Watching the black knight lead the pain, clutching his neck and making a sound like a worn bellows, everyone felt that they were too cruel, but then this idea was replaced by the joy of the rest of their lives. Xu Fei, they were not thinking about the origin of the crossbow machine, but celebrating that they were not lost.

"Old four, what poison are you? How so fierce a sixth order was directly poisoned by you? "Xu Fei squatted on the ground and looked at Havadillo’s convulsive body. He said dully that there was no such thing as a unified poison in his cognition. If this poison is rampant, it is estimated that the monster in the game will suffer.
"In fact, I don’t know what poison it is, but I just fiddled with it myself." Yun handed Xu Fei the record list when he took himself to poison the crossbow. After Xu Fei took a look, he threw the list back because he found that this poison root was not mass-produced. There may be hundreds of poisonous weeds and poisonous insects to configure the poison, and it is still different at the same time. Even if Yun takes the same material and reproduces it, it is estimated that he can’t make the same poison.
"Ya really when wave material those rotten bones grass even if sold out, you can change a thousand hundred gold coins as an auxiliary medicine." Xu Fei sighed with his head down and was glad that Yun had this powerful crossbow machine, but he was depressed about his debauchery.
A day later, when Chen Kai woke up from his coma, they had left the beautiful and dangerous earth vein and entered a cave passage to Huguodi. They were worried about meeting the rebel army of Huguodi again. After checking the map, Xu Fei found a fork and temporarily hid. While hiding in the fork, he checked the surrounding environment and treated the injuries, so that several main fighters could recover.
When Chen Kai woke up from his lethargy, Xu Fei was checking to find the battle benefits, including a half-written letter from Havadillo’s body. The badge of the other noble was missing a corner, which seemed to have been damaged in the battle.
At the same time, the sword that had been cut like a sawtooth was put away by Xu Fei. Other than these, Xu Fei didn’t move anything, including the broken armor, which seemed to have magical power. The bracelet was accompanied by the Havadillo who was sleeping in the earth forever to prevent his body from being dismembered by evil breath. Xu Fei, they built a simple magical magic circle next to his body, which is very simple and sacred. There are enough magic crystals to keep this magic circle running for less than a hundred years, and they also poured a lot of low-level holy water into each other’s mouth.
This holy water can be used to clean polluted wounds, but it can’t be eaten directly. Because the sacred power in the holy water is very unstable, it is easy to damage life, but it is very effective for dead bodies, and it is an extremely good preservative for dead bodies.
It seems that I have missed something good. This is the first sentence that Chen Kai said to Xu Fei after waking up. During the game, he fell into a coma. During this period, Chen Kai took the opportunity to buy some nutrient solution online, and also handled a variety of income and expenditure documents, including water bills for several months. Property management of the property management company, of course, went to Lin Lei’s house to have a lunch, a nutritious seafood minced pork porridge and a side dish that was easy to absorb.
Therefore, Chen Kai didn’t know what happened after his coma. When he was behind the line, his body was still in a coma, and he couldn’t even perceive the surrounding environment, let alone ask questions. He didn’t know the real situation of the battle until his body recovered. Of course, he also knew the origin of the crossbow machine and the risks he had to take to keep it.
However, the great power of crossbow machine may be in danger after this, which makes Chen Kai have to consider retaining the benefits of crossbow machine, and they have to go to Hugo Di to rescue the knight of Havadillo, which is not so easy. After seeing the situation of Havadillo, Chen Kai, they will know that the Lord of Hugo Di may have turned to the evil force Chen Kai. Once they enter Hugo Di City, they may be beaten with meat and dogs, and maybe they will be arrested directly and killed as a rebel or a terrorist.
Chen Kai carefully examined the purse that the knight commander threw at himself. There were dozens of purple gold coins worth tens of thousands of gold coins in it. Of course, these gold coins were not a lot of money for a deputy head of the Knights Order, especially for the deputy head of the Knights Order with a noble title. The monthly salary alone was thousands of gold coins, not including the gold coins exchanged for his own manor output. However, Chen Kai felt that he was a little hot with these gold coins because they represented one that had to be completed.
"Damn noble regulations" Chen Kai severely closed the book he held in his hand and then threw it out heavily, because he had to try his best to finish Havadillo according to the face-to-face, which was not only a last request for respect for the deceased, but also a help for the fallen aristocrat as a nobleman.
This is also the place where Chen Kai is most angry. He originally wanted to find several regulations in the aristocratic regulations to delay his entry into Hugo’s rescue, or better not to save people. However, as far as he was concerned, he couldn’t find one that could say that he had his own regulations, and there was no one that could make him cancel them.
