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"The Oriental team now has Ribery and Gao Jun, who have reached the top speed in the world, and the speed of reporting to the forest is also quite fast. Even in the world, the high-speed frontcourt trio is rare. If we have the opportunity to fight back, we will be able to successfully break through the Liverpool team with three or four people left behind, and we don’t have to worry about grasping the opportunity with Gao Jun present." Huang Jianxiang said excitedly that confidence has recovered a lot.
"But in the past, the Oriental team had to fight back, and now they can’t even cross the half-court. I think it’s still difficult!" Zhang Lu when’ tis once spoken, it suddenly seems that something is wrong. After staring at the broadcast picture for a while, I can’t help but exclaim in surprise, "Is it my illusion? I feel that the situation of the Eastern team is much better than at the time. "
"It’s not an illusion, otherwise we wouldn’t have had time to talk about so many games just now. Although it’s not very obvious, the boys of the Oriental Team did stabilize the situation bit by bit." Huang Jianxiang firmly shook his head and replied that his face was full of surprises.
"Is it because the withdrawal of Gao Lin has strengthened the hardness and ball control ability of the midfield?" Zhang Lu’s first thought was the most obvious change in this field.
Huang Jianxiang, on the other hand, observed more carefully. "There are factors in this respect, but I don’t think it is the most important one to guide you to see Gao Jun now."
"Is he directing the Eastern team’s midfield defense?" Zhang Lu finally noticed this detail and was very surprised at the moment, but he soon understood it. "Yes, now Gao Junding is at the front, and if he has his back to the goal, both sides will have a panoramic view of attack and defense! He is outstanding, and the golfer can naturally see where the defense is flawed and where the other side may pose a major threat. After his command and coordination, the Eastern team’s defense system immediately reached a higher level. "
"It’s just like the German freeman tactics in those days, but it’s just the other way around. The delayed central defender is in charge of commanding the coordination team’s attack, and Gao Jun is now doing it as a center with his back to the goal to command the coordination team’s defensive organization. It’s amazing. The creativity of Gao Jun is far more than his physical fitness and ball skills. This little football wisdom is definitely the best in the world!" Jian-xiang huang good vibes big praise way
Zhang Lu sighed with some complicated expressions. "In fact, this method of center can’t be said to be original by Gao Jun. Some defensive centers in Europe sometimes bear some offensive and defensive commanders, but I have never seen such an excellent performance as Gao Jun, and the most incredible thing is that Gao Jun is now commanding defense! A striker has such a deep understanding of the overall defense, which may be explained by talent. I doubt very much that he can become a world-class star if he plays as a defender. "
But Zhang Lu didn’t know that Gao Jun was a passer with more than ten years’ coaching experience, and his level of defensive tactics was much higher than his level of offensive tactics (Note 1). In fact, a large part of the smooth ground cooperation that Gao Jun played when he took the national team was due to Fu Bo, a teaching assistant, and he relied more on his golden partner when he was in the club team-Dutchman arie schans. When both of them were away, Gao Jun’s team could rely mainly on solid defense to eat and attack, and if the defense also appeared frequently, it was often said that Gao Jun had control over the team.
"Our team’s staffing is indeed a lot worse than Liverpool’s, but if the overall defense is done well, they can’t score the goal. When the body confronts, the defensive side has a natural advantage and they need to destroy it, but the offensive side is not; More importantly, we put more people into defense than Liverpool put in attack. These two points should be able to make up for the strength gap between the two sides to a great extent. In the final analysis, it was because everyone was very uncomfortable with the physical confrontation of the Premier League level, and therefore they were nervous. But now everyone is finally getting back to normal, so the game still has to be played. "Seeing the situation gradually stabilizing, Gao Jun felt a little relieved."
However, stabilizing the situation does not mean reversing the situation. Liverpool is still launching a flood of attacks on the Oriental team. Most of the attacks are trapped in the midfield struggle and can no longer directly threaten the goal of the Oriental team. However, after Gerrard’s direct Italian ball hit the wall, Liverpool got another shot in the penalty area in the 23rd minute, but Morientes missed the opportunity again.
"We have to thank each other for the opportunity. Otherwise, the score in the frontcourt may have been 2 or even 3 before we stabilize the situation." Gao Jun couldn’t help but feel glad after seeing each other’s opportunity again, but at the same time he was dissatisfied with Du Wei’s hesitation again. "What are you afraid of? Even if the robbery has been shaken for a long time, it can still exert a little interference and deterrence. It is the worst to be shaken off! "
However, Gao Jun can’t do anything about it. After all, the two are too far apart, and if Gao Jun’s age is directly present to reprimand Du Wei, it will affect the unity of the team. "Never mind this, it is much better to defend less now than one, but we can’t win the game by defense alone, and we must score goals. It will be dangerous if our physical strength is not as good as that of our opponents. We should try to solve the problem in 90 minutes!"
