Lexaqi’s ghost staff left and bid farewell to the Beastmaster, who was alone. The cow looked at his hometown from a distance and never saw the tauren again. There were bloodthirsty orc barbecue shops, logging grounds and red flags far away. The gate was still tall, and a large sheepskin scroll was stuck on the face. The clan language could vaguely tell that the tauren and dogs were forbidden to enter the city. When they were angry, the nose ring flashed, symbolizing the tauren’s belief totem. It was clenched tighter and it was ready to turn away in a second.

The only magic vault in Thunder Cliff contains the wisdom of the ancestors of the tauren, the battle songs. Two of the smartest wizards of the clan, Damon Lehnick and Woking, often come here to discuss various soul spells. They found an interesting theorem among the tauren. Every hundred years, a disaster will break out in South Kalimdor. Twenty years after the disaster, it ushered in a long revival. "According to the tauren’s foolish reasoning, a disaster occurred in the year of the capture of Thunder Cliff in the 67th year of Woodrow calendar." The warlock stroked the refreshing ball and mumbled his teeth one by one. "Then the revival year is now!" It suddenly woke up busy wand leaning on the ground not to fall "bah, I knew it! The chief kindly let go of that alien and provoked a curse! "
A yellow light stung the warlock’s old eyes, and his green skin became distorted. He kept humming a few curses. "Be glad to be here. Damn Azraes." The warlock knew it was an illusion, but phantom lancer must have heard "Listen, the evil Black Sun tribe will fall, Damon Lehnick." "You can’t touch Thunder Cliff before I die!" Damon used to be the high priest of the Black Sun tribe and a branch of the Burning Legion. "No, no one stopped the Guards and the Tauren from taking revenge for those soldiers who were killed. The Warsong clan can’t go like this!" "Go away, go away!" The sorcerer’s dark words cleared the illusion and ended the unpleasant conversation.
"Give me a break, Chief Kane. My soul is devastated!" In a nightmare, Barassin shouted that almost every night its soul was condemned by conscience. "Hoo!" Wake up, the Schizophrenia wiped a sweat, its ogre axe propped up its huge body, and the lantern spirit fire was watching it, as if Tauren Chieftain’s majestic eyes were bright and the old orc silhouette appeared in front of him. "Damon Lehnick?" The soul-cracking man has become sweaty again. This treacherous old warlock is extremely suspicious. He strongly advocated killing all tauren and executing brother Azris, chief of Mongo. Although he has been respectful to the warlock for 20 years in Thunder Cliff, no one can say whether he will kill himself.
"No wine or barbecue?" The warlock greeted him with a mouthful of fangs in vague orc clan language. "My warlock’s adult, I’m dispatching Chief Mungo, the soul walker of the Linghoof tribe, to keep vigil." "Great, you have to keep doing it." Damon Lehnick was rarely friendly. He coughed and his face was not very good. "Strengthen the defensive patrol near Thunder Cliff, don’t give Sarkozy an opportunity and go to prison to get rid of the last batch of tauren." "Now?" "Yes, right now! It’ s not safe to kill me! " "It’s the warlock’s adult!" The soul-cracking man replied only Nuo Nuo, watching the warlock lean on his wand until his figure disappeared.
Walking along the prison road, the Schizophrenia remembered the original natural disaster comrades Carl, traxex, Motriti and Abaddon, who had strong fighting power and terrible swords. It is said that they later became famous in the Black Coast War, and the Guards Regiment never recovered. "Alas," Chief Kane’s bloody hoof exiled it, but after all, he was not as grumpy as the Axe King and never suspected his people. If they hadn’t met Motriti in the desert, it might have been another ending. "Hey!" Barassin kicked the red orc in the prison and glared at it discontentedly "to see the dozen tauren captured the day before yesterday".
