"Nothing won’t die …" Ling Feiyang thought with a wry smile. "Fortunately, Sammoni hurried to stop two people from falling into this palm and didn’t come to gather strength to save their lives …"

"I’ll heal you!" Bing Xin said, tearing her skirt, ling Feiyang wrapped her wrist wound, and then wrapped her hands around him to resist the middle of the back. Ling Feiyang felt a warm current circulating in the systemic circulation, and all her limbs felt better than comfortable.
"Thank you for your blood …" Bing Xin said softly, "I was just in my sleep when the true qi spontaneously ran in the cold jade bed to help me get hurt …"
"Great!" Ling Feiyang couldn’t help but look back and found that Bing Xin looked much better.
Bing Xin was embarrassed by Ling Feiyang’s face. Suddenly, two pieces of blush appeared like white jade with a layer of faint rouge.
"What are you staring at me for …" Bing Xin said shyly with his head down.
"Bing Xin, you are so beautiful!" Ling Feiyang can’t help but praise way
"At this juncture, you are still thinking about these things …" Although Bing Xin complained about Ling Feiyang in his mouth, he was also very happy in his heart and smiled. "This Lama is still watching you. You should think more about how we should live now!"
"This Lama is so skilled that even if he escapes, he will definitely stop him!" Ling Feiyang thought for a moment and suddenly said, "We might as well beat him together!"
"Beat him? How is this possible? " Bing Xin said, "With our martial arts skills, even if we are not injured at this moment, we must not be his opponent!"
"Bing Xin, do you remember that set of swordsmanship in the last chapter of the Jade Girl Heart Sutra?" Lingfeiyang avenue
"Jade girl Su Xin Jian?" Bing Xin immediately recalled it.
"Yes, that’s the sword!" Lingfeiyang avenue
Chapter 52 War? Or run?
Jade Girl Su Xin Sword is the ultimate martial art in Jade Girl’s Heart Sutra. In those days, Lin Chaoying lived in the ancient tomb for a long time, but he never lost his affection for Wang Zhongyang. He dreamed that one day he would be able to fight the enemy side by side with the right person, so he created this swordsmanship in which the male makes the real martial arts while the female makes the ancient tomb martial arts help each other, and the flaws of one person can be filled by the other, so it is very powerful.
"If we practice the Jade Maiden Su Xin Sword, we may be able to defeat this Sammoni. This swordsmanship must be performed by a couple who love each other …" Bing Xin mused.
"Although all of them have been born and died, Bing Xin still hasn’t come to me …" Ling Feiyang’s heart is troubled, but Bing Xin went on to say, "Since there is no other way, we might as well give it a try …"
Ling Feiyang’s heart suddenly remembered something with great joy and immediately said to Bing Xin, "Shall we go to the hall where five sarcophagus are placed?"
"How do you know this hall?" Bing Xin asked strangely
"This tomb was built by the founder of Chongyang, and my brother certainly knows the structure inside." Ling Feiyang certainly can’t say that he is talking nonsense through crossing.
"So that’s it …" Bing Xin asked again, "That’s the last home of our ancient tomb-sending brother. What am I doing there without dying now?"
"You will know when you take me!" Lingfeiyang avenue
"Well …" Bing Xin said, "Although the Lama is on the surface, there is another way to the hall. Come with me."
Bing Xin stretched out his hand and pressed the wall next to it. Bing Xin actually rose slowly and pulled Ling Feiyang’s sleeve to walk along the winding and rugged tunnel in the ancient tomb. Ling Feiyang was in the dark at the moment and could touch Bing Xin’s little hand with Bing Xin’s finger tip, but he didn’t care.
Ling Feiyang’s heart exulted and couldn’t help holding Bing Xin’s wrist, but Bing Xin suddenly shook his hand and cried, "Here we are!"
"Hey!" A heavy stone gate slowly hits the stone gate. There is a hall inside. Two people walk into the hall and the stone gate closes behind them.
Bing Xin walked to the corner of the hall and lit two candlesticks on the console table. Ling Feiyang saw that there were five sarcophagus side by side in the middle of the hall, one of which had been tightly covered, while the other four had been pushed by half.
"This has been sealed in the sarcophagus should be buried with Lin Chaoying’s body." Ling Feiyang suddenly stepped into another coffin and then lay down inside.
"What are you doing? Hiding in this coffin, the Lama can’t find it? " Bing Xin looked at Ling Feiyang strangely and couldn’t help laughing "Snow".
"Jade girl’s heart, sutra, skill, pressure, Chongyang’s life is not weaker than that of others." Ling Feiyang was lying in the coffin and saw sixteen big characters written in thick ink on the side of the coffin lid!
There are some small print written behind these sixteen words. Ling Feiyang knows that these are all Wang Zhongyang’s reasons to say that he is not beaten by Lin Chaoying. He doesn’t look closely and directly reaches out and gropes in the coffin and really touches a concave.
Ling Feiyang will turn the concave holding force to the left and then turn to a "click". A slate at the bottom of a coffin should be raised and a big hole should be exposed!
"How can there be a hole?" Bing Xin’s personality is indifferent and peaceful, but it is also startled at the moment.
"Although my ancestor gave the tomb to your master, he left many little secrets!" Ling Feiyang said and jumped out of the coffin, then went to the table and picked up the candlestick and went from the big hole in the bottom of the sarcophagus.
Bing Xin hurriedly followed Ling Feiyang into the big hole and then turned over the coffin slab to the hole and closed it up again.
"Bing Xin is much more careful than Xiao Longnv so that Sammoni won’t find you as soon as Li Mochou …" Ling Feiyang thought.