The man listened to the real Qingyang, thought about it, and said to the other Kunlun land masters on the side, "You watch first, and I’ll go in and report." Said the figure together, fly to the kunlun pie.

Because the Kunlun Sect is preparing for the declaration of war on Shushan these days, important figures of the Kunlun Sect, such as Zhang Zhongxuan, will discuss things in the main hall of the Kunlun Sect most of the day, so around the main hall, there are several masters of the Du Jie period of the Kunlun Sect waiting there. Those masters rushed over here when they saw people guarding the top of the Kunlun Sect. Out of business, one person blocked the man and said, "The head and elders and directors are discussing things inside without permission.
The man who came to arraign said with a worried face, "Go and tell the head of the household that the former Yangzi Qing has come."
The man who blocked the arraignment was a late show of the Kunlun Sect, and he didn’t know that the Kunlun Sect was once the same generation as the head of the soaring land. He wondered, "Yangzi Qing? Who is Yangzi Qing? "
The arranger explained: "In terms of seniority, Yangzi Qing should be the master’s uncle."
"Oh." Although the man who was in the way still had doubts in his heart, he didn’t stop the man who was arraigned, and he didn’t have any action. He has already disappeared in front of the arranger.
Without any hesitation, the arranger saw the other party’s release and flew to the main hall together.
When he came to the main hall, the messenger reported directly, "Huang Kaitai, a disciple guarding the mountain, has something to report."
Zhang Zhongxuan, who was discussing the deployment with everyone in the hall, heard Huang Kaitai’s voice, stood up and said, "Come in."
Huang Kaitai pushed through the door. After saluting everyone, he said, "Tell the head. There is a Taoist who claims to be Yangzi Qing. "
Yangzi Qing?’ Zhang Chongxuan suspected that he didn’t understand who Yangzi Qing was.
Qin Kangyuan, who stood by, said, "Master, Yangzi Qing once lived in my Kunlun for several years, and he was very intimate with the previous master. To be exact, he should be considered as half a Kunlun man, regardless of seniority. You should call him uncle. "
Zhang Zhongxuan gave a sigh, but he didn’t care much about Yangzi Qing, who should be called uncle. However, due to etiquette, he still went out to meet him. He said, "Since Yangzi Qing is my uncle, let’s meet him."
Seeing Zhang Chongxuan’s careless look, Huo Mingwei knew that Zhang Chongxuan didn’t take Yangzi Qing seriously, so he couldn’t help but wake up and said, "Boss. Don’t underestimate this Yangzi Qing. Yangzi Qing is a traveler. He didn’t mean to come near our Kunlun Sect and was injured by a demon who came out of the demon space. At that time, your master passed by and saved him. Behind him, he stayed in Kunlun, met with your teacher’s peers, and got your granduncle’s appreciation, guidance, and entered the world quickly, which made us far behind. Before your teacher soared, he had already soared decades ago. Listen to your teacher, he didn’t soar to the fairy. But directly alias Qingyang real person. It has always been hidden overseas. "
"Really?" Error-free novel network does not skip words. Hear HuoMingWei, Zhang Zhongxuan face a Deloitte was alarmed. He suddenly remembered Peng Kaiwang. When Peng Kaiwang was alive at that time, he knew that Peng Kaiwang was playing a game of hidden chess, but he didn’t care too much at that time. For him, Peng Kaiwang’s existence made his life in Kunlun School much more interesting. But now Lenovo, Yangzi Qing who returned from overseas, Zhang Zhongxuan can be sure that Peng Kaiwang’s hidden chess is Yangzi Qing, and according to Huo Mingwei, Yangzi Qing’s strength will be terrible.
See Zhang Chongxuan in meditation, and they didn’t bother him. Now the Kunlun Sect is disciplined, and it can already be in line with the army. Even as Zhang Chongxuan’s martial uncle Qin Kangyuan and Huo Mingwei, in front of Zhang Chongxuan, they also pretend to be men. First, Zhang Chongxuan does have the ability. Second, in front of Zhang Chongxuan’s beauty, they have been completely reduced, and they have been completely loyal to Zhang Chongxuan, so the Kunlun Sect.
Zhang Zhongxuan raised his head and said to Huang Kaitai, "Where is Yangzi Qing?"
Huang Kaitai was not sure that Qingyang was the legendary Yangzi Qing. After hearing Zhang Zhongxuan’s words, he was willing to identify Qingyang as a real person and quickly said, "Qingyang is outside the mountain gate."
