Of course, the line is the player Van Cleef, and they need to stay in the tent. After all, they are not players but real aborigines. However, if the tent is equipped with an attribute tent, they can rest quietly in it. Therefore, it is very important to choose the location of the line, but before that, we must complete an experiment, that is, whether the black mud can disguise.

"All right ~ Let’s paint the mud ourselves!" When a group of people rushed breathlessly to the black soil boundary of the devil’s land, the sky had just fallen into darkness. After their feet dried up and the vegetation was trampled, the horses turned into pieces of grass ash and attached to their boots, but they were quickly bounced off because of the cloud.
"shout! It’s really cold! " When Mo Yan took off his underpants, he felt not embarrassed but cold. At this moment, they suddenly found that there was not a very high temperature in this place except the demon threat. Perhaps it was because the ground temperature was higher during the day. It seems that the temperature near this demon gate will drop rapidly at night, and frost will appear in some places.
"Stop talking nonsense and get to work! An hour has passed when we have to hurry. We must finish two things before dawn! " Dark Bi took out a tube full of black mud and smeared it on the team channel. From now on, everyone knows that they can’t make a sound or make a sound. The only thing that can communicate is body language and the team channel. Therefore, after hearing the words of dark Bi, everyone quickly took out bad black mud and smeared it on the body.
Black mud made of adhesive mixed with oil has strong adhesion and will not dry quickly, even if it is rubbed on the ground, it will not be ground off, because all the soil is ground very finely before boiling, but it took Chen Kai and them a long time to grind the soil than when boiling the black mud.
The delicate black mud makes people feel uncomfortable when applied, but the mask can wash off the black mud, which is difficult to wash off unless it rains cats and dogs. However, it has been tested in the camp, and even after soaking in water for half an hour, the black mud can still adhere to the skin, but the color will become lighter.
A few people wear leather hats and wrap them tightly around their heads, so that the cap base is not very defensive, and its purpose is to ensure that their hair is not exposed. Of course, you can try shaving your head so that you don’t worry about hair, but not everyone in the whole team is happy to shave their heads, but few girls don’t like it.
Covered in dark mud, they led them carefully into the black soil area in Kashgar. Their body color and soil are almost the same, especially in this dark night. Unless there is moonlight shining, I really can’t see whether walking on the land is a person or a monster. When in danger, everyone’s first reaction is to get down on the ground and stick together with the soil. Unless they get close, it looks like a mound on the ground. Therefore, in their view, this camouflage is relatively successful, and now the only question is whether they will be discovered by the devil.
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The cold north wind blows slowly from the north to the south. Chen Kai knows that it is caused by the melting of the horrible ice sheet, which covers tens of kilometers of blue and white ice. It will take a long time to finish melting, especially when these ice sheets are still made of spells. Although Chen Kai doesn’t know what impact these cold winds will bring to the swamp, he knows that they may be frozen at night, especially at the moment when they are naked.
In fact, Chen Kai’s worry is not unreasonable. Although the player’s body has become very strong in the system, he still feels cold and abnormal in the cold wind at night, especially Yun Mo Yan, a group of unfortunate people lying naked on the cold ground with their bellies, which makes people feel uncomfortable and dare not move because a team of twenty magic patrols are slowly walking with heavy steps not far from them, making the ground tremble.
"Mom, don’t look over, don’t look over!" Mo Yan is whispering in the team channel, and his eyes are staring at the front force magic. Because he is very unlucky, he is in the closest position to the other party. The force magic is less than 100 meters away from him. Mo Yan can smell the stench from the north wind.
"Shut up! Keep your head down and they’ve seen it! " Dark Bi scolded 1 in the team channel, and then pressed his head into the soil desperately, at the same time, let his breathing slow down and try not to let his body fluctuate as much as possible. At such a close distance, the devil’s vision can definitely see the unusual fluctuation of the ground, so they must pretend to be raised mounds, so they can’t fluctuate naturally, and they can hold their breath desperately to prevent their bodies from fluctuating due to breathing.
Listening to the terrible footsteps shaking slowly, everyone’s heart is shaking there, because those magic powers are coming slowly and almost approaching them. Recently, Mo Yan almost couldn’t help raising his head to confirm their position, but another voice told him to be calm and calm again. Never raise his head. Once he raises his head, it will not only kill himself but also kill others.
Therefore, even if the devil’s recent footsteps sounded less than ten meters away from him, Mo Yan didn’t dare to move even once. Although he slowly turned pale due to holding his breath and his health value was falling due to lack of oxygen, he didn’t dare not want to move until his footsteps slowly went away, and the stone that weighed on his heart really disappeared.
