"Garchomp Dragon Anger and say hello to each other." Longye was a little excited and said that the time was not long. The elf fought with a powerful Taoist trainer like Xiaka, which made Longye feel like he had just traveled.

A dragon’s anger quickly sprayed on the dragon with two axes. As soon as Garchomp appeared, he felt the threat from the dragon with two axes, and he was also excited to fight against other dragon elves.
"Two axes fight against the dragon" enters the state of battle. Xia Ka is completely different from the former director sitting in the office. The oppression of momentum alone is enough to make the psychological quality but the challenger feel scared.
As Shaka furiously drank two axes and fought the dragon’s huge teeth, he quickly waved his teeth and blocked the dragon’s anger attack.
After Garchomp’s dragon’s anger, he didn’t leave any trace on his sharp teeth, which easily cut steel.
It’s not surprising to see the dragon’s anger being easily blocked by Longye. Whether it’s Garchomp or the double axe fighting dragon is a physical attack, it’s too difficult for the elves of all sizes to win or lose without close combat.
"Garchomp made a dragon claw!"
Garchomp, Longye, took the lead in the action, and his powerful legs slammed on the ground. Garchomp rushed to the front of the dragon with two axes like an arrow left.
Garchomp’s right arm conjured up a huge dragon claw and grabbed it. The teeth of the two axes and dragons turned red like red iron, and then the head slammed the teeth and the dragon claw collided together.
Crisp gold and iron intersect and think of the rapid stalemate between the two sides in situ.
Seeing that the double axe fighting dragon failed to suppress Garchomp Xiaka, he immediately made a variant "the dragon’s tail beat it off"
"Garchomp, we also use the dragon tail!"
Two powerful dragon tails slammed together, and after one blow, the two sides kept beating each other as if they were dying.
"Double chop!"
Garchomp forcibly restrained the inertia of his body and chopped his arm at his opponent’s head. The two axes and the dragon crossed their arms and stopped the blow.
The double split hit the dragon body with two axes and caused a spark. It looks no different from hitting the steel plate.
"Rock shattered!" Xiaka launched a counterattack.
The double axe fighting dragon first shook the left tooth of the head and swung Garchomp’s right arm, and then the right tooth bumped forward and knocked Garchomp back about two meters.
"Not the kui is a dragon field, you elf. You can block such a coherent attack with double axes and dragons." Xia Ka appreciated that because of the position, he knew better than Long Ye. Garchomp moved just now, and when the double axes and dragons’ teeth were about to hit his body, Garchomp raised his left arm and made a defensive block to make a fatal raid.
"Thank you for your compliment, but the battle is not over yet." Longye glanced at Xiaka. "Garchomp made the dragon god dive!"
The murderous look of terror locked the double axe fighting dragon for a second, and Garchomp rose like a flying dragon god and crashed into the double axe fighting dragon.
In the face of the tough dragon god diving, Xiaka is also awe-inspiring and fearless. He is full of fighting spirit and shouted "Double Axes and Dragons Use Super Impact"
A meteor rushed to Garchomp with two axes and dragons, and two elves collided in the middle of the field, which was like two locomotives colliding together.
Seeing this amazing collision scene, both Xiaka and Longye were nervous. They stared at the venue and hoped that their elf would be the one.
When the dust settled, everyone was finally able to see the situation clearly. The double axe dragon and Garchomp bumped their heads together, and neither elf fell down.
Garchomp fell to the ground sideways, followed by a double axe and a dragon, which also failed to support forward and threw herself on Garchomp.
"Garchomp and the Double Axe Dragon lost their fighting ability at the same time," the referee said quickly.
"Thank you, Garchomp!" Although he didn’t win, Longye was very satisfied with the result.
"Come back, fight the dragon with two axes." Xiaka took back the inverted elf. "Longye, you have cultivated Garchomp very well. I am looking forward to the confrontation more and more. The red-faced dragon has been waiting for a long time!"
Blue-green body with a red head and red spikes appeared in the field.
Longye once met a flashing red-faced dragon on his way to Hezhong. At that time, he thought the flashing red-faced dragon was too ugly, but he didn’t accept the idea, so he beat it back.
Now, seeing that Xiaka sent the second elf, Red-faced Dragon Wild, he immediately became interested. He wanted to know what strength the Red-faced Dragon with the title of Dragon Shame would play in Xiaka.
Ps first Geng
Chapter 572 Suppression
"Look at you, steel cannon shrimp!" Longye sent his second elf, "steel cannon shrimp freezes the light!"
Although the overall racial value of the red-faced dragon is low, it is still very strong in terms of attack power, and it is likely to suffer in the war. Longye thought of freezing the light to test the strength of the red-faced dragon.
Although the red-faced dragon has wings, it can’t fly anywhere. It is impossible for it to escape from the sudden freezing light. Of course, Xiaka didn’t want the red-faced dragon to escape.
Like Ju Boss, Xia Ka is also used to crushing opponents head-on with great strength.
"Red-faced dragon glossy gun!"
A beam of light came out of the mouth of the red-faced dragon and shot into the freezing light. The two unique skills collided together and there was no explosion, but a stalemate.
With the force of the steel cannon arm shrimp, the collision position of the two skills is approaching the red-faced dragon. However, although the frozen light has strongly impacted the position less than half a meter in front of the red-faced dragon, it has not been able to completely defeat the shiny cannon and hit the red-faced dragon.