At the end of the game, the Knicks scored 97-1.

Knicks fans cheered heartily. After the game, the total score of Knicks was 3. 1 Leading the Pacers Not surprisingly, the Knicks will eliminate the Pacers. After losing to the "big dream" Olajuwon in the finals, he will enter the finals again after many years.
Kevin Totti scored 13 points, 15 assists, 7 rebounds and quasi-triple-double figures again. Today, the Knicks hero is Alan Houston, who made 14 of 1, 3 of 5 and scored 31 points, while Sprewell also scored 25 points when he came off the bench.
Reggie Miller, the Pacers, scored a maximum of 35 points, but it can’t hide the fact that the team lost.
The trend of the times is that the death of the walkers is imminent
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Chapter 24 March into the finals
Chapter 24 March into the finals
The fourth game of the Eastern Conference Finals ended the next day, and the fourth game of the Western Conference Finals also came to an end. The San Antonio Spurs defeated the Portland Trailblazers 9 times, leaving no chance for the Trailblazers to sweep the Trailblazers Spurs into the Western Conference Championship in 1999, taking the lead in reaching the finals.
This season, the Spurs have built a strong line combination with two top-ranked "Navy Admiral" David Robinson and "Stone Buddha" Tim Duncan. In addition to losing to Gatt and leading the Timberwolves, they swept all the way to the finals, and even the strong Los Angeles Lakers "OK" combination was also 4; Cut off the horse
When I learned that the Spurs had taken the lead in the finals, the pressure fell on the Knicks. If I want to get a rest as soon as possible, I must kill the Pacers in the fifth game. If I get a rest equal to the Spurs, I will lose first in momentum.
Time; June 1st.
Location; Atlanta
Against; New york Knicks VS Indiana Pacers Game 5
As soon as the game started, the walkers showed a strong counterattack, and Reggie Miller hit three points and six points in a row at the baseline. Rick Smith, who led the Knicks’ back line, made several strong hits. Fortunately, Kevin and Alan broke through the stable situation. At the end of the first quarter, the Pacers led the Knicks by 251.
In fact, from the overall strength, the Pacers with star players such as Reggie Miller, Mark Jackson, Chris Mullin and Rick Smith did not lose to the new york Knicks, but they played extremely hard in several games. The root cause is the configuration.
Pacers don’t have a really strong center Rick Smith, which can be regarded as a better line. Even super lines like A Lang Zomonen and Mutombo have to avoid their sharp edges in the era when the four centers are rampant. It is conceivable that Ewing, the gorilla, suppressed Rick Smith. In addition, the Knicks linear array also includes star power forward Larry Johnson, defensive center Marcus Camby and "Crazy Eye" Kurt Thomas, who are also hoarding excellent players such as Sprewell, Lewis and Alan Houston in the front guard Knicks.
The weakest point guard of the Knicks in history is perfect in the base area after Kevin joined. Kevin’s talent in assists is outrageous. At present, Kevin has the first scoring ability per game, strong breakthrough ability and long-range shooting skills. The stability of jump shots and CIC is poor, and there are few mistakes. The disadvantage is that the defensive experience is insufficient and he is often cheated out of position by false moves.
In the backup guard Ward can win, plus other powerful benches, the bandit Knicks are amazing, and many experts think that this Knicks array is the strongest in two years.
Although the Pacers played an imposing role, just when people thought that the Knicks were doomed today, "Gorilla" came out and even scored to stabilize the situation.
Then it dawned on the Knicks. Today, the Knicks played a simple attack, especially because Alan Houston broke through the pick and roll.
Van Gundy gave Alan a limit during the timeout, and it was up to him to decide whether to shoot or shoot. Kevin didn’t care, but was at leisure.
After Alan broke through Miller’s score in a row, Birdman sent Antonio Davis and Mullin to double-guard, but if other teams were frozen after the main scorer, they might be flustered for a while, but the Knicks would never send Sprewell to grab the points as soon as Alan was frozen.
