Two people glances quietly left Dan drugstore.

The situation of Yu Kun ‘an forest in the city has been raging. Yun Mingyuan and Han Xiumo are walking on the road. They are surprised to hear Yu Kun ‘an forest talking about Han Xiumo. "What is this?"
"It should not be a secret land," Yunmingyuan guessed.
"Ask someone."
Two people met a team on the side of the road. Many of them were injured. They helped a comatose monk to the direction of Dan’s drugstore. Han Xiumo thought about it and walked over. They talked and heard the situation of Kun ‘an forest from their mouths.
"A monster beast in the foundation period?" He frowned. There shouldn’t be such a thing?
However, if you think about it carefully, others don’t know anything about Pingyuncheng. Most of them just listen to it as a joke. I know that in this time, the four families didn’t get any benefits when they were cut off by foreign monks, but more memories were gone.
Now think about the thing that was cut off in the secret land … It’s not his cheap master, is it?
Yeah, it seems that Brother Pingyuncheng is really unlucky, so he didn’t get the things in the secret realm, even in this generation.
But there should be no such thing as the monster beast in the construction period … generation.
"Have we ever met a powerful monster in the secret world?" Yunmingyuan suddenly said
Han Xiumo was stunned. "You mean?"
Where they were born, they met the cloud-wearing beast, and when they barbecued, they met the powerful monster.
"No way?" Han xiumo murmured
I haven’t heard of the saying that the monster beast in the secret land can come out of it before.
But if you think about it carefully, it happened that the place where the monster beast appeared was Kun’ an Forest, which made people have to care.
"When we go back, let’s hide the cloud-piercing beast for a while." They were stared at by the powerful creature because of the smell of the cloud-piercing beast.
Yun Mingyuan didn’t object, except to study with him. Most things at home are Han Xiumo’s decision, and he also listens to Han Xiumo most of the time.
After all, outsiders may not be able to give their opinions.
"Have you heard? There is a secret treasure outside Kun’ an forest. During the foundation period, the ancestors all went to Kun’ an forest! "
"Secret treasure?"
"Yes, the predecessors in the foundation period arrived at Kun ‘an Forest at the first time, which is the secret treasure!"
The news that the two gods are very powerful and the secret treasure was born naturally came to their ears, and Yun Mingyuan and Han Xiumo were quite shocked.
If their guess is correct, it’s really the former secret realm that appears in Kun ‘an forest … Then they should be regarded as the biggest treasure in the secret realm.
Thought of here, they suddenly felt a chill.
Chapter 7 Mixer Materials
Every time Lv Yunting makes a fool of himself, he will be seen by his own father. He is used to it, and he is not surprised that his father shows up unnoticed.
My father spoke and my mother stopped, still worried.
Lv Zhijie looked at his son and confirmed that he had no problem. He asked directly, "What’s the situation over there in Kun ‘an Forest?"
Brother Lu Jia didn’t build the foundation period, but he was skeptical about the news of the birth of the secret treasure outside. This intact sample made him doubt whether the story of the birth of the secret treasure was true.
"A monster beast suddenly appeared in the forest during the construction period. In Kun ‘an forest, the monster beasts fled like crazy, and several monks were injured on the road." Lv Yunting knew that he would take out Dan medicine and could not get away with it. He could honestly tell his own experience again. "A new Dan pharmacy has been opened in the city, in which reborn Dan can treat trauma."
Lv Zhijie Wu Hongying knew at a glance that the son must have been injured and cured before he came back. They didn’t say much, but they nodded faintly.
Lv Yunting didn’t hear the familiar reprimand, and she was still puzzled. She quietly looked up at her parents and found that they didn’t seem to be angry.
Lv Zhijie looked at his son this stupid sample some spirit not dozen 1 come out.
The child is good at dealing with others and doesn’t know what it’s like at home.
"Since there is such Dan medicine, buy more for this. Redjade can still afford it at home." Lv Zhijie said directly.
Lv Yunting took out Dan medicine in her arms and sent it to her mother. "Mom, this is the Dan drugstore. When the appearance of Yan Dan and Yan Dan can be restored to the peak, Yan Dan is able to stay in Yan for 20 years."
Lv Zhijie Zheng looked at the temples and had a white-haired wife with a sore heart.
He is now refining gas, and he can feel the opportunity of the foundation period within a short distance. This is also the reason why the Lv family can have a big family business in the city. He is taller than his wife and looks younger than her. In recent years, he has a vague feeling that his wife seems to be alienating himself without moving, but he doesn’t know why.
Wu Hongying didn’t think that she would suddenly give herself a gift or such a pill at home.
Over the years, she has really become less and less confident in herself. She is not good at repairing, and she has worked hard to practice. She is also stuck in this position, and she is getting old and worried about her old age more than once …
I didn’t expect my worry to be seen by my son.
The corners of her eyes were slightly moist.
Lv Yunting knew that this gift was right when she saw her parents’ expressions. She immediately put Dan medicine in her mother’s hand with a smile. "The effect of Dan medicine in Niang’s shop is very good. Are you going soon?"
Wu Hongying didn’t refuse to open the medicine bottle directly. According to the son’s statement, she went to Yan Dan first and suddenly felt her physical changes.
The feeling of exhaustion caused by old age gradually disappeared, and she was stagnant for a long time. The spiritual force seemed to move weakly and fell into a calm, and the feeling was loose.
She didn’t feel Lu’s father and mother, but she saw in her eyes that the fine lines on her face disappeared rapidly, and her white hair turned black in the blink of an eye. The whole person looked much better. She opened her eyes and blinked at her father and mother.
Lv Zhijie felt his heart beating heavily.
Lv Yunting has already gathered in front of Wu Hongying. "God, this is not my mother. We go out together and are regarded as sisters!"
Wu Hongying was coaxed to be elated and greeted a Lv Yunting’s hair, "You are sweet."
Her eyes are full of smiles. Lv Yunting thinks that mother must be the most beautiful mother in the world.
After watching Lu Zhijie kick his son away, "What’s the matter with finding a daughter-in-law to occupy my daughter-in-law every day?"
Lv Yunting "…" He muttered, "I’d like to have a daughter-in-law, but my cousin doesn’t like me."
He is also very wronged!
Lv Yunting originally had an engagement with Chu Chuling, but that girl is an idea. She likes to practice knives and guns with all her heart, and her strength is stronger than Lv Yunting’s. Every time Lv Yunting wants to set up a nearly neglected one, she will occasionally be dragged by Chuling to learn from each other-oh, he was beaten unilaterally.
Lv Zhijie sneered at his worthless sample. "When you were your age, you had a daughter-in-law. It’s really embarrassing for us to be rejected by people."
Lv Yunting was hit hard.
Wu Hongying smiled and twisted her husband’s arm gently to comfort her son. "Son, are there any more in Yan Dan?" She made a move without blinking. "It may be a good choice to coax her daughter-in-law."
Lv Yunting blushed a little. "Mom, you’re right. I’m going to find Linger!"
Lv Zhijie Wu Hongying watched the son run out and smiled.
Chapter 71 Being followed
Yunmingyuan and Han Xiumo were surprised.
This man is better than them!