"Whoo! !” A burst of heavy breathing comes slowly from everyone’s mouth. Even if the lungs are squeezed too hard and lead to bleeding, they don’t want to let go of a little breath. This feeling of regaining fresh air after suffocation makes everyone happy because they are still alive and have escaped a group of magic patrols.
"Hey! Mo Yan, are you all right? " The cloud pushed Mo Yan hard, only to find that the latter didn’t respond at all. When he turned Mo Yan over, he found that the other party had rolled his eyes. Because of the lack of samples and lung damage, Mo Yan was suffocated. If he didn’t receive treatment, he would suffocate himself.
"Depend! This loser has suffocated! " Looking at Mo Yan’s protruding eyes and dilated pupils, I knew that Mo Yan was in a very dangerous state. If he was treated from time to time, Mo Yan might be sent back to the fortress again, and he was still extremely humbled and sent back after he died.
"Ahem!" After a flurry of first aid, Mo Yan coughed in his throat, and then slowly opened his eyes and closed them. But at the moment, he looks miserable. A small piece of lung is sticking to his mouth, and some blood foam is constantly flowing out of his mouth. But the only good news is that his health has stopped and his health trend has gradually returned to a stable level.
"Depend! Mo Yan, why did you almost suffocate yourself? " One kilometer away from the original latent area, when Mo Yan kept pouring drugs into his mouth to treat injuries, the clouds around him asked him
"Don’t! I was unlucky enough to choke on saliva while holding my breath, and I almost coughed up, and then the magic was right next to me. Do you think I can cough up? As a result, you know everything later, NND. It’s really bad luck that my lungs are damaged! " Mo Yan can talk through the team channel at the moment, and every time he takes a breath, his lungs will keep aching, and every time he coughs, he will spit out a trace of blood to prevent the blood smell from being caught by the devil. Every time he coughs, Mo Yan has to cover his mouth with a piece of silk and stuff what he coughs into his backpack, so that he looks like a ghost with tuberculosis.
"… people problem!" Everyone has marked Mo Yan with this sentence, and others can’t think of any words except people’s problems, because this kind of bad luck is similar to drinking cold water.
"all right! Let’s go on after a good rest! We have been delayed for nearly ten minutes, and God knows that a wave of patrols will not appear in the distance without horses, and it will take us an hour less to search for a hiding place and dig a place for the people behind us! " The dark dagger slowly got up from the ground, but the horse squatted down again. After all, the goal in this land is too obvious. Most of the time, they run with their heads bent and try their best to keep their height down.
"Wait! We have to wait for you to look there! " Just when all the people wanted to get up and continue to run, Kashi, an aboriginal thief, suddenly pulled a preparation cloud, and then pointed to the northern sky, where several black spots hidden in the dark clouds were slowly flying towards this side. Even without the eagle-eye telescope cloud, they could all know what those things were attached to the demon gate and could fly. Except for the little devil, it was the winged demon, and there would never be any birds, so they wanted to get away from everyone and immediately fell to the ground again.
"Depend! How can these damn bugs appear again? It’s only been a few minutes, not even half an hour! " Mo Yan is depressed and lying on the ground, but now he can breathe freely, but his breathing needs to be lighter. After all, the little devil is flying at a high altitude and it is impossible to see things lying on the ground. Of course, if the clouds get up and move, they will definitely be found.
These little demons are much easier to hide than those who wander around, because they will not land and fly in a straight line in the sky unless the clouds expose them to their vision, such as running wildly on the ground, so even if they are covered with black mud, they will be found and covered with dozens of fireballs.
After recording their flying directions and marking the clouds, the little devils carefully stood up and carefully observed the surrounding environment, then slowly got up from the ground and then quickly ran in one direction. They have been looking for raised mounds or rocks in the black wasteland, although there are fewer rocks in the swamp, more are undulating hills and depressions. Whether it is a quagmire or a hill, their way forward is carefully recorded. Everyone draws a map and records it, especially those places that seem to hide several people at night. After all, the team behind them is not more than a dozen people, but more than 200.
If we only rely on their hiding place now, let alone a hundred people, it is estimated that more than 50 people will hide, but we must also hide from the patrol’s vision and patrol range. At this point, the old thief Kashgar fully taught them a good scout ability. He needed to look at the footprints to roughly judge the patrol direction of the demons and at the same time, he could calculate their patrol path. According to his calculation, they found many demon footprints, which confirmed the calculation accuracy and saved them a lot of detours and risks.
