"Come on, Streak!" Xiao Zhi shouted.

The fierce finches rushed to Xiao Zhi in the rain. At this time, Pikachu quickly got up and greeted the fierce finches in the sky with Xiao Zhi’s body.
A small lightning stroke hit Pikachu, and then Pikachu used his unique skill.
"Pikachu ~ ~ ~ ~"
The strong light flashed, the birds were repelled, and Xiao Xia’s bicycle became a bitten fish bone. The most surprising thing was that the dark clouds quickly dispersed and the sun fell to the ground. Pikachu and Xiao Zhi looked at each other and a deep friendship was established at this moment.
Ps The first thing in the whole pet elf animation is that I like one place best. This chapter is described in detail according to the animation scene, but this chapter is written to commemorate my original touch, and that is, I won’t follow the animation like this again after the story is drawn.
Chapter 25 can help you get here
"Boy, the strike power is not small." Ryuno rubbed his paralyzed body and said that Ryono was also accidentally injured by Pikachu’s strike because of the rain.
Longye followed Xiao Zhi first to see if Xiao Xia could join the team according to the normal plot, and another purpose was to write the plot of Phoenix King in all kinds of fans, but Longye was not just like the leading role of those fans. Longye was very curious about this mysterious elf.
At this time, a gorgeous figure flew over the sky, and both Xiao Zhi and Pikachu saw this mysterious figure.
"Ha-ha, Phoenix King, you finally appeared." Longye ordered the phoenix king to recover quickly.
With the violent force flying, Longye is getting closer and closer to the figure of Phoenix King, and he can clearly see the feathers of Phoenix King.
"Hey, hey, I’ve already chased you. At least look at me." Longye shouted at the nearby Phoenix King.
Phoenix king turned to look at Longye, and then it suddenly accelerated and blinked and flew far away. With the rapid development, the distance with Phoenix king could be shortened again.
"Stop it," said Longye, patting himself on the edge.
"Boss, what elf was that just now?" Meow meow surprised and asked
"That’s the Phoenix King." Longye glanced at the Phoenix King who was far away in the rainbow. "We will meet again one day."
Longye glanced at the treasure-hunting instrument in his hand, and the face of the treasure-hunting instrument had marked the head of Phoenix King, just as Longye had been looking for Shui Jun. He would never let Phoenix King leave easily like this.
Phoenix King is mysterious because its whereabouts are erratic, and most people may not see it for a generation. However, with the tracking function of treasure hunting instrument, Longye can find Phoenix King at any time, and he has a lot of time to learn the secrets of Phoenix King.
Let the Phoenix King go temporarily. Longye let the salamander return to Pikachu and Xiao Zhi. Because the bicycle was hit by Pikachu, it broke down. The little intelligence held Pikachu and walked step by step to Changpan City.
"Brother Longye, why are you here?" Xiao Zhi asked in surprise.
"Aunt Hua is worried that you will get lost, so let me see you." Longye casually pulled a reason. "Are you and Pikachu injured? Hurry to the back of the cockroach and I will take you to the hospital. "
In fact, Longye can quickly cure Pikachu’s injury after exchanging all kinds of injury drugs from the system. But if Pikachu is cured like this, where can the little girl from Xiao Xia find Xiao Zhi to pay for her bike?
Xiao Zhi was sent to the Elf Center in Changpan City, and Miss Joey quickly stabilized Pikachu’s injury. Although Pikachu and Xiao Zhi looked very embarrassed, the fierce bird attack caused some skin injuries. There is no need to worry about the specific situation.
Longye waited in the hospital for a while, and Xiao Xia came looking for the door with the charred bicycle wreckage.
"Whoosh, you really are in this place," Xiao Xia said breathlessly.
"What’s wrong with that bike?" Xiao Zhi asked, pointing to something dark on Xiao Xia’s shoulder.
"Is this a bike? Do you think he is like a bicycle? The root is like a fish bone left over by others and still burns like coke. If it is a fish, it will definitely take revenge on you. "Xiao Xia became more and more excited and accidentally fell down.
Xiao Zhi hurried to ask, "Are you all right?"
Xiao Xia slapped Xiao Zhi’s hand. "Don’t touch me. My bike won’t stop like this."
According to the plot, Xiao Zhi was worried about Pikachu and asked to wait until Pikachu got better before discussing the compensation, but the arrival of Longye made Xiao Zhi first choose to ask this close brother for help.
"Xiao Zhi, you come here, I want to have a good talk with you." Longye pulled Qian Xiaozhi, who was ready to ask himself, into the corner.
"Xiao, do you know what a good opportunity this is? Little beauty became attached to you because of a bicycle. You are so silly that you want to pay the money to others immediately. Can you be as savvy as Gary Oak? People are so small that they have more than a dozen girlfriends. You can’t always worry Aunt Hua. "
Longye really hates iron for Xiao Zhi. He travels in so many places. Every time, girls team up with him, but he doesn’t even have any other ideas. If the other party is ugly, it’s just that, but from May, Xiao Xia to Xiaoguang Alice, all of them can afford the word beautiful. If Longye didn’t cross the road correctly, he would want to hand over those heroines.
