Poisonous claws give powerful physical damage to the enemy and make it poisoned.

Although this monster is a little scary, it is a pediatrician for Chu Yun!
Phantom ayane!
A little elite blamed Chu Yun for solving it without blowing off dust, and a push of equipment broke out at the moment when the poisonous corpse died, not to mention a lot of things
Lin Weiwei sparkled at the sight of her eyes, and she was no longer afraid. She ran to pick up the things and gave them to the other two women.
The two women have got good equipment, and that heart is a very good asset for them.
Just when the three girls were happy to chat, there was another shock and a poisonous corpse was drilled from the ground, not five.
Five poisonous corpses surrounded three people in a row, and three women were scared. If you look good, the monster will not be afraid, but this poisonous corpse … is not too disgusting?
For these five poisonous corpses, Chu Yun showed an attack as soon as his eyes were closed and a sigh was made.
Attacking five poisonous corpses in Jueqiang is too dead to die.
One or five poisonous corpses can explode a lot more things than the previous poisonous corpse.
Lin Weiwei was excited to catch Chu Yun jumping and jumping, and even the girl was not reserved at all.
The five elite monsters didn’t explode silver equipment, but there were many broken things, even several gems.
There were monsters here in the original Chu Yun, but when four people went to Shimen, they didn’t see monsters coming out of the ground before they knew there should be no monsters here.
Lashimen four people entered another environment, where there were no weeds and the land was as hard as a rock. It was frightening that there were five dilapidated coffins in front.
Although the environment has changed, the atmosphere has not changed, but it is even more grim than before.
Surprisingly, there is a stone gate behind the coffin, which means there is still one face after passing here
"Monsters here don’t hide in coffins, do they?" Lin Weiwei pointed to the coffin and said with fear.
"I think so." Faced with such a place, Chu Yun is a little nervous.
"You have to protect us …" Said Lin Weiwei, pulling two other women behind Chu Yun and using him as a shield.
Chu Yun didn’t say anything. Since I chose to take you, I naturally have to protect you. This is a man who should be a gentleman.
Click, click, click, click, click …
At this time, five coffins moved together, like rotten wood breaking, and the illusion around them was terrible.
Five coffins vibrate violently and the top coffin lid is being pushed bit by bit. Although Chu Yun is nervous, he is not afraid of the monsters inside, but he is worried that the monsters are too ugly to scare himself.
Quack, quack, quack …
Chu Yun’s ears move. He’s too familiar with this sound. This is a death cemetery skeleton twist
Is there a skeleton in the coffin?
Suddenly a skeleton hand grabbed the coffin lid and slowly got up.
"It was a skeleton …" I was not afraid of what Chu Yun had seen for the skeleton.
When the five skeletons climbed up from the coffin, Chu Yuncai looked up. The five skeletons were dressed in tattered gray clothes as if they had been baptized for a long time but had not been corroded.
These five skeletons are quite individual, and each hand holds a different weapon, namely the sword, axe, Zhan Ji spear and pike.
Curious Chu Yun opened his mouth when he saw it.
Jin Jian Level 2 Gold boss Life 15 Introduction Wang’s Most Loyal Five Warriors were superb in swordsmanship before their lives, even if they died, they should guard the king’s side.
Skill, heavy chop, horizontal chop, three-stage chop, broken chop.
Heavy chop deals powerful physical damage to the enemy and has a high chance of dizziness.
Cross-cutting attacks all enemies around to give powerful physical damage.
Attacking the enemy three times in a row in three sections will cause terror and continuous damage.
Break cut release a terrorist firm but gentle attack in front of the enemy.
Golden axe level 2 gold boss life 15 introduction Wang’s most loyal five soldiers’ strength can shake caves before their lives, and even if they die now, they can still crack rocks.
Skills, high winds, chopping, chopping, whirlwind chopping.
Blast chop this recruit attack speed is extremely fast and give powerful physical damage.
Break and chop a rock, crack and hit the enemy, then stun and cause terrorist damage.
Cyclone Chopper holds a tomahawk, which will give the enemy multiple segments of terrorist damage when it hits the target, so that it has a certain chance to make nature go into a dizzy state.
Golden halberd level 2 gold boss life 15 introduction Wang’s most loyal five warriors, a halberd with superb skills, had great strength before his death.
The mountain of skill breaks ten thousand people.