Yuan Shen Yu Jian, this is really a handsome skill. If the soul reaper’s bone-shaping skill can be directly controlled by the necromancer, it would be so exciting to think about clapping your hands in front of the monster. Bones No.1 will turn into a spear or sickle, and even a bone sword will be harvested back and forth on the battlefield with your own thoughts. The life of the monsters is pale and Guanghua flashes a surplus body. This is the soul reaper.

It’s a pity, it’s a pity that Chu Fei sighed for a while and sealed the soul reaper No.1 in the new small bone back into the return journey, no matter whether he picked up the beast whip and sharp axe, the soul reaper became the most harmful summoner again.
It’s no wonder that so many necromancers desperately want to cultivate mutant skeletons Chufei. Now it’s not hard to understand that those necromancers who have left their names in history are outstanding. They all have made four mutant guys. How powerful are the four mutant skeleton soldiers? After witnessing the second mutation of Little Bone No.1 Chufei, you can imagine it, but you won’t be so beautiful as before. Adults must cultivate five or six mutant skeletons.
"Hey, those people have already left?" Chufei walked out of the laboratory and came to the building. He accidentally found that Bilise and sisters Hector were sitting there drinking tea and discussing something similar to a magazine with magical images.
"You mean those tailors? We asked them to take measurements and let them leave after choosing a style. You were scared by their posture. In fact, if the team leader is not Mrs. Tess, the horse will leave after they come to take measurements." Bliss laughed.
"Yes, the woman who led the team really made people feel very wordy. When I came, they would linger here for a long time." Chufei sat down to continue to enjoy the fruit platter that had not been eaten just now, and at the same time, she also saw clearly that what Bilise and others saw was similar to a photo album, but all of them were movable magic images. It was really a royal tailor. This kind of magic prop must be quite expensive.
"Master, I’m really sorry. We ordered two extra sets of gifts for my mother." Hector looked up and said timidly, Prissy chose the tailor, which is of course the most upscale gift and the most expensive. They were excited for a moment and their mother ordered two sets, and then they found out that it was so expensive before the tailors left.
"No, Mrs. Schell has always respected my elders, and during this period, she has been working hard on territory construction. What are these two gifts? If you have anything you want to give her, just buy it. You don’t mind the price." Chufei didn’t care. "By the way, you might as well ask Mrs. Schell to come back and live. In the past two days, we will stay in Lugaoin, and then we will go to Tara to choose an ancient tomb. You will also have a good reunion with your mother and let your mother know that you have broken the limit and become a job-seeker."
"Thank you, my Lord. We’ll immediately inform my mother to let her come over." Although Monroe and He Daxie have officially become job-changers, their words and deeds are still followers who want to ask themselves. Although they have long wanted to do this in their hearts, they still dare not move without ChuFei’s approval.
"The gift can be delivered in the evening, but have you booked the banquet? I remember you didn’t seem to do it." Beatrice suddenly said to Chufei, leafing through the photo album
"Ah, it’s a good thing that you woke me up. The most important thing was almost forgotten. I’ll prepare it right now." Chufei patted his head and got up and walked outside. He decided to entertain all the heads of the territory tonight, but he forgot about the banquet. This is a joke. If he goes out, it will definitely become a joke for Lu Gao.
Chufei walked out of the house and immediately released the crazy wolf and rode it to the office building of Yatema. Speaking of it, he was really incompetent. He didn’t even know how many people were in charge of his own territory. Now he always felt embarrassed to ask ikiss. He just booked the whole hotel, which was more magnificent and could deter others. But this kind of thing still needs Yatema’s help. After all, the whole hotel is Yatema’s private industry.