Note 1 Gao Jun has three bright spots in offensive tactics: first, the tactics in the middle are rich and changeable; second, the back-inserted shots are widely used; third, the country’s first set-piece attack, and those delicate frontcourt short cooperation Gao Jun can’t be done by himself. Without those two cooperation, Gao Jun’s team’s performance is generally not bad, but the scene is not much better, but good defense has achieved good results. Therefore, Gao Jun is still the best local coach in the country even without those two, and those two independent coaches’ performance is terrible.
Chapter two hundred and twenty-five A sword seals the throat
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But if you want to score goals, talk about easy? You know, this Liverpool team may not be the top offensive team in the world, but its defensive ability is definitely among the top in the world. Their main goalkeeper Reina has not conceded a goal for 11 games before this game, which is really a terrible record.
However, Gao Jun did not lose heart because he always believed that "records are just waiting to be broken" and he was good at breaking all kinds of records, whether good or bad.
In the 29th minute, the Oriental team finally sent out the ball after being intercepted by Corgnet. The first foot in the game was of acceptable quality and kicked the ball to the back line of Liverpool. It had been waiting for a long time. Gao Jun grabbed the offside before Carragher forced him. After an acceleration, he got rid of the whole line of Liverpool’s defense. After chasing the ball at the top of the arc of Liverpool’s middle circle, he took the ball to the goal of Liverpool at a high speed.
"I knew he was fast, but I didn’t expect him to be so fast. It’s nothing like Michael!" Jamie Carragher, the vice captain of Liverpool team, was stunned to see that Leigh pulled a long distance when he turned around, but he chased after him desperately. Let’s hope that this tough guy with strong fighting spirit will never give up!
"What a tight chase! You are the fastest central defender in the Premier League." Gao Jun felt that Carragher was getting closer and closer behind him, and he couldn’t help frowning. He immediately slammed the ball forward and then chased it forward with his strength.
"This was the year when Xie Feng was best at stroking the ball! It seems that there is no technical content, but it is not easy for Gao Jun to be so skilled. Obviously, it took a lot of effort in this technology. "Guest Zhang Lu was the first to recognize this dribbling skill because Xie Feng was a famous star of the Beijing team and his unique skill was famous in the whole Asian football at that time. Of course, it was a unique skill. In fact, everyone would be able to play as well as him. At that time, there was only one in Asian football.
"The speed of striding the ball is the fastest among all kinds of dribbling methods, but there is also a big defect. Even in those days, it was difficult for Xie Feng to get too big. If Gao Jun didn’t control the goalkeeper, he could directly confiscate the ball." Huang Jianxiang said anxiously after listening.
Gao Jun naturally knows the disadvantages of striding to the ball, but Carragher, the fastest way to carry the ball, can eat ash behind his ass even if he runs, and seeing behind him will always make Gao Jun, who is cautious by nature, feel more afraid than the front threat method.
And as Gao Jun expected, although Liverpool goalkeeper Reina once took a step forward, he didn’t dare to rush out to grab the ball after all. The main reason for this is that although Reina is recognized as the best goalkeeper in the world today, he is the kind of goalkeeper who is excellent in goal-line technology, but his attack is poor. After that, he scored that amazing shot in the military field, so he was afraid that Reina hesitated a little before attacking, so he missed the hesitation opportunity. He could give up the attack and stay in the door and wait for Gao Jun to shoot.
Reina is tall, with long arms and excellent athletic ability, so he can cover a large area when fighting, which makes it much more difficult for Gao Jun to shoot. However, without the help of a defender and the shooter facing the goal situation, even at the peak of Yasin, the number one goalkeeper in the history of world football, it is impossible to achieve a dead angle, and the area will not be too small, but there is such a big dead angle. In fact, it is not much difference for Gao Jun who is guarding the goal in the shooting accuracy of Gao Jun.