The tauren’s eyes are more terrible than the red orcs. They keep humming as if to ridicule and anger and devour the soul-splitting people. "Hum, you will soon see the true meaning of death." "Boom!" Barassin was just talking when he heard the familiar totem ring behind him. He was surprised. "Riggs stone hoof! That’s impossible! What are you doing at Thunder Cliff? Didn’t you die twenty years ago? " "Bah chop suey!" God cow spit a mouthful of saliva to carry the totem pole "shame! You don’t deserve to be a tauren! The ancestral soul will punish the sinners who brought disaster to the people! " "Haha, I am a traitor?" Hearing this, the cow smiled shamelessly. "I can’t be a loyal dog like you!" The tauren Terran was eliminated by the natural order. When Thunder Cliff was surrounded, Sal didn’t have the same support? "
"Weak-willed coward" Azraes appeared. Compared with 20 years ago, Azraes had an extra golden cudgel in his hand. The soul-cleaver didn’t know that this artifact was once the palace treasure of the Dragon Palace Town in the East China Sea. "Azraes, you don’t seem to be qualified to scold me." The ghost lantern of the soul-cleaver suddenly glowed and turned into a dark purple, sprinting towards the shadow of phantom lancer, and the underworld forces quickly pushed Azraes back. "Poof" That was an illusion. "Taste the clan anger of the battle song!" Phantom lancer threw a soul spear and a golden cudgel. Without hesitation, he split it and instantly conjured up several identical clan soldiers, and the soul-splitting people took care of themselves.
The bloodthirsty orc guarding the prison roared and rushed over, "Ow!" The cow totem that shook the earth shattered the prison gate "The Tauren Tribe". The tauren prisoners came with their bare hands and Riggs’ stone hoofs. Centaurs and wild boar people met the guards with sharp knives and killed the past. The Riggs totem accumulated strength. With the echo of a cow and the aftershocks, it aroused strong waves, which shocked the sleeping Thunder Cliff. The earth was torn yellow and the energy waves rushed to all directions, and the enemy shattered. Even the wooden pillars supporting the prison collapsed. More and more clan orcs were burning bonfires outside the prison.
"hey!" A magic knife chopped the cow’ Ow’ and called for a lost totem pole. The chaotic orcs poured in like a flood. Barassin threw a handful of hidden dust and then caught several phantom spears. An assassin with a knife in his hand was Garona, who just chopped the knife. She was the handle. Garona quietly watched the tauren sage, an old and ugly soldier, caught the prisoner and sneaked into the prison. The orc split the soul and blinded a tauren’s eye! Kill them all and leave no survivors! " The orc executioner waved the butcher knife and Garona stopped them. "Don’t move!" "The warlock means that no tauren is allowed to stay."
"Leave it to my father." So the Schizophrenia obediently closed her mouth and Garona frowned. Azraes didn’t know whether it was an illusion or a real expression. The prisoners were burnt by the smoke and the mane was burnt. Blind and bleeding, poor tauren tortured and bruised, howling and cheering drowned Garona’s imagination, and the scars of war remained in everyone’s heart. Faced with the same grief, were those reckless orcs ignorant of pain or fragile, and I didn’t know how to stand it?
Chapter ninety-nine Garona’s last battle song The sky gradually dawned, and when it was near the fort of Mungo Kahn, the Schizophrenia found that Azraes had disappeared, and there was no mirror image. "Come out of phantom lancer!" Barassin was anxious to aim the knife edge of the ogre axe at the shaking cow. "Your soul is nearby. You are a righteous warrior. You must not want to hide in the corner and watch me kill this tauren?" "Bastard!" Riggs Stone Foot swore "Leave me alone, the tribe and the Guards Regiment", "I don’t think you will slaughter your own people’s honor", groped along the source, phantom lancer revealed himself, and the Barassin hand warrior surrounded him "Haha, that’s not necessarily", and the soul walker smiled proudly.
Suddenly, phantom lancer threw a blow at the soul-splitting spear, and the illusory front split off dozens of illusion golden cudgels and slammed the soul walker’s head. It tried to escape, but it was fierce. The enemy plane didn’t give it a chance to escape. There was a bloodthirsty orc chaos next to it, but no one was willing to help "save me". Barassin’s skull was cracked and he groaned forcefully. He wanted to cast soul skills to alleviate the pain. He was blinded by blood and searched around for targets. He was good at treating warlocks and witch doctors. "Uah!" A roar, the axe king stepped out of the tent, and the soul-cracking man, whether an enemy or a friend, sprinted at Chief Mongo with his broken head.
Behind Mungo, several female orcs with fair looks came out in a hurry. The chief was holding a crazy tomahawk and staggered. Obviously, he didn’t notice that Azraes was sprinting towards himself. Azraes threw another soul spear. Barassin lamented and collapsed at the foot of the axe king. "Oh, what’s that strange smell?" Chief Mungo kicked Barassin’s body, grabbed Garona’s braids and growled, "Drag this disgusting tauren to me!" The orc guards around him are not afraid of the war song. The majestic chieftain of the clan is not only outstanding in fighting, but also scary in his voice. "Oh, wait a minute!" Drunk, the axe king stopped. He went to phantom lancer and looked at it carefully for a long time. "Azraes is your brother?"
