking lot and saw Marmot still complaining about Kabi’s relaxation and said, "No! I should have known, so we might as well go to see that cartoon. Maybe it’s another ticket inspector who is staying in that studio! "
The hemp rat was provoked to laugh, and the long-lasting anger vanished from his face. After pulling the door of the sports car, he asked Kabi, "Where shall we go next?" Anyway, I won’t go to another cinema! "
Before getting into the passenger seat, Kabi replied, "Bullshit! Find a restaurant, of course, and then you invite me to dinner! "
The hemp rat first "oh" and suddenly pointed to Kabi and said, "That’s ok! But don’t make me drink Luo Songtang again. It almost killed me! "
"Ha ~ ha ~!" Is sitting in the passenger seat than put a smile and then connect a way "rest assured! We have no gambling, and it’s better for you to die in the toilet than for me to die in your sports car! "
The hemp rat recognized the meaning and said every word, "Good! I’m not speeding anymore! "
The two of them have a tacit understanding in life as if they were fighting together in a competition. When Marmot was about to start the engine of a new sports car, Kabi was searching for good food in a restaurant on his mobile phone.
"Idiot! Haven’t you found it yet? Tell me the specific location! " The hemp rat let go of the brake lever to start the sports car and urged Kabi.
"Wait! There are too many materials to know which one to choose! " Kabi gave his own explanation.
After listening to it, the hemp rat wanted to talk back, but put it in front of the car status instrument and the mobile phone moved. He took the mobile phone and glanced at it and said, "Idiot! Look for it again! I’ll take a message first! "
Kabi replied "hmm" and continued to slide the phone screen with his right thumb.
As for what the hemp rat is saying and who he is talking to, Kabigen didn’t notice that he devoted his heart to finding restaurants, but he decided not to look like a patient with difficulty in choosing.
It’s been six minutes since Kirby finally made up his mind. He just wanted to share his meaning with Marmot, but Marmot was staring at Kirby when he finished talking.
"how? Something urgent? The itinerary should be cancelled? " Kabi’s intuition is not right, so he says his initial thoughts.
Hemp rat "Zi" a pendulum head and said "no! My agent received reliable information, so he called me and told me a piece of news. Coach Coboni officially launched the plan to buy Porto team Bam, and the two teams are said to have a great chance of success in in-depth contact! "
"Great!" Kabi, who dares to send it out, is thinking aloud a way.
Then Kabi pretended to be taken aback and asked, "Oh ~? Did your agent say any other details about this matter? "
Hemp rat nodded and said, "Yes! The condition of this acquisition is 10 million euros plus a player, do you understand? That means one teammate will leave the team! "
According to the rat, this is what coach Coboni originally meant. There are two things that Kabi still doesn’t understand. First, he didn’t know that coach Coboni had negotiated with the board of directors to win the original acquisition fund of 10 million euros. Second, he didn’t know that coach Coboni also decided to add a player to the acquisition terms and send it to Porto in exchange for Bam to join.
Kabi’s lips trembled and asked, "Who is the teammate who is about to leave the team? Do you know? "
Obviously, the hemp mouse knows the answer, but he just puts on a difficult mouth for a long time before he finally answers, "That victim is vice captain Roffman!" to be continued
Chapter 166 Accidental injury to others
Now that even the rat agent has received the news that Granada has officially started the acquisition plan, Kabi thought that Mr. Nahas must have learned the news, and it was sooner or later for Kabi than the rat agent.
Then Kabi Marmot suddenly lost the mood of going to a restaurant for dinner, and there was a mess in his heart. They both thought that things were the same, and they all thought that it would be a while for Roffman to thoroughly understand the whole thing.
For Kabi, he knows much more about the cause and process of the incident than a hemp rat, which makes it difficult for him to predict that it is coach Coboni who won the Czech squad and gambled on the vice captain Roffman. This detail is unknown to Kabi, so he can’t figure it out.
There is no such thing as an end to a banquet. Whether it will end or not is to say goodbye. That moment is particularly disappointing.
This kind of reluctance is even worse than Kabi’s, because he has been fighting with Roffman for a long time, and it is difficult to get married for a long time. This is why he chose to go to Roffman immediately.
Besides, this sudden news seems to have hit Kabi Marmot, who talked about going to Roffman, but Marmot was so slow that the car was rumbling with the engine of the sports car, and Kabi was thinking thoughtfully. If I don’t know, my lover will say "sick!"
It was the hemp rat who broke the boring situation, or put his hands on the steering wheel. After dozens of seconds of meditation, he first murmured, "What a surprise! Coach Coboni actually sold the vice captain at this time ~! "
After sighing, he touched Kirby’s shoulder with the back of his hand and said, "How? Where should we go? Tell me first! "
After coming to his senses, Kabi took a deep breath and said, "How about going to Roffman’s house?"
The hemp rat shook his head and said, "The report has come out. I believe that Roffman is definitely not at home at this time. He should go out to talk about things and handle the matter of leaving the team!"
"Training base?" Kabi suddenly got up and even the front seat of the sports car was slightly shaken.
The hemp rat agreed with Kabi’s view, but he made a trip in vain. He first sent a message to the training base and asked the staff whether Roffman had returned to the training base. The staff of the base replied and supported Kabi’s view. If Roffman had already discussed the details of leaving the team with the club.
