Lu bullshit this mouth for help Qi Yufeng cried the great difficulty. He felt that even if this man’s martial arts was similar to his own, he joined forces to defeat Zhu Bajiacuo, but he really grasped it, but he didn’t know that this character who looked like he was crossing over was destined to drag himself into this muddy water.

He looks up at this nonsense Lu, who is very handsome and handsome, but how can he act like such nonsense when he can be called a dragon and phoenix?
See Lu bullshit eyes moist with a sly kind smile but extremely malicious, he immediately thought of this Zhu Bajia measures previously said that he had no intention of killing himself, and he didn’t want to compete with this Tibetan monk, so he tried to drag himself to a difficult situation-this old monk tried to get away with it.
At this time, Qu Fei-yan said, "Don’t you always claim to be the smartest? Don’t you always get lucky when you meet any strange things?" Why do you still pull others’ water? "
Lu bullshit laughed. "Today, I want to be successful. Can I still find a second fencing helper in this restaurant? If the Huashan master helps me, I will become a dead egg. "Say it again and solemnly bow to Qi Yufeng with a smile in my eyes, but I don’t see any tension."
There are many exquisitely carved people in the restaurant. At first, Zhu Bajiacuo, an old acquaintance in his youth, turned to him for help because he wanted him to be a shield. But when Lu Bullshit came out, he couldn’t help but be surprised. Immediately, he couldn’t help thinking, "What’s the doorway to this little truth?"
Qi Yufeng thought that this man was also called Lu Bullshit and Lu Sandan, and some people called him "Chicken". What was his name?
Qu Fei said, "Even if you can’t beat him, you can escape. I don’t believe you will die, Qi Yufeng. You mustn’t help him or I’ll never talk to you again."
Lu light say with smile "originally the little brother surnamed qi? Brother Qi has a good word to tell you. I wonder if it should be said improperly? "
Qi Yufeng saw that he was courteous and a master in Wulin and quickly got up and said, "Brother Liu, please speak."
Lu scattered light squints at Qu Feiyan and said coldly, "In fact, it’s best to stay away from the real method to avoid it, so as to try our best to make a pretence …"
Qu Fei-Yan immediately raised his eyebrows at this, making eyes like charming cheeks, and snorted in his white mouth. He pressed one hand on the desktop like a hedgehog and was about to blow up at any time.
"But-a character like Qu Sister is gorgeous, brilliant, exquisite, versatile, versatile, proficient in piano, chess, painting and cooking. It takes such a character 500 years to have a Qi brother. You must grasp it and don’t miss it!"
Qu Fei smoke bursts into a smile, smiles and gives birth to spring. When she came, her skin was better than snow and beautiful. Color absolutely beautiful when they heard her smile, they all felt that this room seemed to be a lot brighter.
Listen to her chuckle and laugh. "I won’t let him help you fight, Qi Yufeng. Will you listen to me?" Speaking of which, her heart is also extremely emboldened. This Qi Yufeng usually tells him not to deal with himself and says that he won’t let help. Maybe he has to help.
Lu scattered light doesn’t answer is to go to Qi Yufeng near and stretch out a finger and turn around slowly. Qi Yufeng cried and felt as if someone had drawn a big circle on his chest. He was immediately shocked and said, "It’s not difficult to stimulate the finger to break the kung fu, but it’s really rare for him to have such a mellow and broad finger as if he were really haunted by a finger."
In his mind, he actually didn’t want to taste Zhu Bajiacuo’s World War I, but the strength was too wide, and he hoped that this idea would gradually be suppressed.
What he has learned is that if he meets the strong, he will be strong against the enemy. If his martial arts are not high, there will be no need for him to constantly encounter the master’s coup and inspire many subtle things to play incisively and vividly.
Apart from be adept at’s sword tactic and swordsmanship, this "Nine Swords of Dugu" has a great part to rely on, that is, to make the swordsmen understand when facing the enemy. Once they are free to play a more standardized realm, the wider their knowledge and understanding, the higher their swordsmanship will be. Every master competition will be like learning a strange and varied swordsmanship.
