Anthony took a deep breath with the ball, which looked like an ordinary first attack, but in fact it was another very important thing. Morale is a very important thing for a team, and the momentum can often take away the game directly.

At present, the Nuggets’ tactics are not played. If this ball is not scored again, it will be a very big blow to the Nuggets’ morale. This ball can be scored in addition to the goal.
Anthony moved. First, he dribbled a fast ball to push Battier’s defense, and he followed him. He didn’t leave him any breakthrough.
Anthony was followed by a sudden stop and then quickly pulled out his hand. There was almost no need to move. This choice of hand surprised everyone. Even Battier was stunned. Although he quickly came to the defense, he could watch the ball fly over his head and then fly straight to the basket.
A crisp Anthony easily scored the first point on Battier’s head.
"yeah! ……”
The anger of a football fan at the scene was ignited.
People always make a guess about what’s going to happen. When Anthony holds the ball, the fans will naturally think about how Anthony will fight Battier. After all, Battier is a defensive expert, and it won’t be easy to fight. But Anthony did something that is reasonable but unexpected for the fans. It feels like he didn’t take the opponent’s defense seriously, and he didn’t want to entangle with you.
Clean, time-saving and labor-saving, and the most important thing is to have an effect. It is enough to say that the fans are ignited at the scene.
The Nuggets’ first ball was clean. Looking back, the Grizzlies’ play was another scene. Gasol watched his teammates move while dribbling the ball to the line.
Pau Gasol is a very characteristic player, saying that he can’t compare with some tank lines in strength, but in height and skill, he looks like a young player who has been wandering around for more than ten years. Now he faces Brand twice in the back, and then throws the ball to the right without looking back, which directly goes to the hands of Che Andre Miller, who caused Chandler’s defensive foul when he made the basket.
"Ariza pays attention to the defense!" At this time, Assistant Professor Cooper on the sidelines couldn’t help shouting a Nash defense at Ariza. He couldn’t help it, but just now Ariza’s defense slowed down a little. It can be seen that he was still a little nervous when he first appeared in the playoffs.
Anthony walked over to him now, patted him on the shoulder to signal him to relax, and then walked to the basket.
Miller said hello to Anthony when facing the old owner to the free throw line in this series, but he didn’t relent at all and hit two free throws steadily.
"Hey Charles, did you just see Miller and Melo say hello? I almost forgot that they were teammates for two seasons!" Johnson was surprised and said
"The management of the Nuggets is great, but to be honest, the Nuggets players are as diligent as changing pants. Look at the players on the team now. If I remember correctly, there was only one player left a year ago," Buckley quipped.
"If I remember correctly, there was another player named Wang Zhizhi in this team who played very well last season, but he was not in the squad after only one year," Johnson also said with emotion.
Qiqi was sitting in the stands watching the ball at this time, and heard two commentators poking fun at his old face. To say that he made a lot of deals in these two seasons, it was natural that Anthony could not get away from them, but these deals were obviously reinforcing. It was obvious from the team’s record that it was unsuccessful to be a strong contender for the championship for two consecutive seasons.
Kan Kan, a commentator on the sidelines, talked about the mentality of the players, but it didn’t help much for the players. At this time, the Nuggets are launching their second attack. The difference from the previous attack is that they simplified this attack. After Nash and Anthony made a pick and roll, Anthony pulled to the three-point line. When Nash was caught in a straight basket, a hidden ball was directly stuffed to the bottom line. Brandbrand’s steady jumper hit and Anthony’s ball just now were the same. The scoring method could not be simpler.
The Nuggets scored points in both rounds, but when they retired, Carl looked unhappy. When he saw the players quickly retreating to their own half, he finally couldn’t help shouting, "Run! Run! ……”
As soon as Carl said this, the Nuggets player immediately understood his tactical intention. This is a tactical code word, and they followed it and forced the ball holder not to defend Nash. At this moment, it is also crazy to force it.
Miller didn’t panic because of the snatch. He cocked his big ass and finally pushed Nash behind him. After all, Nash was much thinner than him. This snatch didn’t have much effect.
It seems that the Nuggets didn’t play much, but when the Grizzlies fell, they found that something was wrong. When Nash delayed, the Grizzlies’ offensive formation had been broken down. Gasol wanted to get a position in the low post, but Brand was the one who was uncomfortable and couldn’t wait for the ball. He could bypass the free throw line.
Miller managed to push the ball out of the three-point line for 15 seconds. Miller tried to give the ball to Gasol, but Ariza’s double-team suddenly rushed over. It felt like the Nuggets were not defending but attacking, but they didn’t give the Grizzlies a chance.
Miller’s ball is not weak in the point guard, but Ariza’s big size covered his field of vision as soon as he played guard. He could stumble and choose to dribble himself, and then he glanced at Gasol’s position and threw the ball over.
Just then Anthony had been waiting for an opportunity, and now how could he miss this opportunity? He accurately judged the ball route, grabbed the ball and then rushed to the frontcourt.
The Nuggets’ defensive formation line expanded outward. This steal was almost completed outside the three-point line. When Anthony rushed forward, he almost crossed the center line in three or two steps. It was time for other players to defend the root.
Anthony is like a lonely wild horse running away from the vast grassland at this time.
There was a burst of excitement and cheers from the fans at the scene, not to mention that almost everyone knew what would happen next
Anthony killed the basket in the blink of an eye as soon as he rode the dust, and he didn’t drag his feet. At the scene, nearly 20,000 fans cheered and slammed the ball into the basket with one hand. "Bang", the mood of the fans at the scene was followed by another surge.
