"Did you read today’s report?"

"What’s wrong with reading Wen?"
"It’s interesting to have a step or not," Mr. Haas said with a smile.
"Who cares? As long as I can play football."
"Young man, you underestimate the media pens. Their pens can produce a bundle of money."
"oh? Really? "Kabi asked foolishly.
Chapter 13 Crazy nightmare
Ended a fierce battle, a so-called "shake hands and make peace"
Coach Coboni has always carried out high-density drills for players, but there is no training class today. Because of the hard physical strength, he needs to rest slowly. Every time he finishes playing and prepares to disband, Coach Coboni will give a serious order to attend the training class on time, otherwise he will not be able to play in the game.
The parking lot of the training base is not full of famous cars as usual. The office of the base is particularly quiet and quiet. You can hear the workers tapping the keyboard. Coach Coboni and his assistant coach are walking in the office corridor. The soft carpet also nods hello to colleagues who are working from time to time. At this time, a colleague suddenly gave a sentence.
"Hey, coach, I watched last night’s game. We played very well, but in the end, the referee couldn’t get three points without a penalty."
Coach Coboni hung an old face and said with a smile, "There are several kinds of fun in football, and one of them is [regret]."
Colleagues asked, "Is it a pleasure to have regrets in a football match?"
Coach Coboni stopped and walked up to his colleagues and said, "Let’s explain it this way. If the goal in the game is widened by three meters, then the super goalkeeper can resist the ball flying."
"What?" Colleagues quickly interjected.
Coach Coboni said, "Do you think that if the goal is so wide, the goalkeeper’s defensive leakage will increase? Players will hit the ball into the net with a volley, but is that interesting?"
My colleague said with a straight face, "It’s boring to play that game. It’s not fun at all."
Coach Coboni went on to say, "How would you react suddenly to the current goal width and you were watching our game when a player of our team shot but the ball was out of bounds against the goalpost?"
"I will yell, Oh, it’s a pity that I almost did," my colleague replied.
Coach Coboni quietly looked at the colleague and waited for him to continue talking.
Colleagues had an epiphany and laughed. "Oh! I don’t understand the coach, I don’t understand what you mean by "sorry fun". "After that, I laughed.
Coach Coboni still didn’t say anything about nodding his head, so he walked with the assistant coach for a dozen paces and heard the colleague shout, "Coach! I forgot to tell you that our team is crazy to wear size 15 ~ ~ "
No.15 kabi
When coach Coboni heard this, he couldn’t help laughing with the assistant coach beside him and walked into the conference room while laughing.
As soon as coach Coboni sat down, he played the video camera in the conference room and transferred to Sports One. He stared at the assistant coach beside the screen seriously and said, "It’s just right to draw lots."
On-the-spot draw ceremony for the top 32 of the Spanish King’s Cup.
When the ceremony was over, coach Coboni said sadly, "It’s not good. It’s a hard battle for us to compete with Atletico Madrid for promotion."
The assistant coach said, "The coach actually has a hard time every season, no matter whether we win or lose, as long as we work hard."
Coach Coboni said, "But as soon as I encounter a strong enemy, I am afraid that my players will not be able to withstand this pressure."
The assistant coach seemed thoughtful and asked, "How much do you expect from’ crazy’, coach?"
Coach Coboni didn’t react "crazy"? Who is crazy? "
The assistant coach cocked his mouth and said, "It’s just that my colleagues called crazy Kabi."
Coach Coboni will realize, "Oh, he can’t deny that Kabi is really a talented person, but from yesterday’s game, I believe he hasn’t even improved his state by 60%. He just recovered from injury and I think he should be given more time."
"What if Kabi is in full form?" The assistant coach became more and more serious.
Coach Coboni suddenly perked up and said, "If he is in full form, then I really want to see Kabi’s performance against Real Madrid and Barcelona. That’s what I expect from him."
The assistant coach nodded completely white.
Coach Coboni dropped his glasses and picked up a paper with a list of Atletico Madrid players. He read it intently and suddenly hissed ~ ~ ~ and always said to the assistant coach
"I almost forgot that Shadugir went to Atletico Madrid."
"Yes, he joined the past this summer and Atletico Madrid spent a lot of money."
"Shadugir was once our key object of investigation, you should remember."
"Of course I remember coach."
"I didn’t expect him to come to La Liga, but he didn’t join our Granada team."
"Coach, do you know how those sports media shape Shadugir?"
"You say it, I’m listening."
"[the prey of the giants]"
"oh? Is it? No wonder Shadugir didn’t come to our Granada team. "Coach Coboni laughed at himself.
"But I believe Shadugir is looking forward to playing against our Granada team," added the assistant coach.
"I know this because there is a [crazy] in our team."
"Yes, a [crazy] one makes Shadugir respectable and awesome [crazy]."
Coach Coboni said [crazy] that Kabi was having lunch in a Spanish restaurant, and Mr. Haas, the agent, also put a bottle of champagne and Spanish risotto on the table. The plates of spicy sausage, spicy pepper and leg of lamb were all fragrant, but Kabi didn’t move, and Mr. Haas didn’t move.
Kabi said, "I’m looking forward to playing Atletico Madrid, Mr. Real Haas."
Mr. Haas said, "I’m sure the little one is looking forward to it." As soon as the words were finished, champagne entered.
Kabi said, "Yes, he must be looking forward to it, but his expectation may be to humiliate me again."
Mr. Haas asked, "Oh? Then are you willing to be humiliated by him? "
Kabi looked at Mr. Haas strangely and asked, "We lost at his feet in the final one year ago, remember?"
Mr. Haas smoked a cigarette and said, "Remember I was there."
I don’t know where Kabi jumped out of confidence and said, "That situation won’t happen again."
Mr. Haas spit out a smoke ring and said, "Damn it, seeing you so confident, I’m looking forward to your fight."
Mr. Haas just finished talking. Kabi’s cell phone rang, and it was still that sweet love song. The caller was a good friend of Wederson’s former training in Eindhoven Youth Team, a friend who would call Kabi an asshole.
"Hello, Widderson?"
"It’s me, asshole"
"What’s up? Don’t you train today? "