By the way, invite Yatma to attend. Although this Luguoyin master may not necessarily attend, it is a kind of respect. If she attends, it will be a lot of benefits. By the way, Chasi, an old friend of the barbarian blacksmith, once said that she had developed new technology and consumed a lot of equipment in Chufei. I don’t know if there is a breakthrough now. Naturally, this banquet will call her and Chasi, a casting master, who has a good impression on herself. She should come to attend, right? Alei, the Afar family, and the president of the Mages Association, after all
The third chapter 4 Chasi replacement
Chufei personally went to Atema for help. The female tycoon who monopolized hotels and hotels in Lugaoin did not hesitate to promise to rent Chufei the largest and most luxurious hotel in Lugaoin for one night, and offered a 30% discount price and promised to show up at that time. Atema was very grateful to Chufei, and then the foundry master Farah and her brother Chasi felt a little grateful. Unfortunately, Farah was going to attend the Foundry Normal University meeting, but it was completely confirmed that she sent Chasi to attend this banquet on her behalf, which made Chufei feel a little relieved.
When I got home, I waited for about two hours before a tailor sent me a custom-made gift. After this gift, I sewed it according to Chufei’s wishes, which was close-fitting and comfortable. More importantly, the four variation skeletons with magic patterns before and after were particularly mysterious and powerful. Chufei was also wearing such a formal gift for the first time, but she bought it directly at an ordinary clothing store. Now it is really old-fashioned to think about it, especially compared with this gift, it is not only a royal tailor, but also a super-fast one.
Chu Feili was the first to deliver the gift, but Beatrice, Hector and Monroe had to wait for a while, but he didn’t have a chance to witness the three people exchanging gifts. After he put on the gift, he was directly pushed out of the house, because Beatrice told him that the banquet organizer had to wait at the banquet hall as soon as possible. This is a kind of etiquette. What a strange etiquette! Some Naidan had to do this, but Chu Fei was able to go to the hotel before. At this time, the whole hotel had been cleaned and prepared because of Atma’s command.
Holding a banquet is really tedious. All kinds of menus, decorations and drinks are complicated. Fortunately, this hotel is also considered Lugao. Because the person in charge of the signboard is very aware of it, he gave Chufei a lot of advice and reduced a lot of trouble for him.
When ChuFei informed ikiss, it was said that it was a dinner party, that is, everyone had dinner at that time, but in fact, people came here one after another before the evening. No wonder Bilise wanted ChuFei to come here. It seems that this is the reason. People always do this. With the high status, get something complicated to show it. It’s just such a party. Look at this dress and look. This is also a human nature. Actually, ChuFei doesn’t hate this.
After these people arrive, they should first meet with Chufei, and then form a small circle to chat together. Chufei, the Lord, is very high and talented, which is very different from the general Lord. Although these people are all in charge of the territory, Chufei doesn’t know it. This state is the best. If a circle of people flatter themselves, it will be difficult and they will wait for more than an hour before they finally arrive. At this moment, the whole hotel is full. Even Chufei is surprised that the territory is not small, but I didn’t expect to get so many qualified.
Ikiss came first, but the former bandit leader was obviously more interested in Chufei’s medicine than the banquet. At that time, he drank some and found a room to refine the medicine. Otherwise, this guy would be more convenient here. After all, he is Chufei’s spokesperson in the territory.
"Chasi, this gift of yours today really makes people feel very special!" Chufeilai was chatting and sitting there, but when Chasi appeared, she almost gushed out the red wine in her mouth. Chasi, who has always been dressed in rags and covered in oil, actually wore a set of gifts today. Although it is not the kind of off-the-shoulder ceremony of other ladies, her huge figure with this gift is really eye-catching! For old friends, he still started enthusiastically and immediately leaned over and laughed
"I regret it now. It’s better to wear ordinary clothes. It’s really uncomfortable to finish the monster now." Chasi was very depressed and twisted her body. This gift wrapped her tightly. She moved freely to lift the barrel and fill it with two mouthfuls to relieve her depression. Now she found that once she did that, I’m afraid this dress would burst.
"Without this hotel, there is also a separate room. You can change clothes or directly eat, eat and drink what you want in it. What is our friendship? You don’t have to be polite to me." Chufei laughed and said that Chaxi was really funny. No wonder so many people around her scanned her strangely.