"The charge warriors broke the tribe!" Sal held high the hammer, and Grand Chief Lexar stood side by side in an Ogrima orc army, and marched into the grassland of mulgore in a mighty way. The most fanatical warriors of the clan greeted them, and even some trolls’ eyes were dyed blood red. It has been 20 years since the orcs drank the demon blood of the Burning Legion. Lexar didn’t know whether they were happy or struggling. "The Lich King’s adult gods can’t protect you from Thunder Cliff!" The warlock Damon Lehnick commanded the giant inferno in the back row, and the evil leader Wojin joined him in "Blahahahul!" The witch doctor threw a can of paralyzing medicine, and the enemy in the front row was catapulted and confused. The chaotic orcs took the lead in launching a storm.
"Long live the guards!" The orcs exhibited fierce fighting and hand-to-hand combat, and the drums thundered behind them. Lexar threw the wild axe to the brothers, and the axe staggered. When he received the axe, the witch doctor took the opportunity to curse the deadly voodoo, and then he summoned the frightening death guard Sal, who immediately ordered the orc shaman to treat Rexar seriously, and then cast a large static storm to forcibly interrupt Woking’s spell and control the flash power. A powerful lightning strike responded, "I have been pursuing the power of extinction and I will not hesitate to give my soul to the darkness." The old warlock muttered to refresh the ball, "Goodbye Sal! The fighting beasts watched in disbelief as the sky was just overcast, and the battlefield was swallowed up by the flaming clouds in a short time. The chaotic rain fell and a meteor-like hellfire hit the ground.
"No, no!" Lexar realized that the warlock would refresh the magic of the ball and summon a chaotic rain. If so, our soldiers would face disaster! He glanced at the great chief sal, who obviously didn’t realize that the warlock sang magic; Damon Lehnick coughed several times. He forced his wand to support his trembling body. Maybe the old warlock is dying. "No chance!" The Beastmaster opened the Ghost Staff and endured all kinds of magic pains as the enemies swung their swords and spears. The life of the warlock roared for the first time, "Dazdingo!" The witch doctor exclaimed that no matter how much voodoo restoration therapy, the old partner would never wake up again.
"Don’t lose your mind, Rexa!" Disruptor tried his best to save the dying BM with a silver arc. Rexar’s peaceful body "left the tribe". The tinnitus chief seemed to hear Rexar shout "left the tribe!" "I died in battle, brother!" Salho shocked the soldiers to hold on to the hammer of destruction and throw it into the distance, smashing a large rock into pieces. The Ogrimmar gladiator was unstoppable. Almost all the clan soldiers died, and the witch doctor fled back to Thunder Cliff with a small part of his dark spear trolls.
"Oh, it really is you!" The axe king woke up a little, although there was still a pungent smell of spirits around him. He beat Azraes’ chest. "Puppy! Old you forgot me! " Although the chieftain showed kindness, his hands were bloodthirsty and orcs still looked fierce. Riggs clenched Kohler’s dagger with his stone hoof. phantom lancer calmly pushed Mungo. "Brother, your time as a chieftain has passed, and I am here to replace you." "Oh?" Hearing this, Wang Lima became hostile. "It’s no fun to mix up. You should remember that no one can wrestle me." "You are old, brother, although there are still many followers to fight. The clan forbids you to lead."
When Chief Mungo finished drinking, he shouted, "Our troops are enough to crush you a hundred times!" The demon slaves’ murderous desire was aroused, and the shaman madman even extended his claws to Azraes. At this time, he found a row of Tauren Chieftain behind phantom lancer, which was very interesting. "Oh, before I became a brother, you always warned me to introduce the war to avoid the suffering of the orcs. Now it is more’ just’ to drive me to Taiwan by relying on the Guards?" He rudely grabbed half the centaur prisoners of war and waved a few slaps. The centaur’s ears became bloody. "Haha, is he really stupid?" "Whatever you say," phantom lancer raised his golden hoop. "I will drive you back to the dark abyss!"
