Moreover, Lu Zhan also made the grade difference through the experience of two people.

"This player really needs attention!" Rao is Bjergsen’s young fame, and he can’t help but take a look at Lu Zhan.
"Then I will continue to catch it!" Meeos is still upset that he was replaced.
Later, when Lu Zhan returned to the line, he soon found that the widow was still squatting in the middle.
Leona made two big moves when needed, but the enchantress made a big move much faster than him.
Moreover, the widow has reached six, and the percentage damage effect of the widow’s big move is still very outstanding.
"Why hasn’t the tower been removed yet?" Lu Zhan can’t help wondering that he delayed two people in the game, but his teammates didn’t make any achievements.
"This order … is too stable" Burning Night complained.
Normal two-to-one-line six minutes is enough to take the other team home once or twice without dismantling the tower, but this time it’s different.
Just like Priestess of Death said before the game that the opponent’s singles were so steady that people couldn’t find a chance.
When he went out, he was dressed in a suit of armor and five reds. He carried it to level 5 and his blood volume was still two-thirds. It was difficult to kill him in the tower.
There was a time when two people tried to control the line at night, and he didn’t have much experience, but he took off both stone men.
"Minute by minute definitely pushed him!" Mo Li feels that he can’t go.
Like the road, the other side of the road didn’t push the tower. They were suppressing Xiao Shengqiang’s experience and had no intention of dismantling the tower.
Lu Zhan didn’t have time to keep his eyes off for too long. His middle road is much more difficult than other roads.
Because the other side won’t let buff fight in the wild, even when buff takes a breath alone, there is no enchantress to make up the knife and the blood volume is still pressing him. If he hadn’t been experienced and always able to see each other’s desires, he would have died several times.
In 9 minutes, the other road combination disappeared in the road, and the single demon Ji stayed for a while and left.
"Go get the little dragon!" Lu Zhan made his first move. Xiaolong had no vision. He walked cautiously step by step to the side wall of Xiaolong. He put an eye in the partition wall to see that Xiaolong was gone.
"It should be pulled out!" The opponent’s level of dragon fighting is not so fast.
Xiao Chengqiang put his eyes in the river and observed that the other side was really still fighting dragons, but the blood volume of dragons was running out.
"Fight wild to grab our horse" realized that it was wrong to burn the night and Mo Li were both moving forward, and they had reached the middle road.
Don’t leave your words and let Tianlan grab buff.
"Don’t!" Lu Zhan had let his spider hang before he finished the sky blue.
He can stay in the middle for a while because he has a vision to observe and just find the other person to fall alone.
But before he fell, a messy red awn lit up in the grass around the other four people.
A single crocodile has arrived!
"Give up Xiaolong!" Lu Zhan’s conditioned reflex shouted
Xiao Shengqiang, Dragon Girl and Sky Blue Spider in their formation are in Xiaolong Canyon, and ad and auxiliary haven’t come yet. He is on the side wall of Xiaolong Canyon and the other five are huddled together. This group battle must not be played!
Hanging sky blue is obviously aware of this, but he has a way out
Spider flies to the sky and either chooses the enemy or falls in place. These two roads are not available now, because the demon Ji and the other ad mouse and the auxiliary Leona are all waiting in his landing range.
"I want to grab it!" Sky blue makes such a judgment in an instant, and it is worthwhile to pull a little dragon if you can grab a head for a little dragon.
"Brush" a spider fell on the widow and became a spider. He jumped at Xiaolong.
Chapter 6 Grab the Dragon
In fact, at the moment when the spider hung up, the other five people had stopped. It was pulling Xiaolong’s hatred and didn’t move a step until the spider landed. Xiaolong still had a lot of blood.
Spider is now level 7. According to his punishment blood volume, he will never kill Xiaolong Institute. He needs to fight one himself.
Tianlan has been playing wild for many years, and he is very experienced in mastering big and small dragons. He chose to land on a melee widow, which means that his landing position is very close to Xiaolong
However, as soon as he landed, his skills were greeted.
Leona released a big trick to him, and the solar flare circle surrounded him, and the widow turned back and slammed him.
Tianlan knew the opportunity. Once, he calculated the blood volume of Xiaolong, bit Xiaolong first and then waited for the opportunity.