"It sounds very good." Longye is very interested in this title. Because of his identity, it is very difficult for Longye to get the title officially recognized by the league. Now, with this honorary title, he can claim to be the champion after going out.

Where did I go later, and then people introduced me that "this is Mr. Longye, the champion of Fengyuan Alliance". I think it’s enjoyable.
"In fact, if you want the real title, I’m going to give it to Mi Keli recently. You are much stronger than Mi Keli. I’m more at ease to give it to you." Dawu said his plan.
The title of champion bears too much responsibility. This time, the meteorite crisis almost overwhelmed me. Later, the high-level wrangling of the Twiwater Town Residents Transfer Alliance also made him haggard. This was the idea of handing over the title.
After this incident, Longye is also grateful for the title. An honorary champion who enjoys welfare benefits regardless of his affairs is very suitable for Longye.
"Remember to wear something formal when the official conferring ceremony is held in Twiwater Town in two days." Dawu hung up after explaining the most important thing.
Put it bluntly, Longye hugged Nazi around him and kissed him fiercely. He proudly said, "Your husband and I will soon be the honorary champion of Fengyuan Alliance. How is it handsome?"
"Virtue ~" Nazi left him a beautiful supercilious look. "Why didn’t you agree to Alder’s request when you wanted to be a champion so badly?"
"It’s not the same. Alder, the old man, is obviously looking for a successor. If I really become a champion of the United States, all kinds of things will have to be busy to death. I don’t want to be in the United States for several years." Longye grabbed Nazi in his arms. "The day after tomorrow, the awarding ceremony can take my family with me. Dear, you can go with me."
"Well," Nazi leaned against Long Ye and gently nodded his head.
After Nazi agreed, Longye immediately took her to choose what to wear the day after tomorrow. Now urgent customization is impossible. Fortunately, there are always some well-known brands that have not released the latest clothes. Nazi’s figure is very standard, and a slight change will make it fit.
Longye chose a black suit, while Nazi took a fancy to a red evening gift.
There is white in front of Longye, which is the most suitable for Nazi. I didn’t expect the enchanting red to match her so well that Longye could see her eyes straight.
On the night before the ceremony, Ryuno and Nazi arrived in Sunshui Town. At this time, Sunshui Town has returned to its quiet state before the appearance of meteorites, and it seems that it has not been affected by the meteorite incident.
This time, Ryuno and Nazi didn’t stay in the hotel or the elf center, so they spent the night in Super Archean 3.
Longye saw some remarks that made him very unhappy when he was online at night.
"Is a savior or a disaster maker? Thinking about giant elves. "
"I personally experienced the death of a huge carnivore to destroy the city."
"Thinking deeply about the destructive power of giant and small elves"
"What if one day the giant elves of human beings are hostile!"
No matter what is going to be famous, there will always be people who will jump out and smear it to gain attention. These people deliberately make such extreme assumptions to arouse people’s worries about giant and small elves and achieve their ulterior motives.
In fact, if you think about it calmly, you will find that things like that will not happen on the Internet. Wailord’s size is no different from that of giant and small elves. After hundreds of years, isn’t human beings as happy as they are?
The brain no longer looks at those deliberately smeared remarks. Longye lies in bed and soon falls asleep. But he wants to appear in public with the most mental outlook.
At ten o’clock the next afternoon, Longye and Nazi came to the venue where the awarding ceremony was held. At this time, the venue was full of spectators. Of course, they didn’t all come specially to see Longye win the honorary title.
In order to celebrate Sunshui Town’s safe passage through the meteorite crisis, there will be a grand and gorgeous contest here later. Longye seems to have seen Xiao Zhi and May, and they also appeared in Sunshui Town!
The host of the awarding ceremony was the current Fengyuan champion Dawu. He first told the story of Longye’s contribution in this meteorite crisis, and then said, "In view of the outstanding contribution made by Mr. Longye in Fengyuan area, I decided to award Mr. Longye the honorary title."
Dawu took out a glittering trophy, and a giant held a sharp sword in his hand. What do you think, Ryono, this is an Oscar trophy …
Chapter 59 Awards
Although it was an award ceremony, the atmosphere at the scene was not particularly serious, especially when Dawu and Longye were old friends Dawu, and it was even easier for him to preside over the ceremony.