"Gao Jun continue to advance with the ball Gao Jun push! It’s a goal! Yeah! Good job! Gao Jun pushed and easily broke the goal that Reina had not conceded for 11 games. The big-name players of Liverpool were dumbfounded. They never thought that they had been holding down the Oriental team for nearly 30 minutes and failed to score. The Oriental team scored the goal on the first shot. This is really a sword to seal the throat! " Warm emotions suddenly burst out Jian-Xiang Huang some ecstasy waving fists call way
"This ball is wonderful, although it doesn’t look like much ingenuity, but it allows us to enjoy the unique beauty brought by the extreme speed. Almost half the length of the stadium, the entire Liverpool team’s defense line is desperately chasing behind, but it just can’t catch up with this picture. It’s really shocking. Perhaps, as the evil spirit in Stephen Chow’s film Kung Fu said,’ Heaven’s martial arts are unbreakable, but only fast can’t be broken’. Today, Gao Jun made us realize this point. No matter how famous and strong the Liverpool team is, it will be enough for Gao Jun to sprint and he can defeat
"That goal just now must also be thanked for Corgnet’s high quality and over-length, but without Gao Jun’s amazing speed and excellent technology, the quality of the ball just now may not be able to create any threat. After all, the Liverpool team’s chasing speed is also very fast. This goal mainly depends on Gao Jun’s personal ability. Of course, Corgnet’s cross over Steven Gerrard’s counter-grab in front of the ball is really quite beautiful, and you should have noticed it, right? Gao Jun not only runs fast, but also moves the ball much faster than the average player, which is equally important in the counterattack. "Although Huang Jianxiang praised Corgnet, he still attributed most of the credit to Gao Jun, who is his own child after all!
Compared with the two commentators who suppressed the scene for nearly half an hour, the fans broke out with unprecedented passion and poured into the scene. More than 10,000 China fans were overjoyed. Although the local Japanese fans were somewhat unhappy with the five-star national flag in the stands, they were all recruited by Gao Jun’s wonderful goal just now. Tens of thousands of fans were shouting Gao Jun’s name, feeling that Yokohama International Stadium had become the home of the Oriental team. Even the podium FIFA President Blatter got up from his seat after seeing Gao Jun’s goal.
Chapter two hundred and twenty-six Half-time is over
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To say that Carragher is really fast, but there is still a gap between the former central defender and the fast horse in the frontcourt. It is faster, faster to start and sprint than the low army. B Carragher was completely blasted by Henry in the Premier League in the past, and now the high army has done the same. If the two did not have physical contact, Carragher could not stop the high army even if he broke his leg.
However, Carragher, a world-class centre-back, came up with a countermeasure immediately after suffering a loss. Since then, he will always follow Gao Jun wherever he goes, and he will not give him an accelerated sprint. In addition, in order to prevent Gao Junli from getting rid of Carragher with his excellent flexibility, he did not finish sticking it, but kept a distance of one to two meters in front of him. Anyway, because the attacking side needs to deal with the ball, it will take less than half a second to delay, which is enough for him to rush to defend himself in one step.
On the sidelines, Benitez nodded secretly, feeling a little relieved that he couldn’t get past what little hair he had left. "Good, so that little guy can’t play any tricks again. Although his speed may not be inferior to Henry’s, he doesn’t have the excellent physical confrontation ability like Henry’s. If Carragher can get close to him, he will be helpless!"
In Benitez’s view, it’s no longer such a big threat to seal off Gao Jun’s counterattack in the East, because the Oriental team has a stronger breakthrough ability. Ribery has already retreated to Lin after he almost sacrificed his whole flank attack ability. When the defensive counterattack is launched, it is often difficult to get rid of it. Plus, Mascherano, the midfielder, can make up Mascherano at any time. Although it is absolutely not fast, the first three steps are surprisingly fast. It is absolutely impossible to deal with Lin quickly. If these three people can’t play, the Oriental team can’t score again.
Although almost four Liverpool players can’t attack for this purpose, Liverpool is far more luxurious than Sao Paulo. Even if there are six players attacking Benitez, I believe my brother can make a turnaround in the remaining game.
But in this game, Liverpool’s luck was really bad. In the 32nd minute, Liverpool got a corner kick. Because of his unusually tall central defender Hyypia, he attracted the defensive center of the Eastern team. His height and strength were not good (1 meter, Weighing less than 66 kilograms, the ability of confrontation and restraint is worse than that of Gao Jun.) Liverpool striker No.11 luis garcia got a header in the penalty area. Benitez was already so excited that he raised his hand, only to see that Garcia actually headed the ball against the crossbar and was destroyed by Card barreiro for the first time. Benitez wanted to wave his right hand to celebrate, and suddenly stopped in the middle, just like being fascinated by petrochemical magic.
What makes Gao Jun even more happy is that I don’t know if he was inspired by his goal. Du Wei gradually returned to his normal state 30 minutes ago. Although his sense of position is as bad as ever, the advantage of super control ability is gradually reflected, which greatly reduces the pressure on the Oriental team to defend the set-pieces, and the little Garcia’s two header attacks in sports warfare are even more easily pushed out of the penalty area after being grabbed by Du Wei.
