Before Cao Hong left, he didn’t look at Li Shimin and Fang Yu. "Master, please leave this dangerous place at once."

Li Shimin took back his hand, and Cao Cao and Cao Hong turned to Ma Li Shimin to sneer. Suddenly, a sword was inserted in the middle of Cao Hong’s back, and the skylight was pierced in his middle of the back.
Cao Hong hummed that the first famous NPC general in the Three Kingdoms fell to the ground and died in the hands of players. He mourned for a second.
Cao Cao was frightened to disgrace and screamed, "You, you …"
Most of the players around are rebel people, such as Tiance House, Chivalrous League, etc. They are surprised by the sudden change, but they don’t know what to do around, and they don’t dare to intervene in the leader’s actions without command.
Fang Yu also changed color and jumped "Li Shimin, are you crazy? Don’t you know that special NPC can’t be killed? "
Li Shimin Hao ignored the sneer and pulled out his sword. Once again, Cao Cao stabbed Fang Yu and quickly waved his sword to stop him from killing Cao Cao. Cao Cao was so scared that he hid behind the horse.
Li Shimin was blocked and shouted "Fang Yu, get out of here and don’t stop me from doing things."
Fang Yu struggled to resist his attack and said, "Li Shimin, don’t do stupid things. Cao Cao will die."
Li Shimin angered, "You idiot Cao Cao is our greatest threat. If he doesn’t die, we will be planted in his hands."
Fang Yu brandished a sword to block "no, Cao Cao has such a three kingdoms if he dies?" What’s the point of playing? "
Li Shimin is short of breath. "Idiot is here to’ play’ with you. I know that Cao Cao is better than most of us. If you don’t kill him today, it will be him to unify the Three Kingdoms in the future."
"Isn’t that right? It’s a good idea for him to unify the Three Kingdoms. "
"Good head NPC is to make you should kill don’t wait for him to make us? Fang Yu, will you let me or not? Don’t let me don’t blame you. "
Fang Yu stepped back and gasped, "Li Shimin, don’t forget the Tiger Prison Treaty. You have already killed Cao Hong and then killed Cao Cao, so you won’t regret it."
Li Shimin grunted coldly, "Bah, that’s a bullshit treaty. Don’t you know what the Tiger Prison Treaty is really about? It’s purely cabbage, purple sword, purple rose, and their awesome setting is to catch all the special NPCs when they are stronger than that day. If the special NPCs don’t die, they will definitely have a chance to get you in the future. Did we fight for them? Stop dreaming and wake up. People who make treaties are always in their interests, and making us is just a sacrifice. "
Fang Yu froze. "No, it won’t be like this. We all belong to the 10 th Route Army. The Treaty is fair and beneficial to all of us, and each of us has the same opportunity."
Li Shimin laughed "ha ha fair? It’s ridiculous. Go talk to cabbage about fairness. He will definitely talk to you about fairness for three days and three nights. "
Li Shimin walked towards Cao Cao, but Fang Yu stayed where he was and didn’t stop him again. Cao Cao screamed, "Help me, help me?" Nearby, Nai belongs to the Chivalrous League and Tiance House, with the most players. These two gangs are eyeing up and others dare not make a move if they want to save.
Li Shimin raised his sword and thrust it at Cao Cao.
"Stop it!"
A long ribbon rope wrapped Li Shimin’s long sword through the crowd, hanging over Cao Cao’s head, scaring Cao Cao to round his eyes. The Phoenix sisters led a large group of people to stand out from the crowd with cool colour "Li Shimin, you violated the rules of the game."
Li Shimin turned and narrowed his eyes to blossom a cold mountain, but he didn’t start work. The Phoenix sisters and their martial arts are very strange. For example, jade is much more difficult to deal with. He is not sure.
"Dark Phoenix, don’t tell me what rules I don’t buy this. I ask you if you let Cao Cao go, do we still have a chance to catch him again? Have we ever defeated Cao Cao in the future? "
Feng was silent for a "difficult"
Li Shimin asked again, "Do we have a chance to let Cao Caochen?"
