So he pretended to think deeply for a moment, looked up and asked sincerely, "Why don’t you stab three swords instead? If my three swords don’t pierce you, turn around and leave, and then ignore this custom."

Dongba shook his head and said, "No, no, you Han Chinese swords are too sharp. It’s not real martial arts. You and I are one-on-one and three-handed."
Qi Yufeng turned around and stared at him. He took a look at everyone and took a few steps and asked, "Are they sure?"
Dongba shook his head. "It’s two people’s business, not theirs."
Qi Yufeng strolled a few steps in succession, as if he were meditating on Dongba’s proposal for a moment. Suddenly, he raised his sword and pointed it at the group of humanitarians. "I heard that you Tianzhu people are very cunning, and I’m not quite at ease. Why don’t you kill them first and then have a competition?"
Dongba was so angry and blue that he said, "I respect that you are a talented person with a sharp weapon. If you don’t start work, don’t blame me for your kindness."
Qi Yufeng raised his sword and pointed at him. "You are being ridiculous! This is my teaching place, and you still want to join in!
Dongba heard his words rhyme very much. He likes learning Chinese best when he is a beginner, and immediately learned to say, "How can I make trouble with emotion? This is our holy land of Bonism!"
Qi Yufeng walked up to him and said, "You’re being ridiculous! Your place is full of love and reason! You’re making fun of yourself by going all over the world! "
Chapter 37 I mayfly shake the tree
Dongba heard Qi Yufeng Ji Li guru a QiangBai entranced slightly zheng immediately, "this is your kindness importune …"
The voice did not fall and Qi Yufeng shouted "The first palm is big for nine days!"
Say he single palm condensed body force suddenly a beat forward straight at Dongba abdomen.
This palm is as straight as a glacier, and the avalanche in Tianshan Mountain is blowing straight, but it is really overwhelming. It is Peng Yingyu’s trick to "turn yellow and overturn"
This trick of "pale yellow overturning" comes from the martial art of teaching the world "Nine Hands", which was the most proud martial art of Yang Dingtian, the leader of the 33rd generation. He was confident that the second person was his opponent except Zhang Sanfeng, which made the messengers, French kings and scattered people dare to be angry and dare not speak. Even though he suffered a great loss from teaching, people dared to attack the sect.
When Peng Yingyu was young, he learned this unique skill from Yang Dingtian, but his skill level was not perfect. It was not until Zhang Ji took charge of the teaching that he ordered his martial arts tips, which enabled him to gain a glimpse of the beauty of his skill in the Nine Days. Thanks to this martial arts, he has been fighting enemies in the Jianghu for years.
Although this road is a trick, the palm force is too vigorous, and it is beyond human power to avoid it.
Dongba felt that his chest was not breathing well before he reached the palm of his hand. In an instant, the strong breeze blew in the air and stirred up layers of wind and shattered shadows. Four torches and candles were lit, and with the sudden growth of power, there were really thousands of people who were defeated by Yong.
Dongba took a deep breath in the crisis, and took a step forward with a slight depression in its chest. Qi Yufeng hit the left palm with one hand, but it was not caught off guard. Immediately, the left palm was cohesive and soft and qualitative. This is like returning to the light, and it is to borrow his breath and print another palm.
This palm name "pale yellow overturned" is naturally not just a flat palm, so the palm of your hand is in full swing, and the sea is raging like the yellow and the yellow, so the stars are in chaos, and the yin and yang are wrong, just like heaven and earth play the role of yin and yang, and everything is mixed with each other, and the essence of it is the "Nine Hands" palm method.
The two palms followed each other, but the difference was only a moment. Hearing a loud bang, Qi Yufeng felt that the palm of his hand was like a stone, which made his wrist numb.
He felt dizzy and heartbroken, and he even stepped back seven steps. The old woman behind him supported him in the middle of the back to live here.
He was shocked and felt weak. When he looked up, he saw that Dongba was faintly bursting into smoke, fog, purple gas and spectacular clouds in the night. He immediately gasped and asked, "What kind of martial arts is this?"
The old woman sank, "Young Xia, this is black yoga. You have to be careful."
As she spoke, she secretly transported the true qi, flicked her fingers and slightly opened her mouth. The acupoints behind Qi Yufeng cried Qi Yufeng. She felt that the true qi was coming through her body, and she combed the scattered true qi by herself.
Immediately, he felt that his body was in trouble and shook his head. "Thank you, my mother-in-law. I’ll come back to see this Dongba Juexue." He saw that the old monk was a bit ridiculous and inexperienced, but he had a good martial arts and was polite when he didn’t dare to speak lightly.
Then he took two steps forward and laughed. "The first palm has been played. Can you play the second palm now? If you want luck to heal, it’s up to you."
Dongba looked uncertain and nodded slightly. He just had enough strength to plan this young man, but his flesh and blood bounced back by his magic, and all the bones were broken. Who knows that he actually stepped back and hurt his chest faintly, but he was also surprised at once. The land in this place is really outstanding, and a minor has such a powerful force.
Qi Yufeng thought for a moment and turned back and asked, "Is mother-in-law’s yoga indestructible body the same as Shaolin Temple’s King Kong indestructible body?"
The old woman nodded and said, "It’s true that his kung fu is no less than that of meeting the monk … Do you have any helpers?"
Although she sees Qi Yufeng’s Excalibur amazing, there is no shortcut to her work. Although the Dongba monk doesn’t live in the Central Plains, he is also an extremely good master. With this young man, he is really sure.