"Brother Longye, what are you talking about?" Xiao Zhi blushed rarely. "Pikachu is like this. I have no mind to think about other things at all."
"Idiot, idiot!" Longye knocked on Xiao Zhi’s head and then felt Japanese and knocked several times in succession.
Seeing Xiao Zhi holding his head pitifully, Longye felt that this elder should let Xiao Zhi know. With Nazi, Longye himself had no other ideas, but he hoped that Xiao Zhi could make a breakthrough in his feelings. It was best to make a big harem to relieve Longye of his regret when watching animation in his previous life. Otherwise, it was really blind to Xiao Zhi, the real protagonist.
Seeing that Xiao Zhi still didn’t act, Longye decided to use his killer.
"Xiao Zhi, if you do as I say, I promise I can cure Pikachu immediately."
"When did I tell a lie?" Then Longye muttered a few words beside Xiao Zhi.
Xiao Zhi looked hard to return to Xiao Xia. He said, "I will be the loser whether you repair your bike or lose money, but it is not the time yet."
Xiao Xia immediately broke out when he heard this. "My bike was destroyed by you. Now is not the time to wait?"
"I Pikachu, I Pikachu, it …" Xiao Zhi worried and looked at the emergency room and closed the door.
"Is it so serious?" Xiao Xia also calmed down. She was also very worried when she saw the miserable appearance of Pikachu.
"Maybe. I don’t know what to do now."
"Well," Xiao Xia was also silent.
Because Kojiro and Musashi didn’t make trouble with them, this time Xiao Zhi had more time to communicate with Xiao Xia and thought of making an appointment with Longye. Xiao Zhi took the initiative to tell Xiao Xia about himself and Pikachu.
Xiao Zhi’s performance made Longye nod his head secretly. The sad thing can arouse girls’ sympathy most. In this case, tell me about the deep bondage between himself and the elf. When Xiao Zhi tried to save Pikachu, Xiao Xia had a good impression on Xiao Zhi.
"Ah, it’s all my fault that I was so charming when I met Nazi. That little girl liked me as soon as she started. There were so many ways to chase girls in my mind that I didn’t." Longye was narcissistic and ignored the truth. In addition, in his previous life, an otaku named himself a treasure trove. Those ways to chase girls were all learned from novels and various online stickers, and they were not verified by practice. I don’t know whether they had any effect or not
"Xiao Zhi, I can help you get here." Longye said silently. If he sometimes, he would be very willing to travel with Xiao Zhi and others, and then help Xiao Zhi to recruit some beautiful women. Unfortunately, his horse will go to find the Sea Temple.
Miss Joy pushed Pikachu out of the hospital bed while Longye was thinking.
"Pikachu, how are you?" Xiao Zhi ran to Pikachu.
"It’s out of danger. Just go to the hospital and wait for it to recover," said Miss Joy. "You should stay with it."
"Yes," Xiao Zhi nodded quickly. He turned to Xiao Xia and said, "I’m sorry, that’s the case. Let’s talk about bicycles later."
"What are you talking about? You’re still nagging at this time to take care of it quickly. If I tell you to hurry, you can go quickly," Xiao Xia scolded jiao.
Pikachu was sent to the ward to cultivate Longye, and it was time to complete the agreement with Xiao Zhi. He took out a bottle of good medicine from his pocket and gave Pikachu a drink. Pikachu’s physical injury disappeared very quickly.
Pikachu, who was very weak, jumped up. Xiao Zhi was immediately better when he saw Pikachu. He hugged Pikachu excitedly. This time, Pikachu rarely failed to strike, but when he saw Longye, he immediately remembered the bad guy who had "tortured" himself.
"skin ~"
As soon as Pikachu arrived at Xiao Zhi’s shoulder, he hugged Xiao Zhi’s head and showed his teeth to the bad guys.
Longye didn’t care about Pikachu’s move. He told Xiao Zhi to leave directly after a few words.
Fly back to Zhenxin Town in a big way and give a message to Kojiro and Musashi.
Xiao Zhi didn’t have much to pay attention to when traveling in the metropolitan area, but there were a few things that made Longye very happy. It was for this reason that Longye needed Kojiro and Musashi to follow Xiao Zhi.
There are two things that Longye cares about. One is that it is a fate that Xiao Zhi fire-breathing dragon Laopen met Xiao Zhi, but if it doesn’t meet Xiao Zhi, it will be in danger. Kojiro, they just make sure Xiao Zhi meets Laopen.
The second thing is that Zhenghui lighthouse is huge and fast, and Ryuno himself is going to look for the Sea Temple. I don’t know how long it will take, but he is likely to miss the meeting of the giant Ryono again. Ryono specially exchanged a new treasure-hunting instrument from Tongli and gave it to Kojiro. If Ryono doesn’t arrive, please ask Musashi and Kojiro to mark the giant Ryono.
"The boss promises to finish!" Kojiro and Musashi hung up.
Chapter 259 Experiences in the sea