"Azraes, you are so stupid. You should learn how to kill by assassins." Garona was a little sorry that clan soldiers surrounded Azraes and the blades pointed at him. "Get out!" Mungo Kahn drank his daughter back, and the soldiers also retreated "to fight one-on-one! I want to teach this puppy a lesson. You haven’t beaten me since I was a child! " The soldiers formed a circle outside the fortress. The chief threw away the crazy tomahawk. Azraes put the golden cudgel in the crevice of the stone. Garona stared at the arena closely. Two men frowned and a lot of sweat was secreted from the developed sweat glands of the orcs. "Father killed that traitor!" She held high the magic knife and shouted that the soldiers also rushed to cheer for the chief, "Beat that traitor!" " "Blood and glory belong to the battle song!"
Mulgore can keep the grassland at the first sight. The chariot of Chief Sal flattened the forest and swept the area around mulgore. "Dazdingo" Wojin and Troll Headhunter hid in Thunder Cliff. They clung to the fortress voodoo restoration and kept restoring the lives of the wounded. The battle songs, clan spikes and buildings defended the trapped animals. "Those fierce and savage orcs looked strong and chaotic." Sal observed the terrain of Thunder Cliff and fell into deep thought. "Many years ago, a mysterious crow flew into my dream and told me that Karimdo would usher in a catastrophe. The key to revival lies in the orcs themselves. "The goblins in disruptor’s army are fortunate enough to have the tauren sages and trolls, including all kinds of birds and animals. The thunderbolt is aimed at Wojin, accompanied by the roaring of chariots. The thunder cliff defense line is on the verge of collapse. Just like twenty years ago, the scene where the tauren fortunately went crazy and rushed into the main city to see the orcs, they killed and relieved their resentment against the warsong clan.
Phantom lancer is waiting for the axe king to attack Mungo Kahn, naked and scarlet, like a burning flame. The chief is eager to rush into the enemy’s secret battle, "chop suey!" Berserker’s roar inspired Azraes’ fighting spirit, which made him take the lead in attacking. His left hand rested on Mungo’s strong shoulder and his right hand punched "Bang!" Mungo grabbed him with his backhand and threw Azraes to the ground with his backhand. "Kill that traitor!" Garona cried in a circle, and the orcs followed the roaring sheik to expand the victory. Although Azraes tried hard to move back to the situation, after all, she was defeated by many of her brothers. His cheeks were beaten and his back was broken by a punch. "I will destroy you! This will make me very happy! "
The chief cheered a little less. Azraes was badly beaten. He could vaguely feel his sympathy. "You haven’t finished being demon slaves!" " He struggled to shout that this annoyed the axe king’s evil blood, and the red eyes flashed again. phantom lancer gradually ignited the thirst for killing and fighting, but gave him resistance. Then Azraes kicked Mungo’s throat with one hand, and then Azraes kicked the Sheikh’s knee with his greatest strength. The axe king was forced to step back a few hundred yards, gritting his teeth and supporting his body. His anger did not diminish. When the other side was hit hard, Azraes also put on quiet shoes to rejuvenate and quietly gathered strength. Both sides held the axe king’s mad axe in their hands, and phantom lancer also pulled out the golden cudgel.
"Which one of you still knows me?" Azraes shouted to the soldiers at the bottom. It is true that most orcs know that the chieftain has a brother who can recruit good soldiers and hates war. Azraes has always been regarded as a stranger by his people. Who dares to respond to the call of a clan who betrays battle songs? "Why don’t you want to be a butcher?" The axe king asked angrily, "Brothers are more powerful and chaotic than ever after drinking demon blood, and you are a strong ant at best!" " "Because of overconfidence, Eugenie defeated you, and the Lich King was not defeated by law." Azraes wiped the blood and calmly replied, "Of course, you have the power granted by the devil, but you have been cursed by the Burning Legion, enslaved and killed, and your desire is always tormenting your people!"
"Slash check! The Guards tribe will retaliate against the clan in this way. "The Axe King no longer bothersome and waved the axe to Azraes, and the golden cudgel slammed into the fire. Azraes tried his best to fight against Mungo Kahn to suppress the chieftain, and both sides fought back. Hunger and thirst forced phantom lancer to throw a soul spear at him, which made it difficult for the Axe King to capture the illusion of the fighter’s two places at once, and surrounded the Mongo chieftain. But he had insight into his brother’s little trick to counterattack the spiral and cooperate with the sharp edge of the Tomahawk, and the mirror image quickly vanished." Drink! " The sound of the axe king was deafening and shattered. Azraes had a braid tied behind his head. Azraes raised his spear with both hands and jumped and split. After a slam, the Sheikh’s shoulder and chest wounds were especially dense. phantom lancer was also hit hard by more than ten places.