When Qi Yufeng heard this, he was slightly surprised. His heart said that when he saw the great wisdom and great wisdom of the monk, his external skills all tended to be extremely high. A unique skill of "indestructible body" was a particularly amazing one of the five magical powers in ancient and modern times.
How could he have killed this man easily if Xie Xun hadn’t tricked him? And even after he died many years ago, Dai Qisi, the dragon king of purple shirt, doubted whether Xie Xun, the king of golden lion, had anything to kill. It can be seen that his martial arts are superb and he is far away from being a contemporary hero.
If this man is no less than he saw in those days, wouldn’t he look up at Qi Yufeng, a formidable enemy he had never seen before? He’s black and ugly, but he really doesn’t look like a Taoist monk.
Immediately, he nodded slightly to prepare for the delay. When Dongba saw him, he held out his chest and said, "Well, you can send the second palm."
His voice is not very loud, but his strength is vigorous and suspicious. He heard the words stirring around Fang Yushan and buzzing back for a long time.
Qi Yufeng heart Zhan Ran can’t help heart way, this manpower is really shocking, even if the seal is really and others are far from it, and he is also pregnant with such a beautiful feat. It seems that I will fail in this bet today.
It turns out that this Dongba Gong has gone from reality to reality in Qi Yufeng, and its manners and footsteps are hidden everywhere. He personally showed it to see that Qi Yufeng had been careless before.
Immediately, it would be difficult for him to make a sword break the enemy’s heart. There are five or five counts, but this person has practiced a "beating magic" but he has never met a good player in his life. I wonder if there will be any return this time, and the current situation may not be so good.
Immediately, he nodded his head and thought for a moment. He said, I have Zi Xia’s true spirit to protect himself. But he can’t hurt the anti-shock force of this kung fu. But if he doesn’t try, he is willing to take the road. "Well, you can take that."
Dongba was solemnly nodded, and his arms unfolded, and the attire wind automatically. Obviously, just now, Qi Yufeng’s palm, but he also suffered a lot. This time, the "yoga is not bad" was spread all over the body and the defense was really moving, and the glass was like a statue of Buddha.
Qi Yufeng gazed at his face for a long time, slightly stirring up his shoulders, breathing like a spine, and for a moment touching the breath between us. His feet clung to the ground tightly, and then he slowly bent his left leg slightly, and his right arm bent slowly and drew a circle in the middle. He heard that there was a four-mile cyclone echoing in the air, obviously pushing the force to the extreme.
This Dongba was shocked when he saw his strength. He shouted, "This … this is a dragon!"
Qi Yufeng jerked his breath and stored it in his body for a week, and his previous step started with his feet changing and his legs and waist dominated his back. He really saved energy like a bow and shot an arrow and shouted, "Yes, this is my Central Plains martial arts!"
See him a palm Pei however send a pure sun be the spirit surging out strong wind surge long fenglei faint cold horse.
That Dongba didn’t dare to be careless, but it was limited to gambling, but he couldn’t raise his hand hard. Immediately, he secretly regretted that he didn’t expect this young man to get the first masculine palm technique in the Wulin of the Central Plains, which could shake Qi Yufeng’s earth-shattering palm repeatedly.
Qi Yufeng a handprint on his chest heard two people like an explosion "bang" a loud noise, Dongba foothold slightly took a step back and felt his chest as if he had suffered a heavy blow from the hammer. Wow, he spit out one mouthful blood and cried faint.
Next to the historian, I can’t help but be surprised and happy. The young man is really fighting skill. Tong Xuan is the first master monk in Tianzhu, and he can be beaten so badly. It seems that this time, the historian has come down to such a strange boy to get rid of the disaster here.
Qi Yufeng immediately followed the rules of Wulin and took three steps back. He slowly turned his head and said, "What do you have to say, monk?"
The Dongba bent down, bent down and stared at Qi Yufeng tightly, and slowly folded his hands as if he were going to salute Qi Yufeng, but it seemed very difficult for him to get hurt. Seeing his hands folded and standing on his nose, he suddenly snorted a Sanskrit.
This ring is like a thunder and a clear broadcast. It’s really pleasant to hear and annoying to the listener.
Then his thumb and little finger touched the other six fingers, and he read aloud "Ah ~" in the shape of a lotus handprint. With this sound, his eyes suddenly opened and his dark face brightened, and the whole person seemed to be more holy than a few people wanted to worship.
Then he bent his knees slightly, made a seat-shaped handprint, raised his head and whispered "Ni ~"
"beep ~"
"mi ~"
"hmm ~"
Every word is as exciting as Huang Zhong and Lu Lu, and as he keeps reading out these six-character incantations, Dongba’s figure gradually recovers and stands up, and truly feels like a real Buddha.
Seeing that he looked up and his eyes were radiant and energetic, he said, "There is one last palm."
Qi Yufeng couldn’t help but be surprised to see his achievement method. He relied on these six words to recover so quickly. This man’s Buddhist skills are really superb.
Immediately, he shook his head and said, "Monk, why are you so profound in the mysterious martial arts and profound in Buddhism? It’s better to go home early to practice merits and achieve positive results early."
Dongba shook his head and smiled. "This place is the holy land where my Bonism flourished, so I have to take it back today."
Qi Yufeng shook his head and said, "You are a Taoist monk. How can you stay here in such a mundane matter? There is a cloud in the Buddhist scriptures … that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, you will be happy when you go along with it, and that Buddha will be happy when he kills people."