Playing better and better, Du Wei is more confident, his mentality is more stable, and his excellent foot skills are gradually reflected, which makes the Oriental team have another stable ball point in the middle and back court, and he no longer depends on Corgnet alone.
This doubt greatly reduced the pressure on Corgnet, and he naturally played better. In fact, many lines can see that 1. The lead was certainly due to Gao Jun’s wonderful long-distance attack, but in the first 30 minutes, the hero behind the scenes of the Oriental team was Corgnet, who not only sent out the key length, but also confronted Liverpool team leader Steven Gerrard almost by his own strength!
Even on the sidelines, Benitez paid attention to Corgnet and came up with the idea of buying him in the winter transfer period. "Although he is a little shorter than Steven Gerrard, on the whole, he is very similar in age, but he is seven years younger than him, so he can be cultivated by successors."
Although the Oriental team played very well, the strong overall strength of the Liverpool team still kept them firmly in control of the situation. However, due to the unity of the Oriental team and the poor luck of the Liverpool team today, the score was finally maintained until the end of the half.
Comparing the game data of the two teams in half a game, we can fully realize that it is a miracle that the score is finished. At half a game, including stoppage time, Liverpool’s possession rate exceeded 7%, and a total of 15 shots were completed, of which 5 shots were right and one shot was hit back, but no goal was scored. In contrast, the Oriental team scored a goal with a ball control rate of less than 3% at half-time, but this goal scored the current lead, not the absolute advantage of Liverpool, but the scene was almost completely smashed to slag. The Oriental team had to sigh that "football is round" is indeed a famous saying.
Even two CCTV commentators have to admit that the Oriental team was "very lucky" at half-time, and Huang Jianxiang said in no uncertain terms that "I hope this kind of good luck can continue at half-time". However, even so, the performance of the Oriental team was still highly praised by the two players, and there was no highlight at half-time except that goal, and Gao Jun was praised by them because they knew very well how difficult it was to get a half-time lead in the face of such a terrible opponent as Liverpool.
In the eyes of more professionals, Gao Jun’s contribution at half-time is more than just that goal. Like a "field coach", he adjusts his position from time to time and helps himself to observe the advantages of the field when he is facing the goal at the front. He has coordinated the team’s defensive organization and helped the team stabilize the situation, which has contributed more to the Oriental team than his personal performance.
Chapter two hundred and twenty-seven Substitution on defense
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Even on personal performance, Gao Jun didn’t just contribute a goal at half-time. Even after being stared at by Carragher, he still ran with his excellent ball and tried to find a fighter plane, and his positive attitude set an example for the team. Moreover, Gao Jun’s active running also caused one of the most unexpected effects for himself.
"Jamie, how are you? Is it uncomfortable? " Gerrard asked Carragher earnestly as he walked into the player’s channel.
"Nothing, just a little tired," Carragher replied with a forced smile, but he couldn’t stop breathing but fully said how tired he was now.
Carragher’s physical fitness among the central defenders is absolutely first-class. It really surprised Liverpool that he was so tired after playing half a game. However, Benitez, after all, was experienced and soon realized the crux of the problem after asking Carragher. "It seems that it is harder to keep an eye on that China than I used to!"
Originally, after being ordered to keep an eye on Gao Jun, Carragher had to keep an eye on Gao Jun, which means that he had to follow Gao Jun wherever he went. However, Gao Jun ran abnormally actively in this game, and the half-court running distance was more than 5 meters. Except that time, the offensive base that caused the score was aerobic exercise. Did Gao Jun run at a low speed? But in this way, Carragher had to follow Gao Jun at a low speed and rarely had a chance to rest halfway.
It is important to know that the central defender’s main responsibility is to stop leakage and rescue danger, so the ability of physical confrontation, jumping for the top and short-distance sprint is very high. These all belong to the oxygen sports institute. The central defender’s muscle types are all white muscles with good explosive power but poor endurance (except East Asia, where the white muscle type is scarce). More importantly, there are few cases in which the central defender runs 10,000 meters in a game in peacetime training and competition, so their aerobic endurance cannot be fully exercised. Therefore, even though Gao Jun’s physical fitness is not particularly excellent, his muscle type is pink muscle with good endurance, and the position
"It’s true that I neglected Cheng to keep up with a player. It’s not very common for a central defender to let the midfielder do it." Benitez had an idea when he was about to call the midfielder Mascherano. "I believe you can keep him physically exhausted so that they can’t play any more tricks."