Go to the grocery store in Yuhui City. Hey, it’s three times cheaper than in Yuecheng City. I bought a green account, a small gold and a silver lamp … as I swept the goods, I went to shop with red gauze, white skirt, black boots and green clothes …

It is enough for Liuguang to live lavishly and worry about money at ordinary times. Moreover, all transactions with np and shops are also agreed to be a one-time deal without bargaining. She didn’t pay attention to it for a while, and showed her her her money when it was Mo Ling’s turn to get married! End! Yes!
"Holy shit …" When I heard that I had no money, the streamer almost went crazy. Did she lose tens of thousands of dollars? Backpacking confirmed that it was a pleasure to give her money. Just rest assured that the 25 gold was not enough to buy the bride’s wedding. Not only that, but she didn’t buy any other things on the list. What should I do if these things can be returned?
Will she come again to find a cheap shop?
I wonder how much money you have left now.
1 Jin, are you out of money?
Is the unknown behind her? What’s so clear? The streamer nervously turned his head to scout around for suspicious people, but found nothing.
I have to keep some of my money here and exchange it for a copper bride price. How much do you have left now?
She looked at the amount of money left in her backpack and cried. "What if I don’t get 3 gold? I can’t even afford a np wedding. Now I have bought a few samples and I haven’t bought more than half of the materials." She reported what she had bought.
Don’t panic, talk to the assembler or the tailor in the store to see if you can activate Qingsong Chengzhuang Store, which is the same price and so much money. There should be other ways.
Streaming light gives an unknown method. First, talk to the proprietress of the store and get a dirty look. A proprietress looks at her and several np tailors in her shop are influenced by the proprietress and ignore her.
"np should have np-like ordinary np. What does it need to be so intelligent?" She gritted her teeth and lifted the curtain and went to the backyard.
The backyard is a place to learn life skills, and several tailors np Liuguang talk to them one by one. They come and go asking her if she wants to learn life skills. She wants to find someone to buy or get married. Isn’t it good enough to wait for her to practice for two hours by herself?
Are you going to get married?
Kung fu is not afraid of people!
The streamer spirit shook J and nodded like a peck at rice. She heard a weak voice and the color displayed on the channel text represented the speaker np instead of the player. She searched and finally found an old and weak tailor in a dark place with insufficient light.
Give me 1 tael of gold and a colored satin, and I can get a female wedding in two quarters. If it’s no problem, please give me 5 taels of deposit.
Colored satin …
Liuguang mused that she remembered that the colored satin seemed to have fallen off at the level of 515, and that’s the hero Cangling Village.
There are colored satin in her warehouse!
Give the materials to Xiuniang Liuguang, find a way to save money, and rush to a family without forgetting to communicate with the unknown.
I’ll give you a compliment when the marriage is done. I’ll continue to prepare others. According to this calculation, nanmu boxes can all be made by np.
Well, this is the test for us to search for materials. Your gift list involves the geese, and I will take care of it together. I am now catching horses here in the strong breeze grassland.
You just wait for the cheese, oil and salt. I’ll keep in touch at any time.
After redistributing the two people, the efficiency is high, and it is still a little troublesome to get them all dressed in streamers, that is, those sauces, onions, ginger, five colors, satin, brocade, rice flour, grain, oil, snacks and fruits.
It was a relief to receive the wedding streamer on time.
Let’s take a look at the bride price part. She’s also ready. There’s still an hour or so to go. There should be … Is that okay?
I wonder how you are getting ready there now.
The geese have caught the horse, so it’s hard to wait for a long time, and there’s no sign of it.
Listening to the unknown words, Liu Guang can’t help biting her nails. She is a passer-by. How hard is it to catch her? She knows, "Why don’t I go back to the fighters and see if I can buy one?"
"streamer, did you ride an iron horse?" Unknown question
"… no"
What he means is that even the players of the martial arts are so big that horses should not be bought or sold, and even if they want to ride horses, they have to catch them themselves. They also want to help np buy two Tianfang Ma Nights.
The sky is blue as if it had just been washed. Look at the wind and grass, and see cattle, sheep, blue sky and white clouds floating in the green space. The goats are running.
Be exceptionally broad-minded
Unknown. It’s good to find the streamer. He was squatting when he found the unknown.
"Why are you here? Have you bought everything?" I am surprised to see that the streamer is unknown. He buys good things and does his own thing, shopping or playing other things.
I won’t squat here with myself.
"Don’t worry, our progress depends on you." The streamer patted the unknown shoulder with a heavy heart
Unknown one leng immediately laugh.
As soon as the bride price comes, two fine horses are sold in the main city, but the price is beyond their affordability.
Save money * * Tell them that just like eating, it is the most economical to buy food or do it yourself. Similarly, it is the most economical to catch horses by yourself!
Don’t spend any.
Unknown, unknown, look!
Looking at the distance from the streamer finger, the birds were startled, and a piece of green grassland was filled with smoke and dust.
The ground trembled and there were thousands of troops.
Wild horses!
I’ll see who caught it first.