Phoenix was silent for an "almost impossible"
Li Shimin sneered, "Since it is impossible to accept it, killing Cao Cao once and for all will have to deal with an almost invincible enemy in the future."
Feng laughed. "Is that why you want to kill Cao Cao? Are you afraid of Cao Cao? This is not good. We know all the plots in the Three Kingdoms and there is no need to be afraid of Cao Cao. "
Li Shimin growled, "I’m not afraid of him. I’m worried that something will go wrong in the future. No one knows what will happen when the plot changes."
Phoenix laughed. "You’re really not afraid of him. You’re really afraid of cabbage. You’re afraid that he will accept Cao Cao in the future. Once these two big males come together, it’s really big trouble."
Li Shimin cold hum a "afraid of him? It’s a joke. Although the flag-raising army is strong, it’s not afraid of him. Besides, Cao Cao doesn’t want to accept it, so I can accept it. I don’t want to spend my energy on dealing with Cao Cao and reunifying the Han Dynasty as soon as possible, which is beneficial to all of us. Without Cao Cao, our reunification will be much easier. "
Feng laughed. "Not necessarily. With Cao Cao dead and Liu Bei and Sun, are you sure to deal with them?"
Li Shimin said, "Kill them all as soon as possible before the plot changes. I don’t believe they have nine lives."
Phoenix sighed, "If you kill Cao Cao without land, not only heaven and man will be your enemy, but also cabbage, purple sword and purple rose will pave a sunny road. In fact, whether you kill or not will ultimately benefit from the three of them. One of them is too powerful for us. Forget it. Do what you want. Our dark alliance will remain neutral."
Feng waved his hand and took back the ribbon of the sword, and left with Huang and his men.
Looking at Cao Cao with a sword, Li Shimin is equal to killing him for cabbage. It will be a disaster if he is not killed in the future. It will be a great trouble if he is collected by one of the three of them.
When Li Shimin hesitated, Fang Yu left with the chivalrous alliance. He didn’t want to get involved, which was not good for him. At this time, he was in Tiance House and some other onlookers.
Grandma killed clean.
Li Shimin took a malicious sword to stab Cao Cao, who hurriedly dodged. Suddenly, his head came back to scream. Li Shimin rushed to the side to avoid a pike and slammed into the ground. More than a foot later, the soil splashed out.
Li Shimin surprised out in a cold sweat. If this shot is solid, it will feel better.
"Little thief, don’t hurt my Lord!"
When Xia Houdun rode in, he glared at the players and drank violently, which scared them to retreat. Xia Houyuan followed closely and led dozens of riders to fly. Xia Houdun was braver than Hua Xiong. Li Shimin saw that the tide was over and fled the players and disappeared into the wilderness like a whirlwind.
Xia Houdun flew. "Your late arrival has frightened you."
Cao Cao’s face turned to dust and watched the players disappear. He said with a calm face, "Don’t be polite. It’s very close to Xu Rongjun. We’ll get out of this hellhole as soon as possible and deal with them later."
The seventh volume levy day Chapter 51 Alliance split
On this day, two major events caused a sensation in the whole game forum. The first thing was that the leader of Zhanqi Army killed the leader of Xianjian Army, Zijian Donglai, and the decree fell into the hands of Zhanqi Army. The second thing was that Li Shimin, the leader of Tiance House, killed Cao Hong and attempted to assassinate Cao Cao.
The national decree has come to be a must in the Tiger Prison War. atrix did not surprise everyone, and the fierce fighting scene between cabbage and Zijian Donglai was also recorded and became a classic that was difficult to reproduce.
But what everyone didn’t expect was that Li Shimin was so bold that he just signed a special NPC protection treaty not long ago. He turned against Cao Cao and almost made the most important person in the Three Kingdoms disappear. His actions caused dissatisfaction and protests from almost all players, but even so, he also pushed him to the forefront of public opinion and became a super leader. At one time, he surpassed Purple Rose to catch up with Purple Sword East.
