Strange beautiful girl suddenly laughed and said

"I didn’t expect you to be a fun person. You’ve made my calf run around. I don’t know if you can fight me. You have to get the princess’s permission to leave."
I frowned and was talking, but I couldn’t help but stay around. I don’t know when a bunch of more fat tauren appeared, and a group of sharp-billed, blue-eyed and winged people appeared in the middle school. Around the steps, it was dark, and a large number of snakes with strong bows and hard crossbows were flying around. There were at least 70 kinds of orcs who didn’t know the race …
Can’t help but pull a long face. Don’t play hide-and-seek with the tauren this year, or the consequences will be quite serious. Stand stand in front of this extraordinary strange girl and say
"Well, we’ll talk about everything."
Chapter DiErSiSi Princess Tacheng
She saw that I was very agreeable, and she felt very satisfied. A large group of armed forces at sea suddenly disappeared without PaoShu.
I wonder at this beautiful girl who can call these aliens at any time. I really don’t know that she has such charm, so I just stare at her coldly.
"What are you looking at? I’ve dug your eyes!"
I’m scared. If you don’t say such things to a girl like her, I’ll definitely laugh. But I just saw her make a show and know that she is a super-power figure. After a while, I heard her even more angry.
"How dare you turn your head away from me in front of the princess? Do you want to despise the majesty of the princess?"
I Zheng just entered this mysterious and beautiful place, and my good mood can’t help but turn into flowing water. I am far-sighted and dreamy, floating around, and the scenery is light.
"Is there anything else? Nothing I will be leaving now. "
She was stunned and didn’t seem to think that I would talk to her like this.
"How dare you look down on the princess? I can tell you that I am the princess of Tacheng."
I wondered
"Princess tacheng? Isn’t this Atlantis? "
Princess Tacheng suddenly chuckled and laughed
"Who told you this was Atlantis?"
The princess Tacheng’s temper changed quickly before I stayed. I was just about to get angry with thunder, but now it has turned into a gentle breeze and drizzle. She asked with a smile when she saw that I didn’t look back.
"You are quick to say! You big idiot, aren’t you looking for a mysterious place? How can I tell you if you don’t tell? "
I wondered at the past and suddenly my heart was pounding and I exclaimed
"Are you-"
She smiled and walked up to me light way
"Who am I?"
A strange fragrance so unceremoniously bewitch me busy steady mood shook his head and said
"Impossible, impossible. You shouldn’t be her."
She light way
I’ll give you one last chance. If you don’t have wisdom, then you’d better not participate in everything, or in the end, you will lose everything and become one. All the people you love the most and love you the most will be silent forever.
A strange word from the mouth of a strange princess Tacheng pierced my every cell like a flowing stream, and every nerve and soul kept trembling. At that moment, tears were pouring into my heart, and for a long time, she let out a sigh and light way
"How can you be more complicated if you don’t know such a simple familiarity and strangeness?"
I light way
"Tian Yue, you’re PaoShu from Tian Yue."
She smiled and turned back into her body in a brilliance, just like the exotic exotic exotic flower that was finally in full bloom. Colorful stars shone around her and gave off the most beautiful light.
She smiled and shone with wisdom, unique style and gentle way
"Lang, you are the first person to see the Maya in person, and the only one lucky enough to come to the Mayan colonial city."
I wondered
"This is your Mayan colonial city?"
She smiled at me light way
"But this is our colonial city, and I am a member of the management here. You see that it is my member."
My heart sank sneer at a way
"It turns out that colonization does not belong to the patent of human beings on earth, and you Mayans are also engaged in this evil colonial activity?"
Tian Yue, that is, Princess Tacheng looked at me with a face of angry smiles to say
"What’s wrong with colonization? Besides, our Mayan colonial concept and your earthlings’ colonial concept are two completely different concepts, and you don’t have to be so indignant. "
I wondered
"Very different concepts?"
She smiles to say
"Yes, it’s a completely different concept. Can you tell me what makes you look evil when you hear the word colonization?"
I thought for a moment light way
"Maybe I am familiar with the Zerg people and the one-horned people who brought too much destruction and blood in the colonial process?"
Tian Yue light way
"What we Mayans colonized was actually to protect the life of those extinct and endangered cosmic races from being born in different dimensions to obtain life continuity, but tens of thousands of years ago, we Mayans had serious differences on such issues as salvation, and my mother was also for this reason-"
She was silent to not continue to say I thought for a moment light way
"Just those races of human beings are the earth once had? And what do you mean by serious differences? "
She didn’t seem to hear my words but light way
"Maya Star Wisdom Six Pagodas is the place where we Mayans get wisdom, and every Mayan girl will receive knowledge there."
I am surprised way