"Lai Xiao" Dugu looked at Feiyang with disdain and covered the curtain back to the coachman and said softly, "Let’s go. When we see this little heart, we will be angry."

"You are always walking slowly." Dugu Ji’s carriage slowly started flying behind the carriage and smiled and waved. When the carriage turned to fly, he quickly took Han Jin’s carriage and roared off. It was too dangerous to get along with this master. It was better to stay away from him.
"Are you really afraid of elder dugu?" The carriage was in a good mood. Korea looked at a face of cold sweat flying and teased.
"That’s not the somebody else but the Chinese first master crush me with crush ants almost, of course, I’m afraid of" flying without guilt admitted wiped his forehead cold sweat a dying appearance.
"I think elder dugu is quite approachable and not as high as outsiders say." Han Jin Huan said with a smile.
"Come on, that look in my eyes looks like it’s going to eat me alive, and it’s also approachable." Flying lightly cut a disdainful way
"Who told you to run away from his favorite little granddaughter?" Han Jin laughed lightly.
"That’s" flying nodded for dugu avoid doing this to yourself reason is also very clear, is it not turn away your granddaughter? Not turn away your wife?
Looking at Feiyang, it’s a sullen look. Korea’s heart is funny. It’s about to make fun of Feiyang again. Suddenly, I feel dizzy in my mind. The whole person is upside down towards Feiyang.
"Han Jie, what’s the matter with you?" asked Feiyang, who was holding Korea’s load and worried.
"Nothing is suddenly a little dizzy" Han Jin Huan rubbed his forehead and gently replied.
"Is it dizzy that the body reacts again?" asked Feiyang, worried. Suddenly, Hua Yichen charged him to hug Korea’s best friend gently in his arms and put his right hand in the back of Korea’s best friend’s heart. He lost a ray of true qi into Korea’s best friend’s body and looked at Korea’s best friend, frowning slightly and slowly, to gently cut "Is Han Jie better?"
"Well, I feel much more comfortable flying. Thank you." Han Jin Huan smiled and nodded and said.
"Thank what should" float in the sky light replied with a smile.
"What should I do?" Han Jin Huan was in a good mood and made a joke with Fei Yang.
"Well, aren’t you my friend? Of course, helping a friend should be." Feiyang hesitated a little and then replied lightly
"Friend?" Han Jin Huan murmured, leaning gently in Feiyang’s arms and leaning his head against Feiyang’s chest, and said softly, "I still feel a little uncomfortable in Feiyang."
"Well, then I’ll give you some true qi." Said Feiyang, worried that her right hand had once again sent a few rays of true qi behind Han Jin Huan’s body, which controlled the Sunday operation in Korea Jin Huan’s body and slowly recuperated her body.
While Han Jin Huan smiled and moved in the flying arms, found a comfortable posture and slowly fell asleep in his arms.
Chapter 37 When loneliness becomes a habit
"Han Jie, how do you feel?" Flying didn’t stop until almost the true qi dried up. The true qi was lost. The forehead was slightly sweaty and the breathing was slightly short. But the first thing to stop was whether the heart of Han Jin Huan’s body was getting better, but there was no way to respond. A closer look found that Han Jin Huan was sleeping soundly with a smile.
"Brother-in-law has arrived." At this moment, when the horse neighing outside stopped, he heard the groom sitting outside the carriage respectfully float in the sky and said.
"Oh, thank you." Feiyang smiled and thanked Han for not waking her up, but holding her carriage gently.
Just as soon as the curtain was lifted, it was slightly dazzling, and the sun stimulated Korea to wake up and let out a slight groan. Slowly, I opened my eyes and found that Feiyang was holding his carriage and his face was slightly red and asked, "Are you here?"
"Well, you go back to sleep. I’ll hug your car." Feiyang said softly and then hugged Han Jin Huan, who borrowed a Land Rover from Xiaohe. The co-pilot position gently buckled her seat belt and then drove the Land Rover out of Dugu Villa.
"Han Jie, are you better?" Before crossing the Dugu Villa, the river car was flying on the city road again and asked Han Jin Huan, who was sitting in the co-pilot position.
"Well, it’s much better," Han Jin Huan replied with a faint smile. Now she feels surprisingly well. She hasn’t felt so relaxed for a long time. Being in the sunshine feels warm as if she were a patient recovering from a long illness, and she exudes a taste like a new life.
"Oh, that’s good. Grandpa Hua’s medical skill is really amazing. We try our best to solve the problem in his place. It’s really amazing that it is solved instantly." Flying at Korea’s smiling face is already full of blood, and the stone is hanging in my heart and I admire it with a smile.
"Yes, I also estimate that it will be very difficult these days." Han Jin Huan also sighed for a long time, and the rejection made her a little tired to cope with it. She hardly had time to think about other things. It’s really hard to spend this kind of life every day. Now it’s finally good. Everything is developing towards a good place.
"Han Jie, let me ask you a question. Don’t be angry." Flying at Han Jin Huan asked with a smile and some hesitation.
"Ask first and see what the problem is, and then I’ll decide whether to be angry or not." Han Jin Huan said with a light smile.
"Then I asked Han Jie, have you ever regretted being a genetic warrior?" Asked Feiyang, somewhat uneasy, with his eyes looking at Han Jin’s face through the rearview mirror from time to time.
"I haven’t thought about this" Han Jin Huan slightly one leng and then gently smiled and shook his head.
"What if I let you consider it now?" Flying to see Han Jin Huan is not taboo about these topics and then continue to ask.
"Well, I think I won’t regret it." Han Jin Huan replied with a light smile.
"What Han Jie you probably won’t have children? Being a mother is not the biggest dream for a woman?" asked Feiyang with some surprise.
"It’s too far away for me to be a mother." Han Jin Huan didn’t expect Feiyang to say this, paused a little, then smiled and shook his head. He seemed to have never considered the issue of having children and getting married. He always felt that these things were too far away from him. Now Feiyang suddenly asked himself that he was really at a loss.
"Han Jie, haven’t you ever thought about these problems? You should always find a boyfriend. Don’t you feel lonely alone?" Flying to see Han Jin Huan looked puzzled and knew that this woman had never thought about these problems. Some languages asked.
"Boyfriends sometimes think about it, but have not seriously considered loneliness? I have many friends. How can I feel lonely?" Han Jin Huan said with a light smile.
"Han Jie, you are wrong. Friends will eventually have their own families. It is impossible to be with you all the time. When you are alone, there is no one to talk to you. No one to share your happiness when you are happy and comfort you when you are sad. Don’t you feel lonely?" Feiyang asked softly. Suddenly, it seems that it is really possible for Han Jin Huan to live like this. If you don’t really say that you have a good friend, I’m afraid there is Hu Mei. My parents don’t seem to be very good either. I’m afraid most of them are alone. I think about the sacred lake
"No, I said that I am used to living like this. When I am in a good mood or a bad mood, I will go back to Mei Jie’s house and talk to her. Even if she is out busy, I can call her. I think this is enough." Han Jin Huan said with a smile.
"What if Mei Jie got married?" asked Feiyang lightly.
"She married well, I think I should bless her and then be her maid of honor." Han Jin Huan hesitated for a moment, rolling her eyes around and thinking about Hu Mei’s wedding scene with a smile, and then suddenly she smiled and covered her mouth with a light smile. "I didn’t expect Mei Jie to marry. What kind of man will she marry?"
Well, Feiyang never imagined what kind of man Hu Mei would marry, or that he would unconsciously be sour when he thought that Hu Mei was held in his arms by other men.