Sprewell received Kevin’s assists in a row, hit three points and broke through Mullin’s defense. The Knicks and the Pacers were constantly pulled by the dunk.
The Pacers called for two consecutive timeouts to arrange Byrd’s death, but he was really unwilling.
The game continued, but Ewing, the gorilla, continued to explode and showed his super scoring ability. He scored one point in four minutes to prove to everyone that he was not old enough to be a "big four center". He had his own dignity and played low singles several times in a row, which not only ruined the Pacers’ plan, but also knocked Rick Smith out.
Rick Smith Field became the last straw to overwhelm the Pacers. The Pacers were imposing except Miller.
At the end of the half game, Knicks 5545 led the Pacers by one point.
As soon as "Good Boys" entered the locker room, they saw Lewis boys cheering there. It is no wonder that in the first year of their career, they can reach the finals. Not everyone has such an opportunity and luck. After the Knicks were happy for a while, Van Gundy arranged the tactics.
"Boys, we have won the game, but I hope you won’t be careless. If the game is not over, it means that the outcome is not tied. I hope you can take this game slowly and surely, and most importantly, I don’t care if the horse dodgers are caught after winning." A little joke was made.
"got it"
"All right, let’s send them to the west."
In the half game, although the Knicks were ready for the Pacers to counterattack, they were still shocked by the ferocity of the Pacers. Chris Mullin, a veteran, struggled several times and fell to the ground. Rick Smith also jumped out to save a ball that was about to go out. With the fierce fighting and defense of the Pacers, the score was even for a while.
Not good.
Kevin frowned, and now the Pacers’ ability value is doubled like taking banned drugs, so even if they win the game, they may lose or scrap someone in the fight.
After thinking for a while, Kevin called a pause.
"What do you mean by time-out? Didn’t you see the game enter a stalemate?" Sitting on the bench, Van Gundy asked angrily when he saw Kevin coming.
"The coach is not only in a stalemate, but also the pacers are in a dying stage. Now they are in last stand. I’m afraid that even if we win, it will be a disastrous victory." Kevin is too ignorant to command Van Gundy, holding back his unhappiness. Kevin said his views coldly.
"This ….." Van Gundy also felt very reasonable.
"Coach Kevin was right. Those people in the Pacers did have some hard work. Just now, even Rick’s bitch dared to fight with me." Ewing also felt that it was wrong to listen to Kevin and immediately come over for nothing.
Van Gundy knows Kevin makes sense after a little thinking, but it is the first time he has seen this situation and he doesn’t know how to deal with it.
"Coach, I suggest that delaying the game can slowly kill the morale of the pedestrians. It is best to speed up the rotation. If the injury is delayed for a while, I believe that the momentum of the pedestrians will drop." Kevin saw Van Gundy’s dilemma and could make his own suggestions
"But according to Kevin’s method, Ewing, Larry Camby and Thomas should be careful to reduce unnecessary damage." Van Gundy made a decision.
At the end of the timeout, everyone watched carefully. As Kevin said, the pacers really seemed to be dying. Mark Jackson snapped several times. Kevin held the ball outside the three-point line and stopped, while the other four kept moving.
As the minutes passed, Kevin seemed to be in no hurry until the last five seconds of the attack. Kurt Thomas and Alan Houston made a cover and Kevin stuffed the ball.
Regardless of the rush, Reggie Miller, Alan catches the ball and throws it.
Alan is lucky. Basketball is in the net.
The Pacers just wanted to fight back, only to find that everyone in the Knicks had returned to their defense positions.
When not giving the Pacers a fast break and delaying their own attack, they went back and forth several times in a row. Although the score was not much different, the Pacers showed a drop in momentum.
One puff of gas, then decline, and three exhaustion
In the second half of the third quarter, the pacers were pulled again, and Miller came out at this time.