This phenomenon, which is very close to work and life, now appears in Hampton Park Stadium, but it is absolutely not like a copier. There will never be a copier in the center of the stadium, and the players will not be very funny.

Let’s talk about Hampton Park Stadium. Although it doesn’t have the largest number of seats in Europe, it enjoys a very high status in the whole of Europe. It has played a classic battle in this stadium, especially in the recent 22-year Champions League final.
Leverkusen team won the title of "Double Asia" in Germany, and after joining Real Madrid in Hampton Park, they were even "another city". It is a pity that they were runner-up again, and the dream of killing them was that Zida, a Frenchman, told people the story of that night.
Back to this time, the French team and the Dutch team did not deliberately plan the plot, and the people present were even less prepared. What they saw was that the flying fairy appeared again in Hampton Park more than ten years ago at the nineteenth minute of the legal time of the game.
The person who copied this classic goal must be Kabi. Because of him, I believe that no player can score deeper than himself. He must score, and the real reason is not as simple as overtaking the Netherlands.
Kabi copied the classic goals of his predecessors to help France overtake the Netherlands in the score, which is naturally true, but it surprised the people present. It was from the winger’s insertion on the left to catching the ball, then sprinting with the ball and finally hanging the ball to Kabi.
A second later, it was just a second later. Bikabi aimed at the ball’s landing point. He immediately twisted his left foot and hit it out. The ball was castrated in a hurry, and the goalkeeper almost didn’t respond. By the time he jumped forward, it was too late.
Before the whistle sounded at the end of the game, Kabi finally scored. This goal is of high technical content, not only its appreciation, but also its value. From the picture, the French team is not only as simple as overtaking its opponents, but also worth remembering. This goal seems to announce that the whole of Europe belongs to Kabi’s era.
After the goal, Kabi’s excitement didn’t stop at the team’s meritorious service. At that time, the ball had already been quietly lying in the net, and he frantically rushed to the corner flag and roared out as he ran. If you look closely, outsiders will know what Kabi seems to be venting.
Kabi has been straining his brain for almost 90 minutes. He was happy after the successful goal, but he needed to vent more. So he finally revealed the white sportswear at the bottom of his jersey and deliberately pointed the words written in the sportswear at the scene.
The photographer on the scene of the competition is also very well-informed. A few lines of French in his white sports suit have given a big close-up, and the closer he gets, the more he knows the French, the more shocking the text written in the white sports suit will be.
The best player is not in your team.
This is exactly what Kabi wrote in French in the white sportswear. No more, no less, just two lines. He was as nervous as before. He wanted to borrow a bold pen and sportswear from the logistics department. Today, he didn’t wait to score in the game, so he was impatient. Everything was for the sake of giving this scene to the head coach of the Netherlands.
[The best player is not in your team] Even if the Dutch head coach doesn’t understand this French sentence, he will definitely understand the true meaning of this French sentence after the game. Then the "best player" that Kabi refers to is now living in his villa.
Marmot is the most typical Dutchman who even speaks Spanish with that foreign accent. He has not appeared in the Dutch national team camp for almost two years, and Kabi insists that Marmot is strong enough to be selected for every Dutch national team training.
However, in today’s battle, I told you that I didn’t see Marmot, and Kabi decided a few days ago that I must work hard, then score a goal, and finally lift my jersey to completely expose my white sportswear, in order to take this opportunity to give a bad breath to my good friend Marmot.
Kabi did it. He celebrated at the corner flag with his teammates and shouted at the live camera. Maybe he was talking to the hemp rats in this way.
I don’t know if I will watch the live broadcast of the game in the villa. Is it happy or sad after the hemp rat witnessed what Kabi did? And will Kabi’s unkind behavior make the Dutch coach angry for a while and directly hinder the future of hemp rat in the national team? Not here
Can stop coach Kabisetazi from maintaining his original attitude. He has already decided that even if the reporter will be asked by the media later, he will not comment on it. If they lead the score and win the game, then he will have nothing to say.
Mr. Haas, who has been watching the game in the VIP seat, can’t see clearly what the sportswear is written on. It was not until the replay footage was broadcast on the ceiling screen of the stadium that he learned that Kabi’s plan was naturally white.
Mr. Haas turned his head and said to Wedson beside him, "Did you ever think that Kabi would score?"
Wedson was cheering for Kabi’s goal, but he couldn’t get it back for a while. After hearing Mr. Haas suddenly ask, he arranged a happy face and said, "Kabi is so strong! He reinterpreted Zida’s goal clip, even in the same stadium! "
"hmm!" Mr. Haas hummed and then asked, "So do you want Bai Kabi to write the true meaning in the sportswear?"
Wedson nodded vigorously and said, "Of course I know! I believe even an idiot will know that Kabi is exporting gas for that guy! "
Chapter three hundred and twenty-three Two heroes walk together.
Less than two seconds after the final whistle sounded, the Dutch coach’s face was green and indistinguishable, and he shook hands with coach Setazi for half a second and then rushed into the player’s passage.
Coach Setazi is happy in his heart. He wants to give some encouraging words to the Dutch coach, but when he sees the ugly face of the other team, he doesn’t add much saliva. Leaving room for silence is also a gesture of grace.