"Demon remnants!" Azraes insulted his brother for the first time. His eyes were full of determination. "You don’t understand! I regard glory as my lifelong pursuit! " The axe king cut into Azraes’ chest with an axe. He kicked the Sheikh in the stomach and broke free from the sharp tear. "Blood and life are required!" Another axe to cut Azraes’ abdomen was blocked by his illusion. "Slaved fate, my brother!" Dozens of visions said the same thing in response to his axe "kill that traitor!" " Sweat flowed freely along her hair, and Garona cried sadly
Tribal lions stormed into the city, corrupted the orc army, and fought to the death in barracks, shops and tents. It was not a battle between the two armies. On the battlefield, the warriors shouted the slogan of "leaving the tribe" and "leaving the guards" to protect their strength. The witch doctor quietly evacuated from the main city with a group of trolls. Unfortunately, they were captured by another troll detachment of Salhui. "The old thing, the dark spear tribe was destroyed in your hands!" Troll Headhunter cursed Sal for riding a frost wolf and came to Woking. He left his troops to start voodoo restoration and fled in the opposite direction. A glance of evil thoughts pulled him back to curse and death guard. The witch doctor decided to fight to the death, but the headhunter around him had already pierced Woking’s heart with a spear.
"What’s that sound?" The two men who were dueling were attracted by the drums, and the axe king suddenly realized that "the guards dared to sneak attack while I was away!" Damn it, Azraes, you are unforgivable! " Inspired by the chief, the orcs have always been warlike. The orcs didn’t panic. Some orcs pointed their knives at the tauren prisoner Riggs’ hoofs. They smelled danger and had already held it in their hands. Kohler’s dagger jumped away from the shackles. The hunting net summoned an echo that shocked the earth. The arena was full of orcs’ bodies. "Blood hoofs don’t die!" Chief Mungo is still fighting, but the angry orcs immediately rushed to Azraes and the god cow, and Garona killed the leading soldier with a knife. "Come back! Let father continue to fight! " She shouted at the top of her lungs, "Kill that traitor! Father! "
"When the noble orcs become bloodthirsty and violent war criminals, can they still live? My brother! " The axe king roared to the sky and cut off Azraes’ hair. phantom lancer did his best to throw out the soul spear and instantly separated dozens of mirror images. In the distance, Saar troops kept rushing to disruptor to stop the attack. All orcs held their breath and watched the life-and-death battle "Kill that traitor!" Garona’s potential remains undiminished, and her voice is hoarse when she comes.
Mungo Kahn pretended to fight the illusion, hungry and agile, and Azraes immediately pierced the Sheikh’s heart with a golden cudgel! Phantom lancer’s neck was also torn by the crazy tomahawk, and the orc died in glory. If an orc can sacrifice for clan freedom, it will never feel pain. "Salute to you, my brother may the battle song never die." Azraes left his last eyes to his brother and Garona, and then quietly closed his eyes. "Kill that." Garona suddenly stopped talking. She gave an orc’s original roar with tears and rushed to Azraes chest to kiss his cold lips madly.
The aristocratic ring woven in the braid fell off. It was many years ago that she asked traxex for a small ornament, which was also the only ornament possessed by a female assassin. The drow ranger told her that wearing a noble headband would make men love her. Azraes was red with blood, and the land of Thunder Cliff was "blood hoof never dies!" Riggs’ stone hoof knelt down, and everyone threw away their weapons and bound them in the bloodthirsty beast. The evil forces were also released, and the red light in their eyes gradually disappeared. "I hope that the Warsong clan and the tauren will coexist peacefully in the future." What is Sal still talking about? Garona is still desperately kissing Azraes, leaving the scars in everyone’s heart to face the same grief. Are those reckless orcs ignorant of pain or fragile? I don’t know how to stand it? In the seventeenth year of Elwood’s reign, the blood of Azraes purified the orcs who were polluted by demons, and the orcs were finally free.