"It’s best if I stay here, I’m afraid I can’t help but take out a sledgehammer and hit those women in the face!" Just west a face of angrily surrounded by several women together from time to time to project a strange look to don’t have to listen to also know what they are saying.
"Let’s go, I’ll take you to find a list. Let Hector and Monroe come to accompany you for a while. Actually, I don’t like this occasion very much, but you also know that this kind of thing is beyond my control." Chufei led Chasi to the building, and Bilaise’s birth determined that she was very familiar with this banquet. Now she has been laughing with those ladies. Chufei is not used to this occasion, so he decided to avoid it for a while.
"Chufei once consumed three pieces of bright gold equipment in succession, but I didn’t gain anything. It was because of that loss that I learned something. After two months of hard study that I feel that this time I will be able to successfully display the replacement technique. If you are willing to trust my intuition, then tell me what equipment you want." Chasi followed Chufei into a room and escaped from the sight of the group. She suggested to Chufei that she was much relaxed.
"Yeah, let me think about it." Last time, it really made Chufei dreary exercise. At that time, Chasi said to himself that the replacement was almost successful. So Chufei took out four pieces of equipment with quite good properties and let Chasi’s test results be wiped out. There was no one left. Now, if you think about it, you still can’t help but twitch.
"Well, I believe you again. I just replaced the tomb raider evolution amulet with +1 necromancer summoning skill necklace. Although I can’t do it now, it’s also quite precious. After all, this attribute is very rare. Then I have a strong and oversized amulet with +3 defense. This is too much defense and too little defense. Can you replace this tomb raider evolution necklace with +1 necromancer summoning skill to this oversized amulet surface?" Chu Feisi took an exam for a long time and took out the former ambassador necklace and an oversized amulet. Since Chasi is confident, he also dares to gamble on Chasi, a female savage. He still knows this kind of guy better, and he has a strong wild intuition and a great chance of success.
"Ah, I really don’t know whether you should believe me or prepare to put pressure on me if you take out these two pieces of equipment!" Chasi didn’t expect ChuFei to take such precious equipment out, so I gasped with a wry smile. "Although I feel that I should succeed, don’t blame me if I fail."
"If you fail, you owe me, that is, I’m not in a hurry to get it back at once, but your replacement has been mastered since we left Rogge camp for more than a year. Why is the success rate still so low?" ChuFei motioning with his hand just west to do at the same time strange asked.
"It’s hard to add my qualifications to this skill, and it’s not good to develop to this level. With your support, I once asked Sister Farah, but she told me that this skill didn’t exist before, but it was not suitable for history and was eventually eliminated. It’s rare to use equipment to hone this skill, which requires a lot of equipment, which is a burden for the gradual increase of job-changers." Chaxi was depressed and finally raised her registration through embedding free eyes, only to find that the root of the skill was chicken ribs. If it wasn’t for Chufei’s deep pockets to support her, it would be impossible to practice
The light blue light directly floats the oversized amulet from Chasi’s hands, which is very big for ordinary people, but it is almost the same as the belt in Chasi’s hands. The necklace and the oversized amulet are wrapped in blue light, and a trace of lux or deep purple shines from time to time in the pure sea blue light, which looks really beautiful. However, compared with this light, Chasi’s face is not so good. It is a very tired and pale color. It seems that this replacement technique consumes a lot of energy. You know, Chasi’s spirit after drinking Chufei’s configuration potion should be much stronger than that of the same level foundry.
"It’s good luck to succeed this time. I can eat and drink here with peace of mind. I want to drink the best wine and eat the best meat. Haha." It was a long time before the light in Chasi’s hands gradually disappeared, and at the same time, an oversized amulet Chufei was revealed. The necklace has disappeared. Replacement is really a skill.
Tomb raider’s oversized amulet
Level 3 is required.