However, it doesn’t mean that there is no risk in spending the road in Kashgar. No one knows whether those demons will suddenly turn around. Although most demons are stupid and like to patrol along the established road, there is no shortage of cleverness among demons. According to Mo Yan, cleverness demons are all genetic mutants, which is even more disgusting. Garbage reptiles are the most annoying thing because they will change their patrol route at any time and will soon pass by, but they will suddenly turn back in an area. This kind of patrol from cleverness makes everyone in the team nervous all the time because they don’t know whether there will be that kind of abnormality in a wave of patrol.
In this state of high mental tension, everyone’s physical energy consumption is very fast, so the original plan to spend one night exploring fifteen kilometers less was completely declared bankrupt. After finding an abrupt rock and digging a cloud in which one person can enter and exit the cave, they tried to dig a cave for habitation and rest. A tent cave with a diameter of five meters was dug up in this huge rock stratum. When they climbed into the tent in a hurry to rest, the sky was already bright in the plains around the demon gate. When the demon was out on a daily patrol, Chen Kai also received the news that they had come.
The two good news is that the camouflage effect of black mud is rare. So far, no camouflage thieves have been found. At the same time, they have dug up the first foothold and are going to rest for a day before exploring. The bad news is that even at night, the patrol strength of demons is very terrible, and there are not only small demons flying in the sky but also walking demons patrolling around the demon gate, especially those disgusting garbage that make people collapse. They will suddenly change the patrol direction, which makes people feel depressed and scared.
It can be said that the greatest danger to players is not the fixed patrol demons or the small demons flying in the sky, but the demons who don’t know when they will suddenly change their patrol direction. Because there are so many players, they may spread to a large area. The probability of encountering demons in this large area is far greater than that of a dozen of them. Therefore, Chen Kai and them need to think hard, just like avoiding the demons who will change their patrol direction
Chen Kai, they didn’t think about fighting to solve such demons, but that would inevitably expose their position, so this one was directly rejected at the moment of coming out, because Chen Kai, they didn’t want to be surrounded by thousands of demons before they entered the central territory of the Demon Gate, and then they were killed, and the smell of fighting blood would alert the demons and bring disaster to all of them.
Considering the risk, Chen Kai has now got the range of hiding places. They have to choose a method of dispersing troops to divide everyone into several small units and sneak into the territory of Demon Gate in batches. This reduces the number of people, which makes it possible to find hiding places fully but not excessively, and also reduces the unlucky situation of a team after being discovered. In addition, Chen Kai also asked Yun to mark the range of activities when encountering Cong Demon, and try to bypass those areas when the troops behind him move forward. Although this may be in danger of losing their way, it is convenient to unify the map and generate a location mark on the map if the direct distance between the two teams is not more than 10 kilometers.
In this way, the logo will not appear until the player reaches level 40, and the distance will slowly increase with the increase of the level. However, this location logo is a vague and approximate area, and the direction is not completely accurate. It must be constantly adjusted during the movement. The closer it is to the target logo, the clearer the position will be. When it reaches a kilometer range, the direction will be roughly fixed at a certain position. Therefore, it is necessary to leave a person in the rock camp so that later people will not be in danger of getting lost. When starting again, join him in the team and then in his own place. Just mark the direction on the map. Although the map is powerful, it gives players many restrictions, but it also has many conveniences, such as map sharing in the same team.
So ll they don’t worry about getting lost in the dark night, but they worry about whether the patrol demons will change the patrol direction and route. After all, all the patrol clouds met once, and they still met on the ground with their heads down. They didn’t know anything about the next night’s action, but everyone still didn’t know much about it.
Chen Kai is the second group of people who set out at the same time, as well as Van Krysa Vaz Loki and Zhao Tiezhu Su Xinghe and Xue Haifeng. They drew the third group, that is, they set out in Su Wanze one hour later, and were assigned to the fourth group together with other girls. Of course, they are also the largest group of protection personnel. There are five soldiers left in their team, which is the team with the highest security.
Ll and his party of 40 people are almost equivalent to four small groups of people walking in the dark forest. Although it seems that after a day, this vegetation area on the edge of the devil’s territory seems to have passed for several years. Generally, trees are aging and withering at an alarming rate, and the degree of vegetation withering is terrible. It used to be a little bright green last night, but today it has completely turned into yellow, black and rotten leaves.