Grizzlies players didn’t retreat to the backcourt until Anthony dunked, but Miller was keenly aware that the defense was too far ahead, and directly threw the ball to Gasol near the midfield. In front of Gasol, there was a playoff rookie Ariza who moved forward with the ball.
Just then, another Grizzlies player, Mike Miller, ran from the backcourt to the front three-point line. Gasol soon realized that he reached out and passed the ball.
But just as he raised his hand.
When I searched, I felt that my hand was lightly followed by the ball, and then I saw that the ball had reached Ariza’s hand. Ariza didn’t have much luck after taking the ball, and Nash directly gave it to Nash. Nash noticed that Chandler directly dropped the ball to the middle and high, and Chandler directly dunked to score.
All this happened in just a few seconds, and in a blink of an eye, the Nuggets have already scored two top ten goals, which is absolutely unstoppable.
Chapter three hundred and fifty Rolling ()
Grizzlies coach couldn’t help frowning on the sidelines and playing the playoffs, especially when the opponent’s strength is far from his opponent’s. This is the most feared momentum. The ball is easily taken away by a wave and then the whole game can’t be turned over. The Grizzlies have such a trend now, but it is obviously inappropriate to call a timeout when it is less than two minutes.
Grizzlies have learned a lesson from the previous attack. They are obviously a lot more stable in the attack. Facing the Nuggets, they are crazy about grabbing them, and their movements are getting bigger and bigger. When they move tactically, the physical confrontation between the two sides is getting worse.
After more than ten seconds of tactical running and I don’t know how many times of hand-to-hand combat, Gasol turned around and hit a jumper in the high position, which finally eased the pressure on a team.
"Paul is really a talented player. He is not the kind of man who can run and fly. He is very different from American players. He rarely jumps, but his way of playing is really my type." Johnson couldn’t help but praise Gasol Cong after seeing his choice.
"That guy can be inside and out, but he plays a little outside. If he could thread the thread more online, the Grizzlies might not be in this situation now," Buckley said critically
Johnson smiled and didn’t answer. Buckley’s way of playing is very tough. His subconscious line is to go into hand-to-hand combat first, but he understands it more broadly. The line outside is definitely a nightmare for that kind of pile line. He always thinks that playing outside will gradually become the mainstream of basketball.
Just as two commentators were discussing Gasol, the Nuggets’ attack once again advanced to the frontcourt. Nash and Brand made a beautiful pick and roll. Nash took the opportunity to enter the line, then made a big circle online and made the Grizzlies line a mess. Then he suddenly killed it and ran outside the three-point line, ready to take off. Battier rushed over to make up for the defense. After he directly threw a plug to the baseline, Anthony jumped up with almost no defensive pressure. "Shua" easily hit two points.
The fans at the scene were excited and cheered again. Compared with the Grizzlies, the Nuggets attacked and shit, one was smoother than the other, which brought people a refreshing feeling, not at the same level.
"With you people!" The grizzlies’ old coach finally couldn’t help growling at his brothers, saying that in the regular season, because Battier and Percy were in the team, their defense efficiency was still very good. This is also the Grizzlies’ recognition that the Nuggets have suffered some chips, but now it’s just a Grizzlies defense, which is a bit ineffective. This is obviously not a good signal.
The Grizzlies’ offense is still Gasol’s sinking into the line. This time, other Grizzlies’ players are pulling quickly. Because Battier Mac Miller’s three-pointers are very threatening, the Nuggets dare not double-team Gasol with the ball behind him. Brand directly leaned against the line and chisel.
If Brand is not tall, a power forward is a little short. It is reasonable to say that it is difficult for a player to become a talent, but Brand can contribute 2 plus 1 steadily all the year round. There is naturally a reason for Brand’s reason, which is his ball dealer.
The ball dealer is a very subtle thing to say. Simply put, it means that the consciousness of dealing with the ball in the field is becoming more and more complicated. It includes defense, anticipation, attack observation and meticulous observation, including forcing the opponent to the side of his unaccustomed hand when defending. Generally speaking, the ball dealer is as important as physical talent, and the two bases determine the player limit.
Brand is obviously the representative of the super-high player of the ball dealer.
Of course, Gasol is also very clever, and his style is the same. At this moment, he knows that his biggest advantage is that his height has always been playing with his back. Try to get his shooting position close enough to the basket. After that, he turned to face Brand, who is half a head short, and it is naturally easy to score points, and even if he misses, he is likely to get the frontcourt rebounds.
And Brand obviously knows this. He is propped up all by himself at the moment, and his right foot is slightly tilted, ready to withdraw or guard against Gasol’s possible turn.
Brand is not tall, but the plate is very stable. Gasol didn’t find a suitable opportunity after playing for a few times, but the distance was enough for him to make a shot. He felt that Brand was fierce and suddenly turned right and was ready to throw back.
But just as he turned to the right, he suddenly felt that Brand’s center of gravity was also following him to the right, and he was abruptly stopped in his turning road.
Obviously, Gasol didn’t expect him to be caught off guard, but after all, he is the core of the team. This kind of scene is not unheard of. Fortunately, his central foot didn’t move, so he turned around and was ready to take a different direction.
At that moment, he suddenly felt his hand light, and then the ball in his hand disappeared. When he looked up again, Anthony had quickly advanced to the frontcourt with the ball. He was stupefied for a moment.