With the goal, the hemp mouse finally drove the sports car, but he just said that he couldn’t express the train. Those promises have been ignored by him or impatient. This guy got up the train again on the way to the training base with Kabi.
It’s surprising that Kabi didn’t criticize again. This is the first time that he agreed with the practice of the Rat Express, and perhaps the last time that he said that he didn’t want to die in a sports car. Those expressions have dispersed in his mind. At this time, he is pondering over how old he is when Roffman is sold.
The hemp rat was not interested in indulging in the speed pleasure of the sports car. Even so, he played a superb driving skill and shortened the original 25-minute drive by 10 minutes. Soon the sports car stopped at the gate of the training base.
According to coach Coboni, there was no training class today, so he stopped at the parking lot of the training base. After there were not many Ratchet Kabi cars, he walked in front of Kabi, took four more steps and suddenly stopped and said to Kabi, "Yes! That’s right! Roffman is back. Look, this is his car! "
Every parking space in the parking lot is divided by white paint, which enables every car owner to park his car in the white frame in a regular way. However, it seems that the Roffman car has gone too far. Instead of parking in the white frame, two wheels are pressed into the white frame next to it.
"Is it necessary to be in such a hurry?" At the same time, the situation will be seen in the eyes, and Card will read aloud a way at the same time.
After routinely reconfirming to the staff of the training base that Roffman was here, Kabi said that it was inconvenient for Roffman to discuss things at this time, so Machu went to the players’ lounge to wait a little.
When they asked the staff just now, they knew that Roffman had arrived at the training base club two hours earlier to personally inform the players, which was definitely much faster than the media broadcast, so it was speculated that the whole acquisition plan should be officially launched in the early morning.
Roffman suddenly ended his vacation and showed up here, saying that the Portuguese Bamba Porto team has become interested in Granada’s offer. What about the details? As coach Coboni said, the club members know
Thirty minutes later, Marmot has bought two cans of juice from the vending machine in the lounge. There is no practice class today, so the kitchen staff will not work, otherwise he will not pay for juice and go to the dining room early to ask for a big dish to eat.
"here! Take it! " Hemp rat points a can of juice to Cabica than stretched out his hand and then asked, "what took you so long? Roffman should be talking with coach Coboni? "
Hemp rat dig juice filling ring and then connect a way "maybe? Things are not that simple, let’s wait! "
It may take less than a minute to finish a can of juice in one breath, but it took the hemp rat twenty seconds to suck the juice out of his throat and burp it for a long time. He seems to be very hungry.
But Kabiyan’s can of juice has not moved at all. It always seems that he is talking to a hemp rat, but he knows that one question that puzzles him at present is how old Roffman is when he leaves the team.
Coach Kabi Coboni made an agreement privately, and certainly few people can fully know the details. First, Coach Coboni went to the club board of directors in the headquarters building to negotiate, and then he successfully won the acquisition fund of 10 million euros. How did the coach do it? This may have its own way.
But Kabi succeeded in attracting Bam’s attention. Apart from his hard work in the game, it was more like a mistake. Lieutenant General made a mistake. It was obvious that Bam had given his consent to join Granada, but things would not have developed so fast.
After a round of reflection, Kabi intuitively felt that he had accidentally injured someone after completing the assignment from Coach Coboni, and that person was the vice captain Roffman.
However, Kabi is far from knowing that the funds will be added to another player. The root of this acquisition plan is that Coach Coboni initially wanted to continue.
Chapter one hundred and sixty-seven Vice Captain decided
People’s emotional outburst point will not last long, from a long day to several hours.
After learning that the vice captain was about to leave the team, Kabi Marmot insisted on meeting the other side at the first moment, which may be a little impulsive. After waiting for the other side for nearly an hour, he sat on the sofa in the players’ lounge and said, "Are we going to be a little redundant?"
"What is redundant? Can’t you figure out the whole thing? " Kabi sat in another place and crossed his legs and replied.
It must be a matter of time before the club announces that vice captain Roffman will leave the team. If teammates want to say goodbye to Roffman, I’m afraid it’s a little early for now. After all, the winter transfer window will not open for a while.
So the two of them rushed to the training base. What was their main purpose? Do you want to watch the fun or play a farewell drama in Roffman?
"It’s not like he left the team immediately, even if he has something to say, he will have a chance later!" Just now, I was in a hurry to find someone to numb the rat, but I said this calmly at this time.
"Now that we’re here, why don’t we get things done thoroughly?" Kabi stared at the hemp rat and watched it after he finished.
"That’s right! There is nothing to do anyway, so let’s wait until the end! " The hemp rat didn’t say anything after a little smile.
It is estimated that Roffman has talked with coach Coboni for nearly three hours, which is even longer than a game and then shooting penalties at each other in overtime. The talks in the office are unknown, but this long talk seems to have made the whole thing very serious
However, if you think about it, an old minister of Coboni coaching camp in Roffman suddenly left the team with the team’s acquisition plan. Coach Coboni’s attention is definitely much higher than that of the general situation, and it is difficult for the two of them to talk in detail for too long.
After another ten minutes, the longer it seems that Kabi is not in a hurry, but the guy is bored. He is sitting in another place with his head down and his fingers rubbed. It looks like he will fall asleep on the floor in one minute.
So the second hand turned four times, and Kabi’s right ear suddenly stood upright. He heard footsteps coming not far from the players’ lounge door, and before the man outside the door appeared, Kabi turned his head first.