Looking at the manager’s method to delete Chen Kai, he was depressed and lay down on the carpet again. Chen Kai knew that he was actually not unwilling to delete and didn’t want to deduct the name that was hard to accumulate because of this. This was the first time that Chen Kai wanted to delete it. He saw a hidden item. The name system hidden in the panel represented Chen Kai’s official hope in the Hans Court Empire. If he didn’t want to go too far, even if he ran horses in the street at will not be arrested by guards. Of course, it is more important that he can mobilize no more than 12 indigenous high knights or no more than 24 high swords in some towns with these names.
Looking at what he has finally accumulated, Chen Kaizhen doesn’t want to lose them because of one name, especially because it is very difficult to accumulate these names. Only one point can be given to complete a certain large scale, and Chen Kai has accumulated less than two points in total. But once he deletes the rescue of Havadillo, he will lose 15 points. This kind of loss Chen Kai doesn’t want to bear or can’t bear.
"We can take it one step at a time. I hope that Hawadiro’s son lives in the manor outside Hugo instead of in the city." Llewellyn shook his head and sighed, and then slowly struggled to get up from the ground to check his wound. Now there is a red scar left in the cross-cut wound in his belly, but some bloodshot still seeps out from the wound and takes Llewellyn’s health for 1 to 2 points.
"Fortunately, this is a game, otherwise my life will definitely be lost in reality." Llewellyn looked at his 30-cm-long wound and said slowly. Before he fell into a coma, he saw that his intestine had flowed out and broken into several pieces, but after releasing God, these broken parts grew back, which took a little longer to recover.
Chapter 226 The earth staff Hugo first dark shadow (-sneak into Hugo first (2))
The second dark shadow (-sneak into Hugo (2))
After nearly three days’ rest, Chen Kai and others continued to advance rapidly along the tunnel. In the remaining tunnel, the black armor soldiers left enough marks, so Chen Kai and others hardly took any detours, but it was not just smooth sailing. When Chen Kai was less than two days away from the exit, they met a group of black armor soldiers again. When they saw Chen Kai, they almost rushed in waving weapons.
Chen Kai doesn’t know what these black armor soldiers will know about him, because he has never been in Huguodi, and he hasn’t found a wanted order or a picture with him in these black armor soldiers. More importantly, Chen Kai almost always wears armor and a helmet, and his whole face is hidden in the helmet mask, so he can’t see Chen Kai clearly from the outside.
However, after seeing Chen Kai, those black armor soldiers still put their first target on him, almost without thinking about raising their weapons, and rushed towards him. It was these black armor soldiers who were shot by the heavy crossbow in the cloud’s hand in the middle of the rush and directly strung into a gourd.
Although the heavy crossbow is powerful and scary, it makes Chen Kai and them depressed, that is, the enemy killed by the heavy crossbow will not give experience or growth experience, but after being seriously injured, it will also give one percent of the original experience. A fifth-order black armor soldier had less experience and had about 3 points, but now he has less than 4 points left.
However, Chen Kai won’t regret those experiences. After becoming a senior knight, Chen Kai found that his ranking was almost stable on the first and third pages of the rankings. Of course, this is mainly because the player’s leveling has encountered a bottleneck at this stage. In the absence of a large-scale combat leveling scene, the player’s level promotion has been suppressed in a unified and disguised way. Of course, it is more important that players have acquired attributes after becoming familiar with themselves as a senior profession, and they have made various new strengths and tried to learn more unified knowledge.
Therefore, the player’s level growth has fallen into a state of temporary stagnation. Similarly, Chen Kai has been unable to accumulate experience because of too many hanging times. Up to now, he has accumulated less than 2% of experience. The gap between the level 41 and the level 41 is almost impossible to calculate the experience demand of nearly 30,000, so that Chen Kai can almost look at the experience slot in a daze.
Chen Kai estimates that the speed of experience accumulation now will take at least half a year when he becomes a junior knight, and he still finds a situation where he can constantly brush the strange experience and brush the level. Of course, if Chen Kai can finish this now, it is estimated that just gaining experience will be enough for him to rise to one or two levels, and there are other even better benefits.
Of course, before all this, Chen Kai was able to reach the Imperial City through Huguodi, and Chen Kai found that he had always ignored the information of the political city-state lords of mainland countries in the temple. In the past, he had always played the game that city-state lords should be loyal to the empire, but now the city-state lords actually intercepted an imperial nobleman and threw himself into the evil forces. These circumstances made Chen Kai somewhat unprepared because it might mean that he would face a city-state army to hunt down.
"City-state Legion has to have 3,000 people, no matter how bad it is. If it is a military city like Adolik, there must not be a regular army of 5,000 people." Llewellyn looked at the bodies of more than 20 black armor soldiers opposite, quietly thinking about his brain spinning at high speed, constantly thinking about the information about Hugo, and also collecting all the information about Hugo through the Internet. At the same time, he also offered a reward on the Internet for all the recent situations of Hugo, and grasped all the situations of Hugo in the shortest time.
