The streamer dared not approach the snake, and the sea water was sucked into a huge whirlpool. She was far away, and the sea water was sucked away as if it were guided.

Dark clouds covered the sky, and the downpour suddenly started. Suddenly, there was a silver snake in the cloud and it split straight into the whirlpool. The silver snake appeared in an instant, and the ferocious shape of the snake was reflected in the morning.
Snake level 5? ? ? /? ? ?
It’s reading a bar to fix this progress bar, and it’s moving very slowly, bit by bit
Can’t let it read this article!
Time flies to turn the snake into a demon, but she is told to make it "how to fight this? I will go!" " It’s a problem that everyone knows how to get close to each other by reading an interruption.
The small wooden basin where she was sitting drifted into the whirlpool, and she rowed out hard and looked back at the whirlpool to figure out which position to take off and fall on the snake body more easily.
A series of days of lightning will shine the sea and sky in front of the huge body of the snake, and the time is so small.
When the egrets came out of the clouds to chat with each other, their lovesickness turned to ashes. One, two, three groups all went to Longxing Cliff to find Xunxun-how could it be that the only luminous body in Longxing Cliff could not be seen?
"My mom’s boss has no place to stay!"
"Look, there seems to be a man there!"
Looking down one of the members’ hands, there was another lightning strike, and the huge body of the Haihua snake occupied the eye. However, if you look closely at the edge of the whirlpool, there was a small wooden basin floating with the waves, and there was a person struggling to row it out.
"It’s easy to fight, but he can’t attack the snake at all. It’s too far away to attack."
"The roots can’t do it!" The lightning frequency is dense, the waves in the sea are turbulent and the acacia turns to ash. The members shouted in shock. The waves rushed head-on and the waves were higher than the man in the tub. This will definitely overturn people into the sea. The vortex attraction is so terrible that it will definitely appear at the resurrection point before long.
Sure enough, after the waves beat, the small tub was quickly sucked into the whirlpool, and the man disappeared.
"It’s not a good idea to find a way to pull the snake over there and make it motionless." After observing the peach blossom for a long time, the members said that he listened and saw the snake now. It was born and suspended in half like absorbing the essence of the sun and the moon
Longxing cliff sent a white light to the array, and several teams bought maps. Players came running to see the Haihua snake and rowed to the sea without saying a leaf boat. I don’t know if the newborn calf is not afraid of tigers or confident and prepared.
"Sihai, can you pull it over?" The unknown asked, but his eyes were fixed on the players who had just entered the sea. After they approached the whirlpool, the whole boat was slaughtered like a duckweed by the waves. It didn’t take long for the boat to fall apart. After a minute, the players appeared at the resurrection point of Longxing Cliff.
"It’s strange that the first person in the sea hasn’t appeared at the resurrection point yet. Is he scared and forced to drop the line?"
"Ant, I want you to taste the taste of offending my anger!" The snake’s painful long roar almost pierced the eardrum of Longxing Cliff players.
"How can someone really close to the snake! ?” to be continued
Ps cup is not feeling well today, and it’s a better day today.
96 risk challenge
"Hey, I finally interrupted you to read the article." The snake’s tail with a pike streamer grabbed the pike and smiled proudly.
She swung like a swing, grabbed the pike, rolled over to the snake, and then pulled it away.
Repairing the reading bar interrupted the snake’s roar and quickly went into a state of madness. She saw the square vortex. Previously, she was able to paddle a small wooden basin to make waves. Now the speed of the vortex is accelerating, as if it were natural that the meat grinder swept away and swallowed everything. She accidentally slipped and fell for a second, and she was sent back to the resurrection point.
That attack will not cause fatal damage to the snake. Streamer interrupts the reading skill, repairs the reading, stops it, and the blood volume is generously presented to Streamer.
10 thousand blood!
Breathe in time.
The snake got angry and finally moved as everyone wanted.
"Move it moved fighters to rob hatred! Quick! " The song is full of peach blossoms and great joy
"It’s so difficult to grow up …" Guild fighters said it was difficult that they had to attack in close quarters to get hatred, but the snake was far from them.
The snake churned and circled in the middle, and hit the tide. The sea water hit the streamer, causing her a lot of harm. While swallowing the blood pill, she went around the blind spot of the snake’s visual angle to help it scale up.
The snake-man-faced leopard has two wings and a snake-like sound, such as yelling for water.
It should be considered that snakes attacking three inches should be more effective than attacking other places
She greeted the snake every step of the way. Although she hasn’t been able to kill 1% of the snake’s health, the snake was interrupted by the streamer to absorb the aura of heaven and earth, and she was repeatedly provoked and violated its majesty. debuff—— appeared-the attack increased by 3% and the damage defense decreased by 1%.