The winner, Kabi, not only walked around the stadium and clapped his hands to pay tribute to the fans, but also said, "I’m sorry!" when a player of the Dutch team asked to exchange jerseys with each other. You should know what’s going on with my jersey. I’ve already done it, but if I change my jersey to you, so many people will see it again, so I don’t think it’s necessary to show it again! "
Fortunately, the Dutch player knew what Kabi meant very well, so he didn’t say much. Instead, he simply shook hands with Kabi, and their attitude was very correct. Then Kabi went to the referee who was preparing to leave.
The referee who presided over the game was an Italian. He took the game ball and saw Kabi smiling at first sight. It was when Kabi was still two steps away that he first said, "You guy! That interception was too dangerous. I regret not giving a red card. Do you understand? "
Kabi was still smiling and polite. He approached the referee and took the initiative to shake hands with the other side and said, "Mr. Referee! I’m absolutely aware of my mistakes and I’m willing to try to correct my defensive moves, but I’m here to talk to you mainly to take away the game ball you hold in your hand. "
Many times, after a player scores a memorable goal or plays a hat trick, it is very likely that he will take home the game ball as a souvenir after the game, just as Kabi asked at this time.
The referee didn’t make things difficult for Kabi, so he readily threw the game ball to Cabica. He smiled even more brightly after catching the game ball and said, "Thank you very much! Mr. referee! "
The referee didn’t give any more words and quickly left Kirby’s side.
"hey! You did a wonderful job. Are you interested in boarding a private flight with me tonight and going back to Madrid? "
Many players have left the stadium, and the fans are even leaving. Zemaxian exchanged jerseys with the opposing players, which made him reveal a dark tights. His question puzzled a turning Kabi.
Kabi clapped Zema first and then said, "Oh? Go back tonight? But coach Setazi has said that the big team will be dissolved tomorrow. Is it illegal for you to leave the team tonight? "
Zema motioned for the players’ passage, and Kabi answered casually. Then they talked to each other as they walked, and Zema responded quickly. "You should not have listened carefully to coach Setazi’s instructions. The coach means that the players will follow the big team until they are dissolved unless there is any special requirement, but my schedule is tight. I have to attend a business activity in Madrid early tomorrow. I decided to leave the big team tonight and it has been approved by coach Setazi. Are you interested in going back to Madrid with me on a private flight at eleven o’clock in the middle of the night?"
"Uh ~ ~? But I live in Granada! It’s not on the way, and I don’t have any special requirements. Coach Setazi should not approve me to leave the team before, "Kabi explained."
At this time, the two of them have already arrived at the door of the dressing room. Zema motioned to stop first and then said, "I just want to know more about an excellent player like you, and you assisted me to help the team get back a goal. Let me take this opportunity to thank you. Please rest assured that I will be responsible for all private flights. If you like, I will inform the flight personnel as soon as possible because the exit information of private flights needs to be declared before."
Kabi was deeply grateful to Zema for his appreciation, but the arrangement of the other party’s trip was not attractive. The so-called private flight was just a private jet to the destination. Kabi had already enjoyed this kind of thing, and he and Zema lived in two different cities.
Kabi won’t go to Madrid for no reason unless there is something waiting for him to do in Madrid, and just when he wants to completely reject Zema’s proposal, his head is shaken and he suddenly realizes that he has remembered a very important thing.
"Cherina has come to Spain. She is in Madrid!"
The plot arrangement is a strange coincidence. Kabi will go to Madrid after the dissolution of the big team, just to meet Cherina. Maybe he just finished a fierce battle, which made his brain hot and caused him to think. Not only did he wake up later, but it was a coincidence that he intuitively discussed Zema.
"Wait a minute! I suddenly remembered that I had one thing to do in Madrid, but would coach Setazi let me leave the big team? " Kabi’s mood is a little unstable.
What do you think? Zema said indifferently, "I don’t worry that you are the hero of winning this game, but I know coach Setazi better. I believe he will agree to your request to leave the team before."
"Really?" Kabi thought with a grain of salt and gently threw the football in his hand.
Zema shrugged his shoulders and said, "Really! You are the winner. It’s not too much to ask. Please let me know as soon as you get the official consent from coach Setazi, because I need to send the passenger information as soon as possible. "
Kabi completely cleared the sweat from his forehead and said, "All right! Then we will officially decide to go back to Spain together. Besides, I thank you for this invitation and thank you for your appreciation! "
Zema said jokingly, "Well, cherish this trip together!"! Because after returning to the club, we will become competitors again. I also plan to break through the fast-forward in the next league match and personally disintegrate your small defense against me! "
After listening, Kabi smiled and said, "Don’t worry! I am also looking forward to it! "
Chapter three hundred and twenty-four Destroy surprise negligence
Mr. Haas, Wedson left the VIP room and walked into the VIP room. He returned the glass sliding door and instantly isolated the noise of the stadium stars. Wedson sat in the VIP room before and after the table and tasted spicy shrimp, and even poured himself a full glass of champagne.
"Mr Haas! Won’t you eat something? " Wedson’s mouth contains shrimp, and even his words are a little blurred.