"Well, then pick up Uncle Qingyang." Zhang Zhongxuan said that, and took the lead in walking towards the gate. All the people in the main hall naturally followed, and when they went out, Zhang Zhongxuan was surprised, because he obviously felt that someone was spying on him, and he even felt his formation under the man’s peep, which didn’t have any effect at all.
Zhang Chongxuan didn’t have to think about it, but he also knew that the person peeping at him was a real Qingyang, and he sensed the powerful Yuan God of the other side. Zhang Chongxuan replied, "This real Qingyang is only so powerful. It has soared for so long, and it is only a mere scattered fairy. I thought it was so powerful, but judging from the fact that he can see through the formation on my body, although his strength is not deep, he is very refined!"
Originally, a master who has been soaring for decades suddenly appeared unexpectedly, and it was invited by Peng Kaiwang to come out, which made Zhang Chongxuan have a little worry in his heart. However, Qingyang reality used Yuan Liu to spy on Zhang Chongxuan, but it stimulated Zhang Chongxuan’s powerful yuan god, which made Zhang Chongxuan return to the old heavy Xuan reality of the celestial world, so he wouldn’t pay attention to Qingyang reality as a scattered fairy.
Outside the mountain gate, under the identification of Qin Kangyuan and Huo Mingwei, the identity of Qingyang real person has been confirmed. Zhang Zhongxuan naturally put down his head status and said politely to Qingyang real person: "Li Muran has met uncle Qingyang."
Qingyang real person looked at Zhang Zhongxuan, and there was a hint of praise under his eyes. With a wave of his hand, he said, "You are really right, Uncle Peng. You are really a talent."
Zhang Zhongxuan heard Qingyang real words. Knowing that the other party is beginning to put pressure on him, I want to break my own spiritual defense in contact with him, and I smile and say, "Uncle Qingyang is flattering me."
Qingyang reality shook his head and said, "How could it be that I’m flattered? Kunlun sent it for thousands of years. No one ever wanted to declare war on shushan, but you declared war on shushan not long after you took over as the leader. When it’s really awesome. "
Zhang Zhongxuan knew that Qingyang had done his homework before he went up the mountain, and cleverly replied, "Uncle Qingyang is not an outsider, so Mu Ran doesn’t have to be taboo. I think the three schools haven’t been fighting each other for years since they coexisted. This shows again? "
Qingyang Zhenren shook his head and said, "That’s different from the nature of your declaration of war now."
Zhang Zhongxuan looked up at the falling rain in the sky, and asked sideways, saying, "Uncle Qingyang, it doesn’t matter to you whether it rains in the air or not, but Mu Ran still hopes that Uncle Qingyang can go into the back room and talk about it."
Qingyang didn’t agree. He said lightly, "I came back from overseas. I am dragged by you, Martial Uncle Peng, to look at the Kunlun Sect. I have a long history with the Kunlun Sect, and I have more or less feelings. With the strength of the Kunlun Sect now, it is impossible to overwhelm Shushan, where there are several masters in the soaring period. When two tigers fight, they will both lose. Why bother? "
Zhang Zhongxuan was turning around and looking at the real Qingyang. "What does martial uncle Qingyang mean?"
Qingyang real face primly said, "It’s not necessary to enter the back room. If I go in, I think I will definitely have a good talk with you. That’s not what I want. Before I came, I already knew that Kunlun was sent by you. The land is indeed thriving. I believe it won’t be long. The whole Kunlun Sect will become the largest Sect in the world under your hand, and most of the elders in Kunlun are absent now. If you do as Uncle Peng said, it will obviously have a great impact on the whole Kunlun Sect. I only have one request now, that is, it is not allowed to declare war on shushan! Otherwise, I have to stop it! "
The people behind Zhang Zhongxuan heard the words of Qingyang real person, and they were deeply moved. You know, Qingyang real person said this, and nothing also said that if Zhang Zhongxuan insisted, he would declare war on the entire Kunlun Sect!
"In that case, let me see your skill!" Zhang Zhongxuan flew out behind him, and when everyone was not paying attention, he reached out and lifted it. He actually pulled out a shining fishing net, which spilled and went to Qingyang Reality Network.