As soon as the two men returned to the Zhanqi Army Camp, they immediately called all the troops to leave. Before they died, silence, Nangong Eagle and others were born again and fled together. The imperial seal of the country must be exhausted. It is not that players will try their best to snatch the imperial seal. If the princes know it, they will also dare not stay for a moment.
Other rebel forces of all stripes also dare not stay and make Sun Jian unhappy. At this time, Cao Caojun also hurried to catch the player. Rebel forces killed him, Cao Hong. If the rebel forces were released like this, would he still be Cao Cao?
I knew something was wrong. The 10-Route Rebels jumped up in panic and fled for their lives. Yuan Shao didn’t know what had happened, so he advised them not to stop and let them go.
Sun Jianjun chased the players’ camp and left the kittens. Three or two people had already gone somewhere. Yuan Shao asked Sun Jian what they had stolen a treasure, but he didn’t know exactly what it was. Yuan Shao didn’t take it to heart.
The next day, Cao Cao went back to Luoyang to find all the rebel troops, and all of them ran away. Yuan Shao asked about the surprise. It’s outrageous that the rebel army actually assassinated one of its own generals. No wonder these rabbits ran so fast that it turned out to be a big disaster.
Cao Cao was so depressed that he thought it would be no good to stay here, so he led the army to Yangzhou.
Gong Sunzan vilified Yuan Shao in front of Liu, Zhang and others, saying, "Yuan Shao’s children can’t we find another way to get in and out? Come back with me and I’ll give you an official to make you happy?"
Liu Bei was overjoyed. "Yeah, that’s great. I’ve long wanted to be a small official. Bogui, you are really my second parents!"
Gong Sunzan said modestly, "It’s nothing. Let’s go, bro."
Gongsun Zan’s army rose to the plain and made Liu Bei’s plain train the army in his own defensive position.
Liu Dai, the satrap of Yanzhou, borrowed food from Qiao Huan, the satrap of Xiangdong County. Qiao Huan has food, but why should he lend it to Liu Dai? So he refused to give it, but I didn’t expect that Liu Dai suddenly led an army into Qiao Xuan camp at night to kill Qiao Xuan, who slept like a dead pig and surrendered his hand.
Yuan Shao saw that everyone was walking around and his heart was dim. He led the troops away from Luoyang and went to the east. The ten-way princes and ten-way rebel alliance broke the anti-Dong Zhuo alliance and fell apart. The first scene of the Three Kingdoms came to an end.
The plot of Sun Jianjun’s battle for the imperial seal with Liu Biaojun was not triggered, and the war between Sun and Liu was not triggered after the two families kept peace.
A large group of flag-raising troops rushed to Jingzhou Road and met several disguised players. Several people, such as former servants, couldn’t be killed, but left the group halfway and quietly rushed to Wudang Mountain.
Zhanqi Army fought its way out and returned to Xiangyang City, Jingzhou, claiming to the players that it had put the imperial seal in the warehouse of the headquarters. Before the fall of the headquarters, it could be guaranteed that the whole Jingzhou territory was within the sphere of influence of Zhanqi Army, and other sects tried to get involved. It was difficult for other players to seize the imperial seal.
The next day, A Cai and others held a grand celebration ceremony in Xiangyang to celebrate the fruitful achievements of the flag-raising army in Luoyang, and at the same time promulgated a large number of preferential measures conducive to commerce, manufacturing and materials to further enhance the reputation and status of the flag-raising army in the hearts of players.
Zijian Donglai angrily returned to Jianye to prepare for a large-scale attack on the flag-raising army occupying the Yangtze River, but was persuaded by other heads of Xianjian Army to be patient. Zijian Donglai had to endure this tone and feel at ease to develop in Jianye and avoid the flag-raising army to develop and expand trade in Yangzhou Huaihe River area.
The forces of the Purple Rose Devil’s Army are vast and sparsely populated in the northern Great Wall. With the powerful magic door force, after the people outside the Great Wall can compete with her and return to the Great Wall, she is ready to expand her forces to the eastern region. The main cavalry of the Devil’s Army is all daunting.