Dawu picked up the honorary championship trophy in his right hand and joked with the audience, "I have known Longye for a long time, and we are all old friends. To be honest, I am jealous of him. Although he is not as handsome as me, he has a good career and love."
President of Shenyuan Manufacturing Co., Ltd. This is definitely a model of career success. The physical trainer is also stronger than me. Presumably, he beat the Olympic champion Herona. Everyone has seen the video of the competition. Fortunately, he intends to compete for the title, otherwise I might have given way long ago. "
"In love, let’s invite Longye’s fiancee, Miss Nazi, to personally present the award to him. I think Longye definitely doesn’t want to see my handsome face anymore."
Dressed in red and graceful, she appeared from the side of the stage and walked to Dawu’s side. She smiled and accepted the honorary championship trophy from Dawu.
"Seeing Miss Nazi’s beauty, you should know why I’m so jealous of Longye. Now let’s invite the real protagonist Longye to come out and let me give the stage to them. I’m going to take refuge in single dog."
Dawu left the stage humorously, while Ryuno strutted off the stage in a suit.
Step by step to Nazi’s side, Longye took the honorary championship trophy with one hand.
"Thanks to Fengyuan Alliance for awarding me the honorary title, and I will continue to work hard to make more contributions to Fengyuan." Longye first said a scene, and then his left hand gently hugged Nazi’s waist. "In fact, I am most grateful to my fiancee Nazi, who has accompanied me to travel around the country since I was a newcomer trainer. I have been accompanied by her every step of my growth.
Thank you, dear. "
Nazi’s eyes were full of fog when she heard Longye tell about the things that they had been together for so many years.
The two men embraced each other deeply, and the great show of love also caused 10,000 points of damage to single dog who watched the conferring ceremony.
"A winner-shaped blow from life!"
"I don’t eat this dog food …"
This is the truest idea in the hearts of many viewers.
No matter what the audience thinks, Ryuno and Nazixin have left the stage, and the awarding ceremony is officially over. It will be a gorgeous competition.
Change their costumes into the original leisure Ryuno and Nazi, and watch the upcoming Sunshui Town Gorgeous Competition through video broadcast in the backstage of the theater.
Longye, in addition to the awarding ceremony, he also served as the awarding guest of this gorgeous competition.
The first round of elf show was going on quickly, and the things displayed by different elves were really different.
Among those performers, Ryuno really saw the figure of May. It seems that Xiao Zhi has completed the challenge of Liulidao Pavilion and received a badge. When calculating, it seems that the Fengyuan Alliance Conference will come soon.
This time, the gorgeous contest was sent by May, a cute pink elf with a round face, which made people feel an impulse to pinch.
In the first round of the gorgeous contest, May directly helped Xiangwei Miao. The effect of this help was to borrow a move from his peers at random by the strength of his peers.
It can be said that this is a skill with very serious uncertainty. There are so many skills that no one can accurately estimate the assistance skills. For a competition like the gorgeous competition, many contestants will try their best to assist steadily. This kind of uncertain move is almost ignored.
His unique skill is really a test of the contestants’ ability to improvise on the spot
According to Longye, this twilight convention should be the last gorgeous contest before the grand celebration of the Elf Gorgeous Competition. If May fails here, she will go to the grand celebration with five ribbon badges, and the importance of this convention to her can be imagined.
This time still dare to let the elf help this recruit it seems that May is very confident about his strength.
The trick to help the tail meow is to fly the blade fast knife, which is a better coordination move.
"Blizzard and then slap in the face" May decisively reached the order
Make a snowstorm to the tail meow and freeze the flying blade sharp knife into an ice sculpture, and then jump into it and gracefully display a serial slap. The fleshy and round tail is far from being as gentle and quick as it is. The serial slap will smash all the ice sculptures into crumbs.
Ice crystals are falling slowly all over the sky, and May and Xiangwei meow together just like the Snow Princess.
Shortly after May’s performance, the first round of audit ended, and the horse judges will announce the list of people who entered the second round.
Because the number of participants in the Twilight Convention is not large, there are four players who can enter the second round.
It was a cruel decision. Many trainers who received four ribbon badges hoped to win the Twilight Ribbon Badge for the final big celebration, but then four contestants were able to enter the second round with their dreams.