+1 Summon Skill (Necromancer only)
Chu Fei was very happy to receive the amulet. I didn’t expect that it was really successful. It is very rare to add the necromancer’s summoning level to the amulet. It is rare that Chasi can replace it once, and there is still a chance of success. This replacement is a good skill. At this moment, he decided to continue to support Chasi.
The third chapter 5 Surprise banquet
The necklace can bring a small amulet that Chu Fei changed the original +1 necromancer’s evocation skill to the tomb raider’s evolution. Now he is wearing a small amulet with fallen eyes and bright gold. The property of the amulet is +2 necromancer’s evocation skill. However, the large amulet is not limited, so you can get the property of the large amulet’s face. Just after the replacement of the necklace+necromancer’s evocation skill was transferred to the oversized amulet, Chu Fei was very happy. After putting this oversized amulet into the box, his evocation skill was immediately increased by +1, and the skeleton
However, it is very rare to find the +1 necromancer’s summoning staff or other equipment, although it is difficult, but it is far less difficult than finding that kind of big amulet. Chasi can accurately grasp this ability and have a high success rate, so Chu Fei may get a second +1 necromancer’s summoning super amulet, which makes him feel very excited to think about it.
"Chasi, don’t give up this ability. You feel that your qualifications are not good. I didn’t remember that I gave you those potions. I will give you better and more perfect potions now. Drinking them will definitely help you improve your own quality; Let me do the equipment you need for your experiment. This time, I also got some from Kurast. I will leave it for you if I don’t, but my requirement is that you can’t reveal this matter. "Chufei suppressed his excitement and promised Chasi.
"It’s great to get your potion. I’ve made great progress. I’ve made a lot of breakthroughs in spirit. Even Sister Farah said that I’m a barbarian. This is a great help to my casting skills, but this time it’s a coincidence. You gave me the equipment. I can’t guarantee that I can make a breakthrough. If it doesn’t work then, it’s really a wave." Chasi’s replacement skill is her unique skill. If someone continues to support her, she doesn’t want to give up, but the success rate is too low. If she is not careful, she
"No, this is a very powerful ability. I can bear all these losses. You can rest assured that you will continue to study well." Chufei seems to be generous and nodded. Although his heart is dreary, he can still afford it. Now he has a treasure house of Sakaram in terms of money, and once the territory is formal, he can earn a lot of money. In terms of equipment acquisition, he can be said to be the strongest in the same level. Just leave his own equipment to Chasi for research.
"It’s time for Chufei to host the banquet." Fang Gen didn’t tell Chufei directly outside the door that it should be time for the banquet. "Well, I know that Chasi, you are here. I’ll let Hector and Monroe accompany you now, and Mrs. Schell is here. You old neighbors of Rogge Camp can get together today." Chufei said to Chasi and then walked to the surface with Prissy. Chufei, the owner of the territory, will naturally attend the speech.
The so-called speech is that before Chufei, he will express his gratitude and make a guarantee at the same time. The class is nothing more than ensuring that everyone’s interest class is just a chat in Chufei’s view. Others also tacitly understand each other. He doesn’t think that his speech is wonderful, but the king is domineering and scattered. Everyone immediately kneels down and swears to go to his own efforts to perfuse it. At ordinary times, he has to rely on * ikiss and Beatrice, the cousin. These two agents can be said to be the highest and heaviest lords, netting ikiss Chufei and netting Biweischu.
"Chu Fei’s adult’s speech just now was really wonderful. After listening to it, people were very moved to accumulate in their hearts, and some depression disappeared." Bevis came up with a glass of red wine to pay tribute to Chu Fei and then gently took a sip of her. She was wearing a gorgeous evening gift. After all, she was too old to cover up wrinkles and make up too much.
"You flatter me. Although I am a Lord, I have made no contribution to the territory. The real hero is that you have heard about the territory for three days and three nights without rest. I am really touched." Chufei wry smile made him feel uncomfortable.