Those rotten leaves remained fresh and tender last night, leaving a trace of green grass juice on their feet, but they turned into pieces of fly ash tonight. All the water was absorbed by unknown forces and disappeared into the air with their lives. This fear of unknown forces made Chen Kai and others sneak into the territory of Demon Gate for nothing, and thieves would feel collapsed every time they came back. It was the mental fear that caused you to see that the trees that were still fresh and green suddenly turned into black dead branches when you came here not long ago. This change was unacceptable and frightening.
They walked in the forest in a hurry, trying not to make a sound in their footsteps. In this terrible forest, there were almost no other creatures. When a group of people were running in the forest, they were very sad and unlucky. They met a group of demon patrolmen holding demon weapons and wielding long knives in their hands. All the things that stood in front of them were destroyed. Of course, those demons didn’t find Chen Kai in the distance. Therefore, Chen Kai and his party were hiding in a swamp that was about to dry up. They were submerged in the mire, and everything was closely combined with the mire except their heads exposed and breathing outside.
Of course, more than forty people are crowded in a quagmire, which is naturally a bit crowded. Although the quagmire is very large, almost 100 square meters, there are not many places where they can really drown, but more are cracked soil. But this quagmire is enough for all people, because they mainly rely on the breath of the quagmire to cover up their human flavor instead of completely hiding themselves. In this dark environment, unless they are confronted with the magic, it is almost impossible to recognize everyone now. They all lie prone in the mire covered with thick mud, except their heads, and they are all in the mud or mud. At the same time, they are nearly 700 meters away from the patrol team of Li Mo. At this distance, the vision of Li Mo is limited by shrubs and becomes very narrow. Those who want Li Mo are not in Chen Kai. It is impossible to see Chen Kai and his party when they pull urine on their heads.
However, sometimes accidents will happen suddenly when you are not paying attention, and it seems that this kind of accident is not so good for Chen Kai and others, because this pair of demon patrol officers are enlightened by the clouds. The only difference between these demons and other demons is that they are willing to use their brains, so that demons can go further in the evolutionary path, because they will try their best to master their own strength and control the energy in their bodies to accumulate into a more advanced life.
The evolution path of demons is always one-way. When they evolve into a certain kind of demons, the door of evolution will be closed. Only when a few demons have the will to evolve can they continue to evolve into higher-level demons. When other demons can rely on it, they will grow up and enter the ranks of higher-level demons through energy accumulation. This takes a long time, although the most important thing for demons is that the proportion of a wise demon in the whole demon race is not low, because wisdom is the devil’s evolution, but they are willing to go. Most demons are evolving. After being immersed in the powerful power, they gradually forgot their own wisdom power, and thus fell on the road of evolution. A small number of demons who are willing to use their brains slowly mastered this power, but only mastered and transported it.
Just like the demon that is not far away from Chen Kai and others at the moment, it is not much different from other demons, and it is in a bullied position. Those tall and powerful demons will have no scruples about bullying it when they walk, either to kick it or to touch its ass in a wretched way, but this seemingly weak bullied demon almost found Chen Kai’s hiding place. When it walked past the place where Chen Kai and his party had been, it suddenly stopped and lowered its head. In the distance, Chen Kai’s eyes were surprised and frightened, and they picked up a group of trampled grass and put it on their nose to smell it.
Then the magic head instantly got up, picked up the weapon and looked around. The eyes seemed to be looking for something, and its eyes quickly locked on Chen Kai, who was hiding in the quagmire not far away, and then slowly and carefully walked over. If there was no situation, it is estimated that Chen Kai would be discovered by this team of demons and had to jump out of the quagmire to try to kill this team of nearly 20 demons.
When Chen Kai and them almost suffocated, a strong demon suddenly rushed out of the team, then kicked it in the ass, and then dragged it back to the team in handfuls. As the demon roared in the abyss, everyone’s front heart was slowly released because they knew that they had escaped a piece of Li Tong translation. They could roughly hear each other’s shouting. The demon regarded the demon who came out as a deserter and threatened to kill it if he left the team again. Obviously, this clever demon was dominated in the team. Status and for the devil, the dominated one didn’t speak, and the only thing he could do was to learn from it. Therefore, even if the devil found a strange place to lead the devil and didn’t think it was a threat, he would continue to ignore it and then continue to follow the established patrol route. Therefore, after a few minutes, this team of demons slowly disappeared into Chen Kai’s vision and became a hazy black spot in the distant forest.
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Chapter 37