Chapter one hundred The news that the Arc Watcher was defeated by the natural disaster in Quel ‘Salas soon spread all over eastern kingdoms. The blood elves pursued the undead cemetery stronghold under the banner of’ Guards Corps’, and the psychic colleges successively lost their victories, which shocked the previously levied Storm Kingdom and Gilneas Kingdom in Lordaeron mainland. Dalaran Federation also seems to be ready to move. "In the name of the Lich King, swear that the Southern Guards will never call unless I die." Motriti promised her dead people that the queen was secretly returning to undercity. This time, there was no crazy welcome team, and even the death knights stationed in the palace were no longer humble. Motriti calmly faced all this. She knew that when she won the battle, the people would support you. And one day, when you can’t bring them honor, the people will abandon you lovingly.
In this trial, those prey hiding in the dark appeared a subtle smile on the Queen’s mouth, and suddenly she became very sad. She especially didn’t like swinging, and the tomb was as angry as a palace. There were no ancient trees like Magina and Chandelsa, and there were Karl and traxex’s black castle undercity, but it was hard to bear the illusion of finding someone to accompany her. It was even better for Abaddon. She folded her long ears and had a soft body and ran into her coffin. "Hi" was Crobel Ruth’s view that the banshee looks scary and Death Prophet looks even more "tragic".
"Afraid?" The queen laughed at her for being too frightened and gently stroked Crobel Ruth’s forehead. "Inexplicable pain is eroding me!" "What does it feel like?" She saw the same dilemma as herself from the banshee’s eyes. "Come on," Mottrey turned her body over and pressed it tightly against Crobe Ruth’s chest, put her arm around her shoulder and exhaled beside her ear. Crobe Ruth cooperated with Mottrey’s fingers and blocked her. She kept panting, her lips were wide and the coffin was full of two undead. It trembled back and forth in the silent tomb.
"That’s enough, sister!" Meredith wanted to move further. Cleopatra’s hand stopped her. "You need a man like Lord Abaddon. I can’t satisfy you." The phantom assassin was a little angry. She clamped Cleopatra’s hand and forced her to press her on her body. The banshee was not as strong as the assassin. She was forced to cast a silent magic on her to make Meredith speak. This made the queen lean over her body, but her hand was still on her violently undulating abdomen. For a long time, both of them lay in the coffin and gasped. They hugged each other and fell asleep.
"Now I don’t need to sleep more and more, and I often sleep for two hours a day, but I slept very steadily last night. The Guards Resistance Army in the south of the mainland tried to put out and couldn’t unite them with the Storm Kingdom. Damn it, Silencer even claimed to belong to the Guards Corps." Motriti wrote to the lich with some complaints and complaints, while Kel ‘Thuzad briefly warned her that "you should pay attention to being lurking in the Queen’s Temple of the’ Enemy’ in undercity." She really wanted to get rid of the disloyal and poisonous warlock Risel against the Troll Ranger. Ambiguous attitude makes Merritty uneasy. She will never allow the Scourge to break out. A more potential threat is that Zete, a wolf who is proficient in magnetic field flow, has too many secrets. Merritty will not let this guy live long.
After writing the reply, Motti enjoyed the fruits plundered from Terran Manor. In the morning, the faint sunshine penetrated the air and shone on the undercity Palace deep underground. She carefully peeled the orange peel and stared at the round fruit for a long time. At this time, a series of silver metal rubs came in and the noise dispelled the Queen’s eating. Yaxing Defense of the Ancients led a group of deputy armed skeleton cavalry into the hall. He looked as if everyone owed him a Rapier. "I came to see you," he said bluntly, but usually he couldn’t hold back a word. The atmosphere in the palace was extremely embarrassing.
Crobel Ruth looked at him shyly. "Do you want it?" Seeing Abaddon’s cold and serious expression, Motti smiled and handed the peeled orange to him. The Lord took it rudely and ate it two times. Perhaps Abaddon lost his taste after swallowing the orange for a long time. "How have you been, Lord?" Crobel Ruth asked. Maybe Abaddon didn’t hear him wipe the frost and walked sadly and smartly to the door. "Remember to ask me for help in case of war." "Wait!" Motriti told him to run to Abaddon’s side, put his arms around his strong back and kissed him gently on the cold, bearded side face. "You are a good man, right? This has never changed."
"It should be a good ghost" Abaddon twisted his neck and solemnly corrected "You are so charming, and it hasn’t changed either." Motriti watched Defense of the Ancients go away with a smile on her mouth. Crobel Ruth put her hands on the queen’s waist. "I think you and the Lord should be together." "Who knows?" The queen gave a wry smile and saw Carl, traxex and the phantom of the sword of terror. They were with Abaddon. "I made too many mistakes and killed many people. Maybe he already hates me. I am a.