However, in that hell, efreet Si ‘er turned his sun’s power to the extreme, shaking several Shaolin monks who besieged him around him and immediately shouting, "Dare you rebel? Have you taken the holy Lu everywhere?"

At this moment, the exterminator suddenly appeared at the entrance hole with his sword leaning against Yuan Shundi’s neck and said, "Make a way or I’ll kill him now."
Seeing this, the hell efreet Sill did not hesitate to drink: "Assistant!" Later, he said to extinction: "If there is any mistake in the Holy Wanjin body, there will be someone in your place, and no one in your sect will live."
At this time, the remaining people of the five schools are slowly passing through the palace guards who are scattered into two rows from the hand-held lance under the leadership of the extinct teacher.
At this time, the bell and drum tower is not too far away from the imperial city gate, but the soldiers around it have surrounded a narrow road and added hell. efreet Searle and the mysterious parents peeped so that the extinction teacher and others dared not walk too fast. Therefore, when the five factions came to the gate, it was already a full column of incense and more effort.
Just as the five factions were holding Yuan Shundi hostage and leaving the city, the towers suddenly flew out of the sky. These copper coins were mixed with strong gas and shot at the masters such as the mysterious parents.
At this time, I don’t know how Zhao Min suddenly felt an ominous premonition in his heart. When the people were involuntarily stunned by the copper coins all over the sky, a Shaolin brother somehow suddenly rushed to extinction and hit it with a palm.
At this time of extinction, I never imagined that Shaolin brother would suddenly attack Yuan Shundi at this time, but he didn’t react and watched Yuan Shundi being beaten until he vomited blood and flew out.
And that hell, efreet Sill, saw this and drank a lot: "How dare you!" You have to rush over at all costs.
Just then, a Kunlun brother suddenly shot a sword, and then an Emei brother also shot a sword. At this time, Yuan Shundi was beaten drowsily by the Shaolin brother, and he didn’t escape the idea.
See the two long swords filigree obstacles run through Yuan Shundi’s chest, and at this time it’s already crazy. efreet Searle’s hands are flying wildly. One by one, the five major factions are swept by his amazing strength, and then all the filigree resistance flies out.
It doesn’t take a moment for that hell efreet Si Er to instantly take back Yuan Shundi’s body that is about to die.
However, at this time, the extermination teacher suddenly felt an uncontrollable murder coming in her heart, and then a subtle murder in her abdomen poured out at the same time. At this time, the extermination teacher was caught off guard and her mind was filled with murder and a sharp sword against the sword was blasted towards Yuan Shundi.
At this time, the hell, efreet Sill, was just about to use his posture to avoid it, but suddenly his mind seemed to be plunged into a general absence of kung fu, and the firm but gentle sword leaning on the heavenly sword roared away
At this time, the fighters can make him put Yuan Shundi himself aside at the key moment.
Then, watching the five factions quickly evacuate and everyone became two halves, Yuan Shundi’s hell, efreet Searle roared: "I will kill you one by one if you people run to the ends of the earth!" to be continued
Chapter four hundred and one All scheming will come true
At this time, the death of Yuan Shundi in the imperial palace of the Yuan Dynasty instantly turned into a chaotic battle.
Just as the five schools were getting tired, I didn’t know when it was chaotic, and suddenly there was a messy piano sound.
At this time, many ordinary soldiers of the five major factions were besieged on the scene. When they contacted this strange sound, they cried and felt a thrill from the bone marrow. Then the whole person cried and fell to the ground.
And Fiona Fang Sanli can be supported by one person except powerful people.
Just in the instant when the five schools felt the pressure was greatly reduced, a burst of powder suddenly fell like drizzle in the burst of whistling blasting.
When the Yuan Dynasty masters saw this, they kept their breath in order to prevent poison from being mixed with it, while the five factions were desperate to take the opportunity to run at this time.
And as the five factions involuntarily inhaled the falling powder in the sky, the speed was a little faster unconsciously.
At this time, the people didn’t react. It turned out that the powder was ten fragrant soft tendons powder antidote.
At this time, the hell, efreet Sill and the mysterious parents led the master Fang to get rid of Zhang Ping’s flowery words and spend money to continue to pursue the five factions. However, at this time, a strange carriage appeared outside the tower.
At this time, the mysterious parents first returned to Zhao Min and King Ruyang to protect them, and then Zhao Min asked, "Who on earth is the pavilion that keeps waiting for us?"
At this time, efreet, the hell, did not give his hands a roaring, so he cried Qiqi and called Zhang Ping’s carriage. At this time, Zhao Min and others also wanted to take a look at Zhang Ping’s actual situation and did not speak to stop it
However, the infernal efreet Searle’s fire clutches were not close to Zhangping’s carriage, and suddenly a wave of strength flew out of the carriage to detain Searle.
It was only after Sill flew over a dozen masters and spat out a big mouthful of blood that Zhang Pingyin came out of the carriage: "It doesn’t matter who I am. What matters is that if you keep moving forward, you will have a dead end!"
At this time, the silk finally slowed down and stayed until it came to Zhao Min and others, but it was staring at Zhang Ping’s carriage and did not dare to continue to move.
At this time, Zhao Min suddenly made a few gestures at the bitter Buddhist monk and saw that the bitter Buddhist monk cried and pulled up the big, big, two, three and three people, and then quickly left with some masters.
At this time, Zhao Min shouted: "I know that what you are doing today is shielding Qin from committing the whole Dayuan Dynasty, and waiting for the pavilion will be marginal pursuit."
At this time, Zhang Ping’s carriage was punctuated by bursts of sounds from small to large, but then there was no answer. Because of Zhang Pingbai, the five major factions in the Yuan Dynasty were already immortal because of Yuan Shundi’s death.
These five sects do not look terrible, but they have been operating affiliated sects and registered brothers in various places for many years. Killing the emperor is a big crime against the nine families. Once they are involved in the five sects, these affiliated sects and registered brothers will be lucky.
In this world of rivers and lakes, the imperial court can control the buildings on the Jiangshan floor, while those buildings on all floors are controlled by the major sects respectively.