Hearing that Fu Yunyi was holding the steering wheel, his hands trembled. At this moment, he just waited for the red light car to stop. He turned to look at her and was flattered and happy. "Warm son, are you serious?"

Looking at him with a warm smile and nodding, "Well, I won’t see him after that."
"Warm son …" Fu Yunyi held her hand to her lips and kissed her heart softly. "Thank you, thank you for being willing to do this. I know it’s selfish, but I …"
Warm interrupt "What can I say to thank you? I should avoid suspicion now that I have you and other men, especially to make you nervous. I don’t feel wronged. It’s normal for you to have such an idea. If there are women in other places who like you and want to be close to me, I will also ask you to avoid suspicion. It’s best to stay away from each other."
After a pause, she sighed with a smile, "I care because I like it, I want to monopolize because I care, and I want to fight against my rival in love and cut peach blossoms because I want to monopolize it. It is only reasonable to say that I am not an ancient queen. It is enough to have one person around me!"
"Warm son …" Fu Yunyi was even more moved when he heard such words. "You are going to accept me completely!"
Warm heart "I just tell the truth is wrong, in fact, I’m sorry for you and me. It’s not that you’re a sorry brother …"
Fu Yunyi raised her hand and put her finger on her lips to stop her from saying, "Warm children are enough!"
Warmth didn’t say anything more, looking at his eyebrows and eyes like spring water.
He stared at her, too. The bottom of her eyes was full of affection.
Win at this time
Can’t you walk until the horn in the back is impatient to urge the green light to come on? Can’t you find a place out of the way when you are in love? Sincerely abusing single dog?
The atmosphere of the car is warm and relaxed. I don’t want to talk about Changle Palace just now. Who knows that in a few minutes, when her mobile phone rings, she can’t help but smile and can’t avoid it. "Aunt Lizhen"
The Zhou Lizhen sound is still hesitant. "Warm, is it convenient for you to talk now?"
"It’s convenient." Warm heart. "Just say anything."
Smell speech Zhou Lizhen breathed a sigh of relief. "It’s killing me. Before Yunyi took you away, it seemed as if the sky were falling. What’s the big deal if I haven’t stopped in my heart for seven days?"
"No" warm lightly chastising stared Fu Yunyi a look at you!
Fu Yunyi smiled and noncommittally.
Zhou Lizhen added, "It’s good to be okay. Hehehe, I didn’t figure it out just now. I was worried that you were robbed and said that he was a sister-in-law. Hehehe …"
Warm "…"
"But YunYi is worried that it is necessary to warm up. You don’t know. Fortunately, when you left, you could have been eaten by those men, especially those reporters who insisted on seeing you. The excitement was more exciting than interviewing Mary, and some rich men who were fascinated by you sent a lot of flowers to the locker room."
Warm rubbing his brow next to Fu Yunyi heard a sour hum.
Zhou Lizhen doesn’t know that these two people have a headache and a jealousy. In her opinion, although these things are a little trouble, they are definitely proud of women, and they are in a good mood. She keeps smiling. "Those people are simply fascinated by you, shouting the national goddess, shouting the dream lover and the most beautiful bride. Which title do you like? I think the most beautiful bride is the best … "
Warm and quick-she doesn’t like any of them.
"Now everyone is asking about you. This time, you are really silent, and you are a blockbuster doctor. You are under great pressure. Hehehe. You have to blame me for causing him several rotten peach blossoms. But I am still happy and warm. I think it is really wonderful for a woman to live here. Of course, it is also beautiful to appreciate the beautiful valley orchid, but it is hard to be desolate. Even wildflowers try to make way by the roadside. Take a look at it. What’s worse, are you the king who can shine in the crowd and make the flowers pale?"
This is both meaningful and inflammatory. The eyebrows moved.
The end Zhou Lizhen sighed as if regretful as melancholy. "I used to be aloof and conceited. I have been narcissistic for most of my life until now, but it is too late to miss the most beautiful flower season. Even if I want to be white, can I still be like this?" Just being alone and desolate, I think warm children must be different. Even if you are cool and indifferent, don’t miss the gorgeous bloom. It takes a woman a lifetime to live up to herself! "
Smell speech warm smiled "aunt lizhen thank you"
Zhou Lizhen know her white meaning is very gratified lightly chastising way "thank me? Give you this chance? You are wrong. I should thank you. You saved my life. "
"Then we don’t thank anyone even if we become each other," quipped with a warm smile.
"good!" Zhou Lizhen generous should sigh again "warm son you don’t ask yourself what number? You’re not curious at all? You are so weak in fame and fortune that those who seek positions by hook or by crook are embarrassed? "
"Aunt Lizhen, I’m not that noble. Hehehe, I’m confident. Well, I should be in the top three, right?" Warm and joking, but the tone is determined. "The other two are Xuan and Yao Shu, right?"
Zhou Lizhen was speechless for a moment before he smiled. "It’s really right that you squeezed into the top three models, that is, the three of you, Yao Shu, the third Mary, and the second one, you are the first and the highest vote. No one has any objection. I am warm."
Warm smile didn’t speak.
Zhou Lizhen added, "The only regret is that you didn’t receive the prize. I don’t know how many people feel dejected. Hehehe, they are looking forward to seeing you again. I almost didn’t get poisoned by those lost eyes for you …"
"Thank you, Aunt Lizhen."
"Hehehe, I’ve never been so happy in my life, or I borrowed you. The light reward is very generous, but I think you may not see the 1 million bonus and the honorary title of champion. There is another extra one. I wonder if you are interested." At last, Zhou Lizhen hesitated
"What is it?"