The fox offensive is all empty, and the tiger is the real threat!

This is the tiger! It is also the intention of "Smith"!
Seeing the steel nail will penetrate into the brain, it seems that Liu Chuxuan root can’t hide!
But Liu Chuxuan didn’t hide. He just stretched out his left middle finger and gently flicked it!
"Sniff!" This nail flew out obliquely at once and was inserted in a stake in the corner of the high platform!
It turns out that Liu Chuxuan has been observing Liang Weng’s subtle movements since he got Ling Feiyang’s wake-up. When he noticed Liang Weng’s body flying obliquely, his robe sleeve shook and he expected that he had already grasped a hidden weapons in his hand.
Once hidden weapons’s launch timing was seen through, hidden weapons became a weapon station. Liu Chuxuan easily solved this fatal blow by popping a finger!
Liang Weng this recruit plot against Liu Chuxuan has already grabbed the advantage of the sword momentum like a rainbow to attack Liang Weng. Liang Wengye Fox Boxing is a surprise, while Liu Chuxuan’s real swordsmanship is full of stamina. When a long Liang Weng is struggling, it is increasingly difficult to resist being pushed to the corner of the high platform. Seeing that Liang Weng’s defeat is set, Liu Chuxuan stepped forward and suddenly felt his feet fall!
It turns out that in a tournament, the sand-borne iron oars repeatedly hit the high platform table, and the bamboo ropes tied to the table have loosened several bamboos. Although they have not fallen off, they are already very loose. At this time, Liu Chuxuan happened to step on the loose ropes and immediately broke the high platform to reveal a big crack. Liu Chuxuan cried and became unstable. Several bamboos fell from this crack together!
See figure is about to fall to the ground Liu Chuxuan is quick response suddenly grabbed a piece of bamboo on the ground a brace and full play!
"whoosh!" Another afternoon nail came, and Liu Chuxuan quickly threw her head back and wiped the tip of her nose with a steel nail, but her body was out of balance and fell again! This bamboo gradually bends and brings Liu Chuxuan to the ground. Just before landing, Liu Chuxuan tiptoes on the bamboo pole, and its elastic shape flies out like a projectile and shoots at a stake supporting the high platform!
Liang Weng saw Liu Chuxuan’s left arm holding the stake tightly through the crack formed by the high platform depression, but his figure still didn’t fall to the ground, so he jumped from this crack and even swung his paws at Liu Chuxuan!
Liu Chuxuan held the stake in his left hand and stabbed Liang Weng’s chest with a sword in his right hand. It was just a trick of "oblique wind and drizzle". Liang Weng leaned over and dodged the sword and stuck his paws on his chest. His legs flew backwards at the edge of the sword and his legs were wrapped around another stake opposite Liu Chuxuan!
"Swish swish-!" More than a dozen noon nails flew out of Liang Weng’s cuffs!
"Dangdang Dangdang-!" Liu Chuxuan’s right hand sword even waved all hidden weapons to fly out!
Liang Weng hidden weapons has almost finished shooting, but he still hasn’t hurt the enemy!
Liu Chuxuan’s arm took the stake and Liang Weng’s legs took the stake. Both of them looked at each other, but they didn’t attack first!
Because it is very clear to both of them that if they don’t fall to the ground first, now both of them can rely on the stake, which is at the bottom of the platform, that is, the ground. The first attacker must fly away from the stake first, and once the offensive is not successful, it is likely to fall to the ground and lose.
A gust of mountain wind blew through the cracks in the high platform, and the creaking of bamboo seemed to be crumbling.
Suddenly a bamboo slipped out of the loose rope buckle and fell to the ground from the middle of the two people!
Liang Weng’s right hand suddenly leaned out and caught one end of this bamboo and aimed the other end at Liu Chuxuan!
This bamboo is like a pike stabbing Liu Chuxuan in the chest and stabbing Liu Chuxuan with a trick "Raining at night". The long sword is repeatedly waved to cut off the bamboo one by one for a moment, and the bamboo is left with half!
