At the time of suspension, when all the players from both sides come on stage and the game enters the most exciting time, it depends on the tactical arrangement of the coaches and the players’ performance on the spot.
Chapter 31 lore? Anti-lore
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There are many tactics and bodies in nba games, and they play an important role in the game, but when the game really enters the countdown stage, he becomes a master star, and the performance time is better than that of the Spurs.
The Nuggets’ man-to-man defense was fierce, because the referee’s penalty scale was loosened at the key moment of the game, which was a common thing in the nba, and the players were allowed to decide the game at the key moment.
After several ball guides, the Spurs failed to find a shot to control the ball. Parker gave the ball to Duncan.
With one second left in the Spurs’ attack,
Defending Duncan is the player who has been running for almost the whole half-court. At this time, he is also exhausted, but he still relies on willpower to persist at the key moment.
After Duncan took the ball, the horse chose to be familiar with the back play and was very tough to squeeze in.
One step at a time, two steps at a time, strong, so it’s not easy for Duncan to hit back.
Duncan soon arrived near the familiar three-second zone, shaking around looking for the change of center of gravity.
At this time, the Spurs have less than 3 seconds left to attack and less than 1 second left to the end of the game.
Duncan finally felt that the center of gravity was cheap after shaking for a few days in a row. He turned around and took advantage of it, and instantly he felt that the ball was there.
Other Spurs players are also relieved to see this ball. A player of Duncan’s level must be 90% sure of this position.
The ball spins and flies towards the backboard. If you want to hit that red circle, you must hit the board to score. If you want to score, the Spurs will lead by four points. The Nuggets can’t help it.
Flint suddenly a blue figure swooped in from the perimeter, and he was very fast. In Duncan’s hand, he also jumped up.
A crisp ball was shot out by him, and the powerful force hit the ball directly to the Spurs bench.
Field crow
"Interference ball! Disturb the ball! "
Turkoglu shouted near the free throw line.
Spurs players seem to have an epiphany and then shout at the referee to interfere with the ball.
The baseline referee waved his hand to show that Anthony blocked the ball successfully, but at this time the sideline referee made a signal that Anthony blocked the ball just now.
At the tense moment, the two referees disagreed.
In 23 years, nba playback technology has been put into the game, which makes playback seem to be the only thing that can determine the judgment result when the referees have different opinions.
Players from both sides were asked to return to the technical bench of the bench and leave the referee and staff to confirm the video playback.
Anthony, like other Nuggets players, stared at the court and put it on the screen over and over again, playing back the camera from the baseline camera to the basket camera, and watching the camera angle from the sidelines camera.
It’s not long for the referee to confirm the result, but it’s a long time for both players and fans on the spot, like a century has passed.
About five or six minutes later, a worker called the head coaches of the two teams to the technical desk and told them the confirmed result.
Anthony has been staring at the technical desk, and when he saw Vicky return to the Spurs bench with a wave of his hand and anger, he knew that Buzdrick’s return must be good news.
"Let’s get the ball over here and set up tactics."
Buzdrick took a bite as Anthony expected.
At the last minute, the team bet on three-pointers. Buzdrick Camby changed the outside line to Miller, Leonard, Anthony and White. The goal was to get three-pointers. The Spurs struggled for a whole substitute gap, which made the Nuggets unable to play overtime.
There are nine seconds left in the game
The Spurs also lined up all the small teams except Duncan, and their goal was also very clear. Defending 3 points was their main goal.
The referee blew his whistle, and the tense moment has come.
The audience gasped and stared at the stadium. Brown and Johnson were also staring blankly for fear of missing something.
The Nuggets serve Miller, Anthony and White, who first ran out of the crowd, feinted and shot into the line to take the defender away, and then Leonard was killed from the crowd.
"Stop him!"
* * Vicky shouted on the sidelines that he had seen that Anthony and White were the cover, and Leonard was the real killer.
Leonard came out and Miller decisively threw the ball out.
Leonard catches the ball. Two defenders of the Spurs have already jumped.
"This way!"
Anthony then shouted from the left to defend him. Bowen’s online has been blocked by Camby’s pick and roll. He is now in an absolute position. It is very likely that Leonard’s ball will pass through.