After learning this peerless swordsmanship, Qi Yufeng has never met a strong enemy. Zhu Bajiacuo’s hasty World War I also ended hastily. If Zhu Bajiacuo had a good fight, he would have enriched his experience and realized the deeper meaning of martial arts swordsmanship.
When he saw this man’s subtle finger force, he couldn’t help thinking that he might not lose by combining his own moves with this man’s vigorous strength.
But then I thought that Zhu Bajiacuo had already let him go before he announced it. This has to be realized and agreed.
So he bowed his head thoughtfully for a moment and said, "Can you compete with me, monk?"
Qu Feiyan couldn’t help sighing and pouting when he heard this. "I still want to beat my generation and ignore you!" " Then he picked up his backpack and hid in the door.
A few of them talked for a long time, and Zhu Bajiacuo kept his head down and drank. When he heard this, he immediately stopped drinking and said coldly, "Are you confident that Cai Feng’s flying wings and yet I feel the harmonious heart-beat of the Sacred Unicorn’s first-class flying skills are against the old woman?"
Lu Sandan shook his head with a wry smile. "Your skill has already been refined, and you still have a virtual glimpse of the innate situation. How can I be your opponent by myself?"
Zhu Bajiacuo slowly turned around and looked at the two men. When they saw one person dancing, the dragon and the phoenix were young, but their fingers were mysterious and unpredictable. The other person is not weak in the crown, but also fencing. If God has gradually glimpsed the realm of "winning and winning", it is even more important for people who are famous for their achievements.
Immediately, he couldn’t help but sigh, "You two can’t walk together, but you really don’t have many opponents, but it takes twenty years to beat the old woman."
Lu Sandan smiled. "That’s not necessarily why we should give it a try."
Zhu Bajiacuo said, "Well, I’ll learn the first fencing skill on this day, and the first finger skill on this day. If I can’t give a lecture on the sword before I leave, it’s the first regret of the day. I hope that you can reach out and point out the maze, and dare to forget it."
Say he long sleeves a jilt like changfeng dynamic cloud gas polymerization to detain his feet to blow a whirlwind, the whirlwind turned faster and faster, the more violent listening to banging for several miles, tables, chairs, and benches were all whirled by this sleeve wind, like being hit by water, rolling downstairs along the window.
And this Gangfeng has blown over four miles, three mountains and five mountains. Heroes have long been far away from the smoke, but they are all attracted. Everyone can’t bear to lean against the wall one by one
Qi Yufeng escaped from this Changfeng and jumped into the field. The green mountain in his hand flashed out a long white sword, which made everyone feel black and cold. At once, everyone couldn’t help feeling that the young man had a long sword. If he could protect such a baby, he would like to come to martial arts. It should also be extremely strong.
In Qi Yufeng’s Miao swordsmanship, "Teng Jiao Qi Feng Potential" obliquely points to Zhu Bajiacuo’s left chest. This move is to attack with defense in the middle and attack with defense in the middle, but it is a move with both offensive and defensive sharp swordsmanship. At this time in Qi Yufeng, it is even more powerful to integrate hundreds of parents into deep research and polishing.
When everyone saw that the young man was posing with a sword, he seemed to be ordinary, but his strength, skill, style and strength were just right. He felt that his eyes were shining and he had a broad vision. Immediately, someone couldn’t help shouting, "Good swordsmanship!"
There is no lack of swordsmanship experts among the people present. Just now, Zhu Bajiacuo said that this person has great talent and the first swordsmanship. There are still some who not only see this move at this time, but also can’t help sighing if they make it by themselves.
Lu Sandan held up two fingers and leaned forward to Qi Yufeng. "Are you good at attacking or defending, little brother?"
Qi Yufeng’s "Nine Swords of Dugu" has the best attack of advancing and retreating. He immediately blurted out "Attack!"