At the same time, Liang Weng threw his hand and half bamboo capacity, kicked his feet and toes, pounded his wooden stake, and threw a punch at Liu Chuxuan’s head!
Fifty moves in Liaodong Wild Fox Boxing may not have a real move, but Liang Weng’s fist is actually a real move at the moment!
This half bamboo stabbed Liu Chuxuan’s chest through the sword net with a strong breeze. Liu Chuxuan had to flash to the side. The sharp tip of this half bamboo was actually inserted into the stake! But Liang Weng’s punch has also hit Liu Chuxuan, and the sword can’t come back. In the future, he will hold the column and loosen the capacity with his left hand to push it!
"bang!" Two people fist palm intersection Liang Weng borrows money to fly away and Liu Chuxuan to fall!
Liang Weng’s body flew to the highest point just before he slowly fell down and thought that Liu Chuxuan should have landed by now, so he looked around only to find that Liu Chuxuan’s body was in a horizontal posture, his right foot was standing on the stake, and his left hand was holding the half bamboo on the ground! It turned out that Liu Chuxuan quickly pulled out the half-cut bamboo from the stake and inserted it on the ground together with his right foot to support his body!
But Liang Weng didn’t lose either!
At the last moment before landing, Liang Weng’s robe sleeve waved "sou" one by one, and a nail flew out and nailed it to the broken bamboo!
This is Liang Weng’s last hidden weapons, but it saved the day for him!
Half-cut bamboo breaks again and Liu Chuxuan finally falls to the ground! And Liang Weng’s figure also landed at the same time! The fourth tournament drew.
Chapter 46 Ling Feiyang VS Ouyang Ke
Four games, one win, one loss and two draws.
The key game of the fifth game will decide the final outcome of the contest.
Xu Jin Guo has one Ouyang Ke left. According to the previous discussion, the true religion should be played by Hao Datong.
However, Ma Yu knows very well in his heart that Hao Datong’s martial arts are far from his four senior brothers. If Ouyang Ke’s martial arts are similar to the four Xu Jin Guo masters who appeared in front, Hao Datong will never be his opponent.
Besides, although Ouyang Ke is very young, it seems to be hidden, which seems to be more elusive than the previous four people!
"Hao teacher younger brother …" Ma Yu was about to tell him a few words of ling Feiyang suddenly came up!
"Guys, I’ll fight this last battle!" Lingfeiyang avenue
This is a true six are amazing eyes looking at the ling float in the sky.
"Fly in the sky this Ouyang Ke looks very simple and you can’t handle it …" Wang Chuyi said earnestly.
"Uncle Wu, although I am not fully sure to win him, I am less sure than Uncle Hao!" Now an emergency ling float in the sky also said bluntly without modesty.
"What do you mean?" Liu Chuxuan asked.
"There are three reasons," said Ling Feiyang. "First, I may be better at martial arts than Uncle Hao now!"
"Flying, it’s not true that you said this, Martial Uncle. Even if your martial arts are slightly better than Martial Uncle’s experience in facing the enemy, you certainly don’t believe me!" Hao Datong Road
"It’s not necessarily …" Ling Feiyang said, "Although I haven’t been able to make any tricks in the Jianghu this year, my experience has improved a lot. Ouyang Ke is talented and has seen all kinds of martial arts in the first four games. I think the martial arts of herself in the Heart Sutra may be able to get miraculous results against him. This is the second thing I want to say."
"Feiyang said that there is some truth. What about the third?" Tan Chuduan asked.
"I once played this Ouyang Ke in Chang ‘an. At that time, we didn’t win, but he bit me with a snake." Ling Feiyang said, "The first four people are more familiar with this Ouyang Ke martial arts routine than I am. This is the third."
In the first four arrays, Ling Feiyang discovered the enemy’s martial arts routines and unique skills before each burst, which has already made Zhen Liu stunned by Ling Feiyang. Now everyone has no doubt about him.