Kidd is not inferior to the top point guard Marion in the Mavericks. He once again felt that when he played in the Suns, he would definitely get a basketball if he ran out.

Mavericks, an old demon, doesn’t make a difference in the rotation, but he averages 11 assists per game and makes it harder for Lupus to break through the ball on the defensive end. His team has contributed as much as others, but it can be seen that he has not contributed much.
Ji Guo was ashamed, but he could feel Kidd’s role. Although the Mavericks didn’t double-team easily, Kidd still helped him find the ball, which made it difficult for him to find the opportunity. This old monster was extremely accurate in timing the help, which not only made him feel uncomfortable, but also ensured that he didn’t miss his defensive skill. The whole nba could not find a few.
Marion can’t defend like this. He has always lacked the timing of cooperation, but he can do it with Kidd in Marion. This is the emergence of a real superstar, just like most of them have become better defensively with Duncan.
Real team stars can really drive their teammates to play, and some players need such stars to drive, such as Marion and Terry, and players like Nash and Kidd can fully play their abilities.
In the second quarter, Ji’s humiliation strengthened his personal attack. First, he fouled Gottat online, and then he scored four points outside the three-point line and scored six points to help the team overtake the score.
If Kidd and Marion have forged a solid perimeter defense against the Mavericks, then Terry’s unreasonable three-pointer this year is the Mavericks’ offensive end. His shooting belongs to the unreasonable attack against the defense, just like Crawford in previous seasons.
In those seasons, once Crawford felt hot, one person could let the Clippers win the game. Although he didn’t break out in every game, it was considered that the Clippers bought insurance themselves. Once the two brothers didn’t feel good when attacking, he could also be a backup for Indiana Jones.
Terry is like this now, but he doesn’t explode occasionally, but almost every game. The three-pointer shooting rate is close to 5%. The team has such an offensive output point, and I am afraid that the head coach and fans will laugh even in their dreams.
At half-time, Ji Guo scored 22 points, 9 rebounds, 4 assists, 2 blocked shots and 2 steals. He had a good chance to win three doubles again, but the Clippers were still 5 points behind the Mavericks at 535.
For the Mavericks, Yao scored 1 point and 5 rebounds, Nowitzki scored 1 point and 5 assists, Kidd scored 6 points and 6 assists, Terry scored 12 points and Marion scored 5 rebounds.
The Mavericks’ scores are still so average. Nowitzki interviewed on behalf of the team at halftime. He said, "We don’t regard ourselves as the leading party. We all know the fact that whoever loses this game will be eliminated!" Nowitzki’s words won the support of fans. Today, the stadium has never stopped cheering.
Carlisle still didn’t dare to be careless at halftime. He said, "We are five points ahead at halftime, but this advantage has not yet reached the heart and celebration. I noticed that fo had a 3+1 at halftime, which means that the guy needs two attacks to overtake the score. We must wait until the final whistle to relax, and we must be the leader at that time."
"What are these three guys so stable?" Ji Guo’s humiliation is good enough, but he still can’t kill the Mavericks
Every time he scores Yao, Nowitzki and Terry on the other side, someone will come out. Even Kidd hit two three-pointers at half-time. Is it true that God will not give me?
In the third quarter, the Clippers strengthened their defense, which was rare in the season and was sacrificed by Old Deng Liwei.
The Mavericks’ response is simple. Give the basketball to Yao or Nowitzki immediately. Both singles can attract outside defense, and the Clippers’ joint defense will inevitably be ignored.
Kidd’s three-point shooting has always been bad, but the three-point shooting percentage in the season has just risen to the grid line and has been very stable. The shooting grasp is very great, which makes many teams release Kidd’s practice no longer suitable, because this release of Kidd’s old monster really went in.
Shooting is something that can be practiced, even if it can’t reach the level of national humiliation, it can still be done at the level.
The Clippers played defense in the third quarter, and Kidd hit two three-pointers in the arc top single quarter, which made the Clippers defense show a big hole from the beginning.
Yao then scored two goals in a row in the low post, and the Mavericks played a 1-3 attack wave in the Clippers defense.
Ji was ashamed in the third quarter, but he didn’t succeed. He missed three shots in a row. Although he assisted Ray Allen to make a three-pointer, the Clippers were still pulled to double digits by the Mavericks.
Chapter seven hundred and sixty This is going far.
"Brothers, we have arrived in last stand. What are we considering now? Of course, we will vote if we have the opportunity!" Ji Guoshi couldn’t help but ask his teammates to give him some strength by pausing kung fu. He feels bad these days. If his teammates can’t come out yet, he really wants to go fishing with the dead panda.
Anyway, that guy ran to Los Angeles with two fishing rods yesterday and put that shit in his house, which is also full of malice.
"I was nursing you." Ji Guoqiu was there talking and laughing with Emma Roberts. Every time they stayed together, people couldn’t help but have many evil thoughts. Recently, there were some pornographic photos in Hollywood. As a result, people were not interested in them. What people want to see most now is actually these two pornographic photos. Unfortunately, pandas and little radishes are not Apple phones, and they don’t like to take selfies. There has been no leakage of passenger information.
The game resumed. Ray Allen hit a strong three-pointer, which is the fifth three-pointer he hit today. He finished himself in this game.
Nowitzki turned around and made a rare fake shot, shaking Ji’s humiliation and getting two points to the basket.
Ji was ashamed to think that Nowitzki dared to break through himself with the ball. Suddenly, there were cheers from Mavericks fans and jeers and insults at Fox’s brother.
Iguodala then broke through the basket and missed Yao’s rebound. As a result, his hand was too small, and Ji Guo was humiliated by the side. Fox’s younger brother took off and dunked in place, causing Nowitzki to foul and get two free throws to get revenge.
"This is small!" Yao couldn’t help but scold the tomato Ji Guo shame and smiled at it. It was still one of our own.
In the third quarter, Iguodala broke through and Ray Allen made three-pointers, but Nowitzki and Yao were equally tough on the offensive end. Ji Guo was ashamed to rely on three frontcourt rebounds in a single quarter to get points, but fortunately, his teammates finally rallied and the Clippers were 9 points behind after the third quarter.
The clippers still have a fight in the last quarter.
There are not many Clippers fans to blame for this game. Ray Allen made six three-pointers today. Igor Daladier also scored points in the third quarter, and scored 29 points, 13 rebounds, 6 assists, 3 blocked shots and 3 steals.
It seems that Billups has been playing a relatively average role among several major players in the Clippers for several years.
Billups’ personal data has not dropped much this season, but it has been much less since he played a strong role in the key game this season.