In Chen Kai’s RmB offensive, the whole Hugo player quickly mobilized if he needed money. In less than half an hour, Chen Kai received nearly 100,000 words of information and 100 MB pictures. At the same time, he also spent almost 20 purple gold coins equivalent to RMB.
However, it is amazing that the results of the big money-throwing business have been received. Now, Chen Kai has mastered almost all the situations of Hugo. He knows all the shit except what pants the duke of Hugo wears. Even the duke has several mistresses and illegitimate children, which are all found out by players.
At the same time, Chen Kai also got a route map of Huguodi’s entry and exit, including 12 gates and 100 private entrances and exits. On the map, the first one of Huguodi is a seemingly iron tube with many practical loopholes and broken barrels. Before getting the map, Chen Kai was worried about how to enter Huguodi after finding no one in the manor, but after getting the map, Chen Kai could choose a road to enter the city under the nose of the Lord’s mansion of Huguodi without being found by the guards.
Of course, Chen Kai won’t foolishly choose a road that is so dangerous, but chose a path that is not strictly guarded at ordinary times and can enter and exit at any time. At the same time, he also marked three escape roads on the ground. Chen Kai and Xu Fei have been groping for these roads according to the map for nearly a night. Several people’s eyes are red and rabbit’s eyes are the same.
"how about it? Is that small in the manor? " Wearing a hood, Chen Kai hid in a rented carriage and asked to go to Havadillo Manor to inquire about the situation. At this time, it has been three days since they entered Huguodi from the ground passage. For three days, Chen Kai and his family have been hiding in Tibet and constantly asking for information, and they finally confirmed the location of Havadillo domaine de chevalier and came here to look for his son, including the noble lady who is said to be having an affair with the duke.
However, it is strange to Chen Kai that the name of the noble lady is not the same as that written by Havadillo, because the name of the lady who is said to be Havadillo is Helef? Kelam and Havadillo wrote Hera? Hawayilan and Chen Kai also found out that the knight who is now Hawaydilol’s attendant is actually said to be an illegitimate son of several castellans.
"Boss, you said that the knight commander will not now we are looking for this guy but Hera? Havylang, the mistress, "said Yun, taking off his cloak and pointing it at Ll. Then he heard a bang. It turned out that Ll slapped his thigh heavily.
"Why didn’t I think of that?" Chen Kai’s thoughts flashed, but then he was depressed because he didn’t know it was called Hera? There is no way to find out where Hawailan lives.
In the end, there is really no way for Chen Kai to sprinkle gold coins on the Internet again to inquire about the situation. This is the simplest, most effective and also the fastest way. But Chen Kai is not short of money now. His only shortage is that the longer he stays in Huguodi, the more dangerous it will be for some of them. The players who patrol the guards constantly confirm that the whole Huguodi is searching for a group of tourists carrying precious things, and the information released by the Lord of Huguodi is that these people robbed a caravan and robbed it from it, and he is going to pay tribute to the emperor.
Of course, players don’t believe the duke’s story when they are mixed up in Huguodi for a while, even the aborigines living in Huguodi don’t believe the duke’s story. According to a player’s narration of a bartender, it is "If I want to believe that a fat pig can talk, I might as well believe that a donkey will become a horse": most of the Huguodi aborigines call the duke a fat pig or a breeding pig in private, which is also called a stallion.
Most players think that it is the castellan who peeps at the treasures that the travelers are carrying that releases such deceptive words. Therefore, many players have joined the search for strange travelers, but most of the time they focus on the aborigines and seldom pay attention to the players, so Chen Kai and them have a little breathing space.
On the forum web page, Chen Kai quickly typed the Hugo City page, entered the information he wanted to find aborigines in the search option, and paid nearly 1000 gold coins in advance. In less than ten minutes, Chen Kai received more than 30 replies. After automatic screening, ten addresses that met the standard were recorded by Chen Kai, and at the same time, the system also sent out the accurate information. The whole process took only twenty minutes.
"All right, pack up and get ready to go to town. Let’s go to the first target, um … Yilan Hotel. It seems that this is a hotel proprietress." Chen Kai shared the information he received with everyone in the team, including the appearance and address of the proprietress. Of course, there is no such thing.
"It’s just that I haven’t bathed for a long time. I hope there is hot water in that hotel." Several girls said with great heart that it is far more important for them not to bathe for a few days than to find a goal.
"It’s better to be careful. According to the map, this hotel is close to the street. It is estimated that there will be soldiers checking. Remember those black armor soldiers? We didn’t show our faces, so they waved their weapons and killed us. I guess they mastered some exploratory spells. "Su Xinghe carefully looked through a map and said that after he finished, everyone fell into a short silence, while Zhao Tiezhu walked slowly towards the city of Huguodi with a carriage.