Fei Fei, named Sun Bisheng, is a disciple of the younger generation. Because he stood out in a competition the day before yesterday, he got the second-class Yaoyang silk screen of the earth utensil that Zhang Zhongxuan used to award the first prize. After receiving the award, Sun Bisheng was appreciated by Zhang Zhongxuan. Zhang Zhongxuan not only gave him the elixir to improve his skill, but also gave him advice on his practice. He was also a person who supported the declaration of war on Shushan. Seeing the tone of Qingyang reality, he challenged Zhang Zhongxuan to stop Kunlun from declaring war on Shushan. At that time, he was angry, so he made a move to Qingyang reality.
The fishing net he pulled out of the ground was the Yaoyang mesh obtained by competing with others. Yaoyang mesh was made of Yaoshi in the extinct volcano for ten thousand years. After training, it was combined with sunlight to make it spill in the sun. Without the enemy’s knowledge, the enemy was snared in the net. As long as it was collected, Yaoyang mesh could crush the people in the net, and the end was very powerful.
Although it was raining in the sky, it didn’t affect the efficacy of Yaoyang screen. As soon as the screen came out, it disappeared into the air, and it didn’t go to Qingyang Live Network.
In the face of this sudden invisible net, Qingyang reality was not afraid at all. He reached into the air and grabbed it, only to see that his palm was white, and a soft real element centered on his palm quickly produced a small whirlpool, and a strong suction came from his hand. Sun Bisheng’s radiant screen that disappeared in the air was miraculously absorbed by him.
"How is that possible?" Sun Bisheng, who was alone with Qingyang real person, looked at Qingyang real person in disbelief. I didn’t think that this powerful multiplier he got would be broken under the other party’s grab, which made him feel extremely frustrated in an instant for getting Yaoyang screen for several days.
Zhang Zhongxuan saw Sun Bisheng’s depressed expression in his eyes and said lightly, "Yaoyang screen is not so unbearable, but Qingyang Martial Uncle is too strong. Qingyang Martial Uncle is already a soaring person, and it will be something that you can cope with, not to mention you. Even if we all go together, how can we resist Qingyang Martial Uncle? So I lost, and I didn’t. "
Hearing Zhang Zhongxuan’s words, the real Qingyang reached out and loosened the Yao Yang screen. He said, "This fishing net is really extraordinary. If you didn’t make a rush just now, just let the fishing net disappear in the air completely snare the whole area and don’t attack, then his power will be doubled."
Sun Bisheng put away Yao Yang’s silk screen and didn’t speak. Instead, he slowly walked behind Zhang Zhongxuan and stayed honest. After all, he was a young man with a high heart. It was not for a while that he was so frustrated for the first time.
Zhang Zhongxuan ignored Sun Bisheng, but stared at Qingyang real person and said, "Uncle Qingyang, Mu Ran can’t give you an answer to your request for the time being. Well, give me three days to think about it. After three days, I will give you an answer. What do you think?"
Qingyang real people saw Zhang Zhongxuan say this, and they were embarrassed to force Zhang Zhongxuan again. After all, Zhang Zhongxuan is the head of the Kunlun Sect. Anyway, he has to think about the prestige of Zhang Zhongxuan, and he said, "Well, I’ll come back to you in three days." He didn’t see any action, and the whole person disappeared into the air out of thin air.

Chapter two hundred and ten supercilious look fox
Chapter two hundred and ten supercilious look fox
It’s night, the night is clear and the starry sky is washed.
Zhang Zhongxuan stood on the Ningyue cliff on the west side of Kunlun Mountain, blue and upright. In the night wind, his clothes danced with the wind, making him look so elegant and free. He stared at the sky and looked at the bright moon hanging high, wondering.
"Master." Zhao Zifeng flew silently from the forest and stood behind Zhang Chongxuan with a respectful face.
"Purple wind, you are here." Zhang Zhongxuan turned to face Zhao Zifeng.
"Yes, after receiving the summons from Niu Er, I came straight over. I already knew about Qingyang’s real life. I don’t know what the master is going to do when he calls Zifeng." With Zhao Zifeng’s understanding of Zhang Chongxuan, since he has declared war on shushan, it is impossible to be stopped by others. However, it is not ordinary people who want to stop Zhang Chongxuan, but a scattered fairy who has soared but still stays in the world. Although Zhao Zifeng firmly believes that Zhang Chongxuan will eradicate this half-way Cheng Yaojin, he can’t imagine how Zhang Chongxuan will handle Qingyang reality.
Zhang Chongxuan said faintly, "I originally planned to wait until the Kunlun and Shushan affairs were dealt with before I closed my doors and practiced. It was a coincidence that Qingyang was a real person, but even if he was a scattered fairy, three days was enough for me to break through the soaring period and really scatter the fairy."