Lu Sandan nodded. "Just my" Linxi Finger "kung fu is the best defense from the magical power of" snapping fingers "and" one yang finger ".If you believe me, I will defend for you, for example? “
Qi Yufeng stared at Zhu Bajia Cuo, who was sitting in front of him, and looked solemn. He slowly took out a foot long bone flute from the bosom, and I didn’t know what the method was.
He immediately laughed. "Then what’s not trustworthy? Besides Ye Gucheng and Ximen Chuixue swords, are there any weapons that can’t be clamped by one finger?"
Lu scattered light surprised way "who is Ye Gucheng? Ximen Chuixue, you know him? Oh, if he saw a fencing genius like you, he would be overjoyed, but he hasn’t practiced fencing yet … "
Zhu Bajiacuo said coldly, "Why bother if you want to fight?" Immediately, with a wave of his long sleeves, he attacked the two men. His sleeve wind was sharp and Changfeng was different, and it was very soft. It seemed that there was a breeze that gently lifted his sleeve, and it was always elusive.
Qi Yufeng avoided this slow-moving sleeve and immediately stabbed a long sword, such as the dragon Teng Fengming’s nine-deep tip with a clear whistle and stabbed Zhu Bajiacuo’s eyebrows
Lu is weak, but holding out a pair of fingers, a row of air, a row of arc blaster and pointing out to the front sleeve. The erratic fixed sleeve is forced by this force to move faster than the backward shot at Zhu Bajiacuo, and when it hits him more than five feet in front, it stops moving.
Chapter 1 offensive and defensive
Zhu Bajiacuo’s right hand bone flute is drawn into an arc to block the sword in Qi Yufeng’s hand, and then his left hand pushes the long sleeve and blocks the attack of the land. He nodded his head at the landing, saying, "Lingxi refers to a well-deserved old woman who didn’t have such skill when she was your age."
In fact, the two of them have fought several times in secret, but their strength is far less profound than that of Zhu Bajia’s measures, but he should be strong in reality, so it is somewhat difficult to hurt the enemy, although he is taught to be powerful and powerful.
Zhu Bajiacuo sat in the room with only one chair left. He waved his long sleeves out of his palm and kept on recruiting. He seemed to have a good rest, but he couldn’t help secretly surprised.
Lu Sandan’s martial arts is known as "yet I feel the harmonious heart-beat of the Sacred Unicorn with wings flying in Cai Feng", and the latter sentence says that his ancestors are "a finger of the spirit". The former sentence does say that his flying skills are equally high.
Zhu Bajiacuo thought to himself, but if he attacks this person from a long distance, he will definitely be inferior to himself. But in this restaurant, he dodges and evades his posture in a square inch, but like a loach, he can often escape from himself with a stroke of three twists and two songs, which is extremely strange and unusual, which makes him feel great novelty.
Lu played a few tricks, but he was also shocked and somehow knew that if he tried his best to display his flying skills, maybe that one would be unable to resist being brushed by him.
Immediately, he inclined to the left for three steps, then slowly retreated vertically and horizontally to shake out more than a dozen figures. His fingers were scoffed at before, and Zhu Bajiacuo fought with one sleeve in one place.
Qi Yufeng turned around and the sword swung and flew out. This sword is elegant and graceful. If there is a sword, it is raining and changing like the wind. It is his unique skill to understand from the "broken arrow"
Zhu Bajiacuo glanced at his mouth and shouted, "Good swordsmanship!" Playing the right hand bone flute, a gust of wind lashed into a bone wall to block one enemy and two without fear.
Lu scattered light and looked askance and watched intently. At this time, Zhu Bajiacuo resisted Qi Yufeng’s coup. There was a slight gap in his figure. He immediately raised his hand and stabbed Zhu Bajiacuo’s left wrist with a finger like an arrow. His great momentum was magnificent, and his previous changes came and went. Subtle and small kung fu was very different.