Lan mu laughed and just wanted to answer a question that was stopped by Lan Qin. Lan Qin glanced at Lin Tianji’s eyes and his mouth was slightly open.

"I didn’t expect that Tianqi you should have entered the film king level!"
They seem to have known each other for a long time.
"What eldest brother? He is already the king of shadows? "
Lan longed for a face of disbelief. When fighting, Lin Tianqi was still a shadow Sect …
"Are you two still not growing in strength at all?"
Lin Tianji a face of disdain seems to be the three of them have any grievances.
Lan Qin smiled as if he didn’t see Lin Tianji’s disdain.
"Dark attribute shadow is really mysterious, but this time we are not here to fight with you. We have other things! Moreover, our two families should not be right now, and they may all be married soon! "
Laughing, Lan Qin nodded at Lin Tianji and pulled his younger brother into the Lin Fu door, leaving Lan’s home manager Zhong Shu …
For this middle-aged man Lin Ze still has a good impression!
Uncle Zhong glanced at the Lins’ gentleman and didn’t seem to recognize him as a gift to prepare to enter the Lins’ family. It’s no wonder that he was like a savage at that time! Now, it’s really a big contrast to change from a savage to a nobleman by pretending to be human.
"Uncle Zhong!"
Lin Ze finally stopped the middle-aged man who was about to enter the door.
Uncle Zhong took a puzzled look at Lin Ze and wondered why he would know his name.
Have you changed so much? Lin Ze a wry smile to the loyal uncle said.
"You don’t know me anymore? I am Lin Ze! "
Uncle Zhong exclaimed with a face of surprise and looked at Lin Ze carefully observing his face. Although he doubted Lin Ze’s identity in his heart, he didn’t expect it to be true.
He didn’t expect that Lin Ze they met in the dark forest was really the Lins’ gentleman.
At that time, although all kinds of things in Lin Zeshen pointed to this result, they were all rejected because he had the power of shadow soul
Now that I think about it, Lin Zeshen does have that kind of family restraint!
"Are you really the Lins’ gentleman?"
Uncle Zhong looks very happy …
Lin Tianji and Mu Xun were also surprised. They didn’t know that Lin Ze knew this arashi family housekeeper …
Uncle Zhong still can’t believe it. Maybe he can really help you with something! Just thought of this loyal uncle did not notice the girl holding Lin Ze’s left arm and white hair behind him, the Tsing Yi girl.
It’s all stunning!
Uncle Zhong shook his head silently, and presumably it was also the Lins’ gentleman. How could there be a lack of women around him?
When Lin Ze saw Uncle Zhong’s expression, he knew that he wanted to talk with a wry smile, and he didn’t know how to explain it. He could find an excuse to change the subject.
"Zhong uncle who is that young man just now? Why are you so respectful to him? "
Loyal uncle leng immediately white Lin Ze refers to who?
"Ahem …"
Chapter one hundred and nine Uncle Zhong’s teacher
A strange smile floated on Uncle Zhong’s cheek.
"He is not a young man. He is my teacher?"
A group of people in Lin Ze were frightened by Zhong Shu’s words.
""teacher? "
Uncle Zhong seems to be in his forties. How old should his teacher be? Although the master is an old saying, Lin Tianqi’s wooden inquiry doesn’t believe that Uncle Zhong is perfunctory.
Lin Ze, on the other hand, is lost in thought. This possibility is very high!
Uncle Zhong made the shadow soul force is the ice property when fighting in the dark forest, and the ice force of the mysterious human body just now is also extremely strong. His strength can actually suppress the dark property of Lin Tianqi’s shadow king.
It seems that this "youth" doesn’t look as young as it seems …